Babying Belle back to Health Pt. 02


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I was afraid that the second part might disappoint, and it took me a while to find the guts to get back into the story.

This installment moves the story along to the interaction between Belle and Sean.

I tried to keep the sensitive tone and the emotions of the first part but I must admit that I got turned on as I was writing it and possibly might have gotten carried away with the sex here and there… This second part is definitely more graphic than the first one.

You will find some elements of:



Diaper/Urine play,



and some more Anal play. 🙂

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Babying Belle back to Health – Part 2

Chapter 6 – In which Belle expresses her need for diapers.

The following day, Belle was once again awoken by her nightmares. She could not get past the catastrophic calamity. The horrible images of her shattered house across the street were tormenting her.

She was crying into her pillow lying flat on her stomach, naked except for her diaper. The previous night, Kim had asked Sean to loosen the swaddle for the night and Belle Had been able to wiggle out of it in her sleep.

Awakened by the loud heartbreaking sobs, Kim Kaplan rushed into the room and tried to cajole the grieving beauty unsuccessfully.

The older woman was caressing her along her spine the length of her bare back. Comforting her. Shushing her.

“It’s ok, darling… cry… take your time… cry as much as you need to cry… it’s perfectly all right,” she whispered in a reassuring tone.

“This week is going to be tough for you my darling,” she continued softly, “we cannot wait much longer… we have to make all the arrangements for the funerals and we have a first appointment this morning.”

As Kim talked, the young woman’s weeping intensified. The inevitability of these services would be making the awfulness of her family’s disappearance all too real.

Time stood still as the morning light began filtering into the room and Belle kept on crying.

After some time, Belle rolled to her side towards Mrs. Kaplan. The young woman needed more soothing and sought the warm embrace of the motherly figure by putting her head on the woman’s lap. Still in tears, she hid her face against the elder’s belly appreciating the tender stroking that Kim was dispensing to her hair and neck.

When the warm sunlight finally filled the room, Kim finally spoke up, “Ok, sweetie. Let me check your nappy. We have to get ready soon.”

At these words, Belle stiffened and stopped crying. Her sadness was immediately replaced by pangs of shame which made her body temperature rise. The prior day’s degradation, surged back to the surface.

This time, Kim picked up on the change in demeanor right away as she reached between the girl’s legs to check on her.

“That’s good sweetie! You did not have any accidents today. Let’s get you to the bathroom to wash up,” sweet-talked Kim.

With her head still resting on Kim’s lap, Belle turned to her back and looked up at her. She was stunned; her eyes wide open, like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?” asked the older woman as she looked into Belle’s eyes, anticipating an answer.

A long silence followed as the young woman started blushing.

It was unbearable.

She started turning red as her temperature rose. Sweat beads started pearling on her temples.

“It’s hu-humiliating… I’m c-c-confused… I d-d-don’t n-n-n-know what to say…” stammered Belle as her voice cracked under her breath unable to phrase a response. Tears started pooling in her eyes as panic set in.

“Hush…Hush now.” whispered Mrs. Kaplan as she put a finger on the woman’s lips to silence her. She could see that the young woman was in distress.

“I think I understand. If it’s too tough to talk why don’t I ask you the questions instead and you tell me yes or no?” offered Kim, “ok?”

Belled nodded.

“Do you want to pee in the toilet?” she asked. Belle shook her head hesitantly.

“Do you not need to pee?” she asked. Again, Belle shook her head hesitantly.

“Oh… I see… you want to pee… but, in your diaper then?” she stated.

“Uh!” Belle expelled slowly as a big weight had been lifted off her shoulder. She turned a deeper shade of red and slowly nodded her acquiescence. The burden of having to confess her desire to pee in the diaper had been lifted.

She then rolled away from the elderly woman, pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped one arm around her legs adopting the fetal position, and brought her other hand up to her face and began sucking on her thumb.

She had not spoken but the message was clear. In case Mrs. Kaplan had any doubt on the subject, Belle wanted the motherly figure to continue on babying her as she had done the previous day.

And it seemed that canlı bahis Mrs. Kaplan understood her embarrassing need.

