Babydoll Ch. 24


Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. Thank You for the private e-mails and comments sent my way, over time. The series continues towards its long anticipated finale. It is now finished and the only thing that awaits the closure is the submissions that will occur over the following weeks.

This is a direct continuation of previous chapters. This is meant to be a dramatic series filled with Romance, Intrigue, Taboo, and most of all Sex. I have attempted to keep the chapters from being too long – A little more than a stroke story, a little shorter than a short novel.

Once again, I am sorry for the delays that occurred over time. I had several requests to finish the story. The finish has been in the works for some time. It just took time to bring it all together in a way I felt comfortable with.

Like I have said before, please give the story a chance. Everyone is looking for their own path in a story. Your path may be different from the author’s (mine). In the end, it is the author’s story told from his mind and creative energy. That is why I always appreciate those who put forth a good faith effort in their personal artistry. I have attempted to do so here.

My goal has always been to pull in all of your senses, while helping you imagine this journey.

Anyway, any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. I hope you will read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. But, you can always jump in here and go fill in the missing pieces provided in the earlier stories.

This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me, because it is forbidden in society. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.

(One last note: I have read several comments about how Ashley/Babydoll has been cast aside. How? She is always there. She is present in this whole story. Even if her name isn’t expressly mentioned, she is there in Jim’s actions. Yes, she is a tragic character to a great degree, but please remember that it has been more her choice about Jim’s life up to this point than Jim’s. Jim is a flawed character, but aren’t we all. He is paying for the mistakes he has made, but don’t we all. Life is complex. This story is complex. It isn’t two dimensional. Everyone tries to constantly make their lives better. That is what we all do. That is how this story moves forward.)


(Nine months later) – It was the middle of October. Nine months had passed since the New Year spent in New York between Jill and I. We had had a wonderful time and things were right between us. We were moving forward in all aspects of our lives. I realized, that with Jill, I had it pretty good and she deserved my respect and loyalty. I certainly admired her in a million different ways. She was such a great friend – a best friend.

I was making that familiar five hour trek home from college. It was Friday. I had had a few tests over the past few days. Under most circumstances, I would be winding down, but I wouldn’t get that chance over this weekend. It was time for a wedding – my wedding. And it wasn’t going to be a simple wedding. It was going to be an event.

When I was younger, I never really realized that we were fairly wealthy. We weren’t jet set wealthy, but we were better off than most. You don’t figure these things out until you get older and live life on your own. My grandparents were all products of the Great Depression, so they were rooted in modesty. My grandfather didn’t needlessly throw money around, even though he was essentially a millionaire.

My maternal grandparents were a huge part of my life. I think you all know this by now. Big was ‘THE’ male influence in my life and so Gramm’s was always there also. My paternal grandmother was very much a middle class person. She and my other grandfather Pop were just normal people whose lives had been well grounded in faith and hard work.

Like my parents, Pop and Nanny had three children. An older son Robert who was now 46, my father James who would have been 44, and a younger daughter Virginia (Ginny) who was 36. My paternal aunt and uncle had both gone away to college and chosen not to move back home afterwards. Pop had passed away from a heart attack a decade earlier, so Nanny lived by herself in their old house. I always tried to stay in touch, but it was hard over the last several years. We always had our phone conversations and I knew she adored me, because she could see my father in me.

Sure Big always had a relatively new Cadillac and Gramm’s had some sort of nice new midsized car, but they always made sure to buy “American” as Big put it. I’ve described to you their house. It wasn’t in a gated community or a McMansion. It was just a normal house on a good sized lot on the outskirts of an upper middle class neighborhood. I think because of circumstances that they never felt the need to live in anything grand. It was just the two of them. Why would they need anything larger?

I şişli bayan escort just looked at it all as normal. When I was growing up, I just assumed that this was the way things were supposed to be. Now that I was older, I had wised up to the perspective that Big had been financing the family all along. We lived in a nicer house than Big and Gramm’s, although theirs’ was very nice. My mother just handed the keys to a fairly new Ford Probe to me when I was 16. I thought this was how everyone lived. Jan and Ash got pretty nice Hondas when they were 16. I just thought we were average. We weren’t driving Mercedes or Beemers. Mom had an Audi, but I just assumed that was an average car.

