Baby Girl Goes to the Glory Hole


The blue B popped up on my phone screen. My heart quickened as I scrambled to both hide it and devour whatever tidbit has been offered. I wonder for a brief second if Daddy knows how I hang on his words, how I lust after his photos, how I fantasize about his soft touches and crave his harsh ones. No soft words, no sexy pics. Only an address and a time. I send a barrage of questions. Where is this? What is this about? I receive no information. No consolation. Only “Be there.”

I pull up outside a few minutes early. An empty storefront. Am I in the right place? I’m afraid to just walk up there. I get out my phone to text, but then change my mind. Daddy likes it best when I follow directions without question. I take a deep breath, reapply my lip gloss, and smooth my short black dress as I get out of the car. I don’t know if I should knock, or if I should just walk in. I go for the latter, and push through the dusty entrance.

Dense smoke hangs so thick I can barely see anyone. It appears to be a dive bar? No one acknowledges me as I enter, so I make my way to the makeshift bar and sit down. The bartender approaches, a large, black woman with a heart shaped tattoo on her over-sized breasts. She doesn’t smile, which makes my big smile stand out even more. The old man next to me snorts disapprovingly at me, and I stop smiling and turn my chair. I order a bottled water. She laughs, and puts a warm beer in a red solo cup in front of me. I mutter some thanks and slide my money across the bar. She gives me note, folded twice, and then moves to the other side of the bar.

Anxious to see if you might have given me some idea as to what I am doing here, I quickly unfold the note. It is not from you, and I allow myself a sigh and a moment of disappointment. Another number. I sip my warm beer and take in the view. At that moment a door that all but disappeared in the darkness opens. A woman stumbles out. Drunk? No. Spent. Her hair is mussed and her clothes are disheveled. Her mascara is streaked down her face and her lipstick looks like it was applied by a five year old. I don’t know what is happening, but I swallow hard, concerned that I may suffer a similar fate.

A crackly loud speaker calls a number like a BINGO hall. I look at the paper given to me by the bartender. The same. I look to the woman for information? Solace? She only points to the door left open by the previous hot mess. I poured the rest of the warm beer down my throat and move slowly through it.

It is, unbelievably, even more dark and dingy in this hallway. The walls are too close and the single yellow bulb does little to dispel the darkness. The door closes behind me as a fat, old man takes my elbow and leads me down the hall. He pushes open a small pocket door and motions for me to enter.

“Thank you, sir” I say, as though he were a proper gentleman. He winks, coughs, and walks away.

Inside this room is a small cot, like in a clinic, covered haphazardly with a sheet. The room is so small that the bed touches the walls on three sides. Black fabric covers the walls. Next to the bed is a small dresser. In the corner, a small trash can. A glass of water, and a towel are placed on top.

Suddenly the door opens. It’s you. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see you. I hug you tightly and ask you what is happening. You pull away, kiss me deeply, and say only “It’s ok. I am watching out for you. Be good, baby girl.” As quickly as you arrived you are out the door again.

I sit on the bed for moments longer than is comfortable. I begin to fidget when I hear a gruff voice from somewhere. It doesn’t sound like a loudspeaker or a radio. It sounds like he is in the room with me, but I can’t see him. He says only “strip.”

I look around to question, but think better of it. I take off my dress. I’m wearing a black lace bra and matching garter belt. I added the thigh highs for you tonight. I have a feeling you’ll approve.

I fold my dress neatly and place it in the night stand drawer. The lights go out, and güvenilir bahis a spotlight shines on the far wall. The black curtains part and hole appears. I feel like Alice in Wonderland as I crawl across the bed to see if I can peek inside. Before I get to close, a penis appears through the hole. I screamed and jumped back across the bed.

Once I get my bearings, and crawl back over to the intrusion. It is long, and brown, and so hard. I know that it isn’t you, daddy, so I tread lightly, careful not to get close enough that he can feel my breath. It twitches, and pops me on the nose. I jump back. The voice, again “I know you are there, bitch. And I know you know what to do.”

I now see what is happening, and I can put together why the last girl looked the way she did. I come back to the end of the bed and reach out for the hard, long prick. I hold it, with a firm grip, and begin to slowly pump it. I hear a moan of approval, so I continue. A bubble of precum appears on the tip. I lick the salty tip and then hungrily devour the head. I feel powerful with a cock in my hand at my disposal. I slurp and spit and quicken my pace. My power doesn’t last very long as he begins to push forward. I pull away.

“Take it!” He bellows. I try, but I gag and retreat again. “Ok, I tried to be nice, bitch” he bellows. At that point, the curtain pulls back further and reveals two more holes. “Now!” he roars, as I shove a hand through each.

