Away Game for Victoria


Victoria or “Vikki” as her friends call her, is a happy reformed tomboy who is in her first year of college. She couldn’t wait to get there. It had been where her parents had gone and several other family members as well. She knew the campus by heart as she was practically raised there. She participated in the annual highs and lows of college sports and was a die hard fan. She was ready to take her place in the family school.

Vikki is a dark haired, brown eyed, curvy bodied, melt you with her smile, Latina princess. Her dad wanted a boy so she played a lot of sports growing up and could compete with anyone. She melted his heart with her quick smile, and competitive spirit and it wasn’t long before she was quite proficient at utilizing her charm and she knew it.

Vikki was so excited to attend her first game as a student, which was at a rival school. All her friends were taking the car trip four hours away. She was the responsible one and had a job, so she would need to take the plane back after the game to back for work on Sunday.

Her first game was awesome, all she had expected and more getting to cheer in the visitors section and have her team steal a win. The gang celebrated it was so fun she didn’t want to leave, then it took awhile to find a cab, she was running late. Running through the terminal, made it through security, only to find her plane was delayed, and then cancelled. The airline put her up at a hotel close to the airport. It was ok, but she really wanted to be with her friends.

Resigned to being stuck, she went into the hotel bar to get something to eat. At least there were people around so it helped to occupy her mind. She had woken up a little aroused that morning, and it was building through out the day with the excitement of the game and festivities. That feeling was gone with the whole try to catch a plane thing, but now alone reviewing the day in her mind, it was sneaking back.

Vikki had on her favorite jeans and a little tee shirt. She loved how her jeans hugged her hips and felt really good between her legs. She had had enough with the bar and decided to head to her room. It was a long walk down the hall to get to the elevators. She looked around and noticed she was alone. She found that if she swung her hips just right, her jeans would give the slightest rub in her crotch. She was planning to play before going to sleep, so this was a nice start.

Moving down the hall she wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation. She pushed the button to go up and waited, losing herself in the fantasy she wanted to use in her room. Ding went the bell above the elevator, Vikki didn’t move.

“Miss” “the door is open”

Startled she jumped at the sound of his voice, his beautiful voice. Turning red from getting caught lost in her mind, all she could say is “thanks”. Her mind racing now, how long had he been there, did he see her walking, how far did her hips swing….oh no not that far right.

She stepped into the elevator and selected the button of her floor, moving aside she noticed he didn’t push a button. Still red she couldn’t look at him directly till he said.

“I was on the canceled flight too” “This is not what I had planned for the night.”

Finally looking up she said “no…a….me either”. He was gorgeous, how did she miss him at both the airport and the shuttle to the hotel. He was a black man with broad shoulders, big arms and a beautiful smile. He was sharply dressed and very professional looking, in his late 20s. It was Vikki’s turn to melt.

“I am not even tired yet” he said

“yeah, güvenilir bahis siteleri me either” Vikki replied, trying to get herself together.

They both get off the elevator and walk down the hall, he stops at a door and says “good night”.

Vikki turns and hesitates and says “oh good night” she was so glad to get another look at him.

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes he said “Since we are both, not tired, would you like to watch some TV with me?”

Not prepared to be asked that question she just fumbled with her words. “Yeah, ah, I am not tired, ah yeah sure, oh no um, I really should go in, a, yeah that sounds good”

He put the key in the door and held it open for her. He grabbed his suitcase off the bed and said “here, make yourself at home.”

She tried to sit on his bed like this was a natural thing to do, no problem, it’s a couch you can lay down on right. He settled in beside her and began to flip channels. They watched this and that for a little while when he lifted his arm and said “scoot in a little” as his arm went around her. Her arousal from the day had turned from a simmer to instant heat. The moment she looked at him in the elevator she could feel the wetness building between her legs. She was soaked and with his arm around her she was melting fast. She had never felt instant lust before and she was deep into this feeling.