I guessed that Big’s modesty was how my mother and father had ended up together, because in reality there was no way that the two sets of grandparents were in the same economic class. Recently, after my relationship with Jill, I thought more about finances and societal class structure. You would have thought that there was no way that my mother, the daughter of a Country Club type of family, would end up with a Blue Collar family, but it happened.

I think the reason it happened was because of Big’s upbringing. As I said, he was a born in the Depression. He had been in the military right after World War 2 and in Korea and like he told me, he was lucky to get out alive. He let me know that I was lucky to grow up in such peaceful times with the amenities of life I had been afforded. “Never take anything for granted,” he would say.

That is one reason that I had known that I couldn’t go against him when it came to Ashley. He could be a tough bastard when he wanted to be and I knew it. I had a firm grasp and perspective. I was lucky he didn’t disown me, but I knew that he wouldn’t. I was his only male heir and that meant something to him and his beliefs. It was embarrassing the love I had for my sister, but what was more embarrassing was that I had impregnated her and we were caught dead to rites.

I thought about all of this and more as I drove directly from school to the church for the rehearsal. It was Fall break, so we had a couple of extra days off. I had left school, after one more test, a little before noon. My bags had been packed and arrangements had been made. I just had to meet the schedule that had been laid out for me. I actually was a few minutes early.

As I entered the church sanctuary, there was a noticeable buzz of activity winding down. A couple of our family lady friends from the Church greeted me at the door, while others scurried about putting the final touches on the decorations for the event, which would begin at High Noon.

Everything was set up for the most traditional of high class weddings. You know ladies really get off on this kind of thing. The place looked absolutely amazing. Everyone of these ladies were so proud of themselves as they beamed and prattled about encouragingly asking what I thought. I gave them a gracious smile and hug and thanked them for their hard work.

It was obvious, the ladies in my family had been given carte blanche by Big to go first class with the preparations for the big event. Normally, the bride’s family takes care of the wedding and the details. Weddings are normally held at the bride’s church in the bride’s hometown.

Big had spoken to Jill’s parents not long after our engagement and informed them that he was going to take care of the expenses for this wedding and they could take care of us in whatever other manner they saw fit. It certainly looked as though no expense had been spared.

I had been to a few weddings in my life, but in looking at these arrangements, it was hitting me that this was the biggest wedding I had ever attended. The gravity of the moment hits you even more, when you realize that you are one of the subjects of the ceremony. This wedding looked like some kind of event meant for royalty.

When the arrangements for the wedding had been made, I hadn’t known what to do about having a best man. At college, I wasn’t hanging around a lot of guys. Most everything I did involved studying. I had become an introvert without even attempting to be. Jill was the main person I hung out with when not in class or the university library.

Big was my mentor and he wanted to know what I was doing, and needed to do, every step along the way. My schedule didn’t leave a whole lot of time for fraternizing. Maybe that had a negative impact on my social development. I had always been sheltered to a certain degree while growing up.

Also with my mindset, and bouts that could be described as social anxiety and maybe even depression, I really didn’t want to hang out and party with the college crowd. I wasn’t ever the type that was going to be a frat boy. My mission was to get that undergraduate degree ASAP and then get to law school.

Since I was enrolled 12 to 15 hours in the fall and spring semesters, and taking full sessions of summer school, I was going to be graduating after 3 1/2 years, şişli escort which would be the following January.

I asked Big to be my best man for the wedding, but he said he wanted to kick back and enjoy the wedding. He suggested that I ask Mitch, but I told him that I didn’t even know the guy. Big said that would make it an even better idea. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but I just wanted Big to be happy.

So in July I got Mitch’s number from Big and gave him a call. Mitch was surprised to say the least, but when I explained the situation, he seemed flattered and accepted. Ashley was hesitant at first, when I called her to talk about it, but she soon warmed to the idea, because she understood the situation better than anyone, and after all, we were going to be making Big happy.

