Bad Uncle Ch. 03


Thanks to all who have read so far. While you can read this as a standalone story, portions will only make sense if you read at least Chapter 1 first to understand the dilemma Mike is in.


The flight home to Colorado was long. I tried to nap, but my mind kept drifting back to Stacey’s naked body. My thoughts were in turmoil, and it took everything in my power to not pull out the bag she had given me when I left to sniff her panties.

I landed in Colorado and called Sarah while I was waiting for my bags. She answered after a couple of rings.

“Hi hun!” she answered, her voice cheerful in my ear.

“Hi babe! I’ve landed and I’ll be home in an hour or so.” I replied, hoping she couldn’t hear the guilt in my voice. I did love her, and the knowledge of what I’d done churned in my gut and I felt slightly nauseas.

“I’ve missed you! I’ll have dinner on the table when you get home, I can’t wait to see you!”

“Sounds great babe, I’ll be home as quick as I can!”. I hung up the phone and headed to the garage to get my car, dragging my suitcase behind me.

I reached my car and unlocked it, throwing my bag into the back seat. Sliding into the driver seat, I put my carry-on in the passenger seat and started the car, feeling the air conditioning blast out of the vents, soothing my sweaty face. Was the sweat from the humidity or my guilt? I wasn’t sure. I glanced over at my carry-on. Unable to control myself, I reached over and pulled out the bag with Stacey’s panties. Bringing it to my face, I opened it and slowly inhaled, reliving everything that had happened fly through my mind.

Shaking, I put her panties back in my carry-on, being sure to wrap the bag tightly to keep the aroma as intact as possible. I shifted into reverse, then started my drive home. I pulled up to the automated window and inserted my ticket, cringing as the charges popped up; $150 for 4 days! Thank god I’m on an expense account! I inserted my card, then grabbed my receipt as the gate rose and I headed home.

I arrived home about 45 minutes later. Shifting the car into park, I paused for a second, gathering myself together before opening the door and heading into the house.

Sarah was waiting at the front door. The family resemblance between her and Stacey was amazing. I had never really focused on that aspect before, and I felt delirious as I felt my conflicting emotions driving through my body.

Sarah was my love, and we’d been married for over 14 years. I watched her as she approached me and pulled me into an embrace.

“Hi hunny!” she squealed. “It’s always so horrible when you’re gone!”

“I’ve missed you too!” I exclaimed. “But you know I have to show my face at work every so often.” Looking down at her, her face started to blend with Stacey’s, and I started to get aroused. I slid my hands down, grabbing her ass in my hands.

Sarah laughed, and slapped my hands away. “Not now!” she giggled. “Dinner’s ready!”

Sarah and I popped open a couple of bottles of wine, grabbed our dinner, and settled down in the living room on the sofa. It was Saturday evening, but the lack of sleep the prior night along with a day of traveling had me worn out and it wasn’t long before I was ready to head upstairs to bed.

“I’m going to head up, I’m pretty tired.” I informed Sarah.

Sarah looked a little disappointed but understood. “I’ll be up in a bit; I want to finish this movie.” She replied.

I headed upstairs and jumped in the shower, eager to wash the grime of travel off of me, and hopefully ease my head of the guilt I felt. As I lathered myself up, I paused as I washed my cock, an image of Stacey’s face as she leaned back on the bathroom counter flashing through my mind.

Shaking my head, I finished rinsing off and climbed out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wiping myself dry. I padded across the bedroom and climbed into bed naked. Sarah had always worn something to bed when we canlı bahis were first dating, but over the years I’d “corrupted” her (in her words), and now we both always slept nude unless it was that time of month.

Climbing in, I pulled the blanket over me and settled in. It wasn’t long before Sarah entered the bedroom, closing the door behind her. I watched as she pulled her shirt over her head, then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were voluptuous, bigger than Stacey’s and they sagged a little from the toll of gravity over the years, but they were still delectable. Next she pulled her pants and panties down and tossed them in the pile with her bra and shirt.

My eyes followed her as she made her way over to her makeup table and turned on the lighted mirror, bending over to study her face and preen, or whatever it is women do when they look at their face magnified to enormity.

Emotions overcame me as I looked at her pussy peeking out beneath her ass. Silently I reached over and pulled a bottle of Astroglide from the drawer of my nightstand and squirted a little in my hand. Rising quietly out of bed, I lathered my cock in the lube as I walked up behind her silently. Grabbing her hip with one hand, I aimed my cock with my other hand and slid myself into her. Sarah jumped a mile and jerked forward away from me, so I put my other hand on her other hip and pulled her back against me until I was buried completely inside her.

