Awakening Michelle Ch. 02: After


I hope you are enjoying the journey of Mike and Michelle. I’m trying to keep these in nibble sized bits, please let me know if you’d like them more drawn out. As always your critique and criticism are appreciated as it is the only way we grow. Enjoy!


“Babe, I wish you would tell me what’s wrong” Mike says from the driver’s seat as we are heading home.

I’m looking out the passenger side window, watching the scenery go by in a hazy blur. The colors of the businesses, streetlights, and stoplights seem to merge together in a complex combination of colors, echoing my own internal confusion of emotions. I’m staring off into space, reflecting on the events of the evening.

We had just spent the past few hours at a swingers club. It was an unexpected surprise that Mike had sprung on me out of nowhere. To say I was taken aback is a vast understatement. We had talked about swinging before in the past and I had always dismissed it. I’ve never considered doing anything close to swinging since I was raised in believing monogamy was the ‘norm’. Mike revealed that he had been fantasizing about it for sometime and wanted to ‘explore the lifestyle’ as he put it. He made it clear that he would respect me and my boundaries but asked that I try and keep an open mind. Mike has never been a person to put me in any jeopardy and I always have complete trust in him. I couldn’t open up at first, but as the night progressed my curiosity started to get the best of me.

I was curious not in the sense of wanting to hump the first hard thing I could find, but rather what about this intrigued Mike so much? I’m not daft in dismissing my husband’s ‘maleness’. I’ve always acknowledged that my husband is a man and fantasizes about sex, alot. However, in the past I had always thought that he’d given up the notion of swinging. Then, I find out tonight that he hasn’t forgotten about it. I also discovered he’s actively fantasized about scenarios that I didn’t think most men found appealing. He’s admitted to sharing me with other men. Wanting to make me the center of attention. I’ll admit that had always been a hidden fantasy of mine. I mean most people probably wish they could be that desired. Having that hidden fantasy was what enhanced my own curiosity into wanting to learn more.

During our short time at the club we met some interesting people and heard some personal stories about other couples sexual interactions. We also got to witness first hand two couples sharing one another. It was so overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. It was the most amazing sexual experience I’ve witnessed secondhand. I mean, I’ve seen porn movies. Movies where the sex is so fake. Women screaming, men grunting. Women gagging on cocks and men ‘painting the fence’ with their tongues on pussies. I mean, who eats a pussy that way? But this was different. It was genuine, carnal, raw sexual energy. It was people who were really, simply, purely … fucking.

Anyway, I got to watch real sex in which I wasn’t an active participant. I was able to experience the sounds, flesh slapping flesh, slurping of cocks in pussies. I could smell the sweat and the cum. It was intoxicating to witness it all, and I was high on the erotic energy. I was aroused at watching the sex around me and being immersed in it. However, what struck me most was the love between the spouses during their trists.

The aftermath wasn’t what I expected. There wasn’t some knock down, dragging on the floor fight between the wives. There weren’t nails flying and hair extensions lying on the floor. The couples embraced after they had just fucked each other’s spouses and I could sense their love was stronger for it. After observing them tell each other they loved one another, I felt a colossal shift in my view of love and sex.

My view of sex had always been that you have sex with the person that you love. I always equated love to sex. That, to have sex, you had to love that person. It dawned on me tonight that lust and love can be mutually exclusive. Also, that there can be varying degrees of love. I mean, I love my brother but I’d never have sex with him. I love my best friend and her husband but it doesn’t make me unfaithful to Mike. I can love Mike and be faithful to him in my heart but still have love for a lover. As if a curtain raised in my mind, I saw a distinction between sex and love.

Watching Al, Shannon, Levi, and Alyssa I admired them for being able to let their jealousy go and live in the moment. I also realized that I had to leave.

I didn’t want to leave because I was angry. I had to because I was so overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by desire, by the pure need for cock. I was also afraid. I was afraid I’d go against what used to by my ‘morals’. I had hid behind these barriers for my whole life. As horny as I was I wasn’t prepared to abandon those so quickly. It was as if a bird who was always flying into the window, never knowing the window existed, and one day finally escort noticed the window. I felt reserved but in utter need to be stuffed. I knew that if we stayed I would do what thirty years of mental training had taught me was ‘bad’. And all I knew is that I wanted to get ahold of Mike and fuck his brains out.

