Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 07


Warning: This is the seventh chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a “Quick Read”, but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


The next several months were filled with fun and excitement the likes I have never experienced before. We did things, went places and I spent a lot of time with Patty’s father. PJ and I played golf and went to ball games — I even rescued him one evening when he had too much to drink at an evening dinner party. Things were going well; I was happier than I’d ever been in my life and most of all, Patty and I were falling deeper and deeper in love.

Sexually, Patty and I were remarkably compatible. Patty bathed me in love, affection and understanding. She was sympathetic and perceptive about my kinks, fetishes and secret desires, and she was truly excited about helping me experience those things which I had previously been ashamed to explore. Much of that was because Patty and I shared many of the same kinky desires and it was easy to confide and trust in her. Patty’s interest in sex was as high as mine and she was always willing to try something new and experiment with me. I learned that Patty was one of those people who got extreme joy from pleasing others and that fact shone through into our sexual relationship day after day. Patty was even interested and turned on by anal play, and it became a major part of our sexual activity. There was just one minor drawback: no fucking.

The morning after our first date — that day when she’d come over so early in the morning and slipped into bed next to me, we’d taken a shower and were eating breakfast when I did the responsible thing and brought up the subject of birth control. Surprisingly, Patty told me she’d never used any. When I asked her if perhaps we should discuss it and decide on what we might use, Patty laid the bombshell on me. She was a virgin. I mean a real virgin — nothing had ever penetrated her vagina.

I initially found it hard to believe someone with the sexual prowess Patty held could really be a virgin, but it turned out to be the truth. She explained it all in detail, but it comes down to this: Patty had promised her father that she’d remain a “real virgin” until her wedding day. I could see the anxiety and fear in her face when she told me the whole story, but, honestly – it was totally fine with me. In fact, I felt proud knowing my cute, little, A-cup angel had never been fucked before.

I tried to tell her it wasn’t a problem for me, but she went on and on promising that she’d take care of me with handjobs and blowjobs and anything else I wanted as long as it didn’t include fucking. She’d given her word and made a promise, and she wasn’t going to disappoint her Daddy.

Believe me, having been on the receiving end of her blowjobs and her handjobs already, I can tell you right now they were world-class and I wasn’t at all worried about not having intercourse with her. She promised me I could have all the panties I wanted from her, adding she would please me in any way I desired….. except that.

I stopped Patty as she listed all the things she’d do to keep me sexually satisfied. “Patty,” I said, “Its okay. Don’t make such a big deal out of it. Actually, I think it’s kinda cool.”

“But I don’t want you sneaking around my back or going anywhere else for sex.” Patty explained. “I don’t want you going out to look for some girl to fuck just because I can’t make love to you like that.”

I finally had to wrap my arms around her and physically hug her so tight that she stopped talking before I could get her to hear what I was saying. “Look,” I said to Patty, “do you hear me complaining? As long as we can do other things, and as long as you’ll still let me love you in other ways, you have my solemn oath I won’t cheat and I won’t ever try to take your virginity from you.”

So, during those first few months, our sexual relationship including everything except fucking. One of my biggest turn-ons was simply looking at her naked body. She would let me undress her — and as I removed each piece of clothing, I would endlessly hug and kiss her. Sometimes, I would suckle at her tiny nips for thirty minutes at a time while she slowly jacked my cock, or while I masturbated myself. Eventually, though, she would always end up lying down with her legs spread so I could pay homage to her panty encased pussy. There were times when these play sessions would last hours — she would have multiple orgasms as I licked, sucked and şişli bayan escort kissed every inch of her body.

Understanding of my panty fetish, she would always let me eat her pussy with her panties on until she’d had a few orgasms and her panties were saturated with her natural juices. Then, once she was ready to have me take them off, she would pull her knees up to her chest, open her legs and let me stare at her virgin pussy while I stroked my cock and blew my load all over her.

