Bad Mood? Good Mood?


I’m on my hands and knees trying to tuck one of the sheets edges into the bed as you walk in the room…you tell me not to move…and I glance over my shoulder to see you walk in the bedroom door shirtless, the jeans your wearing seam to be molded to the muscles in your legs, and there is a distinct bulge along the material. I smile and open my mouth to say welcome home, only to be stopped by your stern look as you tell me to shut up. “All I could smell all day was your pussy, no matter what I did I could smell your pussy from last night all over my body. You came so much on my fingers that I can’t get your scent off me,” you say as you slowly unbuckle your belt. My body tingles with anticipation as I see your eyes fix to my body.

Sliding your belt off you snap it once before you drop it to the floor, your closer now to the edge of the bed. I moan as I see your cock through the faded material, reaching back with my hand I try to run my fingers along your thigh but you slap my hand away.

“Didn’t I tell you not to move?” you ask.

“Yes,” I reply slowly as I look back to your eyes, I don’t understand why you’re being like this. Your usually as hot and horny as I am, and you love when I touch you.

“Well then I think you deserve a spanking for being such a bad girl,” you grab my hips and pull me to the edge of the bed as you use your other hand to spank my covered bottom.

“Ohh, what’s wrong with you? I ask.” You know I’m not into spanking. I try to wiggle away but your hands are digging canlı bahis into my hip just slightly as I move.

“Well you’re not usually so disobedient and your pussy isn’t usually soaked through your nightshirt when I come home,” you grab for my nightshirt and pull the material up around my hips.

Looking down I notices your right, one slap and the look in your eyes has gotten me soaking wet. My panties are already soaked through and I see the damp spot on the bulky t-shirt I had worn to bed.


My thighs quiver slightly as I feel your hand slap against my panty clad ass. I moan as you pull your hand up and slap my ass again. I can feel the tingle left by your hand as I press my ass back against you. I hear your zipper being pulled down and my breathing starts to sound heavy in the thick air. I’m so excited and yet I cant believe your spanking me. I wonder what’s gotten you in such a bad mood, or maybe its good…

“You like that don’t you, your such a little bitch you know that baby,” you whisper into my ear, as your hand reaches around and pulls my panties tightly into my wet cleft. Rubbing the wet fabric into my slit against my already swollen clit.

Moaning low in my throat I rock forward hoping to meet your hand and feel the pressure of your fingers against my clit. I need release I am on the bring of an orgasm and all I want is to feel your fingers fuck my pussy. “Please” I beg softly as you pull your hand from my panties and slap my bottom again.

“What do you bahis siteleri want my little bitch? You want me to touch your wet little cunt?”

Your words drive me crazy as I reach down to touch myself. My hand gets halfway there before I feel your hard grasp on my wrist as you move onto the bed and push my hands back down in front of me…. I can feel the heat of your body near my ass, meeting with the heat you’ve generated with your slaps…. I cry out wanting more.

Grabbing my chin you turn my head back to look into your face once again, you see the need in my eyes along with a glistening of disbelief, at this you smile.

Ripping my soaking wet black panties aside you suddenly push your swollen cock deep into my body.

“Fuck, oh god yesss…mmm” my body explodes with the unexpected invasion.

“Fucking slut, you cant even wait for me, you cum the minute your pussy is stuffed. You want more cock baby, huh my little slut?” you question my quivering body as I rock back and forth against your cock…feeling my pussy juice soaking my thighs, I can hear your cock slapping in and out of me as you pound into me harder and harder. Your heavy balls are slapping against my body with increasing speed.

“God yes, fuck my pussy, Give it to your little slut, I’ve been so bad. I fingered my pussy all morning, I need your cock now though, oh yesssssssssssssssss”

Holding onto my hips your grinding your cock deeper into my pussy, no longer thrusting in deep slow motions, but now rapid canlı bahis siteleri quick movements shoving your erection through my swollen flesh and deep into my body. You feel your balls shift as your cock stiffens harder and your balls start to unload your thick cum through your cock …at the first burst of cum you slam your cock so deep into my pussy hearing me scream with pleasure.

“Yessss, cum in me baby…. give it to me baby” I cry out.

As your thick cum starts shooting into my pussy you pull out and start shooting off your load on the smooth skin of my backside along my ass. You watch as you’re cum drips down my body pooling in the curve of my back and ass.

Flipping me over onto my back you look into my eyes as your grasp your cock into your4 hand and milk the last of your cum out onto my breasts.

Looking up at you, I see your eyes glazed over from an earth shattering climax as I cover your hand with mine and stroke your cock slowly until I feel it softening beneath our hands. I rise up on my elbows and take the head of your cock into my sweet red lips. Slowly sucking your cock clean with my lips working along the sides. I tongue the tip of your cock letting the last dribbles of your cum slide down my throat.

Mmmmm I think your bad mood might be good after all…..

~~Note From Me~~

Hey all, I hope you enjoyed this little quickie as much as I did. I would just like to let you know if you’re a reader of my stories, I apologize that it’s been so late in coming out with a new story. I’ve lost all my stories with my last computer…I will be back up and running again…my imagination has already been on over drive. Let me know any comments or questions you might have…or just to say Hi 🙂

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