My name is Angela. I am 21 year’s old, and today is my wedding day. Up until three days ago, I had had sexual intercourse with only one person, my fiancé Gerald.

I met Gerald when we were both in middle school, and even though he was two years older, we became friends. We became close quickly, which his family did not like. Even though I have done everything to be nice and keep out of their way when necessary, they still hate me. The fact that I’m black doesn’t help. His sister Emily, who is one year older than I am, has been especially mean to me. She has gone from spreading rumors about me to trying to have me beaten up. She stole my clothes from gym class once, and I had to stay in the locker room in a towel until the gym teacher finally found me. Through all this I’ve still tried to be nice to her.

Gerald, on the other hand, is the most wonderful person you would want to meet. I hate to see how hurt he gets because of the things his family does. Despite their objections, we have a great friendship, and after my parents died in a car accident when I was in high school, he became my world. We have always “dated” off and on and I didn’t care that he was never exclusive. When he went away to university, I was heartbroken and lonely. I knew being close to him was all I wanted. During my senior year in high school, he came back to celebrate my eighteenth birthday with me. He took my cherry that night. A year after I arrived at the university, he proposed to me. Of course, I said “Yes.”

Three days ago……………………

It’s three days before my wedding, and Gerald and I are getting ready to go out for dinner when his sister Emily calls our townhouse. It was a surprise because for the entire time we have lived together she has never called our townhouse, and since our engagement, she has never called him. I thought maybe she was going to tell him that she and the rest of the family would not attend the wedding.

After he had spoken to her briefly, he hands me the phone. His sister was very pleasant and sounded halfway genuine when she apologized for being a “bitch” and said she wanted to make it up to me by throwing me a bachelorette party. I couldn’t believe my ears. Gerald, who was listening, shook his head, but, I told her I would be happy to meet up with her. After the call ended, Gerald told me I should not have accepted, and I shouldn’t trust her. I said, naively, that she could possibly be wanting to “be friends” and I should at least go.

Later, at dinner, sipping our drinks, deciding what to order, I looked across the table into his beautiful green eyes, I told him I wanted to suck his cock. I was rubbing his dick under the table and when the waiter came we told him “We had changed our minds!” As soon as we were in the car, I was unzipping his pants. I pushed my hand into his boxers and was holding his cock. Then I undid my seatbelt and swallowed his cock head. When he stopped at the light he lowered the back of his seat to give me more room and I pulled his pants down and swallowed almost half of his cock. I clenched my lips around his shaft and started to suck hard, up and down his pole. He was groaning. I pushed my hand under his butt and inserted the tip of my finger in his hole while I squeezed his balls. I moved my lips to his cockhead, and then lowered them slowly swallowing even more of him.

He said, “Don’t move, a cop car is passing!”

Soon afterwards he said that it had gone. I started to suck up and down his shaft again as fast as I could, rubbing and squeezing his balls at the same time. Before long his body stiffened as his juice squirted down my throat. The car stopped.

When I lifted my head, the flashing lights of a police car were behind us and the police officer was already at our car trunk, there was no time to cover up!

The officer looked into Gerald’s window and smiled when he saw that his pants were pulled down.

He said, “Drivers licence and registration, please.”

Gerald had to fumble through his pants for his licence; the officer chortled. I got his registration from his glove box for him. When the officer stood up to look at them, I could see an outline of his hardening cock. Another police car pulled in front of us. The officer asked me for ID; I told him I did not have any.

Gerald said, “Officer, my fiancee and I were just coming from dinner at ‘Francisco’s’; you can call and check. I’m sorry if …”

The cop cut him off.

“So…you didn’t just pick up your fiancee over on Second Street?”

Before he could respond I grabbed Gerald’s arm. He looked at me; he then looked back at the officer and said, “Fuck you”.

The officer smirked at Gerald and told us to get out of the car. The cop walked over to the other officer; they were laughing. The second officer then sat in his car. Gerald was still pulling his pants up when the first cop returned. He told Gerald to go to the back of the car and put his hands onto the trunk of the car. He did. The officer started to izmit escort frisk him very slowly; he looked over to the other officer and then moved up very close to Gerald. He was slowly moving his hands down Gerald’s chest; then he looked at me as he put his hand on the waist of Gerald’s boxers and pushed it into his shorts. It looked like he was holding Gerald’s cock.

