Back in the Saddle


I was certainly surprised to be doing what I was, or rather to what was being done to me. Just 24 hours previous I had been thinking about my flight back home while driving through ‘old home’ country, an area that had been familiar to me as a teenager some years previous. And now I was sitting on a kitchen chair, a half eaten breakfast on the table in front of me, and tiny naked older lady riding me. Well, she wasn’t quite riding me yet, but she was close to it. And all without warning, well that’s not quite true; there had been signs leading up to this encounter that the sex genie was lurking. The tiny lady had suddenly tugged my bathrobe open and swung in over me in the chair with her legs each side of mine while pushing her pussy ahead to rub against my shaft.

Maybe I should explain. The lady riding me was a Step-aunt, if there is such a thing. She was the Stepmother of my cousins, so I would guess that she would not be classed as a full aunt. I was thirty at the time and she was about twenty years older. The reason that I knew her this well was that she had married my mother’s older brother, my Uncle Bill, following the death of his first wife and leaving him to raise six teenage kids. They had lived on a farm where I spent several summers in my youth working for my dinner as part of their family. My other cousins and I called her Aunt Tot because of her tiny body. She was a defiant and determined woman, thrust into looking after six unhappy teenagers who naturally felt that they had been victimized by the death of a mother they loved.

Aunt Tot could have been buried by the anger poured at her by my cousins. But she stood firm and soon assumed control by applying a compassionate but stiff discipline in the household. It took some years for the children to grow to acknowledge that she had helped them regain the road to adulthood in good shape.

On my summer visits to the farm, I experienced some of the rigid discipline that she applied to keep my cousins on the straight and narrow. She was so tiny that she could crawl into any space after one of them had disobeyed a standing order, quite often threatening them with a broom. Her husband, Uncle Bill, was a big strong happy go lucky man who was content to release the raising of his children to this scrappy little woman, who just as often came after him for not wiping his feet or for disobeying some other household dictum. He would just grin, pick her up and cuddle her until she subsided in laughter. Aunt Tot could show a happy and fun side to her personality along with a fine sense of humor, but only after order was restored.

I was the lucky one in that household and was treated kindly although I was very careful to live up to the standards set for the rest of the family.

At the time, other than her size, I did not pay a lot of attention to Aunt Tot as a woman. But in retrospect she was a very fine looking lady with a tiny but perfectly formed body. She was always neatly dressed and by noon hour each day she was wearing a housedress or a skirt blouse or sweater combination; no jeans or rough pants for her. And she almost always wore high heels apparently to make up for her slight height, a few inches less than five feet. She was certainly different than most farmers’ wives.

My mother and her brother Uncle Bill were from a large farm family. Bill was the only son to remain on the family farm while the others spread out to greener pastures. They had all known Aunt Tot from childhood, and they were not happy to learn that Bill was going to marry her. I was one of the few of our extended family to think well of her.

She had a reputation for promiscuity in the area, and although it was most likely exaggerated there seemed little doubt that she had experienced many lovers before marrying Bill. She was quite a bit younger than he and came from a dysfunctional family; both her parent’s were alcoholics and a good portion of the food that she and her siblings had to eat came from friends and neighbors. She told me some years later that she believed that one of the reasons that she had been so tough on Bill’s children, was that she saw them as being spoiled what with living in a nice home, having all the food and clothes they needed along with loving parents, and yet seeming less content than she and her siblings had been.

Aunt Tot now lifted herself higher until her small breasts were at my mouth and her pussy positioned over my erection. She pulled my head to her and I began to kiss and suck her nipples, while I moved my hands up and down her thighs and hips before grasping her by her ass cheeks, barely a handful.

I groaned and she moaned as my cock first brushed her pussy, she circled her hips in an attempt to capture my rigid shaft and then clamped her pussy lips just behind my knob, squeezing and releasing it erotically. “Feel good honey, worth waiting for? I like to ride.” she whispered as we clenched together Mersin Eskort

on the kitchen chair.

