Bad… No Horrible Teacher


Hello My name is Sarah Jones and I am currently a second grade teacher at a public grammar school. I’ve held this position for a few years and have suffered many pathetic pick up attempts from students’ fathers. I always knew that this would be something that I would struggle with being an attractive woman. I’m tall, about 5’10,” with long shapely legs due to playing volleyball and softball in high school/college. I have a nice flat stomach with large c-cup breasts and cute face surrounded by long smooth blonde hair. To say I’m hot is an understatement, and these fathers couldn’t have me in their wildest dreams, but one did…

However that isn’t where my story begins, it actually begins while I was a senior in college finishing up my primary education degree. I was living with my boyfriend, Rick, at the time who was my high school sweetheart, but he never attended the school. When I went away to college he came with me seeing it as an opportunity to “start our life together.” Our rent had always been paid by his parents because they were hopeful he would be motivated to do something with his life. Eventually they cut us off because he refused to get a job, or do anything productive. I was blinded by teenage love and decided to stay with him despite the fact that he was going nowhere. I was naïve and he was very persuasive whenever I even mentioned the thought of leaving him. Rick always knew how to reel me back in and convince me that everything was fine.

The day he told me that we were cut off I was completely dumbfounded. I realized how expensive school was because I took the loans out myself. I never once saw a bill for household expenses and had no idea how much it all cost.

“Babe, we need to talk…” Rick said with a seriousness in his voice.

“What is it sweetie?” I replied.

“My dad called me earlier today and he told me that he’s done paying our way down here. He’s officially cutting us off.”

“But we’re so close!” I exclaimed. “I’m just a few months away from graduating, and after that will either have a job or move back home. They can’t do this to us.”

“I know, I know, I told him that but he wouldn’t listen. He already cancelled all the bank accounts that the rent and stuff gets deposited into.” Rick explained.

“Just call him back and tell him you have job interviews or something, anything that will get him to change his mind.” I pleaded.

“Babe… It’s over…”

“But what are we going to do?” I asked.

“We’ll figure something out babe, we always do.” Rick reassured me.

Months passed and nothing happened and I was beginning to think everything was alright. I mean I figured if we weren’t paying the bills something would have happened by now. I had taken a part time job to make a little extra cash, and Rick had gotten a few jobs. None that he kept for any substantial period of time, but I thought we were okay. But I was wrong.

One day Rick came home in a panic and was screaming about getting the place clean and perfect because the landlord was coming. I didn’t understand because the place wasn’t in bad shape, and the landlord never came to the apartment.

“Rick what is the problem? Why are you so worried?” I asked him.

“Because we are three months behind in rent that’s why!” He shouted

“What!? How?” I replied.

“Because we haven’t been making enough money, all this is fucking expensive, and we just don’t have it.” He yelled at me.

“But what about the money I’ve been making, and you’ve been making? Isn’t that enough?”

“For utilities barely…”

“Why didn’t you tell me this!?”

“I didn’t want it to affect your school work.” He meekly replied.

“Well this is important don’t you think?” I harshly responded.

“Yes it is. That’s why we need to get this place spic and span so when Lenny get’s here we have a leg to stand on. If he sees the place in perfect condition he might be easy on us.”

“How much do we need babe?”

“We’re three months behind so $3,000.”

“Holy shit!”

“It’s a college town babe this is like the cheapest place around.”

We spent the next hour or so picking up the apartment and scrubbing everything down. Then Lenny, our landlord, arrived looking absolutely livid. Rick opened the door Lenny walked in and stared at the apartment. He was a mean looking ugly old man that sported the most hideous comb over I’ve ever seen. I never could have anticipated what would happen next.

“I see you two really cleaned the place up, but it’s not enough. I told Rick that I was done being charitable. You guys are gone as of Monday.” Lenny explained coldly

I began crying and Rick started to plead with Lenny. “Please Lenny don’t do this to us we can pay we just need more time!”

“You said that the last two months Rick! How could I possibly believe you?” Lenny yelled

“Trust me we’ll have it. I promise. We just need more time.” Rick begged. “Let’s talk privately.”

The two men stepped into the kitchen where I could still see them and began talking. They were talking quietly so I couldn’t hear and Rick began saying something. Then Lenny looked over toward me quizzically then began talking to Rick. Whatever he said to Rick clearly made him very upset and began telling Lenny no.