Gerald said, “Having fun?”

The officer pulled himself even closer and said, “Yes.”

He breathed deeply on Gerald’s neck and said, “Your fiancee loves your nice big cock, doesn’t she?”

Gerald just looked at me. We heard a door slam and the officer quickly pulled his hand out of Gerald’s pants and continued to frisk him in the normal way.

The second cop came up.

“I spoke to the maitre d at Francisco’s. He said they eat there all the time, they had one drink apiece”.

The first cop said to the second cop, “Well, I thought I smelled pot in the car. I’m going to search the woman now.”

The second officer smiled and said, “Let me know if you need any help.” He winked.

Gerald and I looked at each other as the cop came up behind me. When he pushed himself against me, I felt his hard cock rubbing against my back. He put his arms around me and cupped my breasts with his hands and squeezed them. I looked at Gerald and he just stared at me, with this funny look in his eyes. The cop rubbed and squeezed my breasts again, then slowly moved his hands to my waist. My blouse was loose over my skirt, and he put his hands under it; they were hot and sweaty, and felt up to my breasts again. He pushed my bra up over my breasts, and squeezed my now naked breasts. Gerald just watched. The cop unhooked my bra, and continued to rub my breast with one hand, while he moved the second hand to the slit at the side of my skirt. His hot breath was on my neck. He pushed his sweaty hand into my panties. Then I felt his knees bend as he moved himself in a better position behind me. When he straightened, my feet lifted off the ground and my upper body was on top of the car trunk. I felt his finger in my hole. His breathing was faster as he pushed two more fingers in me and lifted me higher onto the trunk of the car. An unexpected moan escaped my lips.

He said, “Your bitch’s pussy is so wet! She’s loving this”.

A call came over the radio and the other cop said, “Let’s go man.”

He gave Gerald back his stuff.

The first cop said, “I wish I could finish this.”

Gerald told him to, “Fuck off!”

He had to leave, so he just smiled, went to his car and left.

Gerald and I just sat back in our car and we drove to our townhouse. We didn’t speak the rest of the ride. Before we were inside, we were kissing and tearing at each others’ clothes. We were barely inside the door when he took my blouse off. I backed over to the couch undoing my skirt – him, his pants. He had already kicked his shoes off; he quickly pulled his pants and underwear off. My skirt was off. We fell on the couch together, kissing. I opened my legs as he expertly pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and pushed his cock into me in one move. We both groaned; he pushed his cock again even further into me. I gasped and grabbed his buttcheeks, digging my nails into them. Every stroke of his 8 inch cock went deep into my soaking pussy. He hammered at my pussy hard and fast. I screamed at every stroke. Without stopping, he lifted my left leg giving himself better access, burying his cock again, our pelvises colliding over and over. My body was shaking uncontrollably as I orgasmed. He stiffened and yelled as he came too.

He lay on me, releasing my leg; we were both out of breath and soaked in sweat. We were kissing again. The cop was in my head. I wondered if he would have fucked me. If Gerald would’ve been forced to watch?

“What are you thinking about?” Gerald asked.

I said nothing. When he asked again, I told him I was thinking about that disgusting cop, with his fingers inside me.

He asked me if I wasn’t even a little turned on by what happened.

I was turned on, even now, but I would never tell him that; what would he think of me? I told him, half sarcastically, that I was turned on, that I wanted them to take me to the back of the police car and have one fuck my ass while the second forced me to suck his cock. I told him he would have to watch me being forced to pleasure them. As I said the words, I felt my pussy juices start to build. I know I blushed! I hoped he thought I was joking. I looked at him and he had this weird look in his eyes again. He raised himself up and leaned on the opposite side of the couch – his cock was hard again.

I sat up. I wanted his cock; I grabbed it and greedily licked it, sucking on the head. I kneeled on the couch and licked our love juices off his pole. He watched me clean him off, opening his legs to give me more of him to lick. Our smells and juices mixed together was intoxicating. I licked him clean. His cock glistened with my saliva. izmit escort bayan I climbed on. He grabbed my hips as I rode him. I was already cumming, but I rode his cock harder thinking about another man’s big cock inside me. Thinking about Gerald watching as I fucked a stranger’s cock brought on another intense orgasm. My pussy muscles constricted around his cock, as I screamed and grabbed his shoulders trying to hold on, my whole body shook uncontrollably.