I snap out of my reverie as Mike’s phone buzzes from an incoming call. He answers on the bluetooth speaker in the car.

“Hello?” Mike asks

“Mike? This is Charlie from Desire. I wanted to call you guys and make sure everything was OK. I saw you guys leave in a hurry and I was concerned. I wanted to ensure that nothing happened that wasn’t without your consent. Like we talked about when we first met, your boundaries are our primary concern.”

“Oh wow, thanks for that Charlie. I’m sure everything is OK. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet. I don’t think anything happened, however, when I talk with Michelle more I’ll let you know if anything happened.”

“Ok, thanks Mike. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I hope we get to see you again. You two have a good evening.”

“Thanks, you too Charlie.”

With that Mike hung up the call. We’re both quiet for awhile and I’m still watching the scenery and stores pass by. The confusion is subsiding and my anger for Mike is going away. I know now why he did it. I wouldn’t have actively participated had he asked about going there before. The lie had pissed me off at first but now my desire to screw was clouding my judgement.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mike asks, his voice laced with concern.

“Not right now.” I say. Trying to make sure I don’t sound angry.

We pull up into our driveway and get out of the car. It’s a little chilly out and Mike wraps his arms around me, rubbing my arms as we walk to the house. We get to the door and Mike turns me around and looks me straight in the eyes. I can see he is worried and apprehensive.

“I love you. I love you and no one else. You know that right?” He asks

“I do.”

He leans in to kiss me and it sends an electrical spike through my being. It’s the first time we kissed since we went to the club and having that connection after witnessing what we saw enhances my desire. We walk into the house and I can feel my pussy leaking down my thigh. Mike turns around to shut and lock the door. When he turns back to me, I attack him with my mouth.

He’s trying to get words out but I’m stripping him out of his clothes. He catches on that I’m not assaulting him, at least not in a negative way. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer to him while our tongues battle for real estate in each others mouths. I can feel the palm of his hands on my lower back as I place my hands on his firm ass. Mike moves his hands up my back and starts to undo the back of my dress. While he is unzipping my dress, I’m working frantically to pull his shirt off. As he reaches the bottom of the zipper I feel his hands slide inside my dress and grip my ass cheeks. As he’s fondling my ass I start rubbing my fingers up and down his back while kissing and nibbling his collar bone. I step back from Mike and my dress is hanging loosely from my shoulders and the feeling of the soft fabric slowly falling from my frame sends goosebumps up my arms.

Standing there in my high heels and my bra and panties, Mike shakes his head and says “You are beautiful. I am truly the luckiest man in the world to be able to call you ‘wife’.”

Looking like Adonis reborn, he is standing with his pants unbuttoned and belt undone. He steps towards me and again, wraps me in his arms. He has a way of holding me that isn’t dominating but reassuring. I feel like I am in the safest place in the world while he’s holding me.

We start walking towards the living room, hungrily kissing each other and continuing to disrobe along the way. Mike starts kissing my neck and I look over his shoulder at the path of clothing we’ve left behind. Oh God, I love it when he kisses my neck. Nibbling on my skin. I can feel goosebumps rise out of my back and my pussy is twitching. He reaches behind me and unfastens my bra and it falls to the floor. He’s kneading my breasts and kissing on my neck as I work my own panties down with my hands and feet, eager to feel him inside me.

With my panties on the floor, I’m left naked in my heels and I realize he is grossly overdressed in his pants. I finish unzipping his pants and begin to pull them down. On my way down to the floor I notice that Mike has a wonderful package waiting for me behind the thin material of his boxers. I lightly brush my fingers over the underside of his erect penis and Mike gently pushes his hips forward. Breathing in through my nose I take in his musky smell. Sighing contently, I close my eyes and rub my face on his concealed package. I place my hands on his hips and pull his groin closer to my face, rubbing my nose and lips over his erect manhood. Reluctantly, I stand up slowly, licking my way izmit escort bayan past his navel and up to his chest. I gently suck a nipple into my mouth and finish licking up his neck. Finding his mouth we share a deep passionate kiss.