“Well then I guess you two want to be out on your ass. You’re both out of here.” Yelled Lenny.

“No wait I’ll ask her…” Rick said sadly. He came up to me and began filling me in on the convo between him and Lenny. “Be cool babe but there’s only one way we can stay here past Monday, but just don’t freak out.”

“What’s that?” I interjected.

“You have to go down on him.” Rick said without looking at me.

“Excuse me? What!? There is no fucking way! How could you even suggest something like that!? How could you agree to it!? Do you even care about me at all!?” I spewed out. “You know we can’t pay him! What happens afterward!? I Just keep blowing him!? I don’t fucking think so!”

“We CAN pay him. We just need some time babe you just have to trust me…”

“How!? Tell me! I’m not doing it, forget it!” I screamed

“It’s still in the works, but we can pay, just please do this for us.” He begged.

“US!? More like you! I can stay with any number of friends you’re the one with nowhere to go.”

“I do to, I just want to stay here with you, I love you.” He said this gazing into my eyes and he just kept staring until we were interrupted.

“Are we doing this or what!” Lenny yelled impatiently.

“If I do this we’ll have enough time? It’ll be just once? we can pay? Promise me.” I said softly

“I promise babe it’ll work out I have it all in the works just trust me.”

“Okay….” I said and my heart immediately dropped out of my chest. Lenny walked over with the most perverted grin I’d ever seen.

“Fuck yes. get on your knees baby.” He said as he approached

“Right here?” I asked

“Yes right here. Right now.” Lenny answered. Rick got up to leave the room but Lenny stopped him. “Rick if you stay and watch I’ll give you guys an extra week.” Lenny informed him. To my dismay Rick stopped and sat back down on the couch. I was completely humiliated by this, then Lenny stepped up and started undoing his belt and unzipped his pants.

“I’m not doing all the work here, you better reach in there and get it.” My face turned red with anger and I began to reach into his pants to grab his cock. He was already hard and a little bigger than Rick but still not very big. I realized that this would only be the second cock I’d ever sucked and began feeling very embarrassed. “Let’s go I don’t have all day!” Lenny snapped. I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster and engulfed his cock. I decided that I would rock his world in order to make him cum as fast as possible. The faster he came the faster it would be over.

“Wow Rick you’re a lucky man.” Lenny said as I took his cock completely down my throat. “You whores are all the same.” He said as I sucked. “You all suck dick to get what you want, it’s all you’re good for.” He continued and I glared at both Lenny and my boyfriend. “Suck that dick you stupid bitch, that’s right all the way down you’re fucking throat.” He stopped and took his dick out of my mouth and continued talking to me.

“Tell me you’re a whore” He demanded, but I said nothing. “Say it!”

“Fine. I’m a whore.”

“Ask me to fuck your face like a cunt.”

“NO!” I yelled, then he slapped me in the face.

“Yes. Say It!”

“Fuck you, and fuck you! I’m done here! You guys can suck each other off for all I care!” I freaked out and screamed as I began to leave the room.

“Pack your shit,” said Lenny.

“No babe please you’re almost done.” Rick begged. “Just do this and we’ll forget this ever happened”

I sighed and got back on my knees then looked up into Lenny’s eyes gave him the most sarcastic voice ever as I told him to fuck my face like a cunt.

“Okay” was all he said as he grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my mouth. His grip on my head actually really hurt as he fucked his cock in and out of my mouth. This went on for a few minutes but it felt like hours. Then he asked Rick if he ever came on my face which he hadn’t, no one had ever cum on my face. I wanted to keep it that way but it was just easier to give in. Lenny pulled out and stroked his cock over my face. I was humiliated then he started to spew his cum. The first spurts hit me in the face, my eye of course, and then I tried to dodge. That only resulted in getting cum in my hair. It was absolutely disgusting.

After that Lenny zipped up and made his way towards the door. As he was making his exit he looked back at Rick and said “You have two weeks to get the money.”

I really just blew a guy for two weeks of rent I asked myself. I truly felt like the biggest whore in the world.

“Two weeks really!? How are we going to get the money in two weeks you stupid fuck!?” I screamed at Rick after Lenny left the apartment.

“You’re upset babe. I’ll fill you in when you cool off” He said calmly.

“You don’t have it do you? I did that for nothing.” I said as I began to cry.

