Babysitting Jessie


I couldn’t believe it! My mom was going a way for the weekend on a business trip and she was getting in a babysitter!

“I’m 18 years old!” I screeched when she told me over breakfast that morning, “I can look after myself!”

“It’s not you I’m worried about,” my mom said dryly eyeing me with that cynical ‘I know you look’ which I hated, “It’s the house, the last time I left you on your own, you threw a party and it cost me over a thousand bucks in repairs, not this time Jessie, this time I get someone responsible in to look after the house and keep an eye on you!”

I was fuming. My mom wouldn’t let me forget how I had messed up over a year ago. She took great delight in reminding me how irresponsible I was. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t been in any trouble since; as far as mom was concerned I still couldn’t be trusted.

To add insult to injury my “babysitter” turned out to be the male Phys Ed Teacher at my school. My mom’s on the PTA and knows all the teachers, and it just happened that Mr Danton’s place was being painted that weekend and he because he got migraines from the smell of paint he had been going to stay in a hotel for the three days it would take for his condo to be done.

That was until my mom asked him to stay at our place instead, and he was more than agreeable, all he had to do was make sure I behaved myself and the house stayed in one piece.

I can’t say I was enthusiastic about Mr Danton coming to stay but I guess it could have been worse. At least Mr Danton was good looking. He was only 35, and he was in tip-top physical shape. He took care of himself, but then he would, it’s his job to be fit. He’s tall, muscular, (not fat) has evenly tanned skin, reddish brown hair, and bright green eyes. He has large hands too, and longer strong fingers and when he walks you can see the smooth muscles of his body blend and push apart in a sensual rhythm that is quite horny to watch.

A lot of the girls at my school fancy Mr Danton but I’m not one of them. I don’t rate sex very highly to be honest, I’ve slept with a couple of boys in the past but it was nothing to write home about, in fact I couldn’t wait for them to come so I could roll over and go to sleep!

I’m a pretty hot piece if I do say so myself. I’m five foot six, got a pair breasts that would give Dolly Parton a run for her money, a round but definitely not flabby ass, a curvy waist, perhaps a little more flesh there than there should be but at least I’m not anorexic, and I have baby blue eyes courtesy of my absent father who split when I was three.

I’m also blessed with a mass of long blonde hair which I tend to wear in Britney Spears type pig tails because my girlfriends tell me it makes me look cute. I don’t tan very well, in fact I go red and then get freckles so I’m rather pale skinned but you can’t have everything can you!

Mom left on her business trip early on Friday evening. Mr Danton arrived a couple of hours before she left and I was forced to listen to her telling him what I could and couldn’t do. How humiliating was all I could think. For starters I wasn’t allowed out; I had studying to do, and no visitors, even my best friend Angela was banned from coming over.

It was going to be a long and boring three days I thought morosely, thank God I had a TV and phone in my room!

As soon as Mom was gone I disappeared up to my room. I didn’t want to spend any time with Mr Danton unless I had too. He didn’t say too much me when he saw me later on when I came down to get a soda from the fridge. He was sitting at the breakfast bar with bottle of grape juice at his elbow whilst flicking through the paper.

He did give me a friendly smile but I was still pretty sore at my mom for having him over in the first place so I didn’t respond other than to nod at him and slink back up stairs to my room.

I guess Mr Danton and I would haven’t seen much of each other it wasn’t for that damn summer storm that blew out of nowhere and woke me up just after midnight. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind rain, but I’m terrified of thunder and lightening. A childhood phobia that I had never got over.

The first crash of thunder shook the whole house. I sat bolt upright in my bed and screamed. It didn’t help it was pitch black in my room and I was totally disorientated. I fumbled about with my bedside lamp, trying to turn on the light but it appeared that the storm had downed some electric lines so I couldn’t even have the comfort of a glowing bulb.

Of course I panicked; scrambled out of bed, fell over my sneakers, shouting for my mom, forgetting that she wasn’t in the house.

I flung open my bedroom door and ran out into the hallway; I was only wearing a t-shirt that barely came over my waist and a pair of flimsy pink panties but at that moment in time my near nakedness was the last of my worries.

I crashed in Mr Danton who was coming out of the guest room, also woken by the storm but forced out of his bed by my shriek of terror.