She worked her way down my shaft until she had settled on my thighs. I was quite amazed that she had taken it in so easily given how tiny she was. And not because I am particularly well endowed, I’m not; she is just that small a lady.

I hadn’t seen her for some years, in fact not since the funeral for Uncle Bill about 5 years previous. By that time, they had sold the farm to a land developer and used the proceeds to purchase one of the most luxurious homes in the small farming community located about ten miles from the farm. Their children departed for the big cities and warmer climates and she and Bill had settled in for a life free of work and worry only to have him pass on a few years after the move. One had to feel for Uncle Bill, a hard workingman who always did the right thing but who missed out on what should have been the free and easy life of retirement.

Aunt Tot remained strong through his lingering illness, through the final details of funerals and estate settling and other legal matters, and dealt compassionately with the grief of his children and the rest of his family despite how they had treated her in the past.

One event that stayed in my mind from the days surrounding the funeral; was the parting kiss Aunt Tot planted on me during a few moments alone with her. It was surprisingly passionate and no doubt was the catalyst that had lead to her currently sitting naked on my lap with my cock buried inside of her.

She began to rise and settle on me, her little tits crushing against my chest, her lips and tongue busy on my neck, behind my ears and brushing my lips. Her lovemaking was intense and continuous. We were lost in the pleasure of each other’s bodies, no thought of social or family niceties, just wallowing in the sensual pleasures of a man and a woman mating.

She was very good, obviously experienced and enjoying her craft. She began a little twist of her hips as her pussy slurped its way up my shaft, only to reverse twist on the downward stroke. The speed of her moves increased incrementally to the point I was poised and waiting expectantly for each upward or downward stroke.

Her tunnel clamped like a rubber glove around my shaft as she lifted upward, then softened and released as she plunged back down, a thousand little tongues lapping at my hard bone. The slap of her ass cheeks on my thighs added to the sound of her juicy pussy munching away at my cock and the soft moans and groans of two people alone in a parallel world. The ‘cum column’ was rising in my body, from my ankles to my kneecaps up to my thighs. I waited expectantly for her final drive, restraining my own need to seize her and fuck her hard.

I had traveled through this area on business on several occasions during the last few years but had never had or taken the time to come and see how Aunt Tot was doing. I knew that my cousins visited her a few times a year, but I had no idea what sort of life she was living in this comfortable but old town, itself a survivor from another era. A Christmas card had served as a reminder and so on this particular trip I arranged to take an extra day in an attempt to see her. My return trip home would be out of an airport about 60 miles away from her house. I called her a few days previous to my arrival and suggested that we go out for dinner at a nice restaurant in her town on my last day and then return to my hotel and fly out the next morning, a Saturday morning.

She replied bluntly, as always, that there were no decent restaurant in her hometown but she would love to meet me in the city where I was staying on my last night. She would come by bus early in the day, do some shopping and then meet me for dinner before catching the last bus home that night. Aunt Tot had never learned to drive. I knew that there was not much point in arguing with her and agreed to meet her in my hotel, where she could dump her purchases before we went out to dine.

I met her in the hotel lobby at the appointed time. She looked quite stunning. She wore a form fitting business suit, frilled white blouse, black stockings and very high heels. She appeared, as always, very much in command but pleased to see me.

She felt like a toy doll, albeit a woman doll, as I took her into my arms for a welcoming embrace. She somehow managed to brush every part of my body with a breast, her hip and her very soft hands. This was starting out more like a date than a nephew meeting his aunt for dinner. The age difference with my companion did not register with me at all, and I doubt that it did with others who saw us together.

We went up to my suite and she refreshed in the bathroom in preparation for our dinner date. She came out looking even more desirable, smoothing her hips with her hands and pushing her little breasts forward as if in offering. She smiled Mersin Escort Bayan in appreciation of my obvious delight at her appearance. She pressed against me again, lifting her head up to meet my lips. Soft warm lips, a touch of tongue and she whispered, “So nice to see you again. Let’s enjoy our evening.”