“No I swear we can get it, but you need to cool off first.” He tried to reassure me but I was skeptical, and rightfully so. That night I took an hour long shower and cried the entire time. Rick was already lying in bed when I got out of the shower and I reluctantly decided to join him. Although I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, I was still drawn to him.

The next morning I Ankara escort awoke first and waited for Rick to wake up and tell me his plan. I really wanted to wake him up and have him tell me what he had in mind right away but something told me that I wouldn’t exactly want to hear what he had to say. Part of me wanted to pack my shit and leave him, but he was the only man I’d ever loved and was too weak to just leave him there. Besides if I did that than the previous night would have been for nothing and I wasn’t prepared to deal with that.

Rick finally woke up at about 10:00 AM and I confronted him because I desperately needed to know how we were going to pay our past due rent and stay in the apartment.

“Rick. What’s up.” I asked

“Good morning.” He said nervously

“Okay tell me how we’re going to make this right.”

“Well no one will ever know about last night. I’m sorry, but we just needed it.” he explained

“No you need to tell me how we’re going to get the money. You do have it don’t you?” I was beginning to get annoyed.

“Well about that… No I don’t have it. But we can get it I swear.” he hurried.

“Just tell me Rick, why are you avoiding it so much.” I demanded

“I’ve had this in the works for a while now. I just didn’t know how to bring it up. I told Lenny about it last night to show him that we could actually pay, and that’s what gave him the idea..” He babbled

“Oh god! What have you been up to?” I asked sorrowfully.

“Well… I know this girl, she made a lot of money, and in one day too.” He said hesitantly. “But it was sort of similar to last night…”

“What the fuck are you talking about!? You said it would only be the one time! What the fuck Rick!?” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Sarah take it easy, I’m talking about a porn shoot. There I said it. We could be set babe. Just one day, and we would be able to pay off all the rent we owe, and the rent for the rest of the lease.” he explained frantically

“How do you know this? Have you been talking to these people?” I asked

“Well yeah, for a few weeks now. The usual rate is $5,000 for the shoot, but I showed them your picture and they really wanted you. I stalled for so long too scared to bring this up that they actually offered double because they really want you for their site.”

“Oh my god… I feel so heartbroken Rick. You betrayed me. How could you? I thought you loved me? How could you ask me to do this?” I had tears in my eyes now.

“I don’t want you to do this baby. But it’s a good opportunity for us I guess. I mean it’s $10,000.”

“I’m not some fucking whore Rick! What if people find out? It would ruin my career. No one wants some slut pornstar teaching their children Rick.”

“I know, I know, but by the time you get a job and start teaching this shoot will be old news. No one is going to find out about it. You’ll be fine. Besides if you don’t we’ll get kicked out, and we won’t be living together anymore.”

“Maybe that’s exactly what we need.” I shot back.

“Well if we get kicked out then your actions last night were for nothing.” He returned.

“I can’t believe you said that to me Rick… I… I… I hate you. I fucking hate you.”

“I’m so sorry babe. I never meant for this to happen. I never wanted to put you up to this. I really do love you, and it will kill me inside knowing you’re doing this for us. But this is my only idea. If we don’t do this then we need to start packing.” He sighed. “Should we start packing or do you want to see what you’re getting into? They gave me a free password so you could see what the site is all about.” He stared longingly at me for some time, while I returned his star with the most hate filled look I could possibly muster. “I’ll go start packing… I’m sorry I let you down.” He said pathetically.

He began to leave the room with his head hanging down staring at the ground, but I stopped him. “Show me.” I said, but I couldn’t believe it.

“Really? You’ll consider it?” he said excitedly.

“I never said that… I said I wanted to see it.” I corrected him, but I knew that I was hooked.

“Of course, of course, remember you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Just remember this could be great for us.”

Rick hurried off to get his laptop, and when he returned I started to question if I was actually ready to see what he was about to show me. He turned on the computer and opened up the webpage, which caused me to facepalm. “Don’t worry about the name babe, it’s not that bad just watch a few videos with me.” Rick sputtered. He started opening up random videos and they all started the same way, with a woman on a bed giving a interview. He was fast forwarding all over the place quickly going through each video trying to reassure me, but it wasn’t working.

“Leave me. I want to see by myself.” I said coldly

“Um… Okay? Just keep an open mind babe.”

