Azzie’s Silver Tipped Surprise


The night breeze brushed Azzie’s delicate features with a welcoming embrace. The night’s events were a blur and her body ached. It was a pleasant ache though, a necessary after effect from having so many endorphin releasing orgasms. Azzie’s wildest fantasy had come true and her adventure had fulfilled all of her expectations. She reveled in the afterglow. Now all she wanted to do was sleep.

The door of her luxury apartment would be swinging open and greeting a new day soon enough. It took seconds for the beauty’s tired, well used, and delighted body to sink deep into the folds of her satin bed sheets. It was morning and a full twelve hours later when she woke up. Her alarm clock had failed her, or maybe she had just slept so soundly she had shut it off during the night.

Scrambling Azzie threw on a semi sheer blouse, followed by a black, pencil skirt, her shiny black heels and lace stockings. Sexy clothes were all she owned. Even her jeans were sexy and designer made, and her t shirts showed off her ample assets. Seducing men was like a sport to Azzie. It fulfilled her need for excitement and fun in an otherwise, overly routine, existence. Being in her mid twenties and extremely attractive with long blond hair and an asian flair added a special dimension to her sexuality. Or maybe it was the coy, c’mere, look in Azzie’s eyes that mesmerized people.

Azzie’s sensuality was her primary source of entertainment. Men flocked over Azzie, and often bought her trips, lavish gifts, front row concert tickets, among other things. She had charisma, an appeal, a look that drove men insane with desire for her.

Pierce, her boss, was in a very good mood when she arrived. It surprised Azzie, considering how late she was. Her body felt like she had run a marathon. The previous night’s events started flashing through her mind in bits and pieces. She smiled, feeling particularly satisfied. An extreme serving of endorphins had raged through her for hours and hours last night and she was more than relaxed.

Pierce approached Azzie’s desk with a curve on his full lips.

“From the smile on your face, it looks like you had a good night last night,” he said. His face was expressionless, but there was a twinkle, a sparkle in his character that she hadn’t noticed before.

Blushing Azzie replied, “Well you might say, it was one of those nights. I’m sorry I’m late.”

Was that a lustful grin on his lips, Azzie wondered. She couldn’t be sure if it was or not, because the second it appeared, it disappeared again.

Pierce had developed a dignified business persona and demeanor that served him well. He had a look that he wore like a mask, even through the most challenging business deals.

There were three attractive men in her office and her boss Pierce was one of them. She flirted with them subtlety and never crossed that delicate line.

Azzie felt a tingle in her pussy and stretched out her long, lean leg. The more sex she got the more sensitive to movement her clit became. Suddenly, she craved a big cock inside her again, like last night. Hours and hours of fucking always made her so horny the next day.

“Can you get in here and take some dictation,” Pierce called out.

Azzie made a point of shaking it off. Her horny feelings would pass if she thought innocent thoughts. The problem was, her thoughts were not so innocent. Flashes of the wild sex she had the night before kept entering her mind.

Pierce adored the way his secretary’s dimples revealed themselves when he said something to make her laugh. He liked the way her pussy clenched when his big cock entered inside her, even more.

Would she know or ever find out? Pierce wasn’t certain, but he would definitely not give himself away. Last night his lust for her amazing body was fulfilled. His office had a strict no dating policy and no matter how often he wanted to take his secretary out, the more the voice of reason told him to let it go.

He had a really good job he wanted to keep. Pierce also wanted to see Azzie every day and didn’t want their relationship to become complicated or awkward. She was eye candy for him and did a damn good job.

But last night, opportunity had presented her pretty face and he was able to enjoy fucking his secretary hard and wild like he had always craved he would be able to. It was all inspired by a conversation at an office party a long time ago.

Eight months ago he had a wild night out with Azzie and two of his co workers, John and Steve.

After many, many, many, many rounds of shooters the conversation had taken a turn and each revealed their sexual fantasies. Azzie’s fantasy was to be fucked by several men in all her holes while blind folded. Later that evening all three men had masturbated like crazy to that scenario.

“I’m just off to the loo,” she said. “I’ll be in right away boss.”

Her cheerful voice brought him back from his thoughts into the present.