Aunt Tot was approaching orgasm as she bounced up and down on my lap. After completing each down stroke she would drive her hips and my cock forward as if shifting gears before sliding her pussy back up my shaft to repeat it again and again. Her pace was slowing, power replacing speed like a steam engine near the end of an uphill grade. And then, in apparent surrender, she clasped her hands behind my head and lay back away from me with her body convulsing and jerking. I lifted her butt up to give me space to deliver the coupe de grace.

We enjoyed a great dinner in an upscale restaurant. We relived the days on the farm, using ‘remember when’ as an opening for tales and stories, mostly to do with funny or memorable events from those not so long ago days.

We drank a bottle of red wine. I had never known her to take a drink of any sort, even at family parties, yet here she was knocking back her share right along with me. Her eyes softened as the evening wore on, she placed her hand on mine several times, our knees met under the table, and I was suddenly thinking about what she kept in her panties as my knee slipped between hers without protest. This was a very different Aunt Tot. Neither of us wanted the evening to end and we lingered too long before becoming aware of her bus departure time. We scurried back to my room to get her things before realizing that it was too late.

My mind was a little lost. What should I do? I sensed that she didn’t want to part. Should I suggest she stay with me in my one bed suite? Or maybe I should offer to acquire another room for her. I was treating her like a live grenade; one wrong suggestion could blow up in my face.

I finally said, “What the hell I’ll take you home, it’s only a few hours drive there and back and I’m not tired at all. My plane doesn’t leave until noon hour tomorrow.”

I could sense her relief and she immediately accepted, “Oh good, I didn’t want to say goodbye to you just yet. Why not check out of the hotel and stay at my house tonight, you can make it back in time for your flight in the morning.” I shrugged and agreed.

She was pleased and melted into my arms for a very affectionate hug. As I held her close she pushed her hips forward to meet mine. I was semi-erect and she and moved her belly up to it. Following an extended suggestive rub she pulled back smiling, “We better get moving.” Once again, Aunt Tot was controlling events.

I had a desperate need to get off in her. But it was awkward; the chair was bouncing across the room and her body was so relaxed she was flopping like a rag doll and I could barely keep her lined up to drive my cock up into her.

I worked my way to a standing position with my tiny Aunt still impaled on my cock, bracing her with one hand under her shoulders. I duck walked around to the end of the table and lay her on her back. She returned to awareness, her eyes staring wildly up at me as I positioned myself between her legs. I shrugged my robe off, rolled it and placed it under her head. She raised her knees to brace against my shoulders, assuming a fetal position as I continued to plunder her pussy.

We were not long into the drive when she raised the subject of sex, and she did it in a strange way. She said, “You must have heard the stories about me before I married Bill.”

I attempted to keep it light without denying that I knew, “I suppose so, but we never made much of an issue of it at home, it was just gossip.”

She said, “I know, your mother was the only one to never hold it against me, she was just happy that Bill had found a woman to help raise his teenage children. My respect for her was part of the reason that I never objected to having you stay with us in the summer months.”

I thought that it would end there, but after a few minutes of silence she continued, “A lot of the stories were not true, I heard them all, but I do admit to having more sex than most. I suspect it was to make up for the left out feeling that I had because of my destitute home life, just wanting someone to accept me as being worth something, even if it was just for sex.

I had to quit high school and find work to help feed my younger brothers and sisters. I used sex to get and keep jobs. Store managers, a bank manager, the town cop, it didn’t matter to me, kisses and feels in back rooms, motels for sex, I did it if I thought it would get me a job or a raise or keep my brothers out of trouble. Didn’t do any hooking though, despite some of the stories.” And then another pause, “I enjoyed sex. I loved it when a man desired and wanted me. They were nearly Mersin Escort all older men and I really never had a bad experience with any of them.”

I was a little at a loss for words, what can one say? But I was also aroused, thinking of this little gal beside me happily screwing other men.