I rolled my eyes and waited for him to leave before I continued to watch. I closed the current video and opened one that featured a tall blonde girl like me. I wanted to see how they treated her. I wondered if any of these girls were doing porn to support dead beat boyfriends like Rick wanted me to do. The woman in the video was named Brandi and she claimed to be 18. Her reason for doing porn was to pay for college, which seemed odd to me. Hadn’t anyone heard of student loans? The video continued with her going down on the guy. He had a massive cock and she was taking it with ease. What a slut I told myself, but then I remembered the night before when I was on my knees sucking cock for a few weeks of rent and my stomach turned over. Next the guy had the girl take clothes off and he started fucking her in every position I could think of. She seemed to be really enjoying the fucking, and even I was curious about fucking a cock that big. Then something happened that I was not expecting. The interviewer asked the girl if she had ever tried anal sex and if she would do it for the video. She admitted never trying it, and she consented. They lubed her up and the guy started fucking her ass, but it didn’t seem that gentle, especially for a first time. The scene went on and ended with a big load of cum covering the girls face, which again took me back to the previous night. I shuddered and continued watching videos and for the most part they were all the same except not every video contained anal. After I got a good idea of what this would entail I started considering my options.

I wanted to get up pack my shit and go to my friend Karen’s house. I could have gone anywhere, any of my friends would have taken me in if I got evicted from my apartment. Then I looked around and realized what I would be losing; all of my personal space, my things, and my life with the only man I’d ever loved. I thought about Rick and what he would do. He would undoubtedly move back home with his parents, and we would grow even farther apart. I definitely wasn’t convinced he was the one at that moment, but I had once, and I wanted to go back to that point in time. If I just did this once I could preserve everything I had at that moment. Lastly I thought about the previous night, and I really didn’t want that to be pointless. I didn’t want to suck the landlords cock just to be thrown out two weeks later. I called Rick back into the room and he slowly entered just staring at me inquisitively.

“Well…?” He asked.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.” I answered

“It’s okay Sarah, I knew I was asking too much of you. This isn’t your thing I know, you’re not a slut.” He said looking to defeated, he was on the verge of tears.

“That’s right. I’m not a slut.” I said forcefully. “But I think I’m gonna do it.” I continued far less confidently.

“Really you’ll do this for us? That’s awesome babe, thank you so much!” He exclaimed coming in for a hug.

“Not for us. There is no us right now… Not until I begin to trust you again.” I snapped as I denied his hug.

“Okay… Well thanks babe. Should I call Jeff, the guys who handles the models and schedule the shoot?” He asked me.

“Yeah go ahead… Just keep it on the weekends. Where do I have to go anyway?”

“No problem babe, he actually comes to us. We just rent a hotel room where the shoot takes place.”

I’m not sure if it was deliberate but the shoot was scheduled for the day before Lenny wanted his money for all the past due rent. I felt so anxious the day that we went to the hotel room. I avoided Rick the whole week, because I was so mad at him. It was infuriating just riding with him to the hotel where we would meet Jeff. It didn’t feel real until I walked into the room and all the lights and cameras were set up. As soon as I walked in I noticed how many people were there and it freaked me out. There were three guys standing there just staring at me.

“What’s going on here? Why are there so many of you?” I asked anxiously.

“Easy sweetie, I’m Jeff and this is Kyle, he is going to be your male talent today.” Jeff consoled me.

“Well what about him? Why is he here?” I demanded

“That’s Joey he’s the light and sound guy. It’s a necessity on every porn set honey. I’m sorry you’re freaked out. I know this can be very nerve racking. Just sit down and take it easy. When you’re ready we can begin going over the details and formalities.” Jeff explained. He seemed so nice and actually helped put me at ease.

They checked my ID and went over the contract with me it all seemed pretty straight forward. I would fuck, they would give me $10,000 and I would receive no other profit generated by the video for their website. The video would become their property and I signed over all legal rights to it. This meant that I could never demand that it be taken down, or sue them for defamation of character. I should have been more concerned with this whole process but there was only one thing weighing on my mind.

“Am I going to have to do anal? I can’t do that. I never have.” I blurted out.

Jeff looked at Rick and gave him a resentful stare then spoke to me. “Well sweetie we’re giving you a lot of money. This is a business after all. We can’t give that much money without getting something worthwhile. We’re gonna need you to do everything we ask. We’ll be extremely gentle with you and make this a very classy shoot, but we have to keep the fans happy as well.” Jeff explained casually.

