Autumn Leaves


It was one of those chores that you hoped would never happen. The changing of the seasons snuck up on us again, and the leaves on our apple orchard, if you can call 18 trees an orchard, had floated carelessly to the ground. And I had to rake them. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. There were plenty of things a eighteen year old boy would rather be doing, but my parents had left for the day and had left me with a list of things that “had” to be done before there arrival home. And the leaves were high on the list.

I grabbed the rake out of the shed and rambled slowly toward the orchard. It only took about 15 minutes for me to break into a sweat on that warm October day and I removed my shirt and wrapped it around my head to catch the perspiration. I had about half of the orchard done; raked into the mother of all piles and decided it was time to start bagging. I dropped the rake and headed back to the shed.

“Hey, where ya going?” Linda called out. Linda was the neighbor’s daughter. She had been away at college and had come home for the weekend. She was about 5’4″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 95 pounds. Her red hair was cut short and spiked. It was really sexy, I thought to myself.

“Hello” I yelled back at her. “I didn’t know bahis siteleri I had an audience. How have you been?” She jogged over to me, moving like the athlete she was. All those years of running track certainly had paid off. Her body was hard and tight.

“Ya need a hand?” she asked with a great big smile.

“Sure!” I replied.

We got the bags and started stuffing the leaves tight into them. I couldn’t help notice her every time she bent over to pick some leaves the outline of her ass strained against her jeans. She was put together nicely and my cock started to harden, pushing against my jeans.

And then it happened. I turned to stuff another handful into the bag and got a double handful of leaves thrown right into my face. Linda was laughing uncontrollably when she was hit head on with a handful from me. We started chasing each other around the pile, leaves flying in every direction. At last I caught up to her and wrapping my arms around her waist I threw her into the pile. She almost disappeared in its mass. I dove in after her; stuffing leaves down the back of her shirt and into the back of her jeans. We were both laughing hysterically.

Suddenly she rolled over and the leaves meant for her back where thrust up under her canlı bahis shirt all the way to her breasts. She stopped laughing and stared straight into my eyes. I thought she was going to kill my, but instead her hands reached up and pulled me to her. As our lips meant they parted and we kissed deeply and passionately. My hand had dropped the leaves and where now cupped around her perfect tit, the nipple hardening under the gentle pinches and pulls I was showering on it. Her arms pulled me on top of her and I ground my erection against her mound, humping her pussy through our clothes. She pumped up against me with matching rhythm as her nails clawed my back. She broke off our kiss and her eyes burned right threw me.

“Fuck me!” she whispered. “Right here, right now! Please.”

I couldn’t believe it. We had never fooled around before, she had never teased or hinted that she was interested, but I wasn’t about to say no. My hand fumbled at the button of her jeans as she ripped at my pants. We were suddenly naked under the apple trees, the blue sky our only witness, as we rolled in the leaves. My mouth found the sweet hardness of her nipple and sucked it in, savoring it texture and taste. Her hand was wrapped around my cock, pulling me to her. I could güvenilir bahis feel the warm wetness of her pussy on the tip of my cock as she hesitated, holding me there as she circled it around and over her clit. She placed me at the tight doorway of her and with one quick frantic push I was in her. Her cunt was tight like her body and it surrounded me, milked me, sheathed me.

I pumped furiously, like an animal possessed as she ground her hips up against me. We did not speak another word, simply staring into each other’s eyes. Eyes half open, slits from which poured our passion. Her head rolled back as she rose toward her orgasm, her arms thrashing in the leaves. I fucked her harder, trying to reach deeper into her with each stroke as I felt my cum well up in my balls. She moaned a deep, animalistic moan as she came and I could hold back no longer. I filled her with wave after wave of my hot white passion until she could not hold any more and it oozed out of her down the softness of her thigh, wetting the reds and golds and earthy browns of the apples leaves. We collapsed into each other’s arms and lay there, warmed by the glow of our lovemaking and the October sun.

We never spoke of that day. It was one of those things that had just happened, something that we would probably often revisit in our memories when the apple trees drop their leaves. It has warmed many an October night for me over the years. I hope it has warmed at least a few for Linda.

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