Azzie started to blush and excused herself. She headed straight beylikdüzü escort for the washroom and used the key to unlock the individual cubicle. The urge to cum had become uncontrollable. Having been so over stimulated last night made her need, intense; intense enough to put off her boss just so she could satisfy her need to cum.

Her stunning cleavage revealed itself as a button popped. The sexy siren’s alluring sexy image reflected back at her as Azzie lifted her skirt, pulled down her lace stockings, lifted one leg on the counter and started rubbing her pink clit rapidly. Her labia was bright pink and out from her previous nights rigorous activity. It was a welcome soreness that reminded Azzie of the amazing feelings she experienced. With a circular flair and the tips of her well manicured nails, she quickly stimulated her release and felt a deep sense of relaxation settle in.

Azzie grabbed a note pad and walked into her boss’s office leaving the smell of sex lingering in the uni sex bathroom. It was something she did often and men noticed and wanted her even more. Besides being a stunning beauty with curves that drove men wild, she had a sunshiny personality and always adopted a light, friendly, attitude.

When her boss came towards her from behind his desk, Azzie looked down at his boots. Where had she seen those before? They were black with a Celtic pattern. The tips of his boots were silver. One had a smudge on it, like spilled cream from a coffee.

“It looks like you spilled something boss,” Azzie pointed out good naturedly.

His gorgeous secretary grabbed a kleenex from his desk, bent over and rubbed the smudge from his boot. It smelled new. The rich scent of leather filled her nostrils. Pierce’s eyes fastened on Azzie’s perfectedly formed cheeks and noticed a button had flown off her sheer white blouse. Suddenly he wanted her again, and right fucking now.

At that thought he blushed and turned, then sat behind his desk, turned his attention to his coffee cup and drank a sip of coffee to help him regain his composure.

What was it about that shiny silver point? A sudden shiver traveled the length of Azzie’s hot, sexy, body. It was followed by a wetness between her legs. Then her nipples became rock hard. Where did she see that before?

Then the night’s events started to replay themselves in her mind in expressive detail in movie format. It all came back to her in an instant.

She also remembered what had happened eight months ago. It was all so wrong, but so incredibly thrilling.

Eight months ago the conversation had taken a turn to the sexy.

“Hey, I know this cool bar down the street. Let’s take this party there,” said John.

It seemed like a very long time ago that the four of them had stumbled down the street expressing their laughter and frivolity as they approached the bar.

“Hey guys, I know about this club, it promotes nudity. Are you sure this is where you want to go?” Azzie had asked, enticed, and secretly hoping they wouldn’t back out. She wanted to show some restraint but her happy, sexy mood overtook her.

“Oh, c’mon live a little sweet girl. It will be fun,” said John.

The bar was amazing. The music was wild, erotic and sensual. Sexy, fit, barely clothed men and women, expressing seductive moves, danced in cages suspended from the ceiling. In other cages men and women were holding poses of sexual promise. One beauty had her legs spread wide and showed off her pink folds. In another rotating cage a man stood still with his firm cock in his hand, a cock ring was secure around the base of his hardness to help him hold his position. In another cage a sexy female wore bits of leather and was leaning over a leather stool with her round cheeks circling and begging to be filled.

It was a very erotic landscape and the vibe was contiguous. Strobe lights showed off the impressive designer attire of the crowd that included, butt less chaps and pasties. Clothing was obviously optional.

“C’mon let’s do some more shooters and hit the dance floor,” called out Steve over the top of the crowd.

Two women eagerly agreed to dance with her attractive coworkers and they were off.

Before long Azzie and John began an erotic, trance, dance. It was hard not to get turned on when the attractive people dancing around you were copping a feel and groping each other. The sexuality in the room was intoxicating. Soon John and Azzie were in a lip lock on the dance floor. Their tongues dared explore what their sober minds would not.

Azzie wasn’t shocked when John reached for her shirt and slipped it over her head revealing her two toned fuchsia pink bra. Her cleavage popped. When Pierce and Steve caught sight of their beautiful coworker both felt their cocks go hard instantly. All three had fantasized about her for so long. When Azzie went to freshen up the three men started an animated conversation.

“Fuck that Azzie is one hot, succulent babe,” said Steve.