She wasn’t finished, “But I was always true to Bill. He was a great man, he knew all about my background when he asked me to marry him. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Made it even easier that he was good in bed!” She laughed a little, “Six kids was sort of proof of that pudding. But I could never have a child, God knows I tried with him.”

I was struggling to say something while aroused by her admissions. What can you say? ‘Good for you’, ‘sorry Aunt Tot’, ‘I never held it against you’, ‘you do what you have to do’, none of them seemed appropriate. I suppose in an attempt to keep the subject on sex I asked, “And what about since Bill died?”

She laughed and said, “Are you asking if I am getting any these days?”

I said, “Well yes as a matter of fact. You are very beautiful, you look great so you must have guys knocking on your door.”

She had me hooked now, and probably where she had hoped that I would go and said, “Would you come knocking on my door Jim?” She slipped closer to me on the seat, one breast against my arm, and a hand on my knee. Luckily traffic was light, I had only met one car to this point, but I pulled to the side of the road before answering.

Her face was close to mine, I was fully aware of her breast and hot hand touching me as I said, “I think that you know the answer.” She kissed me as I moved my hand to her knee and slipped it part way up under her skirt along her velvet inner thigh to the top of her stocking. She probed my lips with her tongue and allowed her legs to part; I could sense the surrender in her body. I was sure that she would be mine that night.

She pulled back from me, straightened her skirt and in what I can only describe as a contented manner said, “Good, better keep going, I haven’t made out in a car for a long time.” She giggled for some reason.

But it wasn’t over; she continued to tease me as if the seduction was still under way. It wasn’t necessary to my mind; I was ready to lay her right there in the front seat.

She said, “To answer the question, yes I still seek sex. It took a while to refocus but sex has been one of my real pleasures in life going back many years. I am smarter now than before, and I have enough money that I can pick my spots and my partners. I have seldom taken a lover at home, the town is too small and I am much more cautious than I once was. I am not looking to remarry, I am just open for sex on occasion.” She was turning herself on with her admissions, shifting back toward me on the seat, wanting to touch me again. For my part, I was content to listen and to harvest the fruit when it ripened.

“I have a friend in town, Millie is also a widow, she is a little younger than I but we have much the same tastes in matters of life and sex. We go on trips together a few times a year, usually to a warm location, occasionally on cruises. We do all of the things that tourists do, enjoy the sights, go to fine restaurants, drink too much wine, and if lucky find lovers, jointly, we never go alone with a man. We are not desperate in our search for sex, the guy or guys have to be right.”

My mind was spinning, two horny women looking for sex, my God what a dream. As a man who traveled constantly I fully appreciated the possibility of meeting a pair such as these two ladies. My mouth was dry as I asked, “What kind of men do you look for? I mean, older, younger, different race?”

She giggled and moved against me once more. “Got your attention again did I? Why is it that two women looking for sex drives guys crazy.” She placed her hand on my knee and rubbed me seductively, higher and higher until the side of her hand bumped the end of my cock trapped down my pant leg. “You’re getting hard, I bet you started thinking ‘threesome’ immediately. But to answer your question about types of men, all of the above but our preference would be for unmarried men about your age, and build.” That hit home as she fully expected it would.

A sign for a roadside picnic area suddenly appeared and I quickly turned into it. It was quite dark, starlight only, and the car park was empty of other vehicles. We bounced to a stop. Luckily I remembered to shift into ‘park’. I pulled my Auntie over my lap on her back; she facing up at me as my hand pulled the front of her skirt. She raised her butt to help. I felt her pussy through her panties and garter belt.

She lay supine, not opposing me in any manner, allowing her legs to spread to receive my full hand. God it looked hot, there was enough pale light to make out her black stocking tops, garter belt and panties stark against her white skin. We gazed at each other as I rubbed her pussy and then felt her breasts. I must have looked a little wild and out of control because she appeared to be in a subdued state of mind, not really knowing how to react and certainly not defiant.

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