Aunt Susie and I


I woke up feeling like I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and I had managed 4 hours of sleep after partying through the night and into the late morning. I was still drunk, which was unfortunate since I was scheduled to go into work at 2:30. I somehow forced myself out of bed and into the shower, made myself a couple pieces of toast and sat down on the couch to watch TV until it was time to leave for work. I felt terrible as my drunken state started to ware off and a hangover started to set in, so I told myself that I should lay on the couch to make myself feel a little better. After a few minutes I felt myself start to drift into sleep, and I was so tired and felt so miserable that I didn’t even fight it. I woke up at 5:00, feeling much better, and immediately called into work, letting them know that I was in no shape to have been able to work that day. My boss is one of the coolest people I know, one of my drinking buddies, actually, so he had no problem with it. A couple minutes after I got off the phone with my boss my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID on the front of the phone. It read “Aunt Susie.” I answered the phone very cheerfully.

“Hey Aunt Susie, what’s up?”

“Not much,” she responded, “you need some money?”

“Hell yeah I need some money, what ya got in mind for me?”

“I’ve been thinking about rearranging the furniture in my bedroom, which you know I can’t do by myself, so you wanna do it for, I don’t know, 20 bucks?”

“Sure,” I told her, “when should I come over?”

“Anytime is fine with me.”

“Alright, I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

“Thanks Paul, see you in a while.”

I was really looking forward to seeing Aunt Susie. I had been using up all my time on working and partying that I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 months, which is terrible considering that I only live 10 miles from her. When I got to her house I knocked on her door, thinking about how excited I was to see her. She answered the door, and my mouth dropped. She was wearing a very thin, very white night gown, and obviously not wearing a bra as I could see her nipples clear as day through the paper-thin material. Aunt Susie is not Ankara escort the average man’s sexual fantasy, but she had always been mine. She is a very big woman, at that time probably close to 275 lbs, but fairly short at about 5’3”. For reasons unknown to me, I had always fantasized about Susie, picturing her naked body underneath mine, thrusting my cock into her swollen pussy. To tell you the truth, it had killed me not seeing her for nearly two months.

I walked through her doorway and into her living room. She immediately led me into her bedroom where she stopped and looked at me with a serious face.

“OK, before I have you moving things around in here, I have to ask you for a favor.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, “what is it?”

“Well a couple weeks ago I lost something that I really need, and I think it’s behind the bed, and I would’ve gotten it myself but you know my fat ass isn’t gonna be able to get back up if I’m down on the floor reaching for something under my bed.”

“Yeah that’s no problem, I’ll grab it for you when I move your bed. What is it anyway?”

“Well,” she said, “it’s something personal. Something I use on myself, you know, down there,” as she pointed below her waist.

“OH!” I said, realizing what she was referring to. “A dildo?”

“Yeah,” she responded, blushing heavily. “Still think you could get it for me?”

My heart was racing, as I had never even had a hint of a sexual conversation with my Aunt. I could feel my cock growing hard in my jeans. “Sure, but I’m not gonna wait, I’m gonna get it now.”

I felt very embarrassed as I realized that I had shown more excitement than I should have. Now I was blushing. I got down on my hands and knees and peered under the bed. I spotted a long, purple dildo and reached to grab it. When I pulled it out I was shocked. It was huge. It was at least a foot long and easily three inches in diameter. I raised to my feet and held it out for her. When she reached to take it from me she grabbed my hand, the one that was holding the dildo. She looked into my eyes for a brief moment, and then directed her glance to my hard cock, which was by now very noticeable at it pushed against my Ankara escort bayan pants. She stared at my crotch for what seemed like an eternity and finally directed her gaze back to my face.

“It seems that something’s got you all excited,” she said.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. I don’t know why.”

“I think I know why,” she responded. “You wanna see me use it?”

There was no turning back. I realized that she was as turned on as I was, and I knew that if I turned her down now that I might not ever get a chance like this again.

“Yeah, I definitely do.”

Without saying a word, she slid off her night gown, revealing her huge, naked body. I immediately pulled myself to her and kissed her deeply, massaging her tongue with mine. She lifted her right leg onto a footrest that was placed in front of her leather chair. I placed my hand on her wet, hairy mound. Still kissing her deeply, I slid my middle finger into her hot pussy. After only a few seconds of fingering her I slid my index finger in as well, followed by my third and fourth fingers seconds later. She pulled back from our wet kiss and said “I want you to stick your whole fucking fist in there.”

I didn’t make her tell me twice. She laid on the bed with her dripping wet pussy towards me. I stood on the floor of her bedroom, pausing to take in her beauty. Her tits were a beautiful site to see, easily bigger than double D’s. Her pink nipples stood erect, at least half an inch long, showing me how horny she was. I again inserted my index finger, followed slowly by my middle, ring and pinky fingers. I then slid in my thumb, fingering her for a short while before inserting my whole fist. Finally I rammed my fist into her drenched cunt. She moaned with pleasure as I slowly slid my fist in and out of her pussy. I slowly picked up speed, noticing that every time I went just a little deeper she moaned louder. I slowed down my pace and pushed further. After several penetrations, each time going a little deeper, not only was my entire fist in her pussy, but about three inches of my forearm as well. I quickened my pace, little by little, until I was fisting her as fast as I could. After a minute or so of such Escort Ankara a fast pace I had to stop, feeling like I could barely move my arm.

“Ohhh, fuck, fuck, oh yeah that was fucking great.”

“I’m not done with you,” I told her, “I wanna taste that thing.”

I put my mouth on her enormous pussy. I slowly dragged my tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit, tasting her sweet juice. I rapidly licked and sucked at her pussy, making her scream loudly. I slipped two fingers into her cunt as I licked, exciting her even more. She screamed loudly as she climaxed, squirting her juice all over my face. I stood up off the floor and finally removed my clothes. She sat up on the bed and grabbed my 8 inch cock, rock hard and dripping with pre cum. She wrapped her lips around my dick, deepthroating all the way to my balls. She slowly sucked my hard cock, every once in a while pausing for a moment to lick my head.

“Oh my God,” I said in ecstasy, “holy fuck that feels good. Ohh, fuck, keep going.”

After a couple minutes of deepthroating, Aunt Susie pulled away from my cock, smiled up at me and said “I want your cock inside me.”

“I’ve been waiting 20 years to hear you say that.” I felt like a little kid at Christmas.

Aunt Susie laid back down on the bed as I climbed on top of her. With her legs spread I slowly inserted my throbbing dick. I pushed in and out of her as she screamed in pleasure.

“Fuck my pussy baby,” she yelled, “fuck my wet pussy.”

I penetrated her faster and faster until she was shaking and rocking back and forth. I could feel myself getting close to cumming.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna fucking cum,” I said.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, baby,” Aunt Susie screamed, “I want your cum in my fucking mouth.”

I pulled out of her drenched cunt and moved up to her face. On both knees I stroked my cock until I shot warm cum into her open mouth. I produced several streams of cum, each and every drop landing inside her mouth. When I was finally done she put her lips to my dick, sucking out every last drop. She swallowed the hot, sticky liquid, licking her lips once she forced it all down. I collapsed next to her on the bed, panting heavily. We laid in silence for a moment until I broke the silence.

“Hey, you know what? You were supposed to use your dildo for me, remember?”

“Yeah,” she said, “I remember. You have any plans for tomorrow?”

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