“What if I’m not comfortable? What if I can’t do something?” I asked weakly

“Well Sarah then we would Ankara escort bayan have to end the shoot and you would get nothing. It would be a breach on contract and we would retain any footage taken from the shoot. You still can back out of this, you don’t have to, you’re not being forced.” he said calmly.

“I’m so sorry I don’t think I can… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to waste your time… It’s just… I can’t… Sorry.” I stumbled on the words.

“No babe you can’t…” Rick started to say.

“No problem love, happens all the time, no worries.” Jeff interrupted him. I felt so much better because I really didn’t want to anymore. “You guys have the cancellation fee don’t you?” Jeff asked.

“What?” I asked with a blank face.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you Sarah. If we cancel we have to pay for the room, their airfare, everything involved in the shoot.” Rick informed me

“It costs a lot of money to get all this stuff here, and we don’t do payment plans…” Jeff said with an evil sound to his voice. It certainly wasn’t the sweet voice that he had been using earlier.

“So now I am being forced to do this?”

“Absolutely not. You can walk out of this room right now and nothing will happen to you.” Jeff reassured me. “But he won’t be going anywhere.” He said pointing at Rick

Rick stared at me pleading with me with his eyes. I wanted to leave, I really did, but I wasn’t sure if they’d kill him or not. I was petrified and did not want to have that blood on my hands. So I agreed. I agreed and they made me put on make up and get pretty and they forced Rick out of the room. I felt so alone now it was jus me ad three strangers and one of them was about to fuck my brains out. We did the interview and it was the same as the videos on the website. What’s your name, how old are you, when did you lose your virginity, what’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done. Blah blah blah. They stopped in the middle though to reprimand me

“Sarah this isn’t good enough. You need to look happier be sexier and tell better stories. You have to sell the viewer.” Jeff scolded her

“I’m being honest… What else do you want?” I asked

“We don’t need honest we need sexy. If the truth is hot go with it, if not make it up make it sexy. Okay? and smile for gods sake, make us believe you want to be here.”

“Well I don’t! What if I want to leave?”

“You can. That’s not a problem. I’m sure we could hunt Rick down for our cancellation fee one way or another. And I’m sure you could figure out another way to pay that rent.”

“I’m trapped.”

“Don’t look at it like that Sarah. Think of it as the opportunity of a lifetime. Or the best fuck you’ve ever had. remember the better you are at convincing us you’re a slut the faster this will be over.”

“Whatever let’s do this.” I said sounding defeated.

The cameras started rolling and I finished up my interview. We took it from the top and I did my best to make it sound hot. They must have been satisfied because they didn’t stop me again. They got me down on my knees and Kyle, the male talent, took out his cock. It was the biggest thing I’d ever seen in my life, it had to be over 10 inches long and almost as thick as my forearm. I started sucking him into my mouth, but couldn’t take very much of him so I started jerking his cock with my hand as I sucked. I played with his balls and moaned around his cock and tried to be convincing.

“Make her take more.” Jeff demanded, and like a robot Kyle started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. It immediately choked me and I started coughing uncontrollably. “Come on Sarah we can’t have you choking and coughing the whole time. Let’s go take it down deep.” Jeff said.

“I can’t it’s too big. What’s wrong with the way I was doing it?”

“It’s not what the fans want to see, that’s what. Now you’re not the first girl we’ve broken and you won’t be the last. The faster you get with the program the faster you’ll be done.”

“This isn’t what I saw online, it seemed nicer.” I explained

“Well that’s where I come in sweet cheeks. We could fucking rape you like the slut you are and I could make it seem like you were a bitch in heat after I was done editing it.”

I felt so ashamed, like a piece of trash, they said I could leave but I knew I couldn’t I was trapped. I got back on my knees and let Kyle’s huge cock invade my mouth once again. He had my head pinned against the side of the bed and started fucking my mouth. Jeff ordered him to get deeper that he wanted my face against Kyle’s pelvis but every time he tried to get past my throat muscles I squirmed and tried to get away.

Jeff paused the scene and told me to take a break that we weren’t getting anywhere. I went into the bathroom and thought about the whole situation and felt like such a slut. I was so stupid for doing this, but there was only one way out and so I returned to the room with a new found zeal. I wanted to get the fuck out of there.

