Aurora and Her Boys


Aurora had enough of living with her parents but at nearly 18 she was not ready to move out totally on her own. She thought about all of her options but nothing seemed appealing enough for her to make that huge step. She did have a job at the local super market and with summer coming she knew she could get more hours. With the extra money she could pay rent or at least room and board somewhere.

After a few more weeks she was getting really irritated and with her 18th birthday fast approaching it was making it even worse. A lot of the reason she no longer wanted to live at home was because she was into partying and was sexually active. This did not impress her parents who wanted nothing to do with people who had pre-marital sex.

One night her parents were having a few of their friends over including a gay couple that her parents had been friends with for years. The topic eventually came up how she wanted to move out and become independent.

Her parents were long time friends of Ben and Mark, and they thought about the discussion that night and decided to offer Aurora a room at their house. Her parents would know she had a good roof over her head and decent people to live with. All five agreed that this was a great idea and the room and board was reasonable, leaving her with plenty of money to spend however she wanted. Even though the set up sounded great, Aurora had her reservations not knowing what it would be like living with a gay couple. She wondered how she might react if she were to see or hear them making love but it wasn’t a big enough worry to stop her, she was going for it.

Shortly after her 18th birthday it was moving day. There were many tears that day from her parents who were letting their baby girl go out on her own for the very first time. Aurora was sad as well but could smell the freedom finally!

She was made to feel very welcome in her new home and was told that she could have guests spend the night whenever she pleased. Aurora thought she had died and gone to heaven! Her fears about living with a gay couple quickly disappeared and she almost became jealous of the great relationship and love that her landlords shared. Often she wished that she could have that same experience in her life.

Nearly every night she could hear things coming from Ben and Marks Bedroom and it kind of excited her. She had her boyfriend spend the night from time to time and would fuck him like crazy until she was exhausted but she still felt she was lacking something.

One Saturday morning Aurora woke up earlier than normal and put her robe on and went downstairs to the kitchen. As she walked through the door way her jaw nearly hit the floor as she glanced over and saw Ben at the table drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper. Marks lips and hands wrapped tightly around his dick. She tried to back up quietly in hopes she wasn’t seen but it didn’t work Ben looked up, and cried, “oh shit, I didn’t see you there Aurora!” Mark jumped up and wiped his mouth feeling very embarrassed. He wasn’t as embarrassed as Aurora was though. Suddenly she didn’t feel hungry any more either. Aurora never got up early again and always made sure she knew where the guys were and what they were doing before she entered the same room as them. She was more afraid that they would kick her out if they weren’t able to have the same privacy as they once had.

As time went on the three began to feel more and more comfortable with the living arrangements. Often they sat around joking and laughing bursa escort about the different sex stories they all had to share with each other. Often she would see Mark checking her out but had no reason to think anything of it. Until one night when he mentioned that it had been so long since he had kissed a girl and really missed it, Ben being in agreement. Aurora felt a slight tingle go through her body cause both these men who were in their 30’s were very good looking well-kept men.

As that evening went on the kissing was all but forgotten about until Mark jokingly asked Aurora if she would be willing to kiss him, with a giggle she replied “umm sure if you want to?” With a bit of coaxing from Ben, Mark and Aurora’s lips met, first as just a quick peck but then they decided to go for a second.

Aurora thought to herself “god his lips are soft, and warm and just the right moisture” she could feel herself beginning to get aroused.

Once the two parted lips they sat back in awe. “Was that good Mark?” asked Ben.

“That was unbelievable!” Mark replied. Aurora looked at Ben with a seductive smile and invited him toward her. The two connected lips and again Aurora got wetter.

Aurora was very confused with the kissing thing. She had always thought that when two men were in a relationship, that meant they had no interests in girls at all. She soon realized that Ben and Mark were bisexual men who chose to live with a man rather than a woman. Even though they both were very attracted to women physically, and sexually.

Nearly six months had gone by since Aurora and her boyfriend had met but she was beginning to think he was cheating on her. After doing a bit of innocent checking with a few friends, she was devastated to find out that her suspicions were correct. After careful consideration she thought it best that they break it off. Mark and Ben could see how upset Aurora was and did whatever they could to help her feel better. Ben came up with the idea that they should all stay in that Friday night and watch movies together, and maybe drink a bit too, trying to help her relax.

That Friday night the three gathered in front of the TV and began to watch movies. Aurora, who had worked all day was tired out but didn’t want to hurt the guys feelings by going to bed early so she struggled to stay awake.

After about two hours she couldn’t fight it any more and begin to drift off, resting her head on Bens’ shoulder. Mark thought of this as an open invitation to get back in touch with what a woman had to offer. In the darkened room he began to stroke her covered breast “What the hell are you doing?” asked Ben.

“SSHHH dumbass I don’t want her to wake up,” commanded Mark.

Mark continued to play with her breasts, before he started to give in further to his urges, wanting to feel her breasts without anything in the way. He slid his hands under her shirt and touched her soft, warm breasts and pink nipples that were beginning to harden. It was an awesome feeling, one that he had dearly missed for some time. Aurora’s breathing got a bit deeper and she let out a little moan but she didn’t wake up. Ben was afraid she would wake up and freak out so he began to plead with Mark to stop what he was doing. He promised Mark the best head of his life but he wanted nothing to do with it, he wanted her! Marks’ penis began to harden in his pants as he thought about how tight and wet her hot little pussy would be. Soon he couldn’t just imagine it, he had to feel it, taste it.

Very bursa escort bayan carefully he began to undo her jeans making sure she didn’t open her eyes. Slowly he slipped them off of her hips, taking her thong with them. He glanced down and saw the wetness of her shaven pussy sparkling in the darkened room. “Damn” he thought to himself. He took his fingers and gently pulled her lips apart exposing her red clit, and began to lightly touch it, causing it to swell.