I could see the enjoyment in her face as she pulled her hairless lips apart so I could look down into her pussy to see her unbroken hymen. I couldn’t even begin to count how many times she’d spread herself open and let me gaze at her flawless pussy while I jerked my cock. It was such an intimate and amazing thing to see — the thin membrane of her cherry stretched across her vaginal opening. It wasn’t solid, you know….. there was a tiny hole in the middle of her cherry smaller than the size of a dime, and when I went down on her, I was always careful I didn’t get too rough, and when I touched her pussy, I never tried to put my finger in past the point where I felt her hymen.

Patty and I had long talks about what we liked sexually and what we fantasized about. She really liked showing herself off, giving and receiving oral sex, masturbating and role playing a naughty school girl. I made sure I kept Patty sexually happy, too, and I took the opportunity to expose her when it was safe to do. Over time, though, I finally discovered Patty’s most secret fantasy of all — the thing that always led her to an overwhelming orgasm of biblical proportions….. and that is — Patty loved to be erotically spanked. She dreamed of it….. and even the briefest reference to giving her a spanking would elicit a strong reaction from her.

Her eyes would light up when we talked about spankings and she told me all her favorite spanking fantasies; like being bent over the teacher’s desk and having her skirt lifted in front of the whole class so she could be spanked in front of them. At first, she was ashamed to tell me about her spanking fetish, but, the more we talked about it and the more I spanked her, the more she opened up and I became an expert in giving her what she longed for. It wasn’t so much that Patty wanted to be painfully spanked as much as she wanted to be lewdly exposed and put in incredibly compromising positions where she had no choice other than to go along. I wouldn’t call Patty submissive at all — in fact, quite the opposite — she was very dominant…. but, when it came to her spankings, Patty role played the naughty, submissive school girl to perfection.

Here’s an example: One night we were at a bar, just spending time with each other. As it got later and we’d had a few beers, we ended up in the back of the bar, playing pool as partners with two guys we’d never met before on one of the three pool tables. Patty inadvertently scratched, sending the queue ball into the corner pocket and causing us to lose our turn. Jokingly, I told her if she scratched again, I’d have to spank her bare butt. After I said it, Patty’s eyes opened wide and she sassily replied, “Oh, No! A bare bottom spanking? Right here in front of all these guys? You wouldn’t dare!”

The two guys we were playing against overheard us, and they both looked at me for my answer. “Yes,” I replied, “I would dare and if you scratch again, I’ll pull your pants down right here and I’ll tan your bare bottom in front of everyone….. and I mean it, Patty,” I warned, “I’ll pull your cute little panties down, too.”

I could tell by her voice that she was baiting me and I knew without a doubt she’d intentionally scratch again when she got her turn to shoot. And, just as I suspected, when she got her next turn, she snickered, turned up her nose at me and hit the queue ball right into the closest pocket without even trying to hit one of our balls first. “Okay!” I exclaimed, “I warned you.”

I grabbed Patty by the arm and pulled her over to a small cocktail table in the corner of the room behind the pool tables that was, thankfully, not viewable by the rest of the bar. “You stay right there!” I huffed.

Then, I turned to the guys we were playing against and asked them to keep a look out while I made good on my promise to spank her. By this time, three more guys from another pool table who had overheard us, gathered around and the five of them formed a human wall between the rest of the bar and the cocktail table where Patty would receive her spanking.

Returning to Patty, I smiled as I roughly grabbed her hand and turned her to face the five guys. “Take your jeans down.” I ordered.

“Please, Paul, don’t make me do this….. not in front of them.” She begged, as she pointed to the guys standing watch over her.

“It’s your own fault,” I replied, “I told you what would happen if you scratched, and you did so anyway. Did you think I was kidding?”

Patty and I had şişli escort spoken many times about her getting a public spanking and how I would unmercifully expose her pussy and her ass. I used to kid her that I would make her stand naked from the waist down while I scolded her and then bend her over in such a way that her hairless pussy would be placed on perfect display to whomever wanted to look, and how I would make sure she stayed in that position for an agonizing amount of time. I never really thought I would get an opportunity to actually do any of it, but, I could see the twinkle in her eye and I could tell from her body language that she desperately wanted me to do it.

