Bachelor’s party helpers


Bachelor’s party helpersSo this past weekend was interesting to say the least lol. That group I’m with, last week one of the guys was talking to me and a few other girls and wanted us all to get together this weekend and do him a favor. Basicly it was one of his friends bachelor party and he wanted to throw him a fun night so me and a few girls went out and bought the maid outfit, under it we wore lace thongs, a garter belt and stockings, no need for bras.       Saterday everyone gathered at his place for dinner while me and the girls were in the kitchen. Once he gave the word we all came out with plates full of food just like waitresses. All his friends were suprised to see us dressed like that and as we were walking by he made a quick announcement we knew was coming, touching is allowed. Only took a few seconds before each plate I set down I felt a hand rubbing my inner thigh, I just smiled and moved to the next one to set the plate down. By the time we got back to the kitchen while they ate I had both inner thighs rubbed, my ass grabbed multiple times, my pussy rubbed a couple times bursa escort and my tits grabbed alot. We quickly fixed our outfits before grabbing pitchers and going back out to refill drinks, same thing happened as we leaned between people to refill drinks. We all just smiled because we enjoyed it as much as they did.         Once they all finished we quickly went out and gathered the plates and took them back to the kitchen while dessert was fixed. Once ready to go we all agreed for a bit more fun with them and we all took our panties off and left them behind as we went to serve the dessert. We only managed to set 2 plates down before someone went to rub my pussy and discovered no panties, he quickly made the announcement to everyone and each plate we sat down had hands between our legs rubbing our pussies, even sliding a finger or 2 inside before we stepped away to set the next plate down. Once done we headed back to the kitchen once again while they ate.            They all finished so we went and gathered up the plates and put them in the kitchen before leaving out a side bursa escort bayan door and down to a bedroom, in there we all got changed, each of us had a different outfit but mine was a black and red pushup bra with a short short frilly black skirt and black lace panties. Once we all got dressed we went to the livingroom and waited while one of the girls went to the door to the dining room, poked her head in as to know show off what she’s wearing and got everyone’s attenuon before using her finger to show everyone to come into the living room. Didn’t take long before we heard all the chairs moving on the floor and everyone comming to the living room. As they came through they saw us and got excited.         We had the Bachelor and his best men sit on the couch spread apart a bit, someone clicked on some music and me and the girls each picked a guy and started giving them lap dances. From grinding our hips against there obviously hard cocks, to pushing there faces between our tits we went for a good while while everyone else sat back and watched. Once we finished with the escort bursa lapdances we went around the room, rubbing against the guys, letting them feel us up while we felt them up. Once we finished there it was getting a bit late so they all wanted to go out drinking before it was too late. We didn’t want to deal with a bunch of drunk guys so we that’s where our night ended… almost.         Before everyone left just to give the Bachelor and his best men one last show we took them to the bedroom we got changed in and had them stand by the wall while me and the girls stripped for them. Once completly naked we went to them and let them feel us up as much as they pleased as we rubbed there cocks through there pants. Once finished they all took off for the bars while we stayed to get dressed in our regular clothes and head home for the night.All in all it was a great night, the Bachelor had fun along with his best men and friends, all us girls had fun helping out our friend for the night. Funny part is I knew a few of the Bachelors friends who were there, they are regulars where I work so that should be interesting seeing them often. I hope I did good writing this, I’m bad with writing stories, especially using paragraphs, I never know when to break so I hope I did all right for anyone who is bugged by bad paragraphs lol

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