Kyle was laying on the bed and I thought that we were ready to start fucking would have been great, but instead Jeff had me get in the 69 position and continue sucking Kyle. He was finally able to get his cock down my throat and started thrusting into my head. Joey, the camera man, was right in front of me with a hand held camera filming the whole thing. The view finder was flipped towards me so that I could see myself having a huge cock shoved into my face. When I looked at myself all I could see was that girl I called a slut for being able to take a huge dick so easily in the video I watched at home. Spit and snot was oozing all over my face and down onto Kyle’s balls. I was truly disgusted until Kyle started going faster and harder like he was about to cum. Then all of a sudden it was too much and I struggled to get away but couldn’t get away in time. I wound up puking all over the bed and the dick in my mouth which was the single most humiliating moment of my entire life. There was puke everywhere and all anyone said was “Well I guess the blowjob is over I think we got all we need. Lets strip the bed and get cleaned up so we can continue.”

I was just an object or a toy to them and I couldn’t believe I was allowing my body to be used like this. The fucking was hard and fast the whole time they didn’t ask me what positions I wanted to do they just threw me around like a rag doll. Jeff would tell Kyle what he wanted and he would push shoved and move my body and pound his cock into me. My only solace was when I was on top and allowed to grind and move on his cock to my liking, but that didn’t last long. Kyle even found a way to pound my pussy in that position as well.

Despite being so utterly humiliated during the shoot I think the worst part about the entire thing was when Kyle fucked into me while he had my legs pinned down so that my knees were next to my ears. I fought it as best as I can but ultimately my body betrayed me and I came. Not only did I cum but it was the most intense orgasm that I ever had. I was so confused because I hated the whole experience but wound up cumming harder than ever before.

I got so lost in the fucking that I had completely forgot about the part of the scene that featured anal. After about an hour of being pounded into the mattress in every position one could imagine Jeff asked me if I was ready for anal.

“What? No. I Don’t think I can.” I said frantically.

“Okay that’s not a problem. We can stop here, you can leave with no money, and the scene will still go up on the site.” Jeff said as he stared at me nonchalantly.

“I fucking hate you!!! Fine! Do it! Fuck my ass! Get it over with!”

“Shut the fuck up bitch or people will get suspicious. If you want to get paid you gotta keep it down before security shows up.”

“How do you want me?” I didn’t look at him as I asked him.

“On you hands and knees on the bed. He’s gonna take you from behind.” Jeff informed me.

So I got into position and stayed there feeling worthless as Kyle began applying lube to my asshole. I was so scared to take that massive thing into my tightest of holes. “Please… Take it easy on me… Please…” I pleaded with them.

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” Kyle said sarcastically with a sneer. This was actually the first thing he’d said to me since we met which made me feel even more like a whore. I was scared before but now I was trembling. He greased up his cock and started pushing it into my asshole. The pain was immense and I couldn’t take it. I fell forward which stopped Kyle from trying to get his cock in my ass. After a few attempts he finally got the head of his cock in and he was actually pretty gentle about it. He really took his time as he slid more and more of his enormous member into my ass. After a long time of this Kyle looked back at Jeff:

“I don’t think she’s gonna take any more of it, it’s not all the way but I think this is as far as I can go.”

Jeff sighed and said, “Okay just slam it and let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“Excuse… OW! OW! OW! Please! No!” I was cut off by Kyle sliding his cock out to the tip and driving forward with extreme force. Without any warning whatsoever he started fucking my ass just as hard as he had fucked my pussy. It was excruciating and I thought I was about to die. “GET OFF ME MOTHERFUCKER!” I screamed. it worked Kyle stopped immediately.

“Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy baby. No one wants to see a chick get fucked in the ass all slow like you want it. It’s boring that’s how these guys fuck their old ladies as home. They need to see something better or they won’t watch you see. It’s a business and we have to have a good product.” The sweetness returned to Jeff’s voice as he resulted to damage control.

“Go fuck yourself. You guys are fucking sick. Are we done now? Just cum on my face and give me my money.” What a fucking piece of shit slut I had become.

“I wish we could sweetheart but we don’t have enough usable footage from the anal scene. We can’t have you screaming in pain like that.”

“No more please!” I begged.

“Listen. Let him fuck your pussy again then we’ll record the cumshot. Afterwards you can take a break for a while and take this its a Xanax, it will relax you and when you feel like it you can come back out and we’ll finish up.”

“I don’t get it I thought you did THAT last.” I asked being confused.

“It’s a movie baby you don’t film everything in the order you see it on the big screen. Are you ready can we finish now?”

“Fuck it let’s go” was all I could say.