As soon as I do, my hands are bound on the other side. Now, as he fucks my face I can’t get away. I gag and my eyes fill with tears. It doesn’t matter, and in a few minutes I am able to give in to the sensation. Once I am able to relax I flex my fingers to try to keep my blood flowing. I must have seemed like I wasn’t getting enough – because within moments a second cock appears in my hand. I pump it, slowly, then quickening. A third dick fills my other hand. I cannot see the two that I am jerking off, but I know they feel differently than I am used to, so I still haven’t found you. The three must be inspired by each other, as the dick in my mouth begins to sputter and twitch. Moments later, he fills my throat and I feel the sticky wetness coating my fingers.

I swallow for you, Daddy, but in this situation, it is too much, and drools down my chin. My hands are still bound, so I can’t even wipe my face.

I don’t know how, but I know the men are gone. The spotlight goes out, leaving me in darkness. My hands are released and I rub the raw spots from the shackles. I lay back on the bed, suddenly not as concerned with the dingy sheet and catch my breath. A smile creeps across my face. I close my eyes and hear “Good job, baby girl.” I don’t know if it is real or if I dreamed it. I drift off to sleep.

I doubt I slept more than a minute or two before the spotlight shines in my eyes. I recoil to the other end of the bed. The curtain parts and I see another hole, this one rectangular, with two round ones to one side and one on the other. I wait for the cock to poke its way through, but nothing happens. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” I think to myself, but curiosity gets the better of me. As I look through the rectangular hole I see a man and a woman kissing.

I’m suddenly reminded of my loneliness, but only for a second. I watch him lift her dress over her head and find her naked underneath. He touches her softly and trails his fingers slowly over her body. She shivers and widens her stance. He acquiesces and touches her glistening mound, but only briefly, offering her a taste from his fingers.

I can’t help but mirror his movements and I move my own fingers to my dripping pussy.

“You like the way it tastes, baby?” he coos into her ear.

“Yeeesssss” she mews, her head falling back.

“Do you think she would?” he responds. Suddenly, he is looking right at me through the hole. I retreat. It must have surprised her, too, because I hear her gasp and mumble something inaudible to him.

“Just enjoy it,” he says, türkçe bahis and I hear the creaking of the bed.

A moment later, two feet poke through either side of the rectangle. For a moment I think of the stirrups at the gynecologist’s office. I know now what is in the rectangle, and I know what you want me to do, Daddy. I know how good you make me feel, so despite my naivete at this I move closer, and blow cool air over my lips and into her wet, hot snatch . I can see her ass tense, as the man rests a hand on her knee.

“Just let go.”

I don’t know if he is talking to me or to her, but I take it as a directive and stick my tongue into her waiting hole. She tenses again, but she doesn’t pull away. I lap wide, sloppy swaths from her asshole to her clit over and over.

Then I use my finger to open her lips to grant my tongue access to her clit. I know that over stimulation occurs quickly in this area, so I retreat and move my tongue downward. Without hesitation, I jab my tongue into her ass and she screams. I renew my assault on her clit with my fingers and even my nose stimulates her wet slit as I ravage her.

She writhes back and forth and I know that she will cum soon. Remembering an old middle school joke, I give her a good old fashioned shocker, shoving two fingers deep into her pussy and my pinky into her ass. I suck and bite her clit, and like magic, she squirts her lady cum all over my face.

Daddy, that isn’t an urban legend after all! I wish you were here to see it.

Little did I realize at the time, you were seeing it all, live and in color, through a two way mirror on the fourth wall.

Suddenly, a visitor in the farthest hole, a cock I’m assuming belongs to the man she came with. I wiped my face with the towel and took his length in one motion. Sorry, Mr. no warm up for you. I stroke and suck him hard. It isn’t long before he explodes all over my face, as well. A couples facial. I giggle to myself. I suppose I’m starting to get pretty comfortable here. I start to go back to the bed when I hear “your turn. “

I want to comply, but I hesitate. I always ask you before I cum, Daddy. I don’t want to upset you. Then I hear your voice again. This time I am sure I am awake, so I don’t know how you know or where you are, but I hear you say “Go ahead, baby girl.” I don’t need a second invitation, so I slip my legs through into the other room and push my pussy against the wall. I feel the bristle of facial hair and realize that the man is close by. He uses his fingers to spread my lips and flicks my swollen clit with his tongue. He pushes his face deep into my pussy and sticks his tongue inside. Then he moves lower and probes his tongue into my tight asshole. He is frantic and unfocused as he moves from my clit to my pussy to my ass to my clit. It feels good to get some release and I give into the feeling.