Kim then went into a long monologue while petting the girl’s hair to comfort her. Belle nodded in agreement as she listened to her. The elder slowly spoke in short sentences and paused between each statement to think and weigh her words:

“It’s ok sweetie. I think I understand but let’s talk this out. I stayed up most of the night thinking about yesterday. I was very concerned for you. You were in such hurt and this is such a nightmare. It’s not going away. You cannot escape it. But I could not leave you to starve yourself. Then, I called Sean to undress you and to help me give you the bath. And something happened…and for a brief moment that pain went away. Was it the exhibition?… The shame?… The diaper? I cannot be sure. You did not stop me. And you could have…at any time. Maybe it was the fact that I took control. Whatever the reason, it’s ok. If you need this for the time being, then I am here to help you. Just one condition. I don’t want to deal with your poop. Peeing is ok, but I’ll have to take you over my knees and spank you if you make a real mess in the diaper. Ok?”

Beet Red with embarrassment after hearing the previous day’s account, Belle nodded again. The notion of a bare ass spanking mortified her. No one had ever reprimanded her physically in her life and it would not start now. Would it?

She had been engrossed by the words that had just been spoken. She felt exposed, utterly denuded and bare. Kim had just seen through her. She had articulated the young woman’s humiliating desires.

In some sense, Belle was thankful to know that Kim had recognized and accepted her behavior.

But on the other hand, Belle would have been so much happier if they had avoided talking about the topic altogether.

Now, “the cat had been let out of the bag” as the saying goes. Everything had been laid out in the open. She wanted the diaper. She was asking for it. Now all she needed to do was to relieve herself in the nappy and Mrs. Kaplan was expecting her to do so now. The elder was waiting for it.

As she made that realization, an enormous knot began constricting her throat.

Tears began rolling slowly down Belle’s cheeks as the shame consumed her.

“Could this get any worse?” she asked herself in despair. And it did.

Kim spoke up again and interrupted her thoughts, “Then there is the matter of Sean…I am concerned about his involvement. And I am not sure how all this is affecting him. He is so fragile.”

At these words, the blinding fear of being abandoned by the Kaplans that she had felt a day earlier resurfaced. She dreaded what the next sentence might be. Maybe Mrs. Kaplan had realized that Belle needed to be out of the house for the good of Sean?

Sean had been on Belle’s mind too. She did not know if his participation mattered. Was he the reason she was so ashamed of being undressed, pampered and babied by Kim? He had been by his mother’s side every time Belle had been changed and cleaned. He saw everything; every intimate part of her had been splayed open to his gaze.

Belle had been surprised and shocked upon seeing Sean when the Kaplans had picked her up at the airport. He had transformed so much over the years that she would never have recognized him in a crowd. He was no longer the scrawny nerdy teenager she had known in their youth. He had become a man with an exceptional physique. He was tall, strong and handsome.

But beneath the surface, that man was still impaired by his autism. Belle had been told by her mother that Sean had been very isolated and lonely after high school. He was dependent on his mother for most things in life. He had troubles communicating and expressing his emotions.

Was Sean equipped to deal with all that was happening? How did Belle’s own torment and behavior affect him? Did he understand and how would he react? And very selfishly, would Kim be able to care for two dependents?

Belle feared that there was no solution to that problem that involved her staying with the Kaplans. If the woman had to make a choice, Mrs. Kaplan would pick her son, as she should. She would protect him, and Belle would be kicked to the curb. There was no other way. Tetanized, blemished and terrorized, she had stopped breathing in anticipation of Kim’s next words.

The older woman sensed and understood Belle’s change in demeanor and spoke up again, “Oh…no… no… honey… it’s ok… calm down. You misunderstood me. I am not saying this because I am picking him over you. Sean wants to take care of you too… He is so concerned with you… He wants to be there for you. He has been so affected by your pain and your sorrow… we both have… I’m just telling you all this because I will also have to watch out for him too. That’s all. I want you to know that I am here for you. We will always be here. I cannot replace your parents, and I never will, but you will always have a place in my family. Ok?” Kim tried to reassure her.

Just as Belle bahis siteleri started relaxing and finally let in a big gulp of air Mrs. Kaplan exclaimed “Oh, Sweetie! Good job! You just made a mess in your nappy!”