Kyle fucked Escort Ankara me hard again for about 20 minutes and the whole time I wondered what parts of this they would actually use and what would happen to the parts they got rid of. When he got close Kyle dropped me to my knees and started jacking off over my face. In a moment of genius/sluttiness I looked up at him and seductively begged him to cum all over my face. Just then he erupted and shot a huge load all over me. I fought every urge to duck and dodge because I did NOT want to have to redo this so I sat there and smiled like a dumb fucking slut. God I hated myself.

When the facial was over I put my hand out and someone handed me a towel, but that’s not what I wanted. “No the Xanax!” I exclaimed. They gave it to me I swallowed it down and went to the bathroom to clean up and take a break. I didn’t want to get fucked in the ass again but I hoped the Xanax would help relax me so I could get the fuck out of that hotel room. After about 15 minutes or so I felt really woozy and had no idea what was going on. They came in and got me put me back on the bed where Kyle shoved his huge cock back into my ass. The pill they gave me was not Xanax and I had no clue what it actually was. It certainly didn’t do anything for the pain, but it did prevent me from fighting and screaming. I was so weak and had no control while this cock pummeled my asshole. The break had proved to be a horrible idea because now I was incapacitated, the lube had worn off so he was fucking my ass dry, and he had already cum so his stamina was fully restored. Eventually I wound up passing out from a combination of the pain and the drug they gave me. I wouldn’t even remember finishing with me packing up or leaving.

I finally awoke to pure silence. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t there was some kind of crud keeping them shut. I started to get up and noticed the same substance was sticking my hair down to the bed. I suddenly felt very disgusted. I stumbled to the bathroom and washed my eyes off with water. When I was finally able to see I realized that my face and hair had been covered with cum. It was everywhere, far too much to be from one man, and I realized what happened. After I passed out all three of them used me as their fuck doll. I ran out of the bathroom expecting to punch someone and realized that no one was there. The men and all their shit was gone and it was as if they were never even there. The only thing they left behind was a copy of the contract I signed a check for $10,000 made out to me and a note that read.

“Thanks babe, you were great we all had a GREAT time. Love, Jeff.”

That confirmed it they had all used my body like a cheap whore and left me there covered in their cum. Worst of all was that I had no legal recourse. I signed a porn contract and got fucked what else would someone expect. Plus if I came forward it would result in the video possibly becoming public which would make it impossible to get a teaching job.

I decided that I was going to put it all behind me and move on with my life. I found out that Rick had been using rent money to pay for a drug habit and that he had been cheating on me with the girl that he had gotten the porn idea from. I felt so awful for so long that it almost destroyed me. I’ve never trusted another man again and have had no urges to date or engage in any kind of relationship with a man. I wound up graduating with my primary education degree and received a job as a second grade teacher at a public grammar school. I’ve been here for four years and have been hit on my pretty much every father that has come through my classroom, even a gay one!

As you can imagine it has been fairly easy turning down all of these hopeless fathers. One I absolutely hated men and could never trust one again, two it would jeopardize my job and career, and three they were pathetic. It was easy to turn them down until one day my past finally caught up with me.

One father in particular had been badgering me quite a bit, his name was Tom Gulley, and his sons name was Michael. It was near the end of the year and Tom was constantly asking for a meeting where we could talk about “Michael.” However, I knew exactly what he wanted, he wanted his chance to come on to me. I had mainly dealt with Michael’s mother Michelle all school year until the second grade children performed an Easter/Spring play. Tom helped out by building the set and the two of us were introduced. Whenever I was around him I felt his eyes on me, burning a hole through me. He was a disgusting man, not ugly, just a pervert blatantly staring at my chest and ass. He was tall about 6’4″ and had massive shoulders. He was about 45 years old which seemed a bit old to be having an eight year old son. However, he was in excellent shape and had a very attractive face, when it wasn’t undressing you with his eyes.

I always knew when fathers wanted a chance to seduce me during a “parent teacher conference.” As soon as I mentioned that it would be best to meet with both parents the excuses would come flying, “My wife works late, she’s sick, she can’t be bothered.” I never complied with these requests because we would wind up talking more about the father’s personal life than the child in a desperate attempt to try and get me to bed.

One evening I was working late grading papers and preparing the following years lesson plan (yes I know it’s a little excessive but with no men in my life draining my energy I had plenty of time to be productive). I received a phone call from a number I did not know which I ignored until it called a second time. the second time I answered and heard Tom’s voice on the other end.

