Babysitting Gift


i had started this babysitting job for a really wealthy family, the Cenders, for the summer. they had three kids. two of which i would be babysitting. two little girls. Emma and Donnie the other was a few months older than me and didn’t need a babysitter. his name was Corry he was 18, hot. tall, tan, dark hair, bright green eyes and was really fit. the first time i met him he walked into the house while i was babysitting. ‘who are you’ he asked. ‘Ally. im the babysitter’ i answered. he stared at me for a minute before going upstairs. he came back down about 10 minutes later and left without another word.
i begen to babysit every monday, wednesday, and friday for the Canders. it was really easy money. the girls weren’t hard to watch at all. all they did was play and watch movies and i got paid a lot to just sit there.
then one day, Mrs. Cander called me and told me that she, her husband and the girls were going out of town for the week and that my services wouldn’t be needed till the following week. i admit that i was a little disappointed. not because of not getting a lot of money for a week, but because Corry always seemed to have for gotten something wheneve i was babysitting and i loved watching his ass as he went upstairs to get whatever it was he left. it always made me sooo hot in my jeans to see him. getting wet between my legs just looking at his ass. when i fantisized about him was a whole other story.

it was only the second day into my non-babysitting izmit escort days when i got a phonecall. it was around 7:45pm and i was sitting in my room watching tv. i picked up the phone. ‘hello’ i said. ‘ hey Ally, it’s Corry.’
i sat bolt straight up. ‘hi’ i said trying to sound casual. ‘can i ask you a favor. my parents changed there mind about going out of town and left the girls with me and i kind of had plans. would you mind coming over. ASAP’ he said. ‘well im not really dressed.’ ‘im really in a hurry,’Corry said cutting me off. i looked down at myself. i was wearing a huge sweater and a pair of tight shorts. well it was just the girls. ‘ill be over soon,’ i said. ‘thanks’ Corry said and we hung up.
i grabbed my car keys and ran downstairs and out the front door.
i drove to the Cander’s house as fast as i could. when i got there, i ran to the front door and knocked. a second later Corry answered the door wearing only shorts. i stared at his fit chest for a minute before stepping inside.
i had expected to see the girl there or at least hear the tv on but it was silent.
‘where are the girls’ i asked. Corry shut and locked the front door. ‘with my parents out of town’ he said. i stared at him for a minute. ‘but i though…’ ‘i wanted to get you over here’ he said cutting me off and walking closer to me. i took a step back. god he looked so hot, the way he was smiling at me. i took a deep breath. ‘and why did you want to get me here’ i asked. i continued to walk backwards yahya kaptan escort as Corry kept walking towards me, but pretty soon i was up against a wall. ‘you look hot’ Corry said, not answering my question. then he kissed me. god were his lips soft. his hands were roaming my thighs and came to squeez my ass. his hands were strong and he was making me sooooo hot. then his hands went under my sweater, which i had nothing on under it, and cupped my breasts. his hands felt soo good there. then he pulled of my sweated all the way and bent down and started sucking on my nipples. it felt so good and i moaned out softly.
as he sucked on my nipples, his hands slipped off my tight shorts so i was standing completly naked in front of him. he moved his lips down to my stomach and then to my pussy. his tongue roamed around the lips and then licked inside. i gasped out loud and i felt my legs go numb.
he seemed to be reading my mind cause he pulled me onto the ground and i was flat on my back. i watch as his head went between my legs again. ‘mmmmmmmmmm’ i called out….he was soo good. his toung roaming around my pussy, lightly sucking. then he found my clit. “AHHHHHHHHH” i called out. my hands went to the top of his head absently and pushed him in a little farther. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” i said asi closed my eyes and he sucked harder. i was panting like crazy. he was amazing. then he suddenly stopped. i opened my eyes and looked at him. he was gebze escort pulling off his shorts and boxers and i watched as his 9 inch cock came into view. god did i want that in me. and he knew it.
he climbed on top of my then slowly rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy lips. then a little farther, a tiny bit at a time. i couldn’t stand the teasing…’Fuck me’ i blurted out……
‘dont worry, i am’ he said.
then he suddenly rammed his hard cock in my pussy…..
god it felt good.
‘harder’ i called out
i dont know what had come over me but i wanted him bad. i wanted him hard. and i wanted him fast.
and he did.
he started sliding his cock in and out, getting harder and faster as he went.
‘oh yessssssssss…mmmmmmmmmmm…yesssssssss…..harder, harder, harder……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ i screamed as he rammed me hard. his balls hitting the outside of my pussy. he was panting just as hard as i was and i knew that he loved it just as much as i did.
then suddenly my whold body was flushed with the most amazing feeling i had ever felt before.
Corry collapsed on top of me and and i held him close as he cought his breath.
when he did, we were at it agian. this time, he flipped me over and we were both on out knees, me on all fours and he fucked my ass. ‘oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard’ i called out. and boy did he.
we went at it all night and again in the morning.
i ended up staying the whole week there, Corry fucking me every minute that he could.
this had to be the best babysitting job ever.

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