“You beylikduzu escort think I don’t know that, I work with her every day,” said Pierce. “Her sex appeal is through the roof. Some days I can’t help but go home and masturbate thinking of the way she bends over and picks things up. Or just the way she smiles at me. I would love to just give it to her.”

“We’re not suppose to be talking like this. We work together. C’mon guys. Like it or not she seems to be into me anyways,” John reasoned.

“She’s into all of us. You know how she flirts, toying with our desires is a game to her, and all of us can be into her. With a little blindfold luck she can get what she craves. You heard her tonight. She wants three strong men to mock kidnap her and fuck her brains out. Follow my lead,” Steve said, a sadistic smirk lingering on his lips.

“No, we can’t do this now. She’ll know and work will be rough. It’s a hot and wild idea but we’ll need to wear masks and wait some time. After a few months she likely won’t even remember what we talked about and our window of opportunity will be open. Let’s savour this idea but put it on hold,” Pierce reasoned.

Azzie kept remembering the details of the night before in bits and pieces. Her aches and pains had eased up a bit. She had a feeling muscles had been used that hadn’t experienced pain before.

She did remember falling into bed after the studs that had mock kidnapped her, had dropped her off. Azzie wondered which of her friends had staged the wild orgasmic ride she experienced. It could have been any one of the men she knew and flirted with. She didn’t remember telling any of her many friends about her fantasy about being taken in the middle of the night, blindfolded, and led to a stage to be part of a production where she would be the star.

While his friends danced Pierce arranged for a strobe light room with specific furniture and was assured it would be ready in the exact way he wanted on the day and time he had chosen.

“Don’t forget to invite an audience and charge them a thousand dollars each. It will be an orgasmic sight that is not to be missed.”

The next eight months went by without even a mention of the evening’s events. Now here she was in her boss’s office and her memory flood gates were thrown wide open.

Azzie started to remember more and more as her eyes fixated on the silver toe of her boss’s boot.

The men wore masks that disguised their features. She remembered a voice in her ear whispering, “Go with it. Everything is okay. This is what you want. This is what you crave.”

Azzie remembered being turned on beyond belief as strong hands gently led her into a limo that was waiting outside. She had been sleeping in a purple lace panty and bra set that looked exquisite on her. It showed off her full hips and accented her voluptuous breasts and tiny waist.

Pierce leaned over and outlined Azzie’s cleavage, then dipped his finger in her bra and started circling Azzie’s nipple with his wet finger. It was rock hard in no time. A small whimper escaped her lips as he moved aside her bra and fastened his wet lips on Azzie’s swollen bud. His tongue circled round and round. Another hand started rubbing the outside of her panties, back and forth, over and over again, til her panties were soaked and her breath was needy.

They took turns kissing the beautiful creature that boldly followed their sexual leads. This was a side of their co worker goddess they were surprised existed. All three had thought Azzie was all show and no go. But go she did. Go down that is.

Pierce guided Azzie’s beautiful blind folded face into his crotch and felt her lips encircle his throbbing need. Her tongue glided skillfully up and down his hardness as two fingers plunged into her soaking wet pussy. John’s face was determined as he finger fucked her intensely, watching Azzie’s reaction. React she did. Azzie devoured Pierce’s cock wildly in a burst of horny, intense need and desire. Soon hot, wet, spurts of white lava covered her lips and filled her sensual mouth. Her orgasm followed, soaking John’s fingers. He pulled his fingers out and fed them to her. Azzie unknowingly, sensually licked her fingers clean for the admiring gazes of the men she worked with everyday.

The limo arrived at it’s destination a short time later. Steve got out and knocked on the back door. The four thrill seekers were led down a corridor by a beautiful cotton tailed babe that worked there.

“Right over here,” the doll gestured. She looked the four of them up and down and said, “Tell me if you want any more company.”

With a wink and a shake, her cotton tail accented, round ass, assumed its post on the stool at the back door.

The three men put on their leather shorts in private changing rooms. The shorts were designed so their dicks could hang out the front. A specially designed cinch acted like a cock ring with the pull of a string. The people watching would get their money’s worth. He might even give escort beylikdüzü his secretary the gift of a holiday with some of the proceed money, Pierce thought with a laugh.