“Whoa!” he shouted kaçak iddaa grabbing my arms and dragging me to a halt. I was jumping from foot to foot, almost in tears because I now remembered my mom wasn’t at home and there was only Mr Danton in the house.

There was a flash of lightening followed by another crack of thunder, as loud as the previous one that had woken me up, and I screamed again and buried my head into Mr Danton’s chest whilst clutching at his arms.

“Oh lord,” I heard him say or rather he groaned but I was too busy shaking from head to toe to notice much else at that moment.

”I hate storms,” I blubbed into his chest.

”Well that is obvious,” he said and he sighed, “Come on, we better get you back to bed.”

I clutched at his arms desperately, “My mom lets me sleep with her when there’s a storm,” I said my chin wobbling dangerously and more tears threatening to overflow even more.

“Good grief,” he said but he led me to my mom’s room and the safety of her King size bed. There were more flashes of lightening, more thunder which made me shriek and hop up and down even more.

“Don’t leave me!” I clung onto Mr Danton’s arm and he patted me reassuringly and together we sat on the edge of mom’s bed side by side in the darkness which only dissipated with the occasional flash of lightening that lit up the room even though the curtains were drawn.

I only became aware of Mr Danton’s breath on my neck as the thunder and lightening began to ease off ten or so minutes later, it didn’t disappear entirely, the storm was moving but it was moving slowly.

Mr Danton’s skin smelt of fresh lemon soap but his breath was tinged with the aftermath of the grape soda he had been drinking when I had last seen him in the kitchen. I became aware of his hand seconds later; it was resting on my left breast and it was moving, slowly, back and forth in a delicious gentle rhythm that made me tingle.

My skin prickled, I sucked in my breath, the sensation was divine, nothing like the groping of teenage boy’s hands that was for sure. Mr Danton knew what he was doing that was for sure! I moved my arm so he could access my breast more and I heard him chuckle, softly.

”Do you like that?” he asked me in a low voice.

“Yes,” I croaked as the movement increased, “Oh yes…”

His hand moved to the edge of my t-shirt and slid under it, and I exhaled sharply and with a little cry as he cupped my breast, his finger and thumb rolling my pert nipple between it, tweaking it with delightfully painful pinches that made my whole body tremble.

“Okay, let’s get your top off,” he said briskly his breath only slightly ragged and seconds later I was naked from the waist up but I didn’t mind because Mr Danton began to fondle my breasts with both his hands. I have big breasts, I take after my mom in that department but Mr Danton’s huge hands had no problem getting a healthy trembling handful. He pinched my nipples until I was panting and moaning.

“I thought your mom’s tits were big,” he said with relish, “Yours are much bigger!”

I should have been offended by his words, after all he was talking about my mom, but I was actually turned on and my nipples hardened and I gurgled out my pleasure.

“I always knew you were hot little slut Jessie,” Mr Danton said and before I could protest over his description of me he had pushed me back onto the bed and his mouth had latched onto my bullet hard tit and he sucked it, not gently but hard, his lips and tongue, rolling over it, pulling it, eating it.

He moved from tit to tit, calling me a dirty little slut of a girl who liked to have her titties played with by her teacher.

I almost creamed my panties it was so damn horny not to mention true!

I grabbed at his hair and pulled at it, raking my hands down his back and bucking my legs in pleasure as waves rippled up from my toes making them practically curl with the sensation of having my tits used in such a way.

“Don’t stop!” I gasped as he raised his head, “Oh please don’t stop!”

“Let’s see how wet you are,” his voice was controlled but he was excited, “Spread your legs Jessie, that’s it, lets see how juicy you are…”

The crotch of my panties were soaked with my juices, I was really wet.

“You are a juicy little slut aren’t you?” he purred and I moaned with pleasure, “You’re so wet, Hmmmmm, let’s see how this dirty little girl like this.”

He began to fuck me with his fingers, pushing them in and out of my wet cunt, making me squirm, cry out and move against him eagerly.

“I’ve wanted to do this for ages,” he whispered in my ear, “Shall I stop Jessie, shall I stop and let you go back to your room?”

He was teasing me, but it made me writhe in agony with the thought that he might stop.

“No! No! Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

I lifted my leg so he could push his fingers deeper into me which he did willingly; he found my clit and began to stroke it making me cry out louder and buck harder.