Just then Aurora opened her eyes and looked down to see her wet, slick pussy and Mark with his large, hard cock straining inside his pants.. Ben nearly panicked thinking she was going to freak out, but she didn’t. Instead, she looked at Mark, her eyes pleading for more.

Mark placed his hand back down between her thighs and inserted 1, then 2 fingers deep into her pussy, her juices soaking it.. So far, Ben had just sat back and watched, but gradually he brought his hand up and began to play with her nipples and gently started kissing her neck. Aurora removed her shirt and bra along with her jeans, throwing them on the floor in front of them.

Both men took turns touching, licking and nibbling her. Mark started to take his clothes off, allowing Aurora to get a good look at his beautiful, fat, fully erect 9″cock which was complete with a nice thick head. She gasped when as she saw it and right away reached down and began feeling it, closing her hand around it and stroking it from his balls to the head, massaging the semen that had leaked out onto the head and shaft. Mark looked at Aurora and asked if he could taste her. “Mhmm oh fuck yes baby,” Aurora moaned.

Mark got down onto the floor and separated her skinny legs, kissing up each of her thighs while slamming 2 fingers into her greedy cunt. At last his mouth had found its way to her wet wonder. He started off by licking up and down each inner lip, jabbing his long tongue into her hole, sucking and nibbling on her very swollen clitoris. “Ooohhhh I want to cum so bad, please let me cum,” begged Aurora. Mark was enjoying her sweet taste too much that he wasn’t ready to stop just yet. He teased her by taking his mouth and sometimes his fingers away, making her ache for more. Aurora put her hands on his hand and held his mouth to her pussy, demanding that he let her cum.

Aurora started violently stroking Ben’s cock he had pulled out, and then leaned down to put his 7″ nicely shaped dick in her mouth. With one motion she had his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her luscious lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. Moans and groans began to fill the room as both Ben and Aurora started to orgasm. Ben shot part of his load in her mouth, followed by 3 more shots and she swallowed every bit not wasting a single drop. She even licked his cock off afterwards as it began to shrink in her hands. Soon they were all spent and let her fall back asleep, heading to their own bedroom for some rest.

The following evening the three were once again sitting in front of the TV, only this time there wouldn’t be any waiting for Aurora to fall asleep.

Mark was feeling a little neglected from the night before and felt he should be the one to get off.

The three began playing with each other’s bodies, and got on the floor. Once there, Aurora held both men’s cock’s in her hands and slowly brought them together and then towards her lips, tickling both of them with her tongue and taking turns sucking on each of them. Ben decided that it was his turn to taste her so she leaned escort bursa back against the couch and opened her legs for his waiting mouth. Mark still wanted some good dick sucking so he placed his throbbing cock into her mouth while Ben ate like never before.

Aurora had no problems taking his big cock into her mouth right down to the base and back up with perfect suction, teasing the head with her tongue and lips. Mark began to fuck her mouth until he blew his load down her throat causing her to choke a bit because he had way more cum then Ben had had the night before, and he was bigger too. Her climax came shortly after, squirting her girl cum into Ben’s mouth. “GGGGGGGGGAAWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” she screamed as her whole body convulsed in a massive orgasm.

The three lay on the floor fondling each other until the men were able to get hard again. Ben, not having come yet was still hard. Both men took turns ramming their fingers into Aurora’s hole, hitting her spot many times causing her to make a big wet mark on the carpet. It got too much for her and she knew she needed to be fucked!

This had been one of her fantasies for a long time and she couldn’t believe she was finally able to live it out.

She wanted Mark first, seeing how he was the bigger of the two, so she asked him to lay down and brought her leg over top of him, straddling his beautiful rod. With no guidance at all she lined the head up to her hole and began to lower her body down on to it. It hurt a bit at first until she got used to having something that big inside her. Slowly she began to grind down on it, wiggling her hips a bit, making sure it hit her g-spot every now and then. Her motions began to get faster and harder, Mark was moaning and had both hands on her waist, almost like he was letting her know how he wanted to be fucked. Ben began to touch her nice round ass that had got soaked from their playing, massaging it.

His hand slid between her cheeks, finding her other hole and to his surprise he could tell a guy had used it before, so he started to slide his finger in and out. Aurora became more agitated with this new feeling. Ben was so horny that he thought he’d test his luck and got on top of her. She was lowering her body down over top of Mark more so that her ass would be more inviting for Ben’s dick. He made sure that there was enough wetness on his cock and her butt before he even attempted trying to push the head of his cock in. Inch by inch, he slowly and gently inserted his cock into her almost virgin ass.

At first their movements didn’t work so well with each other, but after a very short time they learned to move together. Mark’s big dick was slamming in and out of her sopping wet pussy and Ben was penetrating her other entrance. Aurora was having an out of body experience; it was an experience she had never felt before in her life. She had come so much that she was beginning to lose some ability to create juices. Mark was the first to release his load, spewing it into her vagina.”oooooooffffffffffuuuccccccccckkkkkkk” he groaned as he cock shot into her cunt.

Ben started to shudder and felt his cum quickly racing towards the opening of his penis “AAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHH” Ben kept saying as he shot his cum into her ass hole, it leaking down the backs of her legs. The trio lay on the floor completely worn out and within minutes all fell asleep next to each other totally naked and filthy.

Aurora was really enjoying her roommates and was very grateful that she would never have to go horny again as long as she had 2 very willing men near by. In fact the 3 all started to share the same king size bed and experienced all the things that a three way relationship had to offer, but that is a tale for another day….

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