She started to nuzzle in a little as he let his hand slip down upon her breast. Feeling him squeeze she instinctively began to kiss his neck. It had begun, he moved in to kiss her lips. They quickly became entwined, she could feel him growing against her thighs. He was big and getting bigger like nothing she had ever felt before. She reached down and began to caress his thick cock. She began to imagine being taken by it and grabbed it harder. Feeling her hunger he stood her up to take off her clothes. Lifting her arms, her tee-shirt then bra went quickly, he kissed her nipples before turning her around. To remove her favorite jeans, he was going to take them off from behind.

Her nipples were hard and aching as he reached around her, cupping, pulling, then pinching her nipples. Both hands then moved down her torso over her little tummy, to the snap on her jeans. Pulling them open, then sliding the zipper down, he reached inside. Finding her panties, his fingers pushed down farther till he could feel her clitoris. Letting a finger slide down the length he could feel her thoughts, she was silky wet. He pulled his hands out of her pants just long enough to remove his shirt and tie, then his pants. His hands returned to Vikki’s hips as he carefully guided her jeans down, leaving her panties just barely covering her pussy. His cock was pressed against her ass as he continued with his caressing from behind. Vikki could barely breath feeling a his cock rub against her ass. It was a sensation that brought her close to orgasm and she began to moan. He turned her back around and pulled her panties down, she held onto his shoulders as she lifted her feet to remove them.

Standing there naked she began to shake uncontrollably. She was so turned on she couldn’t think of anything but his cock. Her body had taken control of her, she had never done anything as spontaneous as this, she had never even dreamed about being in bed with a man after only 30 minutes of meeting him. She had never wanted a man more than she did at that moment.

Seeing her shake he said “Are you ok baby, you cold?” “Would you like to keep going with me?”

She said “Oh yes…a little…Please don’t stop”

He pulled canlı bahis siteleri the sheet from the bed and wrapped her up before putting her under the covers. It wasn’t long before she was able to warm up and gain control. The sheet turned out to provide the most erotic caressing she had ever felt. He had run his hands up and down her body from the outside. Feeling her warm he took both hands on her legs and moved the sheet up her thighs. He knew how wet she was and wanted to taste her sweet desire.

Vikki opened her legs and felt his gentle hands massaging all around her pussy. Opening and pulling he spread her without touching her clit. Bending in he held onto her thighs and gave the slightest of flicks across her sweet bud. Vikki jumped and groaned in the lowest of tones. The shot of her lust had rung through her body as hit tongue met with her desire. He let her move up and down a little before taking his next lick. Peeling back her lips his mouth covered her clit and he began to suck her down into his throat. She could feel herself being stretched and for the first few moments couldn’t udder a sound until she exhaled. Her moans came easy as his tongue and teeth were working her wings. He let his tongue penetrate her and collect the honey that had been building all day. His elbows keeping her spread, she came with a shudder, feeling her convulse he sucked harder till she whispered “oooooh fuck”

He smiled to hear those words from a girl with the face of an angel. He wanted to feel her wrapped around him. Kissing her tummy and giving little bites he worked his way up her soft body. Her nipples greeted his mouth as her pussy had with desire and moans.

She could feel his cock inching closer up her thigh. His mouth felt so good on her breasts. She pulled him up to her lips and got a taste of her own honey. Her tongue eagerly explored his mouth, his cock now resting against her pussy caused her hips to grind slowly against it.

Kissing her sweet lips, his hips met her rhythm, grinding down on to her, dividing her pussy with his thick shaft. Mmm was all she could feel….

Reaching down he pulled her thighs up around him letting her hips turn up toward him. With his cock in hand he let his head move up and down the length of her clit.

“Oooooh” Vikki Whimpered

“Ready baby”

“Ah Huh”

Guiding it in she didn’t relax and gripped him tight. Feeling every movement forward her low moans turned to high pitched squeals. She wasn’t sure he would fit, but she didn’t want him to stop.