“Does the illegal bahis dirty little girl want me too stop?” he said making me writhe even more, “What does the dirty little girl want me to do!”

“Whatever you want!” I heard myself cry out, “You can do whatever you want to me!”

“You’re going to suck my cock you dirty little girl” he said and even in the darkness I could feel in his eyes boring into me, “I bet you want to do that, I bet you can’t wait to start sucking my cock, can you?”

His words made my hand slid downward, over his taut belly and finally into his PJ shorts, he was rock hard, his cock straining against the flimsy material. He was also big and I mean big! My heart began to beat harder in my chest as my hand moved up and down his hot rigid shaft. His balls were like two heavy sacks but they were firm and they pulsated against my palm.

I licked my lips and heard myself say.

“Oh yes please! I want this in my mouth; I want to suck your cock!”

His hand slid out of my cunt and he pushed me back into a sitting position, even in the darkness I could feel the heat of his desire and it was infectious. I slid off the bed and knelt between his legs, lowering my head to line it up with his cock.

”Take it all the way in,” he ordered me and before I could protest he was pushing the nub of his cock into my mouth which opened instinctively to take it, I gagged, spluttered at first but at the same time my lips were already moving over the hot shaft, my tongue running up and down the pulsating ridges, whilst Mr Danton moaned and clutched at my golden pig tails.

To my surprise he began to move my head back and forth and I found this a decided turn on, I would have moaned if I didn’t have such a mouthful.

“Suck it hard you cock sucking little slut,” he said with a groan and he began to fuck my face with hard thrusts, sliding down my elastic throat, making my eyes bulge and my bent over body strain under the pressure “Suck it real hard!”

I did, tasting lemon and his hot juices in my mouth and I half expected him to shoot his load down my throat he was fucking my face so hard but suddenly he slid out of my mouth with a satisfying pop and reached down for me, pulling me up so we could kiss.

His hands mauled my breasts, making me sweat and cry out.

“I have to taste your pussy,” he gasped, “I wanted to taste it before I fuck it and fill it with spunk!”

Now I’ve never had anyone do that before. I’ve given blow jobs, been fucked both front and back but no one has ever gone down on me before. I wasn’t sure if I would like it but Mr Danton wasn’t giving me any say in the matter.

I found myself looking up at the ceiling, the room was still dark but my eyes were more used to it now and the shadows now had form and weren’t so frightening.

My legs were spread apart and my panties yanked down and flung to one side and then his head was burrowing into my crotch and I nearly creamed in his face.

Never before had I felt such a sensation, it rippled throughout my body, making me scream and grab at Mr Danton’s hair. His tongue seemed almost swollen, it rubbed, licked and stroked my cunt, back and forth, finding the zone in which my clit was hidden. Each hard lick made me jerk and cry out but I didn’t come, Mr Danton knew how to keep a girl going.

Just as I was about to go over the edge he stopped and I let out a strangled cry of frustration which made him chuckle.

“Don’t stop!” I cried out and clutched at his shoulders, wanting him to continue but he reached for my breasts and began to kneed them.

“You’re a dirty little girl,” he said his breath harsh as he strove to control the raging fire that was obviously throbbing through in his groin, down into his balls and into the rigid shaft of his swollen cock, “So I have to treat you like a dirty little girl.”

My stomach stirred, fluttered, and my breath already ragged, increased and I moaned and gasped. He pinched my tits mercilessly, making them throb, smart and sting and every now and again the tip of his juicy cock brushed my wet and burning cunt.

“What are you going to do?” I whimpered in delicious dread, “What are you going to do to me?”

He spun me suddenly; gripping my left hip and turning me so fast I was dizzy and I found myself face down on my mom’s comforter.

“Get on all fours!” he barked at me and I scrambled to obey him, he didn’t even give me chance to get my balance, I felt his cock sliding inside me from behind, my knees started to buckle as my cunt found itself being stretched and stretched by the sheer girth of his phallus.

I had totally under estimated how big he was and how tight my cunt was even with all the lubrication it had received.

I let out a scream as my body physically protested against such an invasion, “OH GOD, YOU’RE TOO BIG” I shrieked, a combination of shock, pleasure and terror, “OH FUCKING HELL, YOU WON’T FIT!”