Slowly I crept down the aisle towards the front of the sanctuary. The events of my life that had taken place in this church flowed through my mind. I sat down on the front left pew and awaited someone to come and tell me what they wanted me to do.

Pastor Bob walked up and without saying a word sat next to me, he leaned over and spoke softly, “Big day tomorrow.”

“Yep,” I replied.

(Pastor Bob) – “You ready?”

(Jim) – “Yep.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear,” he slapped me on the thigh, “that’s what I wanted to hear.”

With perfect timing, the girls entered the side door. I wondered where Little John was as they made their way towards us. Jill came up and hugged me and pecked me on the lips as I stared Ash in the eyes feeling awkward. Jill and I hadn’t seen one another for several days now.

Since she had taken off the semester, she had left the week before to spend time with Ash and prepare for the big day, as well as everything that goes with a marriage.

Jill and Ashley were staying at my grandparents. Everyone acted like it was the greatest thing ever for them to be there and getting so close, but it sort of creeped me out with Jill and Ashley knowing that the little boy in the house was my son. I truly hoped that would never come out.

Everything dealing with the wedding rehearsal began to come together as the clock drew closer to 5pm. Jill and Ash had arrived and we were standing at the front of the sanctuary and then within a few moments my mother and grandmothers entered and went to sit in the front pews. Following their entrance came Jill’s family – father, mother, and brother. Lastly and in grand style, about 15 minutes late, Big entered and apparently had brought Mitch with him.

“Sorry we’re late Bob, we were working up until the last minute. The office doesn’t close til 5pm and we had some last minute issues. I laughed because Big had never been the one to be late.

Pastor Bob gave him a knowing look, “No Big Deal. Shall we get started.”

It was clear that Pastor Bob was an expert in the art of these matrimonial rituals. As we went over the protocols of the ceremony, he made some suggestions about the entrance, where people should stand, the flow of the agenda, and how we should exit to head over to the activity area where we would have the wedding reception.

The wedding party wasn’t huge: There would be myself, Jill, Ash as the maid of honor, Mitch as my best man, a cousin of Jill’s as another bridesmaid and her daughter and son as ring bearers, Jill’s friend from her work was another bridesmaid. My grandparents and mother sat down in the pews along with Jill’s parents. All were beaming when I would look back at them. A few minor details were ironed out and then we were done.

After the rehearsal we headed to the Country Club for our rehearsal dinner. It would be in one of the smaller party rooms adjacent to the main ball room. There were over 30 people in attendance, half of which were already there upon our arrival. Jill and I walked around the room and greeted the people who hadn’t been at the rehearsal.

The wine flowed, including a few bottles of Champagne to make a toast for the occasion. There seemed to be a different wine for every course of the meal. I sat between Pastor Bob and Jill at the head of the long table. It was almost as if Pastor Bob was my best friend on this occasion. We discussed many matters as we waited on our appetizers to arrive.

The Oysters Bienville and jumbo shrimp cocktail were to die for. After another twenty minutes our salads arrived and we turned to concentrate on our dinner and continue with ambiguous small talk. The room had darkened until a familiar ambient glow of the Chandeliers’ and Candles made the room glow in the waning light of the yielding day.

Dinner was choice of Filet Mignon, Crab stuffed Salmon, or Chicken Marsala. Each entree had its own accompanying side to choose from including souffle potatoes, rice pilaf, and a Parmesan risotto and veggies of sautéed asparagus, green beans, and ginger carrots.

By 8pm we were winding down with our entrees and it was time for dessert. The servers wheeled out a beautiful coconut cake and Big got up mecidiyeköy escort with my mother and grandmothers and made a toast. It all seemed so perfect, but I wondered if some of the others in the room could sense the imperfection that was simmering under the surface that I was feeling.


When we were done with dinner, I was ready to head home and relax. I found myself out in the bar with Mitch, when he directed the conversation towards the subject of Ashley, “… I really appreciate you allowing me to be your best man. I think it’s going to help me out with your sister. I really care about that girl, but it’s been on again, off again with us.”

