Aunt You Called You Came

Big Dick

Jennifer called round to her sister’s house for the annual annual 4th of July bar-b-que. She was alone this year as her husband Tony was at a meeting could not make it.

There was a couple dozen friends and family at it. Tony had always looked after her at events like this as she gets very flirty when she has a few drinks. However as it would just be mainly family she could let her hair down.

Jennifer had wore a one piece dress that was made out of some soft clingy material, which ended about three inches above her knee. The neck line was modest but was able to emphasize her 38C breasts.

This had not gone unnoticed by her nephew Dale. He was the 18 year old son of her sister, Claire. He was home from college and was being gentleman by topping up his Aunt’s drinks.

There were two kinds of drinks available, a spiked punch about 20 proof and The Punch at about 70 proof. Of course Dale was getting her the 70 proof.

Jennifer said to Dale,

“I feel a bit woozy so i am going outside”.

“I could do with some fresh air as well, but give me a minute”. Dale replied.

Dale quickly sent a text message before heading outside. There she was standing at the fence looking into the neighbors garden. Ankara bayan escort All of a sudden Jennifer started to fall, Dale quickly stood behind her and propped her up.

Even though he wasn’t touching her, she could feel the heat from his body on her bare legs. Then she smelled him. It was a subtle combination of cinnamon and man sweat. It caused her neglected nipples to get erect.

Jennifer felt his hips press against her ass as the boy leaned forward to smell her. She felt his breath on her neck. It was hot and tickled the hairs on the back of her neck.

She had known Dale all his life and he was almost a son to her. She had never entertained the idea that he had a cock. She now realized he did and it was pressing into the soft flesh of her right ass cheek. It throbbed and the housewife gasped.

Dale had an erection and from the feel of it was big. Her knees wobbled a bit. He seemed aware of the contact and started to move his hands all over.Janet became very aware of her body sensations, maybe she had drunk too much that the no word did not exist.

She glanced down and saw the Dales head just , his head was turned and staring up at her crotch panties. Her nipples got harder and began Escort bayan Ankara to make bumps in the material of her halter.

Jennifer knew he could see where her pussy was. She was about to scold him and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing until she felt his tongue brush against her clit.

“Oh Christ” She said.

It felt good. Real good.Her pussy appreciated the attention and secreted more lubricant to make the boy’s action easier. She didn’t know what he was learning at college but he was certainly educated about how to lick a married woman’s snatch. Did they teach that? She reached down to push the Dales head away.

With that she said

“Fuck me for God’s sake, Fuck me”.

Jennifer grabbed the fence to keep from falling over.

The unmistakable sound of a zip being unfastened was heard and soon Dales trousers and boxers were down.

Dale lifted her skirt and said

“God I’ve wanted to fuck you since I hit puberty”

The older woman bit her lip to keep from crying out as she felt the boy’s cock split her pussy and slide between the lips. The thick tip of his pecker poked against her hole. A couple jabs and he was in.

Dale pushed in deep and then Bayan escort Ankara pulled back to where half the head was out, and then back in. A shock went through her each time her clit was rubbed by the ridge of the boy’s cock head. His rhythm increased and so did her building orgasm.

Even in her drunken state she could sense that his cock was thicker and longer than her husbands even though he wasn’t much different in physique, as he began to thrust into her faster and harder and grip her breast tighter.

“Oh fuck me, Dale. Huh huh.”

Jennifer panted from his driving thrusts. She needed to cum so bad. Giving in to her passion, she begged.

“Fuck me faster. Make me cum. Please make me cum”.

“Oh, your pussy is so tight.” Dale moaned.

“Ooooohhhh ssssshhit. Oohh. Oohh. Ooooohhh. Dal—eeee.”

She moaned as she came. Her hips twitched and her head rolled back and forth.

“Ung. Ung. Ung. Aaauuugh.”

Dale cried out as he shot his load into his Aunt’s pussy.

A couple final thrusts and he was done. He rested across her heaving back until he felt her move. He pulled his pecker out and tucked it back in his pants.

Dale walked back into the house before saying “Thanks Slut”

Jennifer was gobsmacked. She had never cheated on her husband before and here she was bent over the fence with her nephews cum dripping out of her pussy.

She placed her right hand into her pussy and then to her mouth, and then says “yummy”

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