“Oh, please!” She implored. “I’ll do anything else…. but not that….. don’t make me take my pants off.”

At first, I was just going to make her lower her jeans, but after hearing her ask me not to make her take them all the way off, I figured she was giving me a hint what she wanted me to make her do. So, without letting on that I got her hint, I said, “That’s it! I tried to be nice about it, but you had to argue, didn’t you? Just for that, take your jeans all the way off and if there’s any more discussion from you, I’ll make you strip down completely.” Patty lowered her head, and her hands went immediately to the front of her jeans. Then, without any further delay, she unsnapped them and pulled her zipper down.

Looking up at me with sad, puppy dog eyes, Patty wiggled her hips and pushed her jeans down to her feet and stepped out of them. When she stood up and handed them to me, I took her jeans from her and tossed them to one of the guys we were playing pool with and asked him to hold them for me. As Patty stood there in her panties, I could see a faint blush overtake her face and she was fidgeting with her hands — a sign that she was now under my total control. I decided it was time to up the stakes for my A-Cup Angel.

“Hands to your side.” I told her. “Don’t try to cover yourself up. It won’t matter in a few minutes, anyway. Everyone is going to see what you have…… I did say a bare bottom spanking, you know.”

As her hands floated to her sides, I took in the sight of her standing in the dark corner of the bar in just her tight, red panties. I chuckled to myself as I looked at her; I couldn’t have planned this any better. Her red panties were creased up between her pussy lips and if I knew Patty — I knew her pussy would be wet and her panties would be wet, too. Once I pulled her panties down and her bare pussy came into view, there would be no doubt that she was extremely excited.

Stepping up to her, I immediately reached down and put my hands in the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down. I went slowly at first, hoping the material between her pussy lips would remain in place as I pulled them down. If so, I knew it would reveal her wetness to the guys watching, and, I was right. As I lowered her panties and exposed her hairless pussy lips, the guys all gasped — and when the crotch of her panties pulled free from between her lips, an obvious, dark, wet blotch appeared on them, complete with a shiny, wet sheen that meant only one thing — she was wet as hell.

I only pulled her panties down to the top of her thighs because I wanted her to be able to spread her legs wide when I turned her around and bent her over the cocktail table. They were low enough to expose all of her pussy and that was exactly what I wanted.

Once she was exposed, I stood next to her and verbally chastised her while she stood on display to our five onlookers. I told her I was sick and tired of her back talk and disobedience, adding that she’d been itching to be punished for days now and she’d finally pushed me to the breaking point. The whole time, she stood there with her hands to her side looking down at the floor as if she was too embarrassed and humiliated to look up. However, I knew differently. I knew her heart was thumping and she was getting more and more excited every second I made her stand there like that.

After I bitched her out for a few minutes, I told her to look up and tell our two pool opponents she was sorry for ruining our game of pool. When she did, I took an opportunity to look over at the group of guys standing there and each one looked like they had a banana in their front pockets. I knew Patty would be ecstatically happy to see how her exposure was affecting them.

Then, grabbing her by the arm, I swung her around and told her to bend over while I pushed her shoulders down towards the table. “Spread your legs and point your toes in,” I barked, “there’s no need for false modesty at this point. They’ve already seen your pussy.”

“Point your butt up, Patty!” I directed. “And, spread your legs more and point those toes in unless you want me to completely strip you.”

Patty did as I said, and when she was done, she was in a position that showed off her tiny, hairless pussy wonderfully. There was even mecidiyeköy escort some recessed lighting on the ceiling above us that illuminated her butt and between her legs. It was an awesome sight.