The room was fully equipped with a sound board, a technician and all the lights and special effects that could be imagined. On one end was the audience. They were perfectly quiet knowing their star was unaware they existed and therefore free to provide an authentic show.

Around the circular stage was a thick, heavy, boudoir, red curtain. In the middle of the room was a very carefully designed X. Azzie assumed her position on the X. It would be rotated during the show several times for maximum effect. Once the music was engaged the audience members would be free to indulge in their own private pleasures in the private cubicles they watched in.

The X was built for easy access to all her holes. Convenient steps had been placed to secure the right height for the blow job recipient on the stage.

That was exactly where John headed. He craved that gorgeous minx seducing the cum from his hard cock.

Steve ran his hand up and down his hard on. It was thick and greedy. He positioned himself in front of her. Azzie felt her nipples get twisted and a surge of wet, thick, heat fill her pussy. She wanted this. It was so hot. Steve had has cock in his hand as he pushed it up and down at the juicy opening to her slit. Then back in full force he went.

“Ohhh yes,” moaned Azzie, making his cock throb even more intensely while he fucked her.

Then Pierce stood behind Azzie’s magnificent ass and spread her cheeks. He heard her whisper, “Be gentle.”

Sensations flowed through Azzie like she had never felt before. A hard, throbbing, big cock was pushing it’s way deep inside her. She felt herself being stretched. The feelings and sensations were wild. Pain mixed with pleasure. A sweet kind of pain. Then the other cock pushed deep inside her pussy again.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” Azzie called out as two hard cocks toar seesawing into her gorgeous hot body.

All around her the music and lights danced in exotic patterns that matched her rhythmic movements. Beats that were timed to the way John pounded his cock into his sexy vixen’s mouth. Other beats were timed to the rhythmic fucking of her exquisite pussy and ass.

John looked down at his sexy coworker and couldn’t believe his luck. Her mouth was full of his big cock and he could tell she was loving every single inch. He forgot about the audience and thought only about her and him during this moment. Deep, pulsing, penetrating thrusts that went on and on, penetrated her mouth. He didn’t want to stop fucking Azzie’s beautiful mouth. The exotic seductress in their office had officially been transformed into a cum slut. A gorgeous, hot, cum slut and he was giving it to her good.

After a while Pierce called out, “Rotate!”

Azzie felt a sense of longing as cocks were being pulled out of her orifices. When the men released, wet cum slipped out of her beautiful orifices offering a stunning image to the audience who viewed them through a black light setting.

Drops of cum were on her chin, in her hair, on her tits and dripping from her sexy ass.

The audience was pleasantly seduced when beautiful Azzie started loudly begging for the trim, muscular men’s hard cocks, back inside her. She needed them filling her. Using her. Suddenly she no longer felt complete and wanted them back.

Azzie would not be disappointed. Different shapes and sizes filled her holes, and started drilling slow as loud music and wild strobe lights were once again added for the audience’s enjoyment.

The fuckfest, complete with a few more rotations, and some other well inspired positions continued thrilling all the participants. It was a very stimulating cumfest for all.

The fuckfest became more and more demanding and wild. After a climatic ending the curtains closed and the tired and very satisfied men took to their private change rooms to shower and clean up. All except Pierce. The audience left with satisfied smiles on their faces as well. They were very happy with the performance they had witnessed.

“Want me to untie you now babe?” Pierce asked in a sexy, disguised voice. He was putting on his boots and wanted just a little more. He couldn’t get enough of Azzie and couldn’t resist one more fast fuck.

“Or do you want something more?” He was all alone with her while the other two were cleaning up in bathrooms down the hall.

He tweaked Azzie’s nipples and positioned the silver toe of his boot on her clit. Then Pierce started applying pressure and circling.

“Oohhh fuck yeah,” Azzie moaned.

Looking down through the bottom of her blindfold Azzie got a glimpse of his boot. It was smooth, black leather and had a disguisable emblem on it. She became mesmerized watching the silver go round and round her engorged clit.

Before long Azzie felt the first orgasmic wave of her orgasm and gave in to the pulses raging through her. Then he was in her, fucking her wet cunt. Hard. Fast. Demanding. She felt her hair being pushed aside and his mouth on her neck. Then a yank, he pulled on her long mane of hair in tune to his cock penetrating her succulent pussy.

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