We lay in each others arms again. Later he got up and ordered some food.

While we waited, still undressed, he asked me, “What would you have done if that cop had started to fuck you?”

I laughed. “Fuck him back, he was kinda cute”.

He positioned my face so he could look into my eyes.

“Did you want that cop to fuck you?”

I said, truthfully, “Yes”.

He looked sort of quizzically into my eyes, and then kissed me. We started rubbing on each other, getting hot again.

The doorbell rang. I got up to go to the bedroom; he held my arm.

“Don’t leave”.

I lay back naked on the couch. Gerald slipped on his boxers. He opened the door fully; I could see the delivery guy. It was the son of the manager of the restaurant Gerald and I go to all the time. Gerald knows he has a little crush on me. Whenever we go to the restaurant, he makes sure he talks to us, and when I go alone he walks me to my car always telling me about his college girlfriends. He could see all of me, he looked frozen, but with a smile. I stood up and casually walked over to the get some beers from the refrigerator. As I walked back to the living room, he was still looking at me. Gerald thanked him and closed the door. When Gerald turned around, I don’t know why I blushed.

We ate, drank, fucked a couple more times, and then went to bed.

Two days ago……….

My day started as usual. I got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went for a jog. After I got back I showered, breakfasted, then, onto a multitude of wedding stuff. But it worked out that almost everything was done and I only had a few last minute details to take care of. At about 12:00 noon when my errands were done, I went back to the townhouse to get ready for the “bachelorette party.”

I left the townhouse around three and went to the hotel to meet Emily. When I arrived at her room the door was open and when Emily saw me she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, saying that she was glad I had come, how nice I looked, and thanked me again for coming early so we could talk before everyone arrived. I noticed there was a camcorder next to the television, and it looked like it was running. I asked her if she was going to tape our together time. She laughed, but didn’t turn it off. She poured us both a glass of wine.

We sat and talked for a while. She apologized again for being a bitch and told me she looked forward to our relationship changing forever. I smiled and went along with her. She got us a second glass of wine and when we finished I got up to get a third. When I stood, I felt a little woozy, but, it felt good. When I sat back with her, I noticed how pretty she was. I never really thought about how much she looked like her brother. She was as beautiful as he was handsome. I put my glass down and I don’t know why I did it but I bent over and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t seem surprised. I felt hot, my breasts were aching and my pussy was throbbing, needing to be filled. I bent toward her again, and she put her glass down as I started kissing her again, pushing my whole body onto her. She leaned back as I began to kiss her harder, pushing our breasts together, feeling her respond.

The doorbell of the hotel room rang and we separated. She quickly brushed herself down and went to the door. I looked over to see who it was, but instead of a woman, it was a very handsome man. He smiled lasciviously at me as he walked into the room. They both went over to the television and she whispered something to him. He looked at me and shook his head, smiling even more. He was very handsome.

The room doorbell rang again, and Emily grabbed her bag and started to head toward it. I got up to follow her. As she walked out, two more men walked in. They were also very handsome. I tried to walk past them, but they each grabbed an arm and pulled me back into the room. I should have been screaming but their hands were so big, so hot – I liked being manhandled. I liked how their strong hands felt on my bare arms.

I heard more voices, as the first guy came over to me and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt someone else kissing my neck, and squeezing my breasts from behind. I felt my dress being pulled up as another was undoing my zipper. My dress was pulled over my head as kisses were placed on my stomach and back. My underwear was being pulled down – I stepped out of them. The first guy’s shirt was now off as he ripped my bra from my breasts and pulled my naked body against his; he was kissing me again.

He izmit sınırsız escort pushed me backwards toward the bed; I heard more new voices! I laid back onto another naked body. The first guy pulled me back up; I encircled his waist with my legs. He lowered us both to the bed and I felt the head of a dick at my asshole. My left leg was pulled up as the hard cock was pushed into my asshole. I screamed with pain. I was pushed back again as the first guy aligned his cock up to my cunt and pushed. I have never experienced this in my life. I screamed for him to fuck me.

