Aunt’s House


This is my first incestuous experience with my cousin Kavitha. I stayed back in Kochi for more than a month and was lucky enough to get to Kavitha aged 20 to begin with, to be followed by a few adventures with her younger sister Savitha who has just turned 18 this summer, before I got the opportunity of screwing their mother, my aunt Sarita rarring at 37. Without wasting any further time, let me straight away start narrating what followed after the wonderful night with Kavitha.

Ever since I woke up the next day, I knew that my relationship with my cousins Kavitha and Savitha have changed for the better for all practical purposes. We were stealthily smiling mischievously at each other throughout the day even in the presence of my uncle and aunt. While my aunt was engrossed in the household work, after my uncle left for work well before 8 AM, I got plenty of opportunities to play with my sexy cousins.

Savitha went to bathe around 8:30 AM leaving Kavitha and me alone in the room. I looked around to confirm that my aunt was still in the kitchen washing the utensils and jumped over Kavitha.

My hands straight away got beneath her T-Shirt to hold her tender breasts lustfully. She threatened to scream but she did not as my fingers kept playing with her perky nipples and handy breasts making my dick hard as a rock so early in the day. While my lips were trailing over her cheeks and lips, my hands were working hard at her wonderful tits. It was exciting to see her struggling to remain silent as even the slightest moaning could catch the attention of my aunt. She started rubbing her pussy herself as my foreplay was stretching further. I placed her right hand on the top of my bulging crotch which she gleefully held under the influence of my foreplay. My fingers which were holding her horny nipples started kneading them somewhat firmly which made her jump from the couch a few times. We were playing with each other for almost 10 minutes before we heard the noise of the bathroom door being opened.

Kavitha ran out of the room in a flash to avoid Savitha and just as she vanished, Savitha came out of the bath with the fresh scent of soap straight from the bath. I winked at her and stood up to get closer to her.

“Anna! Mother is in the kitchen,” Savitha was about to warn me before my hands found underneath her skirt to get a feel of her moist pussy.

“It feels cool like a moist soap,” I said with a smile as my hands sprung on her big tits to squeeze them fiercely. Savitha, unlike her sister could not contain her excitement as she yelled. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!”

I freed her instantly as I feared my aunt might have surely heard her scream. She did as within seconds my aunt was inside the room in a flash.

“What is it?” She asked Savitha without realizing that I was present in the room. Saranya looked very scared as she murmured, “Nothing Mommy, just a leech”

“Oh! There are plenty inside the station,” My aunt sounded relieved as she turned around to get back into the kitchen, and I could sense a sudden shock in her face to see me sitting inside the room where her daughter had just got out of the bath. She managed to smile at me as she left the room. I also got out of the room, but not before I hugged Savitha tightly and chewed her lips with excessive vigor. I realized that I need to jerk off immediately as my dick had grown twice its length after playing with both my cousins.

Kavitha was waiting in the drawing room watching some Hindi channel as I sat just opposite to her. Sarita, my aunt soon arrived carrying a tray with a few cups of tea and some biscuits. As I helped myself with a hot cup of tea, I somehow felt that my aunt had a sort of a mischievous look in her eyes. After she left, Kavitha moved to my side, sat besides me and asked me, “Hey, tell me why Savitha screamed like that?”

I smiled at her and said,” She has bigger boobs than you but not strong enough.” Kavitha stared Ankara bayan escort at me for a moment and said, “You are a sex starved rascal!”. She punched my stomach gently as she moved over to the other side again.

After finishing the tea, I walked into the kitchen to leave the empty cup where my aunt was standing close to the sink. As I was leaving the cup inside the sink, my aunt turned around, looked at me with a smile and asked me, “So, you were the leech?”

I was startled for a moment as I never thought she could have guessed what happened between me and Savitha in the room. As I stood embarrassed to the hilt, my aunt queried again, “How long is that?” I was stunned to hear such a question from my aunt and looked at her somewhat shocked. She smiled for a moment and caught hold of my bulging erection with her moist hands.

“Tell me how long that is?” As she asked me again, I had already closed my eyes unable to believe my luck. I just fucked one of my cousins last night; looking forward to fuck the other sooner or later and here I am letting my cock to be held by my mother’s own sister. I regained my senses immediately, to look deep into my aunt’s eyes and reply, “I will show you soon.”