“Why hello Ms. Jones, how are you doing this evening?”

“I’m fine Mr. Gulley, how are you? Why are you calling me so late?” I replied.

“I was in the neighborhood and was wondering why you haven’t scheduled an appointment to talk about Michael’s schoolwork.”

“Mr. Gulley I assure you Michael is doing just fine in school, and there is no need to speak about him. Besides contacting me at this hour is extremely inappropriate.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, but I am near the school and could speak with you now if you’d like.”

“That won’t be necessary Mr. Gulley, have a good night and please don’t call again.”

“Okay Ms. Jones I will do that perhaps you would be interested to know that I have a meeting with Principal Williams tomorrow.”

“Regarding?” I inquired.

“Some of your previous work… Involving a Jeff… from college sluts need cash…” he trailed off and I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest.

“What do you want?” I whispered.

“Just let me in the building.” he replied.

“At this hour? I can’t.”

“Sure you can. I pay taxes. I’m a concerned parent. What’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t think so…”

“Okay good bye have fun getting fired once the school board gets wind of this.”

“No! Okay I’ll let you in.”

I left my classroom and went to the main entrance where Tom was waiting for me to let him into the building. “Let’s go to your classroom and talk.” was all that was said after we confronted one another. Once we got there Tom continued to talk. “You’ve been a very bad girl Ms. Jones. Haven’t you? First you shoot a porno, then you tease all of us fathers.”

“Who else knows about this?” I demanded.

“No one, yet, and no one has to know if you do what I say.” Tom replied

I already knew what was going to happen, he was going to fuck me, and I was going to let him to save my job. “What do you want?” I asked and sighed.

“Oh I think you already know Ms. Jones.” He said slowly as he moved towards me. He stepped behind me and started touching my shoulders and arms very slowly and softly. “I’m gonna be the first father to fuck Sarah Jones’ young pussy since she started working here.” He whispered in my ear.

“Not here.” I told him firmly.

“Yes. Right here. Right now” He replied just as firmly and sent terrible shivers down my spine as it reminded me of the night I sucked off Lenny. The night I first became a whore.

I nodded my head in agreement and was immediately grabbed from behind and pushed toward my desk. Tom bent me over the top of it and pulled my long skirt up over my hips revealing my very unsexy panties.

“Hmm not what I was expecting.” He said referring to my panties. “I would have though a slut like you would be wearing something sexier. Oh well not like you’re gonna be needing em anyway.” He said as he pulled those down. I sat there in anticipation as I heard him fumbling around with his belt and zipper. As soon as he got his cock out I felt it at the entrance of my pussy. I heard him spit on his dick and then it was shoved into me without ceremony.

“Holy fuck, you’re tight for a porn star.” He said as he thrust wildly into me. “How many did you make? Tell me!” He demanded

“Just the one… ah… not so rough.” I replied as his cock ravaged my pussy.

“Liar… How many other fathers have come on to you?”

“A lot… ah jeez ow!”

“How many!”

“Like 50 I guess. Please stop talking and just finish with me.” I begged him.

“Mmm that’s a lot… How many of them did you fuck?”

“None of them! Just fucking stop!”

“Well one right. You’re fucking me right now aren’t you whore?” He said sinisterly as he grabbed my hips and began fucking me as hard as he could. This was the first man I’d been with since the porn scene but Tom didn’t know. In his mind I was just some slut that used her body to get whatever I wanted, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tom’s body tensed up before he shot his cum inside of me.

“Nooooo! Not inside of me!” I pleaded but to no avail. A second later I was being filled with his seed while he grunted like a pig.

“Come on a whore like you has to be on birth control.”

“I’m not a whore, and I’m not on birth control. You were my first fuck since I did that horrible scene. Are we done now? Will you keep this quiet?”

“Well you may not be on birth control, but you are definitely a whore, and I’m going to prove it to you. Sounds like you have a lot of lost time to make up for.”

“I don’t understand. What are you saying?”

“I’m saying you’re mine, whenever I want you.”

“That’s not fair! I fucked you thinking it would keep you quiet. You tricked me!”

“No I didn’t I let you save you’re job. Life isn’t fair baby. Deal with it.” He said as he left my classroom. That night I think I felt worse than I did after being raped. Not only did I endure another forced sexual experience, but there was no end in sight. I spent the rest of the evening sitting at my desk balling my eyes out.

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