Soon, I feel the pressure of thick, dry fingers. First one, then two are shoved into my pussy, too hard to be a pleasure, but the combination of the urgency of his finger fucking and the sexiness of the situation makes me wet and needy. He slips a third finger into my pussy, hard and then the fourth into my asshole. His mouth moves away and is replaced with the tentative kiss of soft, full lips. Knowing that his lady friend is now assisting in my pleasure sends me over the edge, as I writhe and scream in a blissful orgasm.

I imagine that the curtain will close now, but the couple is not finished with me yet. I feel the slim fingers of the lady move to my clit. Rubbing slowly, then harder, then backing off and repeat. She knows what feels good, even though she is new to it all. I enjoy the sensation so much that I am surprised to feel the intrusion of the smooth cock head rubbing my slit. As he plunges deep inside me, she continues to stroke my clit and adds a finger in my ass, as well. Having both of them flood me with all of these sensations, without even being able to see them sends me over the edge a second time, and my body spasms with another güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm. The pressure on his cock must have been too much, and I can feel him jerk with his own orgasm.

A thought enters the back of my mind, another man’s seed inside of me might not been in Daddy’s plans. But I cannot muster enough energy to move. I feel his fat prick begin to wilt and retreat. It is immediately replaced by the lady’s eager mouth. She ate with reckless abandon, all hesitation gone, as if she were desperate to recover every drop of cum from my pussy. Her enthusiasm pushes me over the edge for a third time. The curtain closes and I am once again alone.

Hopeful that the experience was not over, but also so exhausted from giving, and now receiving, multiple orgasms, I lay back on the bed. There is no rest for the weary, as the third curtain opens up and the spotlight shifts. The holes on this wall are slightly larger, with two about a foot and a half apart close to the bed and a third about a foot and a half higher, the peak of the triangle. Suddenly a rock hard cock shows up in the upper hole. The first cock was long and lean, the second short and stocky, but as thick as a coke can. I believe this would be called the best of both worlds.

I approached with caution, but the hole was large enough that the man was able to reach his hands through the hole as well. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face hard. He didn’t slow down as I screamed and pulled and even dragged my teeth along his length. He just grunted and pulled my hair harder. I could feel him all the way down my throat as i coughed and gagged and cried. I felt his hot, sticky cum blast into my belly.

Once he pulled out, I tried to spit it out, throw it up, I rammed my own fingers down my throat and threw up in the small trash can in the corner. Who in the world wants to be abused like that, I thought. A grin crept across my face and I wiped my lips with the towel. I guess I do, I thought, as I dipped my fingers into my dripping cunt.

I heard another gruff, inner city voice bark at me from the hole. I wanted to yell back, to tell him to leave me alone, but instead I followed his directions.

“On your knees, ass to the wall, you fucking dirty whore. I’m going to show you how whores in my neighborhood take dick.”

Two hands reach through the lower holes and grab my ankles. He pulls them, hard, through the holes, causing me to fall face first onto the mattress. I scramble back to my knees as he ties my ankles together with rope, my pussy and ass now rubbing against this filthy wall where who knows how many others have been before.

He dips his fingers into my pussy and laughs.

“Not today, bitch.”

He smacks my ass, hard, twice on each cheek, then repeats. Over and over until I cry out and tears run down my face. Then he takes my ass and spreads it, exposing my asshole to the smoke filled atmosphere.

Within seconds he shoves his dick, balls deep, into my pussy. But only once, before I feel the pressure of a fat cock pushing against my ass. I know that there is no way I can resist, so I give into the intrusion, like you taught me,, and push back against him. A guttural moan comes from the other side of the wall as he continues to push inside me for what seems like days.

Finally, after what must have been literally 18 girthy inches of cock poured inside my tightest hole, I felt his balls touch my ass. Once he was buried inside me, he started to thrust. I think I may have blacked out for a few seconds, the pain and pleasure was so intense.

When I opened my eyes, you were there, although I wasn’t sure if you were real or in my dreams. I reached my hands up to touch your face as I realized the assault on my ass was still in progress. You hold my face and kiss me, slowly and sweetly at first, then hard, deep, and passionately. The man behind continues to fuck me as your kisses take me over the edge into another mind blowing orgasm. As my muscles contracted, another animal moan from the other side of the wall, as he emptied himself deep into my bowels. He releases my feet as you pull me onto the bed and hold me closely.

“Good girl” you whisper in my ear, as one single tear of release and relief slid down my cheek.

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