As I peeped into the drawing room, I could see both Kavitha and Savitha watching the TV with rapt attention. I went behind my aunt and stood so close to her that my erect bulge was pressing hard against her huge ass. “Ohhhh!” My aunt moaned as her head swung back to rest on my left shoulders. I rested my chin on her right shoulders and could see her cleavage as I looked down. My hands went around her belly, caressing her shiny skin for a while before my right hand descended inside her petticoat to feel the thick patch of hair covering her vaginal mount. My left hand climbed up to hold her left breast with passion as her nipples protruding through her bra and blouse pressed against my palm.

“Enough, kids are at home,” My aunt warned me and turned around to kiss me on my forehead. I kissed her on her neck while both of my hands fell on her big boobies to crush them lustfully for a few seconds.

“It is worth waiting to fuck you, Sarita.” I said with a broad smile on my face. Although my hands got off her boobs, my hard prick was now right in between her upper thighs pressing against her sex summit. I let my hands around my aunt’s waist to take a firm grip of the kitchen sink to get even closer to my aunt. My aunt let her lips to mine to allow me chew them while her arms went around my back. I rose on my feet to enable my hard erection press against her covered pussy to make her moan sexily. I motioned my body up and down a few times to let my erection trail over her pussy.

“Mmmm…You seem to be knowing what you are doing,” My aunt was now lending her lips further while her hug was more forceful.” Leave my daughters alone, you are too old for them, but I am dying for a young hard manhood. I will do whatever to please O.K.?”

Although I wasn’t impressed about her advice, I just nodded my head because I did not want to miss fucking my sexy aunt any way. I wished that I could make her sit on the kitchen platform with spread out legs to let my hard dick have a go at her but had to retreat to the drawing room. It was now Kavitha’s turn to sport a mischievous smile at me. I wanted to tease her a little and hence sat on the sofa where Savitha was seated. As expected, Kavitha’s face grew red as she saw my legs were menacingly close to her sister’s semi-exposed thighs. Savitha looked back feeling my legs touching her, stared at me for a second, looked at Kavitha briefly, before continuing to watch the TV again. I was impatiently sitting waiting for a chance to go at somebody out of the three in the house.

Around 11 AM, my aunt had finished all her household work and was about to go to the canteen stores to buy a few things. I could understand that she did not want to leave me at home with her two daughters Escort bayan Ankara as she repeatedly asked them to accompany her. However, the sisters refused to go with their mothers. Although it was funny to watch my aunt’s dilemma, I thought it would be wise to please her for the moment. Hence, I stood up and told her that I am willing to go with her. I watched both Kavitha and Savitha getting disappointed slightly that I am letting an opportunity to go; they obviously did not understand my big plans. After a few minutes, I was walking along side my aunt, Sarita towards the Canteen Stores Department.

“I know you are relieved that I am coming with you,” I told my aunt with a cunning smile.

“Yes, I am,” She replied. “I don’t want to leave my kids at home when a naughty boy like you is around.”

“You must be very clever, Sarita,” I said laughingly. “But, I am going to win anyway.”

“Please,” My aunt pleaded. “They are very young. Try making love to a mature woman like me. You will find it better.”

I laughed to myself but did not reply. As she entered the Canteen Stores, I slipped out to a nearby store just outside the station and bought a few packs of decent condoms. I had to wait for quite sometime outside the Canteen Stores till my aunt finished her purchasing we returned home exactly after an hour since we left. My uncle came within a few minutes and we all had our lunch together. After my uncle left, my aunt went to her room to rest for a while. After confirming that she was fast asleep, I locked the door from outside and proceeded to the drawing room.

I sat right in between Kavitha and Savitha. My right hand went over the shoulders of Kavitha to get inside her Churidhar searching for her right breast. My left hand was caressing Savitha’s inner thighs before reaching on top of her panties. Both of them tried to push me initially but my foreplay was luring them into submission very soon. I could not believe my fortune to have both my cousins in my hold. I escorted both of them to the nearby room and made Kavitha to lie down on the bed. She covered her face with both her hands as I slowly flipped off her skirt clips in a flash and pushed it down through her legs to make her bottomless. Savitha was staring at both of us with a strange look on her face. I hugged her tightly for a moment and lifted her T-Shirt through her arms to make her stand with a transparent bra and skirt. The skirt and the bra did not stay longer as I stripped Savitha fully and pushed her on to the bed. Kavitha was reluctant to remove her T-Shirt but I somehow succeeded in making her nude as well. It was my turn to get nude now and the sisters blushed to see me naked in broad day light. My dick was hardening with fury. Both my sexy cousins are lying nude on the bed ready to take on my hungry cock. I lay in between them and started sucking their breasts in turns. I rubbed Savitha’s nipples against her sister’s nipples which aroused both of them. While I was frantically sucking their breasts giving equal treatment to both the sisters, Kavitha started kissing her younger sister in frenzy.