The horrible anguish had made her lose control of her bladder once again.

Chapter 7 – In which Belle is made to confront her grief.

“Sean! Sean! Come in here!” screamed Kim.

Sean sprinted into the room covered in sweat from his morning workout.

“Quick! Help me change Belle and get her dressed,” ordered Kim. “We need to get going! We have an appointment to get to.”

Everything, happened in a whirlwind.

Blushing profusely, Belle felt Sean grab her ankles as he had done the day before to lift her legs up to her chest.

Hastily, Kim opened the diaper and began wiping Belle to clean her up.

Unlike the previous day, the movements were quick and brusque. Time was of the essence.

Yet, Belle’s excitement had risen during the prior humiliating talk. The cool air and Kim’s jagged rubbing stimulated her wet sex. Her labia were swollen, engorged with arousal and burning need.

As Kim began applying a hydrating lotion to her genitals, Belle responded by pushing back into Kim’s hand trying to get the woman’s fingers closer to her needy hole.

SMACK! Abruptly, Kim had slapped the girl to the center of her pussy.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” exclaimed Belle as her eyes popped open. The sudden contact to her clit and the lingering sting nearly causing a mini orgasm. Unfortunately, the stimulation had been too brief and had not produced the desired result.

“Stop it! We don’t have time for this now!” lashed out Kim as her great mercurial temper erupted.

Belle froze immediately shocked into compliance with her hips still in mid-air.

What had just happened? She was mortified. The shame of having been reprimanded so close to orgasm made her temperature surge further.

Kim then began barking a set of orders as was her custom:

“Sean! Hold her!

I’ll get her clothes.

Here. Hand them to me as I go.”

Stunned by the latest development, Belle let herself be dressed like a doll.

Kim then called out for each item like a surgeon calls for his tools:


Sean, pull her legs further up so I can get the panties around her hips,

black slacks,

Release her legs.

Ok, now pull the legs back up so I can pull the pants up.

No need for a bra, little girls don’t wear bras,

white shirt,




I’m not putting a diaper on you. You should be fine for a while, you just peed.

We are going to the funeral parlor.

I’ll put the nappy when we get back.”

Before Belle knew it, they were walking out the door towards the car.

The following hours were a mix of pain and sorrow for the grieving orphan.

At the funeral parlor, she ached in a haze of weeping and agony. The discussion was far too graphic and realistic for her fragile state. Kim made the decisions that Belle was incapable of making. That morning, the young woman found out that the charred remains of her loved ones needed to be cremated. The bodies had been so badly scorched that there were no other options left. The traumatic account was incessantly torturing her, and she could not escape its grasp.

By the end of the meeting, Belle needed to be carried away by Sean as she lacked the strength to stand on her own.

Exhausted and emotionally drained, she fell asleep in the car on the ride back.

Kim’s heart had been torn apart with each of Belle’s sob that morning. She wished that she could have calmed her young charge down, but she also knew that Belle needed to deal with her grief head on if she was going to get past it. Mrs. Kaplan felt that it was healthier in the long term for Belle to face the painful reality in the present rather than attempt to suppress it.

Still, if the coming days or weeks were going to be filled with sorrow and grief, Kim would try to manage Belle’s aching heart as best as she could. After decades of dealing with a kid on the spectrum, the older woman felt that she was up to the challenge.

That awful morning, Kim resolved that she would put Belle on a schedule in the same way she had put Sean. She would be giving the grieving woman some time to wallow in her sorrow on a daily basis. The rest of the time, she would distract her from that pain as best she could by treating like a baby.

The car pulled into the driveway as she was making her mental calculations.

Belle was awakened to Sean’s caring touch as he gently lifted her out of the car.

As he carried her to the house, Belle’s gaze fell on the ruins of her shattered house and tears began welling in her eyes.

Chapter 8 – In which Sean gets sidelined.

Kim would have none of that. The girl had cried enough for one day!

She grabbed Sean by the sleeve and urged him into the house.

As soon as they stepped into the house, she took over.

Again, bahis şirketleri she began shouting orders:

“Sean, set her down!



It’s time for you diaper.”

Belle stood there motionless.