He said, “I’m gonna fuck you hard, baby,” and started to pump his cock inside of me.

There were cocks in my face. I started sucking them. There were voices all around me….


…something’s ringing…a phone? Where am I?Oh yeah, hotel room….I remember! I ache everywhere. My pussy…asshole, mouth… what happened, where are my clothes? FUCK!omigod! I can’t believe what happened. I looked down on myself – I was bruised everywhere, dried cum on me.

I started crying, picking up whatever I could find, and put them in the hotel laundry bag. My bra was in two pieces on the floor. There were condoms everywhere. I could barely find my clothes and shoes with all the tears in my eyes. I finally got dressed, and started to look around the room to make sure I didn’t forget anything and that’s when I saw the camcorder. It had a message pasted to it. “PUSH PLAY.” I closed my eyes briefly, shook my head and pushed the button.

It started with a close-up, my leg up, a naked man fucking my pussy hard, another cock in my asshole. The camera, moves to my face, I’m taking turns sucking on two cocks on either side of my head, groaning in-between sucks and telling the first guy how good his cock feels. His was the only face I recognized. I turned off the tape. I couldn’t watch anymore. I unhooked the camcorder, made sure I got the memory stick, cords etc., and then made a last sweep of the room. I was sure I got everything, I didn’t leave anything in the trash, I took it all and left. I found the hotel stairwell and hoped it took me outside, it did. I used my car remote to find my car, and then headed home. I was crying. It took me an extra half hour to get home.

After my cry, I showered twice, but it didn’t rid me of this weird, otherworldly feeling I had. I couldn’t make sense of it. I’ve already cried, now what? I tried calling Gerald, but he didn’t pick up or wasn’t around. I went into the guest room and looked at my wedding dress, too bad I won’t get to wear it. At about 2pm, Gerald came home. When I saw him, I just ran to his arms and started crying again. He held me, and then took me over to the couch. He got me some water.

“I’ve been calling your cell all morning. Emily called last night to say you were staying in the city. What’s wrong?”

I couldn’t look at him, I went into the bedroom and brought out the camcorder, and handed it to him. First he looked at me, and then he went to the TV and hooked it up. He pushed play. I was sitting on the couch across the room from Gerald.

He watched as the first guy kissed me; how he pushed me back onto the awaiting cock; how he climbed onto me and started fucking me, and me telling him to fuck me harder. I just balled myself up on the couch. I couldn’t look at him. Gerald had this surprised look on his face, and then he went over and stopped the recording.

He came over to me and said, “Get dressed, we’re going for a ride.”

I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly, I said, “We should talk, I understand if you don’t want to marry me.”

He told me again to get dressed.

I waited in the bedroom until he called me. When I came out, his family’s limousine was waiting outside.

“Where are we going? I don’t want to see Emily!”

He smiled at me, “Don’t worry, we won’t see her again if I can help it”.

I barely said hi to Rod, the limo driver, as he held the door for me. Rod is 6′ 1″ with almost jet black skin, incredibly handsome. He doesn’t usually speak, unless absolutely necessary. Rod started to work for Gerald’s family when he was 18; Gerald and I were still in junior high. Gerald says he is more like a brother to him, more like family than his sister has ever been. I know Gerald trusts him implicitly. In the limo, Rod had put together a basket of food for us. I had a couple of glasses of champagne, I didn’t feel like eating, plus I was worried that I didn’t know where Gerald was taking me.

The limo stopped. When I got out, we were at a cliff, overlooking the city, very secluded. Gerald and I looked over at the skyline as Rod set up the picnic. We only had some champagne, so Rod put the food away. We sat on the blanket, and Gerald started to kiss my neck. I lay down as he rubbed his hand all over me, squeezing and massaging my breasts. When he started to undress me, I let him. I was going to let him do whatever he wanted. After what I had done, how could I stop him? Rod was watching us, and soon I was completely naked as Gerald continued kissing me and was pushing his fingers inside my pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. I closed my eyes and when I reopened them, Rod was standing over us. He was completely naked, rubbing his cock.

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