“Its ok baby” “You’re doing great” “a little more honey” “That’s it”

Vikki finally relaxed as he had pushed all the way and held her tight. With the slightest of thrust he sent her over the edge again, she squeezed hard and said “I’m cumming baby” “Ooooh yes”

She was still pulsating when he began to pick up his thrusting pace. Her cumming had made him so hungry to fill her. She was so tight and his thrusts were met with her slamming her hips against him. He raised up onto his arms so he could get better leverage to throw his hips into her. Vikki held onto his triceps and felt every flex both inside and outside her body. She looked into his face and could see him bearing down, concentrating, his cock out of control, but he in full control of her body. She closed her eyes and submitted to his un-relenting pace.

His cock pushed in fully, he lifts himself to his knees, reaching down with his hands, he grabs Vikki ankles and pulls her wide. Holding her legs spread his hips begin to buck again, he leans his head back and just fucks hard.

Vikki bahis firmaları felt so naughty and slutty having her legs stretched and giving up her pussy to a man from an elevator ride. She loved the sensation of being taken without any planning or thought. It was just lust and his cock was consuming her tight little puss. She opened her eyes to watch herself get it, when his grunting became loud. Her eyes grew wide again as she could feel the burst of cum coursing through her body. Clamping down she came to the rhythm of his pulsing cock. “mmm baby girl” was all he could say…

Staying on his knees, they just smiled at each other. He seemed to pulse forever in her, she could feel him shrinking and eventually sliding out of her soaked pussy. She had never been so content, it was awesome having an older guy who took control and wanted to satisfy her.

The smile that had melted her clearly visible as he turned her over. Vikki had a sensitive ass and rolling onto her tummy felt good. He pulled her back onto his thighs, her legs spread around him, her hips off the bed enough to reach around or under. His hands gentle against her skin, he pulls an ankle up and kisses it softly. Using both hands he moves up her calves to the soft spot behind her knees. His thumbs massage the little gap between her knees and hamstrings. Vikki relaxed, is surprised at the sensation that was building moving up her legs, instinctively her hips raise. Moving to the backs of her legs he runs his hands up the length slowly to just below her ass. Each stroke gets closer and Vikki tries to push her pussy to his fingers as they move in.

She is getting so turned on again just getting stroked, she can feel his cum coat her clit and reaches under to rub it around her lips. His hands finally reach her ass and his massage gets a little harder, aching Vikki rubs her puss a little harder as well… “MMM so good babe” was all she could say.

Moving past her ass he worked his way up her back and moved his hips in closer. She could feel his excitement growing as well, She replaced her fingers with the head of his cock as she guided it up and down her rose.

Working her shoulders, his cock was moving up her tummy. She loved the feeling of that thick cock, and started to stroke it against her. He liked what she was doing and reached under her hips and began to lift her ass up toward his chest. Vikki tried to lift up on her hands to push harder against him but found with her head against the pillow his cock stayed in contact with her body. It was awkward but fuck the feeling of a cock sliding up her tummy was driving her wild. He keeps pulling her up, leans back a little, and gets his arms under her thighs. His cock was now resting between Vikkis tits, she holds them together and lets him slide between. Still wet from her pussy, he begins to glide easily as he fucks her tits.

Leaning back, holding her upside down, fucking her tits, his mouth finds her cum filled pussy. His tongue and lips sucks her clean. Vikki feeling his mouth draining her wraps her legs around his head. Scrunched against her pillow she manages to cum hard on is face. With his strong arms holding her tight, he cums with a loud grunt and she feels his warm stream making its way to her neck.

Coming down from cumming they both begin to laugh uncontrollably. He gently lays her down on her back and lays down beside her. “That was awesome” she said “you had me upside down”

“Your are so flexible baby, that was hot.”

They continued with a little small talk, its late and they have an early flight. They both knew this was a one time, one moment meeting. Vikki dresses and makes her way to her room. The feeling between her legs on this walk was something she will not forget soon…if ever

let me know you think about Vikkis adventure,,,thanks Canbe

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