I took a few minutes to rub her butt cheeks with the palms of my hands, and in doing so, I was able to spread her bottom apart so our witnesses could see her butt hole. This was such an amazing fantasy come true for her, and as I held her butt cheeks open, I could see her glistening vaginal juices about ready to overtake the confines of her virgin pussy.

“Smack!” My first swat landed squarely on her butt cheek. I’d cupped my hand so it sounded as if it would hurt, but I knew she wasn’t even fazed by it. Luckily for us, the bar noise and the music from the juke box drowned out the sound of her spanking, and in short order, I continued — delivering swats to both sides of her cute little ass. I stopped after each three or four swats to pry open her butt cheeks again to check on her growing wetness, and each time I spread her open, I was treated to an absolutely perfect example of a hot and wet vagina about to drip pussy juice all down her legs.

I wasn’t trying to spank her hard; my goal was actually just to make it appear that she was being punished. But, I have to admit – I was definitely doing everything I could to expose her intimate female places. I knew that’s what Patty really wanted — to be utterly and shamefully exposed so that her vagina and her butt hole were seen. After about fifteen swats, I made her stay in that position and invited each of the guys over to take a good, long look at her while I stretched her pink butt cheeks open as far as I could. By doing that, I knew it would also open her pussy up at least enough to show them how wet she was – and maybe enough to show off her cherry, especially if someone got down low enough to try to look up inside her.

As each one came up to take their turn inspecting her, I could hear her moan softly, especially when I held her cheeks apart and asked each of the guys if they could see her pussy clearly.

After each of the guys had a close up look at her butt and pussy, I told Patty to stand. I turned her around and reached under her chin to tilt her head up to look at the five guys. The look on her face was priceless! She was obviously not in any pain, but, she was breathing hard, and as I made her stand there, she started to pant, taking quick breaths in and out. I knew this was a sign of her elevated excitement and I debated whether or not to reach my hand down and stroke her wet vagina. I opted not to since I didn’t know how much longer we would we able to get away with our little show, so, instead, I had her apologize again to our pool partners and then told her she could pull her panties back up.

Reaching over to the guys watching, I retrieved her jeans and held them out to her. Silently, she stepped into them and fastened them around her waist. Then looking at me, she apologized for disobeying, and pleaded for me to take her home to finish her punishment.

“I ought to just strip you and make you walk through this place and out to the car for your behavior tonight,” I answered, “but, I think you’ve been through enough…. at least for now. I guess we can complete your punishment when we get you home.”

Then, leaving our five watchers to guess what that meant, I took Patty by the hand and led her past the five guys, through the bar and out the door. As soon as we got outside, she flew into my arms and kissed me until we were both breathless. “Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Oh, God,” Patty moaned, “you have no idea how much I’d love you to take me back in there and fuck me in front of those guys. If I didn’t have to stay a virgin, I might even pull you back in there, myself.”

“Well, let’s go back to my place for a while and I’ll make you cum a few times before I take you home.” I replied.

So, that spanking turned out to be the first of many public spankings Patty got from me, all of which were ‘spur of the moment’ events neither of us planned ahead of time. Personally, I enjoyed it more for her sake than my own. Being able to please her like that — taking advantage of her exhibitionistic desires and her spanking fetish all at one time — made me feel good and I knew she enjoyed it immensely.

As time went by, I opened up to Patty about all my sexual secrets, too. We had long, in-depth discussions about anal play, my panty fetish, playing dress-up and my curiosity about bi-sexuality. Patty wasn’t bashful about the fact that seeing two guys go at it turned her on, and she made no apologies for it, either. She repeatedly told me how amazing it was to watch Fred suck my cock that night in the changing room when Wilma asked if Fred could clean my cock. One time, when we were talking about it, she asked me the question which I knew was inevitable.

“That night, did you ever think about, you know… returning the favor and sucking Fred?” Patty asked, softly.

I knew it was just a matter of time before she asked this and I was ready for it, having rehearsed this conversation in my head numerous times. “You mean that night at the store?” I replied, acting dumb.

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