We are standing at the couch and I push Mike down in the center of it. He’s sitting on the couch with his legs spread, his boxers looking like the main event tent at a circus. He has such a hard erection I can see his balls hugging against one leg while his cock pulls his boxers taught. Mike isn’t as well endowed as Al, however he knows how to use what he has and I’ve never had cause for complaint. Placing one hand on his thigh, I slowly bend over so Mike can see my tits hanging in front of him and grab his cock through his boxers.

“Is this for me?” I ask in a sultry voice

“Always…” he says, his eyes full of lust.

I put my thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pull them off of him so he is completely naked. He spreads his knees apart and gives me a fantastic view of his body. His abs, his hips, his thighs, and his cock look so amazing. Standing up, I pause for a second taking the sight of him in. Leaning forward again, I take his cock into my hand. I wrap my hand around his shaft, feeling its warmth and it softly jumps at my touch. Gently I stroke it up and down while I lean over him and he kisses my collarbone. He lifts one tit to his mouth and sucks my nipple into his mouth while I’m stroking his cock.

I feel my nipple slide past his lips. He slowly runs his tongue around my areola causing me to put one hand behind his head and push his face harder onto my tit. He’s sucking and gently nibbling on my nipple rolling it between his teeth. I feel his right hand grab onto my other exposed breast and he pushes it against the tit he has in his mouth. Rolling my left nipple between his fingers, he sends a shock of lustful energy through my pussy and I let out a soft moan. He disengages from my breast and we share a passionate kiss, our tongues embracing eachother like long lost lovers.

I slowly fall to my knees, watching Mike’s reaction as I do. During my descent, I guide his rock solid cock between my breasts. Looking in his eyes I see he has this distant stare of lust and anticipation. His cock is emerging from between my tits and I slowly suck the head of his cock into my mouth. His balls are softly rubbing the space between my breasts. I can feel the crown of his cockhead move past my lips and I gently lick the underside of his cock. He moans his appreciation as I slowly pucker my mouth with just the head inside. Pushing his cock further into my mouth, inch by inch I can feel the soft spongy skin. I lick each wrinkle and rub my lower lip on each vein as it passes into my eager mouth. It probably feels like an eternity to Mike but my nose finally hits his pubic bone.

I milk his cock with the back of my tongue and my throat. I’m working up a lather of saliva while I have his cock deep into my mouth. I slowly release control of his cock from my hot mouth and look up and catch Mike staring at me with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. I smile around the tip of his cock and repeat the agonizingly slow suck back down to the base of his cock. His rock hard member feels so good in my throat. I can feel it growing harder as his excitement rises.

The musky smell of him makes me moan around his cock. I can feel my wetness between my thighs as I’m slowly worshipping Mike’s wonderful manhood. I’m moving his cock in and out of my mouth at an excruciatingly slow pace. However, it is exciting me further, feeling his cock growing in my oral grip.

I push my chest forward so my tits are rubbing on his thighs as I start to work up a rhythm of sucking his cock in my mouth and slowly letting it fall back out. I’m not working a feverish pace but it’s fast enough that my mouth is like a wet pussy, slowly fucking Mike. He takes my hair in his hand and softly holds my hair as I continue to assault his cock.

I’ve built up quite a bit of saliva as I slowly mouth fuck his cock. My index finger and thumb are encircled around his shaft and as his cock falls from my mouth, my fingers are stroking up and down his shaft. My tongue evolves a mind of its own and while his cockhead is in my mouth my tongue rubs circles around his cockhead. I can feel his frenulum on the top of my tongue and running my tongue over the top, I can feel the tip of his cock on the bottom of my tongue.

Letting his hard member fall from my mouth I kiss the underside of his iron shaft. I run my tongue up and down while my finger and thumb tighten their grip on the base of his cock, causing it to harden just a bit more. I inch his cock slowly in my mouth again, making love to his cock with my tongue.

“Oh my God Michelle. That is the most amazing.. Feeling… Oh my God you’re going to make me cum!” Mike moans.