“What’s gotten into you!” Sarah gasped.

I didn’t say a word, but started pumping myself in and out of her, feeling the lube spread and her pussy start to relax around me. I could see her face in the mirror, her mouth open and her eyes closed as she rocked back and forth in time to my thrusts. Releasing her hips, I gave her ass a hard slap.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah exclaimed, leaning forward even further so her breasts were resting on the makeup table. Sarah whimpered as I pulled my hand back, slapping her ass hard again. Reaching up, I grabbed her shoulders to give myself more leverage as I fucked her harder than I probably ever had in my life.

“Oh my god oh my god” Sarah started to chant as I mercilessly drove myself into her. I could feel her pussy start to tighten as she approached her orgasm. Reaching down, I slid the tip of my thumb over her asshole, rubbing in a circle for just a few seconds. Feeling Sarah start to tremble, I slipped my thumb into her ass… and that pushed her over the edge.

“Fffuuuccckkkkkkkkkk!!” she cried out as her ass and pussy convulsed on my thumb and cock. Her whole body shook as I took a few more strokes then let myself loose, flooding her with cum as all the stress I’d built up over the last 24 hours focused itself into my orgasm.

I staggered back, sitting on the end of the bed. Sarah remained bent over the makeup table, shuddering as she recovered from her orgasm. I could see my cum slowly leaking from her pussy, and this turned me on. Not enough to reinvigorate me, as I’d had more orgasms in the past 24 hours than in the last couple of months.

Eventually Sarah pushed herself into a standing position, and on wobbly legs made her way over to the bed. I scooted back up to my spot and she climbed in next to me, curling up facing her side. I spooned up behind her.

“I love you!” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too!” she whispered back. “What got into you? I love you, and I love making love to you, but you just FUCKED me!”

“Are you upset?” I asked.

“No…” she said hesitantly. “I enjoyed it! I was just surprised. It’s been a long time since we had sex like that.”

“I guess I just needed to show you that you’re mine!” I responded, wrapping my arm around her waist as we both slowly drifted off to sleep, content and convinced that although I had strayed, I was back on track and would hold steady from here on out.

The next two weeks were a blur. Work was piling up with the release bahis siteleri of a new product coming out, and Sarah and I had more sex than usual. Apparently either my dominating performance had flipped a switch in her, or she subconsciously picked up on what had happened and was marking her claim on me. Either way, I was burning the candle at both ends and committed to being faithful.

That didn’t mean that I wouldn’t surreptitiously pull the bag with Stacey’s panties out of my desk periodically, and daydream about our weekend. The scent was starting to dissipate, and I clung to every last whiff of her femininity. I knew I had to dispose of them before they were found, but every time I tried, I’d convince myself to hold onto them “for just one more day.”

Eventually, unfortunately, Stacey’s scent was gone and although I was desperate to keep them, I knew the risk was too high and the panties would have to go. Carefully I wrapped them up with a bundle of other trash and brought it out to the waste barrel. Heading back up to my office, I shifted my attention back to my computer and focused on a presentation I was working on for a major meeting that was just over a week away.

I was cranking along on my slides when my phone vibrated. I picked it up and looked down at the message on my screen.

“Uncle Mike, when are you coming out to visit again? I miss you!”

Instantly all of the emotions I’d carefully stored away came pouring back out. My face felt flushed, and my hands shook just a little bit. Unsure how to answer, I hesitated. I knew I had to go out for that meeting, but it felt dangerous to tell Stacey about it.

I felt my phone vibrate again. Looking down, my mouth suddenly went dry when a close-up of Stacey’s pretty pink pussy lit up my screen. Not only that, but her finger was laid right over her opening, with the tip disappearing into her juicy snatch!

My mind whirled.

“How about next week?” I texted back. “I’ll come in on Sunday afternoon, and stay until Thursday?”

“Can’t wait!!” popped up a few seconds later. “I’ll keep her warm for you!”

I looked at the phone for a few moments, then quickly deleted the messages before I could convince myself not to. I pulled up the Delta website and booked my flight back to North Carolina and e-mailed my boss that I would be in town.

Shutting down, I headed downstairs and into the kitchen where I poured myself a glass of wine. Sarah wandered in, perked up when she saw me with my glass, and opened a bottle for herself.

“I’m have to go out to work next week.” I told her. “We have an important meeting and I need to be there in person.”

Sarah pouted, and downed her glass of wine. “When are you flying out?” she asked.

