Auntie Donna


My auntie Donna… she’d have been 41 at this point with myself being 26or so. She’s 5feet9niches tall, thick dark brown hair, fantastic tits around 34DDs which were nice and firm and a peachy, sticky out-ey ass to match.
She’s a hairdresser and takes care of her self, painting her nails to match her outfit which would have been chosen and picked out the night before, her face is round and she seems to always have a smile on it no matter what she’s doing and her looked after white teeth compliment it well.Donna has brown eyes and a button like nose.

Okay, a little bit of history, when I was a young lad and wanking 4 or 5 times daily, Donna was a frequent fantasy in my head and i was always trying to get a peek, though there was not much need for this as she always wore classy, tight dresses and heels or a stylish outfit of some kind that was revealing enough for me to take a mental picture for later.
She was around most days during the week as she’d stop for coffee at my mother’s on her way back from the salon of which she was the boss, I’d run downstairs and greet her as my mum opened the door I’d pop my head around the top of the stair rail and wait for them both to go in front of me so I could check out her gorgeous figure which would only be announced by the clothes she wore. This particular day she wore a just above the knee black dress with white plaid stripes, red heels and nails to match she looked great.
As we sat there all chatting like we usually did – me checking out my milfy looking aunt, twice married, tight, sexy clothes on and that smile she always had…- i started getting a slight bulge in my jeans, which I adjusted slyly like you do when you’re that age and I’m not sure if she saw me doing that or maybe she caught a glimpse of me checking her out but the most amazing thing happened to my younger constantly horny self, something that would stay with me into adult hood and even the present day, as soon as my mother goes into the kitchen to make us all coffee, she spread her legs and looked me directly in the eye, embarrassed I looked away for a second or 2 but could still see her looking me straight in the eyes, so nervously I looked back into hers, her smile still on her face, dirty looking though this time and her eyes didn’t escort bayan move as I checked out my beautiful aunties sexy body, and finally glanced up her skirt which gave a clear view of her red panties, my cock by now was bulging still, the waist band trick made no difference. I had my aunt to myself..optically at least for about 2 precum enducing minutes before she shut her legs again just as my mother would enter the room.
That experience would provide wanking materials until it became a memory I wasn’t sure even happened…

The next 12 or so years I didn’t see much of Donna as her and my mum had some kind of sisterly row, prompting the pair never to talk to each other until around 2010 or whatever, late 2009 at most. Every time I saw her it was either in Manchester city centre or some busy shop..
Basically innapropriate areas to bring up the previous. .. peep show…

Okay back to 2011. I’m not living at mum’s any more, i’m single i’ve got my own rented apartment just outside London. My family including my aunt all mainly live in or around Manchester. It’s Christmas time, let’s say the 20th December, I’m off work and heading up the m1 to visit everyone and I’m pretty excited for it. I love family get togethers.
I finally arrive at my mum’s to see only my aunt Donna’s car in the drive way. Checking facebook i see most people aren’t going to arrive for another couple of hours and my mum’s gone to see my sister, “excellent”, I think to myself, “let’s go and see Donna for the long awaited part 2”
I walk up the path to see my favourite milf, dressed in a red dress that was again, a few inches above the knee, tight with white trim i guess for the Xmas family party, preparing a drink in through the kitchen window.”okay” I braced myself. ..I walked straight in and greeted her with a hug and that almost saw my hand grab her peachy ass when I heard a man’s voice must have been in his 60s…
“hey, you must be lonny” it was my new uncle … Donna had remarried – meet hubby number 4…
“bollocks”.. I thought..
Turning around I was shocked to see a 250pound muscle bound dude in his late 50s …clearing my throat I replied with “oh, hey”
After talking with ‘uncle jack’ for about 10 awkward minutes I realised I could never have intelligent discussion kocaeli escort bayan of any kind with him and was relieved when he fucked off back into the living room. I’d lost the momentum now but at least Donna knew I’d remembered what happened all those years previously.we had been talking regular shit for about 25minutes and her body language said everything, not only did we both remember but we both wanted a part 2.
She had been tidying the kitchen and as she’d go by me she’d brush past me a little too close, I’d see her look at my cock area. She’d lean in to tell me something and grab my forearms while giving me ‘the look’ while that smile would draw me in further, it made her look filthy as fuck. I of course embraced her flirts and responded with my own, there was no shying away this time. Uncle Jack returned once more, he had no idea.”I’m just going to the garage, anybody want anything” at almost the same time we said “no thanks” …
Me and Donna continued our flirtatious chat, I knew that this time we were going to was on. She walked into the sitting room and pointed to the corner where the chair used to be that she first exposed herself to me was “I was sat there wasn’t I?” Donna chuckled
“Yeah, and ever since I – I was interrupted by my own auntie ramming her tounge down my throat to which I responded with grateful acceptance. I already had a full boner, all we’d done was kiss! I packed a modest 6 and 3 quarter inch long and rather wide cock, she manovered herself so her supple arse was on the corner of the coffee table and edged her skirt up, my hands explored her immaculate body, two kids had been grown here and she was looking flawless… as I groped her tits she unzipped my fly on my trousers and began wanking me off, gripping my cock nice n hard, perfectly pulling back my foreskin with each stroke, we broke off our kiss and our foreheads met as we looked each other in the eyes and let out dirty chuckles,, I found her cunt which was smooth to touch, my auntie had an innie. .. I found her clit and began frigging her off, occasionally slipping some fingers up her surprisingly tight hole, I whispered “let’s go upstairs”
“Nahh fuck it” was her reply
So there we were, she was perched on the table, legs open, kocaeli escort dress pulled up and unzipped with her fantastic tits hanging out, her head against mine sometimes going on my shoulders, as I fingered her off, breathing deeply. We knew this wax wrong but was it? Neither of us cared. My cock in her hand she got to her knees, sucked her cunt juice from my fingers, offered me that dirty smile as she drew me into her mouth, at first she suckeled and nurtured the tip of my cock, jerking back my foreskin nice and firm, moaning I looked down at what was happening and was filled withwhat I can only describe as the naughtiest sexual feeling I’ve felt before , this is my sexy auntie who I had always wanted to fuck since I was a teenager at least, the aunt eho had flashed me and now was on her knees sucking my cock, spitting on it, suckling the tip, I thought it can’t get better when she just swallowed the whole thing. I’ve had deepthroat before but this was some next level intense shit. I seriously grew up to a good 7 and half inches with this deepthroat deal…wow, she was fantastic.I took my seriously throbbing cock out her mouth and pulled her up and into some intense kissing, hands all over each other once more. “Chuck it up me” she whispered.
Pushing her back down I bent her over the table situated at the back of the room. This was it. I rubbed my dick between her small lips, she was tiny down there. Her pussyhole almost sucked me into it… I rubbed her cunt some more before finally ramming the entire length of my cock inside her horny hole. My God how that woman felt, coupled with the fact she’s my aunt! Wow! each stroke generated moans from us both, small at first until she was letting out… loud grunting moans that would bursts out of her then they pause for a few strokes before resuming, she had waited just like me it seemed. I flipped her over after some time and fucked her in the most passionate missionary I’ve had. To this day. So it was there I came deep inside my auntie Donna, who loved every second of it. Just as much as me. We cleaned ourselves up and went into the kitchen to find Jack just coming through the patio side door. He, nor anyone else had any idea that around Christmas 2011 I fucked and came inside my favourite auntie Donna.
It has never been repeated as I’ve only seen her twice since and both occasions were just not right. There is however a family funeral coming up. We’ll have to see , I’ll update if anything occurs

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