Aunties Weekend #03

Double Penetration

Delilah had moved to LA… that bummed me out. It meant no more of the greatest sex I could have possibly hoped for. But it wasn’t all that bad.

I did get the opportunity to visit her in LA. While the days were filled with sightseeing and meeting friends, we also shared every night that I was down there.

Sometimes in her bed, sometimes in the shower, sometimes on the counter, and even on her balcony. But that is not the story I will tell, because while it was great, it would be hard to recollect every moment as there were so many.

No, this story is when my (and many men like me) greatest fantasy came true. My story starts in LA, my last night with Delilah before I would fly back home.

“Jimmy… I always like it when you cum around,” she said with a giggle to indicate an innuendo.

“If I could fly out every day just to be with you, I would,” I said as I made circles with my thumb on her erect nipple, “So there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

Be began stroking my cock and looked at me with those beautiful sea blue eyes, “What, Jimmy? Do you want to move in with me?”

I laughed a little, “As much as I would really like that, no. I need to ask you if you can help me do something.”

“I’ll do anything to you,” she giggled again.

“You remember Alanna?” I asked. She started kissing down my body until she reached my dick then said, “Your little girlfriend? I remember her. Have you told her about us yet?” Before she started sucking me off.

“That’s what I need to ask you about,” I said before letting out a little moan, “I want to tell her, but I don’t want her to take it the wrong way and the only way I think I can do that is by having you tell her.”

“hmm,” she managed while still sucking my cock. It made this amazing feeling run down my shaft and all over my lower abdomen. She stopped and looked at me, “I think I can help. Have her out next time I am out there.” She then returned to sucking me off.

I sighed a little disappointed, “I don’t know when you will be coming out next.”

“Thanks giving. You will be home from college then, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, but that’s so far away.”

She laughed, “Don’t worry baby. We made that video, remember? You can watch that until then. Will that be enough?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I turned her on her back then inserted myself into her wet pussy and slowly began pumping in and out.

That week we had tried many different positions and styles. Some I liked some I didn’t. In the end we used missionary most because we were able to kiss and watch each other’s eyes react to the raw emotion.

She grabbed onto my shoulders as we both climaxed together. I let myself fall on top of her and we began making out.

“I’m going to miss you,” she whispered into my ear as I started drifting off.

I Ankara bayan escort have no idea if I said anything before passing out on top of her.

In the morning I awoke and found myself buried deep inside her.

She woke with a little bit of surprise, “Needed one last time before you left? I did too.”

“I woke up like this, I guess our bodies wanted each other still,” I said as I began thrusting in and out.

“Oh Jimmy… fuck… I don’t think I will ever not want you.”

“Shit,” I said as I got closer to the point. When my time came, I pulled out and exploded on her tits.

She looked at me with an upset expression on her face, “Now I need to shower again.”

“You didn’t really have enough time to get clean yesterday,” I said with a laugh remembering my first time fucking in the shower.

We both took separate showers, and then Delilah drove me to the airport. I arrived in Toronto with a sense of sadness. I was happy to see my family, but I would have rather been with my aunt.

Over the course of about two months, I only watched the video Delilah and I had made while I awaited Thanks Giving and worked my way through college. Alanna and I were still dating as she was at the University of Toronto, and I was at Ryerson University downtown.

But finally, thanks giving came. I invited my girlfriend to come back home with me for the weekend because I wanted her to meet my aunt Delilah.

We got home and I showed her around my hometown. We held hands and took in all of the colours. She was very beautiful with all of the colours of the leaves behind her. On a trail we stopped for what appeared to her to be no reason.

I stared at her until she finally looked at me. I went in and began kissing her. We began to make out until I pulled her into the brush. She was wearing a skirt so I simply pulled my dick out and moved her thong to the side.

After putting a condom on my dick I inserted into her pussy which was surprisingly wet and waiting for me.

“Oh Jim, that feels so fucking good,” she said as we began to fuck in public.

We began kissing as I continued to dominate her small figure. Her pussy was looser than Delilah’s as Delilah had only had sex with me, not with anyone else like Alanna.

My dick began getting big as I got closer and closer to cuming.

“Yes Jim, Fuck me… harder yeah… that’s it baby. Don’t stop.”

I exploded into the condom and let out a growl. I kissed her hard then I pulled the condom off and threw it towards a squirrel who had watched the entire thing.

I helped Alanna up and we began walking back to the house. “You were just too beautiful to just let you keep walking,” I said.

We rounded the corner and I saw a rental car in front of the house. Delilah.

I entered the house and saw Delilah talking to my Escort bayan Ankara mother. She waved at me, but not in a way that would suggest anything.

When she was done talking, she walked over to me and hugged me. “I’ve missed you,” she said. She shook my girlfriends hand and she seemed to pick up something on the air.