“I’ll have to take the red eye out Saturday night.” I replied. “I need time to recuperate, I can’t arrive Monday morning and head straight to the office for this one. I should be back late Thursday night.”

“You know I hate it when you’re gone.” Sarah sighed. “But at least you get to work from home the rest of the time!”

The rest of the week dragged on. I continued working on my presentation, but my mind kept wandering. Finally, Friday rolled around and all I had left for work before the weekend and my trip was a quick call to go over my presentation.

I opened up our web conference software and was greeted by my co-workers. Bill, my boss, was on the call along with Karen, our product specialist, Jon from our IT department, and Jim, our head of sales. Not wanting to waste time, we dug right into the presentation.

I was about halfway through when I saw Sarah enter my office in my peripheral vision. Because the door was to my side, my co-workers couldn’t see her. I re-focused on the screen and continued running through my slides. Sarah lowered herself to her knees and approached me from the side.

Slowly she reached out one hand and started to rub my cock through my pants. I canlı bahis siteleri know they say everyone on Zoom is naked from the waist down, but that’s not true. I always made sure I was fully dressed, and I never brought my laptop anywhere I didn’t want someone to see me!

I felt her fingers move up and grasp my zipper, tugging gently in an effort to pull it down.

“I’m sorry, there’s someone at the front door and Sarah is out. Could everyone excuse me for 2 quick seconds?” I asked my co-workers. Not waiting for a response, I quickly muted my headset and shut off the video feed.

“What are you doing?” I whispered to Sarah urgently.

Sarah didn’t say a word, but rolled my chair back a foot and maneuvered herself between my legs. Tugging more urgently at my pants, I almost involuntarily lifted my hips and allowed her to tug them down to my ankles, leaving me sitting in the chair with only my boxers on below the waist.

“Aren’t your coworkers waiting?” she asked mischievously, ducking her head and reaching into my boxers to grasp my cock. I didn’t have a choice in the matter, she was low enough that they wouldn’t see her, so I unmuted the mic and turned back on the video just as she lowered her head and engulfed me in her mouth.

“Is everything ok?” Bill asked.

“Yes, sorry about that… just a delivery I had to sign for.” I replied, hoping that my shaking voice wouldn’t be noticeable to my audience.

“Great. Let’s continue and wrap this up so we can cut out a few minutes early!”

I struggled through my performance, distracted by Sarah’s head bobbing up and down in my lap as I went through my slides. Her hands massaged my balls, and she’d occasionally swirl her tongue around the head of my cock before taking me back in until I was hitting the back of her throat. I felt an orgasm churning, but I couldn’t get past the tipping point with my co-workers looking at me.

It seemed like it took forever, but eventually I finished reviewing my slides and paused.

“Great job Mike!” Bill said. “I have a couple of minor edits, but since you’ll be in the air for a while why don’t I just e-mail you my notes and you can make them on the plane. We can meet on Monday for a final review. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!” I replied.

“Ok, have a great weekend everyo…” Bill’s voice trailed off as I closed the software mid-sentence. As soon as the window closed, I grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and pulled her down so I was as deep as I could go in her mouth, all of my pent-up energy exploding as I shot pulse after pulse of cum into her. Sarah tried to swallow it all, but I could feel it escaping from the corners of her mouth and coating my cock.

As my body stopped jerking, Sarah slowly lifted her head, dragging her lips along my shaft and then giving the head a little suck before popping off.

I looked at her wordlessly as she rose back to her feet and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“I always wanted to do that!” she said with a giggle. “Hope I didn’t distract you too much!”

“You can do that anytime you want!” I responded breathlessly. I closed the lid to my laptop and watched Sarah as she strolled out of the room, wiggling her ass as she went. I took a minute to catch my breath, then tucked my wet cock back into my boxers and pulled my pants back up before following her downstairs.

I spent the next day packing for my trip, making sure to pack my bathing suit again. My stomach was in knots as my moral compass and my erection were pointing in completely opposite directions as I thought about the week ahead.

Closing my suitcase, I brought it downstairs and set it by the front door. Sarah came walking out of the kitchen and gave me a hug.

“Do you have your tickets?” she asked.

“Yup! And my id, and my wallet, and my chargers.” I replied, heading off what was always a barrage of “did I” questions.

“Ok.” Sarah sighed. “I hate when you’re gone. Travel safe and let me know what’s going on!”

“I’ll text you when I land since it will be early.” I promised. Giving her one more kiss, I grabbed my suitcase and turned towards the door and out, heading into an unknown future.

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