Seeing two sisters kissing each other nude further aroused me as I brought Savitha further down to make her face rest on Kavitha’s bare pussy. Savitha looked at me as if puzzled to know what I was trying to do. I whispered into her ears, “Lick your sister’s pussy”. Savitha’s face froze for a moment but I was pressing her face so hard that she wasn’t left with any other choice. As Savitha started moisten Kavitha’s pussy with her lips and tongue, I went behind her to spread her legs wide enough to enable me position my cock. Kavitha although surprised initially to feel her younger sisters mouth on her pussy, soon started enjoying the licking with closed eyes and her hands took charge of Savitha’s head to be just placed over her clit.

As Savitha was leaning forward between her sister’s legs to lick her pussy, my thighs were rubbing Bayan escort Ankara against her pretty ass and my cock was rubbing against her clit from beneath. I let my hands beneath her armpit soon to descend on her big tits and squeezed them gently. Savitha shook for a moment but did not stop licking Kavitha’s pussy. I continued playing with her nipples and holding her nipples from behind was even more arousing. The more I played with them, the nipples grew bigger and harder making Savitha moan in a sweet tone. Kavitha as swaying her head faster with her body arching like a bow feeling her sister’s tongue licking all over her pussy. Both the sisters seemed aroused with this erotic experience as I decided that this was the ideal opportunity to fulfill my fantasy.

I retrieved a condom from my trousers and soon it enveloped my hard penis. I took position right in between the spread legs of Savitha and let the tip of my dick to brush the lower part of her clit. Savitha screamed again. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!”

My hands were restored on the top of her nipples yet again as my dick started exploring Savitha’s pussy. I had to use some force to let my dick inside Savitha’s virgin pussy making Savitha look back at me. I pushed her face against Kavitha’s pussy and continued thrusting my dick inside her pussy. Her clit opened within a matter of seconds to give way to my organ inside.

“Aiyo,” Savitha screamed again, apparently feeling a cock piercing through her virgin pussy for the first time. There was a momentary silence in the room as Kavitha opened her eyes to stare at me and her sister for a while. Savitha seemed to have stopped licking her sister immediately after my dick entered inside her cunt. I broke the silence by holding Savitha by her waist and started stroking my dick in and out of her cunt. Savitha kept screaming and moaning as my cock made its way easier into her pussy while Kavitha was looking at me with astonishment. Soon, Savitha plunged into her sister’s pussy and started sucking it like crazy. This took Kavitha by surprise as she joined the screaming act and as I kept banging my dick inside Savitha’s pussy, the two sisters were moaning and murmuring strange things which sounded like erotic music for me. My hands moved from Savitha’s waist to her breasts with amazing ease every now and then and every time my hands crushed the biggies of Savitha, she was getting more and more vigorous in licking her sister’s cunt. Kavitha was violently swinging her body in pleasure and started squeezing her breasts herself. Once in a while I was pouncing on Kavitha’s little tits as well to suck them and knead her nipples. Kavitha was panting meaninglessly as Savitha kept licking her elder sister like an expert whore. My dick was pumping Savitha’s pussy like a mechanical drill and both the sisters were screaming like hell. I was gathering momentum in my pumping to an unbelievable speed that I heard the knocking on the door. I knew it was my aunt at the door apparently woken up because of the screaming of these two silly girls. I knew that I could leave this chance of fucking Savitha as I kept going fucking her harder and harder. Soon, I was reaching the peak and I could see that Kavitha had already reached her orgasm. Savitha’s face was pasted with her elder sister’s cum after the explosion while my dick shot a couple of loads of thick semen into the condom. While Kavitha and Savitha lay still on the bed, I alighted from the bed to have a quick clean up before opening the door for my aunt.

Even before I could open the door completely, my aunt forced her way inside the room. Her eyes were spitting fire seeing Kavitha and Savitha naked on the bed, trying to cover themselves with the bedspreads. I was still standing naked in front of her.

“Both of you get out of here!” My aunt screamed. Kavitha and Savitha recovered their respective dresses from the floor to flee the room within seconds. My aunt turned around at me and shouted, “I told you to leave my kids alone.”

I replied politely, “You did, Sarita! But I also told you that I am going to win.”

After staring at me for a few more seconds, Sarita, my aunt stared at me.

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