The instant humiliation had once again eclipsed the grief. The unfulfilled desire that she had experienced earlier that morning was back with a vengeance. In a manner of seconds, her skin was flush, and a deep lustful fever was rising within her.

Yet, she stood still; paralyzed.


Pick her up and bring her to my room.

I forgot that this baby does not know how to undress yet.”

The burly man swept up the small woman in his arm and made his way up the stairs two-by-two as Kim followed in tow.

He then laid Belle down on his mother’s bed and stepped aside as Kim took over, yet again.

This time no words were needed.

The older woman removed the sneakers and the socks.

She unbuttoned the girl’s pants.

Sean was eager to help.

He was standing by his mother’s side and grabbed the hem at the bottom of each pant-leg to pull the slacks off.

Urgently, in one fluid motion, he yanked the pants off and her undies were dragged along and ended-up rolled in a bunch at her knees.

For some reason, Belle felt more exposed this way than she had felt earlier. Sean’s enthusiastic involvement was flustering her and made the burning heat at the pit of her stomach swell further.

Kim was taken aback and surprised by Sean’s assertiveness.

Before the older woman could react, the young man lunged forward to grab the undergarments to pull them off of Belle’s legs.

In his haste, he pulled in the wrong direction by pulling up rather than pulling away.

Belle’s legs were tangled in the fabric and were forcefully lifted up in the air. And, in a move that surprised all three participants, she reacted by helping Sean undress her. She assisted him in freeing up her trapped limbs. She bent her knees and brought them up to her chest thus easing her legs out of the panties.

She was now in the “diaper me” position that she had been made to take earlier. Except that this time, she was doing it of her own volition. Her legs were up to her chest and the engorged folds of her labia winked; exposing the pink wetness of her sweltering sex.

When Belle realized what she had done, she blushed a deeper shade of red. For some reason, it felt so much more indecent to open herself up for Sean rather than being made to do so by his powerful hands.

The young woman was drunk with lust. The fever pitch had reached a boil. The base of her neck and her face were scarlet with excitement.

She could not breath. The delicious shame of being so wantonly exposed was burning though every inch of her body.

The only piece of clothing that remained was her shirt. Soon, she would be fully exposed once again; laid out nude as the day she was born before Mrs. Kaplan and her impatient autistic son.

It felt so wrong.

When Kim reached the base of the shirt to pull it up and over the girl’s head, Belle panicked.

She felt the need to hide. The shirt was raised exposing fully her trim waste and her perky b-cups and, as it was being pulled over her head, she locked her arms to prevent Kim from fully removing the material.

Mrs. Kaplan attempted to tug it off a few times but did not insist when she understood that Belle was fighting her to keep her head hidden.

The young woman was now fully nude from her neck down to her toes as her arms and head remained trapped in the cotton fabric of her blouse.

Sean was hovering over the bed ready to pounce.

Kim sensed the tension in her son’s demeanor.

She needed him out of the room immediately.

“Go take a cold shower! Now!” she barked at him.

He did not react to his mother’s instructions, hypnotized by the naked body in front of him. His desire rising with every passing second.

The situation was getting out of hand.

“Sean! Now!” the motherly figure interjected louder.

He snapped out of his trance. Sadly, he looked at Kim and reluctantly walked away towards the bathroom.

Chapter 9 – In which a routine is set for Belle.

Belle and Kim were left alone in the elder’s bedroom.

“mmph! mmph! mmph!” Belle’s breathing was labored.

Had Sean been kicked out of the room because of her libidinous display? Was that why he was being thrown out? That eventuality amplified her humiliation. With her eyes closed and her head hidden, Belle had not seen the lust in the man’s eyes.

Like a tightening vice, the degradation took a grip of Belle’s arousal. It was also affecting her breathing, strangling her.

As her utter feeling of embarrassment rose, the liquid lava that had erupted in her loins was coursing through her body and mind. Her heart was racing as she was huffing on the verge of a climax.

Kim got up to open the window. The room was hot and maybe a little fresh air would calm the spirits of the young woman.

The cool afternoon breeze that flowed into the room had the reverse effect on Belle.

Instead of cooling her down, the air caressed her exposed intimate flesh making her all too aware of her indecent posture.

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