He grabbed my bucking hips and thrust hard, forcing me to back onto his cock, I bahis siteleri felt his balls slap my ass, and I reared up for a second, screeching as I did, I honestly thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head, and then he was fucking me properly, ramming his cock in and out of poor little stretched cunt that was spasming like mad in a bid to accommodate him.

I was dizzy, my head was spinning like a carousel, my tits were bouncing up and down as hard as the cock ramming itself inside me, and I had to cling to the side of the bed to stop myself being fucked all the way up the wall.

Despite all of this I was getting off as much as he was and I came so suddenly it even took me by surprise, my cunt contracted with deliciously agonizing waves, again and again and I found myself crowing, and bucking with the sheer the sheer gratification of it.

Of course Mr Danton couldn’t hold on much longer after I started to cum, especially as my cunt was throbbing and straining over his thrusting, ramming cock.

Mr Danton didn’t even bother to try and withdraw, he was going to come inside me whether I liked it or not. My cunt was going to be overflowing with his spunk; I was going to be dripping with it. I knew it was going to be running down my legs in a creamy flow of mingled juices. This thought of this made me come yet again with an even bigger orgasm that than the one before.

I let out a roar and bucked harder on his cock, and it was then he had to give into the force nature and he detonated his load inside me, and I mean detonate! He emptied his balls inside me again and again, I felt wash after wash of spunk gush inside my womb and saturate it like an overflowing river bank.

“OH YEESSSSSSSS!” I screamed over and over again, “OH YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

He let out an equally loud holler, sent another gush of spunk flooding into me and then he rolled off and out of me and flopped onto the bed on his back, gasping from breath, calling me the hottest, horniest, dirtiest little girl he ever had the luck to fuck!

His spunk flood out of me and I dimly remember thinking that I would have to make sure I washed the bedclothes before my mom got home on Sunday evening.

I couldn’t move for a few minutes, I had fallen forward my rump was up in the air and it was trembling still, as my orgasm began to ebb away. My tits hung heavily, gravity pulling them downward and I was sweating with the sheer exertion of it.

Slowly I came back to my senses, I began to feel embarrassed, I started to ease myself up but another wave of pleasure shuddered through me, Mr Danton had moved, his mouth latching onto one of my swaying tits, I gurgled in surprise.

“You’re a horny big titted slut Jessie,” he said as he roughly fondled both my breasts, “I’ve only just fucked you and I can still turn you on!”

I couldn’t deny it, I was turned on, my tits were trembling under his licking, stroking, and fondling. Finally he pushed himself into a kneeling position on the bed whilst pulling me into a similar position but only for a moment, he pushed on my shoulders, whilst holding the back of my head, forcing it between his parted knelt legs were his cum soaked cock also slick with my juices was beginning to twitch back into life.

“I’m going to have a lot of fun with you,” he said with a chuckle as he stroked my chin and helped me take his cock into my mouth again, “Now don’t pretend you don’t want to, start sucking my cock again, that’s it you dirty little tramp, use that luscious mouth of yours, I’m going to fill every hole in your body, and you’re going to love every single minute of it!”

Well what can I tell you? I’ve never swallowed so much spunk in all my life. When he came for the second time it gushed out of the sides my mouth, out of my nose and splashed into my face. It took me five minutes to swallow and lap it up; he made me stay down there until every last drop was gone.

Each time I tried to sit up thinking I had completed my task, Mr Danton pushed my head down again saying I had missed “a bit here” and “a bit there”. To help me do it just right he took hold of my cute pig tails and used them as handle bars.

As I licked and slurped his cock and balls, he started playing with my ass. He wasn’t gentle, he lubed four of his fingers by pushing them into my pussy which was still soaking wet from his cum and my juices and then used it to help stretch my bum hole.

I whimpered and told him he was too big to put his cock up there, he just laughed and said it was going up there and I was going to beg him to do it and thank him afterward!

I did beg him to do it. I was so turned on despite myself and even though I knew it was going to hurt like fuck I wanted him to bang my ass and fill it with spunk just as he had done with my cunt and mouth.

He sat up on the bed to take me in the butt.

”I want to make sure I get right up your tight little slut ass,” he said as he manoeuvred my trembling buttocks with his hands to the monster throbbing between his legs. I was kneeling, facing away from him and my bum hole went into spasms as his cock head touched my stretched and soaking wet ring, before I could even whimper, he gripped my hips and pulled down. HARD!

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