Back door in the back seat!!!


Back door in the back seat!!!I’m a married bi-male that loves to hook-up for no-strings sex. I am all bottom when I am with a guy and. when I get horny, I need cock and I don’t take no for an answer. I had been chatting on one of the bi IM services with a guy and sent him an IM asking if he was horny and wanted to have a little fun. He replied saying that he was horny as hell and wanted a nice tight ass to fuck. We chatted for a few minutes about how horny we were and he sent me a message asking if I like black cock. Now when I’m horny, I will hook up with a guy and really don’t care what race he is, but this little white slut loves to be dicked down by a black stud. I told him that I had to have his cock right now! He asked if I could host. I told him there was no way I could and he said that his roommate was straight and awake so there was no way he could host either. I told him I didn’t care where we met, I just wanted that cock. I asked him what kind if car he drove. I got excited when he said it was a full-size SUV. I told him I would do him in the back seat, and gave him directions on where to come and pick me up. I went to the corner where I told him to meet me, and he showed up right on time. He was driving a big black SUV with all the extras and had a really hot straight porn movie playing on the DVD player. I climbed in the passenger seat and we drove off and I checked out the movie while we drove. This blond girl was getting fucked from behind by one big black stud, while she was blowing another even bigger stud. The cocks on there guys were enormous, and I was hoping I would be as lucky as she was. I told him to just find a dark street to park on and scooted over as far in my seat as I could without falling onto the console. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh and he grabbed it and pulled asyabahis yeni giriş it up to his crotch. His cock was big! And it wasn’t even hard yet. I rubbed up and down on his cock through the fabric of his khakis and felt it starting to grow and stiffen. I began to get hornier and hornier feeling the size of his dick, and I told him to hurry and find a place to stop because I was dying to suck his cock. After about 5 more minutes of driving he pulled over and I took a quick look around. There were very few cars parked on the street and none of the houses looked like they had any lights on so I figured this was as good a place as any. I climbed between the front seats, and stopped about halfway through to let him see my cute little ass sticking up in the air. He gave my ass a good long squeeze and a rub as I wiggled it and told him that it was his tonight. I climbed the rest of the way into the back seat and asked him to join me. I kicked off my sandals and slipped my shorts off so he could see the silky panties I had on. He climbed back to where I was, and sat close to me. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and slowly pulled his zipper down to expose his growing cock. He lifted up slightly so I could work his pants down and his cock sprung up in my face. He was huge! It was a good 9″ long and at least 2 1/2″ across with a dark black shaft and a plum shaped head that was almost white and was still growing. I jacked up and down on his shaft and asked him if I could suck him. He just pushed my head down to his cock. I let the head of his cock slide into my mouth and continued jacking the shaft with my hand. I could taste the pre-cum and he started moaning about how hot my mouth felt on his dick. I licked up and down the underside of his cock, which had grown to at least 10″ by asyabahis giriş now and was so thick I could just get my fingers to close around it. I took his head back into my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. He placed one hand on my head and began to force my mouth to take more and more of his huge cock. His other hand was rubbing my ass and he slipped a finger under the back of my panties and began fingering my lubed ass-pussy. I gagged a little when that big cock hit the back of my throat, but I wanted it all and he was going to make sure I got it. After a couple more bobs up and down, my throat began to allow the big shaft to enter. I finally felt my chin hit his balls. He groaned and told me how good it felt to have his whole cock sucked, and that his girlfriend couldn’t even get half of his cock in her mouth. I kept letting him fuck my mouth with his cock, and I could feel him slip another finger into my tight slick ass. I knew he was going to fuck me with that big cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I didn’t have to ask what he wanted now. He slid my panties down off my hips and I pulled them down my legs so I would be able to spread my legs enough to get that cock in me. I really wanted to take him bareback, but I didn’t know him well enough to chance it. Even a cock that great isn’t worth dying for, so I got a condom out of my shorts and rolled it down his cock and got the lube on it. I straddled his lap reverse cowgirl style, reached behind me, grabbed that great big rock hard cock and put the head at the entrance to my tight asshole. I felt the very tip of it begin to slip into me and I gasped as I felt the thickness if his cock begin to stretch my hole wider than it ever had been before. I rocked back and forth on his hard cock, each time taking a little more of asyabahis güvenilirmi that monster into my ass. I couldn’t believe how much cock I already had in me, and I looked down and at least half of it was still outside. I continued to work myself up and down on his cock, and I could feel him begin to thrust slightly up into me, forcing a little more of his shaft into me with every bounce. OMG that cock was big! I kept going until I was sitting completely in his lap. It was all the way inside me. And it felt amazing. I felt so full of cock, and I began fucking myself on his cock. I fucked him like that for a few minutes until I was satisfied that my ass was stretched enough to take it, and I bent over, putting my chest between the front seats so he could fuck me doggy style. He grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass-pussy like he meant it. I was moaning with pleasure and a little bit of pain as he pounded his monster cock in and out of me. He pulled it all the way out and slammed it back into me and I felt my own cock began to shoot streams of cum from the pressure he was putting on my prostate from both his size and his constant thrusting. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes like that, sweat was pouring out of both of us and the windows of the SUV were totally fogged up. I felt his cock get even harder and grow just a little more and I knew he was going to shoot his load of hot cum. I begged him to finish off in my mouth, and he pulled his cock out of my ass and I turned around, pulled the rubber off his dick and took him into my mouth. The first spurt hit me in the back of my throat and I swallowed it down, pulled his dick out of my mouth and let the next several spurts shoot all over my face and my hair before taking his cock back in my mouth to swallow the last few loads.I collapsed into the back seat of the SUV and tried to catch my breath while he did the same. My ass felt like he’d driven the SUV up in it, and I knew I would be sore as hell the next morning. Once we caught our breath we got each other’s digits and made plans to hook-up for more SUV steam treatment.

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