Awakening My Trans Nature, My Fifth Experience, Br


Awakening My Trans Nature, My Fifth Experience, BrThe next day I was a bit worried how I would have taken last night’s developments. It had been a shock how deep the feelings ran and the effect on my psyche. However all I felt was slightly euphoric and happy so clearly it was feeding some part of me. Had thought I was the same person as before and was keeping the new me under wraps but the experience a couple of days later made me realise it was not the case. I was in the library looking at the journals when a guy came up and asked where a certain section was. He had written down the Dewey decimal number on the back of a computer print out and now could not find the right journal. He was about my age and well-built and rather attractive. Look at the number and realised it was the wrong way round, he was holding it upside down. By chance the numbers made a different number upside down. He laughed and said it was the stress of things “brain freeze, he said. “Need to calm down, you can help with that, if you want”. He stared me direct in the eyes and I said OK. He led me down to the basement to a storeroom, nobody comes in here he said and proceeded to un buckle his jeans! The thing was I was totally calm with this and knew what do and pulled off my t-shirt and pulled down my shorts and y fronts. He gasped slightly and I kneeled before him, my head between his legs. My hands reached up to his dck and slowly played with it. After a few seconds I opened my mouth and took it in my mouth where it very quickly grew and became hard. At his my tongue roamed round his head and I started bobbing my lips up and down his shaft. He started to moan and ran his hands through my hair. I increased frequency and the tongue licked his head. Swiftly I tasted what I assumed to be precum and felt his dick twitch. He pushed his dick further into my throat and started to pant. Very quickly 4 spurts of cum splattered the back of my throat and I swallowed it yalova escort down. The taste was not unpleasant but very new to me. “Thanks babe I needed that” he said and pulled his jeans up and left. Putting back on my clothes I was surprised how easy it had been and how natural. A hug would have been nice but there was no shock on having done for the first time sucked off another man, a homosexual act. I wondered why he felt comfortable propositioning me it had never happened before. Looking in a convenient mirror I saw myself for the first time almost. My hair was growing out , the t-shirt as tight on my thin frame and the shorts, short revealing my pert ass and long hairless legs with those gym socks which looked as if I was not wearing any socks. Things had moved on further than I realised.Coming back after a run next morning stopped by the landlady/concierge/bursar “Letter for you” and she passed across a small envelope. “Looking good” she shouted as I walked away. There was a key with a room number on it and a note. “They loved your 2 spots at the club. Give Kimberley a ring. Go to the room 10.30 pm tonight. No costume or makeup required. Lock door. A girl will arrive, you are doing a duo tonight. S xxx.” The room was at the top of the building and at 10.30 went there. With some trepidation opened the door to find an empty bedroom. It was clean and no sign of anybody using it. There was a sink by the window, a table, couple of chairs, wardrobe and a bed. The sink and bed were close to a big double window, the curtains were closed. There was a clock on the wall. I turned off the lights and peerd out to the buildings opposite. Lights were on and it seemed the same view but slightly higher up. Sat on the bed feeling excited bit also apprehensive as not really sure if I still liked girls. There was a noise of a key on the lock and a real life girl came in. She was tall, blonde with bobbed hair and wearing yozgat escort a tracksuit and trainers. The tracksuit top had “Roedean 1st Team lacrosse” and she was carrying a plastic bag. She ignored me and walked round the room looking at it all. Finally she looked at me “OK the room will do. For the purposes of our meeyting I am Elise and you are Gideon.” After the bible.” I said “No why should it be of course not.” The voice was expensive posh and slightly irritated by my interruption. “Its 10.50, you strip in 5 mins, I down to my lingerie, at 11.00 pm I open the curtains. We indulge in foreplay and you push me up against the sink. I suck you, you get hard, and then you fuck me against the sink. If you can you in the time scale you pull out and spray your sperm over my breasts. Curtain closed. No kissing at any time, Understand?” On the one hand I did not like the way she had just taken control but there was a sense she was trying very hard to keep control of hersle and we both wanted the same thing. Also she was very attractive. At 10.50 I stripped off and Elise took off her tracksuit to reveal a set of expensive blue lingerie panties, bra and suspender belt with black stockings. She really had a very good body. From the bag she pulled out a pair of black, expensive high heels and stepped into them. We stood next to the curtains and I smelt her perfume. Already I was semi hard and getting harder. Elise was trembling slightly, her breathing shallow as we waited for 11.00. At 11.00 she pulled back the curtains and stood there for all to see. She ran her hands down her body and rubbed her pussy. She undid her bra and exposed her tits, tweaking her already erect nipples. Then she beckoned for me to come over. I did so and she ran her hands down my body to my cock which thankfully, was already hard. She knelt down and sucked my cock into her mouth her red lips looking very obvious. After a minute she stood escort bayan up and dropped her panties. I held her arms and we backed up the sink where she rubbed herself and started fingering herself. She leant back and I closed the gap between us. She held my cock with her hands and guided it into her. Slowly I started penetrating her and increased my thrusts. She was very wet and moaning and shaking. As the people the other side of the window would not hear her she must have been very aroused. She ran a long finger nail down my spine and held me close. “Oh yes, yes, yes fuck me Gideon.” “Deeper, faster, that’s it, don’t stop.” She grasped my ass with both of her hands and pushed me to her. Her pussy was tight and wet and I was very close to cuming but remembered to pull out. She looked me deep into the eyes and I stroked my cock before ejaculating over her tits. The strength of my orgasm was a surprise and my total emotional response was much more than I would have expected. The cum splattered on the expensive lingerie and she dipped a finger in it and put it in her mouth. Sensing the time she stood up and we closed the curtains. I was close to her and she said “no stay there” and as a little cum dripped off my cock she backed up to the sink and rubbed her pussy with her eyes closed, moaning again and after a minute she clearly had a shuddering climax. Standing up and going over to her tracksuit she took the top taking particular care to rub as much cum as possible off her toned body onto it. She took the heels off and put the training shoes on, then from the bag put a t-shirt on. Her nipples were still visible and erect, her body flushed with a slight red. I dressed myself and we sat on the bed. We had both been taken aback by our reactions and was about to say “well that went well” when Elise went ” OK, yes, well, Ok”and ran her hair though her hair. “Yes we can do this again and progress this. We should meet, once only to talk. You ignore me if we should pass each other, no contact otherwise, understand?” I said yes. It was clear we had both been affected by our performance and had our exhibitionism in common. We both clearly needed to do it again and in that at least, we needed each other.

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