“mmm…,” I listened curiously without wanting to lay down any cards.

(Mitch) – “I don’t care about her being a single mother and I know the boy comes first. I can live with all of that.”

I was uncomfortable about the direction of this conversation, but morbidly curious to continue listening.

Mitch continued, “I’m very fond of your grandfather. He’s been a great mentor. I care about your sister. I’d like to be with her, but when we start to get close she starts talking about timing and things and then she becomes aloof and I don’t talk to her for a few days… She tells me it’s nothing or she’s been busy or the boy comes first… and I don’t want the whole deal to screw up my relationship with your grandfather.”

“OK… well what do you want me to say?” I questioned trying to get to the bottom line.

He took another swig from the drink he was carrying and I contagiously took a sip from mine, as he continued, “I don’t know Jim. I just hope you could put in a good word for me.”

“OK, but there’s one thing Mitch,” and I was being honest, “Don’t ever talk shit about my sister in my presence. I don’t ever want to hear it. I love her and I will kick your ass.”

“What do you mean he asked… I’ve never,” he seemed taken aback.

“I just know how guys can be, ” I stared through him. “Don’t ever bad mouth her, don’t degrade her, and don’t ever talk about her sexually in front of me. I don’t ever want to hear that stuff. You promise me that and I will put in that word for ya and we’ll get along great.” I put hand on his shoulder, “Agreed?”

Mitch reached out and we shook hands, and with a quirky grin, I smiled back at him. “OK,” he agreed.

“Good,” I brandished. “Now let’s finish these drinks, cause I need to get home. I’ve got a fucking wedding I’ve gotta go to tomorrow,” I laughed.

Mitch gave me a look like I was crazy and how little did he know that I was. We finished our drinks and he walked me to my car. On the way, he let me know, ” I’m sorry we didn’t have a bachelor’s party for ya.”

“I’m not really into that kind of thing Mitch,” I tilted my head letting him know. “Those things are for commoners. I don’t have a need to get wild and sow some wild oats. I wanna feel good tomorrow, not be hung over or some such.”

He returned my little quirky grin as he patted me on the back and I opened my car door and settled in my seat for the drive home, “Well, we’ll see you shortly before noon.”

“You too brother,” I subconsciously noted. “And you take it easy.” I closed the door and waited for Mitch to head towards his car. I started the car and saw from the dashboard. It was right at 9pm.


I was sort of melancholy as I pulled out of the parking lot and drifted down the road towards home. I opened the front windows and felt the autumn breeze, not thinking much as I drove home on the crisp, clear night. It was surreal, like an out of body experience. Everything was set now for the big event. My wedding suit was hanging up in the guest room at home, along with my shoes and socks. The suit was navy blue with a red tie. Of course, I had never worn it, except to try it on before and after the tailor had finished with it. The pair of brown wing tips were brand new with matching belt, socks, handkerchief and the accessories. The wedding ring was in the pocket of my blazer.

I didn’t have to think about anything; just needed to wake up by 9am and be at the church before noon. It was a little before 9:30pm when I arrived home. I went and got into my stash of weed and walked out back by the swimming pool and smoked a joint. Of course, I thought about Ashley and our time together. I felt so lonely being home by myself, but it was probably for the best, knowing that in a little over a day, I’d be a married man.

I sat in my usual spot in one of the under deck chairs and it all hit me. Life was never going to be the same. My dream of being with Ash was about to come to a definite end. There would be Jill and we’d have a family of our own. The person I felt closest to in the world would not be the one that I’d be with. I took one last puff and snuffed the joint out, tilting my head back as I exhaled.

“Man, that’s a hell of a buzz,’ I thought to myself before heading back inside and up to my room. I hadn’t been this high in quite a while. I hardly ever smoked anymore. I changed into my lounge pants and got on my bed, reclining back into my pillows, meditating, zoning out, trying not to think of anything. Thinking was bad… brought back a lot of issues… things I had done and things I had failed to do.

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