She looked at me, smiled then winked. I simply smiled back. She went up to her room and Alanna leaned in close to me, “What was that all about?”

“She knows we just did it,” I said kissing her on the cheek.

We went to my old room in the basement and started making out. My aunt asked if I had time to talk. I said, “Not really… but you can.”

She came down dressed in smallest outfit I had seen her wear in a long time. She had on a shirt that cut off just above her stomach and short shorts that were so small it seemed like she was wearing a headband around her waist.

I heard the door upstairs close and lock. “They are going out to get some things for supper. I told them I wanted to talk with you alone.”

My girlfriend looked at her like a skank coming to steal me away and she got up to leave. My aunt gave her a little push so she would sit down.

My aunt sat beside my girlfriend and asked her, “How much do you love Jim?”

She blushed, “I don’t know if I would want anything to happen to him. I want to always be around him and being at school is hard.”

My aunt got a sinister smile across her face, “Have you experimented yet? I bet Jimmy would find that so hot.”

She blushed even redder. “No…” she said with a wobbly voice, obviously lying.

My aunt looked at me, then back at her. She reached out and pulled her in and they began making out. I almost passed out because it was so hot. Alanna was surprisingly willing to suck face with my aunt and I could tell there was some tongue action going on.

My aunt reached into Alanna’s tank top and began feeling her boob. She pulled it out then reached down and began rubbing her pants on her pussy. My girlfriend reached down to stop her, but I grabbed her hand and placed it on my crotch as I began licking her tit.

She began stroking my pants as her nipple became erect. Delilah reached into her pants and rubbed her pussy and she let out several groans.

She unzipped my fly and pulled my hard cock out and stroked it. My aunt stopped making out with her then pulled her shirt off. Alanna began making out with me like she was attacking me.

I lay down on the couch and my girlfriend lay on top of me. My aunt pulled my girlfriends pants down and began licking her pussy.

She started groaning and stopped kissing me, but she did continue stroking my cock. I went lower and started sucking on her tits again. We stopped and got naked then moved over to the bed.

I sat down and my aunt Bayan escort Ankara and girlfriend began making out while they both stroked my dick.

Delilah was the first to start sucking my dick. My girlfriend watched a little shocked; she was watching incest for the first time.

She obviously didn’t care as she bent in and began licking my balls.

It was so fucking hot I almost couldn’t hold back my cum. But I reluctantly did as they switched position. As Alanna sucked my dick, Delilah lay on the floor and began eating out my girlfriend. It was the last straw and I let out my wad into my girlfriend’s mouth.

My dick went slightly limp as she stopped sucking and swallowed my load. My aunt got up and lay on the bed. My girlfriend then began eating her out. I was in heaven. I got hard again, but I knew I needed to repay the debt I owed so I began licking my girlfriend pussy and asshole.

She climaxed soon after and almost collapsed, but I took hold of her hips and stuck my hungry cock into her pussy.

I thrusted in and out violently like a battering ram and my girlfriend couldn’t help but let out loud moans.

“Fuck Jimmy… not so… oh my god it feels so good,” she said. My aunt went under her and they began making out.

She rubbed her pussy, itching for my cock. I pulled out of my girlfriend and began fucking Delilah with the same ferocity.

“Oh Jimmy. Oh Jimmy yes…. Keep pounding your fucking sex doll.”

My girlfriend looked at her, “You’ve done this before?”

But my aunt pulled her down and stuck her tongue back down her throat. My girlfriend closed her eyes in submission and let herself collapse on top of my aunt.

I switched again, but this time I stuck my dick into my girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh not there…. Ahhh… it, ah.”

I went in slowly, then pulled out slowly and continued in that fashion until she was more used to it. I pulled out and lay on the bed and my aunt lowered her sweet asshole on my dick.

My girlfriend went to make out with my aunt again, but she said, “Take a seat over there.” Pointing to my face.

She lowered her pussy on my face and I began licking the juices that were now gushing out of it. My aunt worked herself as fast as she could up and down my shaft; licking my girlfriends boobs as I ate everything I could out of her.

I could feel something stirring in my loins, “Aunty. I’m fucking cumming. Shit don’t stop.”

“Me too baby, fill me with your seed,” She said

“Uhahh,” was all my girlfriend could say as we both paid more attention to her than each other.

I clenched my lower body as I shot my seed deep into my aunt’s ass. She came at the same time and my girlfriend came along with us.

My aunt laid to my right and my girlfriend to my left. They began stroking me and kissing me chest as we all tried to relax after such ecstasy.

“To answer your question, baby,” Delilah said to Alanna, “We fuck every moment we get. You should be part of it, too.”

My girlfriend kissed me with as much passion as I’m sure she could muster up.


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