I feel his balls rising from my hand as I massage izmit sınırsız escort his scrotum. I feel the crown of his cock grow in my mouth. I have to prepare for this as I’ve only let Mike cum in my mouth once before. I’ve never liked the consistency of cum before and the taste is different as well. Mike is moaning his warning to me that he’s cumming. His cock continues to grow in my mouth as I feel a small gush of precum in my throat. I slam my face onto his crotch as he makes a low animalistic groan. I feel the first gush of cum hit the back of my throat. Resisting the urge to gag, I swallow. Another stream of semen and it isn’t as bad as the first. Swallow. I open my eyes to look up at Mike and I’m looking through tears due to the first gag reflex. I feel a third spurt and I swallow again. He has his head thrown back into the couch and he is moaning incoherently. I release some of his cock from my mouth and his cockhead is resting on my tongue. Finally a smaller spurt and I suck on his cock to get the last of his seed.

Mike is jumping as I continue to suck his cock. He doesn’t push me away but looks at me with the most lustful look I think I’ve ever seen from him. He wipes away one of the tears that ran down my cheek as I continue to suck him. Remarkably he begins to grow hard again. I pull him out of my mouth and stroke him as I stand up. I gently pull on him letting him know he should stand up.

Using his cock as a leash I guide him back to our bedroom where I lay down on the bed.

I pull my legs up to my chest and I say “She’s all yours..”

Mike grabs the base of his cock and aligns it with the entrance to my sopping pussy. He pushes his cock slowly into my hot box. I feel his cockhead pop past my other lips this time and my head falls back while I let out a low moan. He’s slowly pushes in a Iittle bit more and disengages his cock from inside me only to reinsert it again slowly. He continues this deliberate shallow fucking, knowing it is driving me wild. Each successive thrust is deeper and deeper until finally I can feel his scrotum rubbing my perineum. He slowly pulls his cock out of my pussy.

“Enough with the torture, I want you to fuck me.” I growl.

He doesn’t hesitate and with one push he’s buried deep into my dripping sex. He’s thrusting aggressively now, slapping my asshole with his dangling sack. I’m so aroused and my pussy is so wet that he’s making a slurping sound as he fucks me. He shifts so he is now angling upward with each thrust. Oh my god! He’s slowly stroking against the roof of my pussy, rubbing my gspot with his cock. It’s such an agonizing feeling of ecstasy as he grazes that sensitive spot in my pussy with each thrust in and out. Each pump is like he’s pumping my lust as if it were a balloon, building on itself.

He slows down a bit and I can feel the crown of his cock exit my pussy and slowly push back in. I’m lost in an abyss of sexual madness as his cock slowly pistons in and out of me. He’s now rock solid and I can feel every contour of his cock. He grabs my ass while simultaneously lifting my ass off of the bed. I can feel his strong hands on my ass as he massages it, still slowly pistoning his cock in and out of my snatch. At this angle he’s no longer rubbing that sensitive spot but hitting it with his cock, moulding it like a master claymaker forms clay.

Lord, he’s hitting that spot. I arch my back up and rub my hands over my tits. I gently roll each nipple between my thumb and finger. Pushing my tits together I am electrified by the arousal in my breasts and pussy. Ever since the augmentation my nipples have become so sensitive that they can dampen my thighs at the slightest caress.

I love the feeling of Mike inside me. As it was with my lips I can feel every bump, wrinkle, and vein in his cock as it slides past my labia into my sopping wet sex. I can feel the crown of his cock as it exits and reenters my pussy. I’m lost in the feeling of his wonderful cock as my eyes are closed and I’m paying attention to every sensation.

Mike is building a cadence and I can feel my pussy building up to that crescendo I’ve been craving all night. In an instant my pussy clamps around his cock as I fall into an orgasm. My pussy is literally sucking his cock as I hear it slurping and sloshing. My eyes are rolled back into my head and I feel like the room is a tilt a whirl as it spins wildly. Through my orgasm he doesn’t change a thing, he keeps fucking me with the same rhythm as I’m flowing from one orgasm to another. It’s such a sweet, sweet torture as he rubs his cock back and forth against the roof of my canal. My pussy feels like it’s got a mind of its own as it continues to milk Mike’s cock. I feel his cock grow and he begins to grunt loudly and I know he is reaching his own climax.

Although I know it’s killing him he keeps the same cadence as he begins to fill my pussy with his seed. He’s moaning and groaning and our eyes lock as we both ride an orgasmic lightning bolt together. I’m in heaven after what seemed to be an eternal orgasm. Laying my head back on the bed and closing my eyes, I let out a happy sigh. Mike slows his assault and shudders while his cock is still in its hyper sensitive state.

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