Bad Vibe: Domination Ch. 01


This is a continuation of the Bad Vibe series, so reading the previous stories will put things in context.

This story could be included in either of several categories: BDSM, incest, non consent/reluctance were the three I thought of. But since it includes incest I think that is the proper category.

The synopsis so far: Craig has an incestuous relationship with his mother Amy, as well as a submissive affair at University with the Head Librarian Maude. When he comes home for Christmas he finds Amy in bed with her partner Alice and joins them. Later he expresses to his mother his doubts about his submissive relationship with Maude.

The Neighbors, are away for the holiday and have asked Amy and Craig to keep an eye on their house. When Craig checks their house he finds that Tom is a submissive cross-dresser and the couple have recorded their activities on DVD. Craig copies the home movies to his laptop. He also begins to discover a slightly dominant side of himself when he has sex with Alice in the dungeon they find in the house.

Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story includes scenes of graphic sex and violence needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.


Craig woke up the next morning just before dawn, it was still dark but on his way to the bathroom he could see the horizon to the east getting light. When he got back into bed he snuggled in closer to his mother to steal some of her heat. She was on her side facing away from him and he wrapped an arm around her and the other he tunneled under her pillow. His hips were scrunched up to her lovely bottom.

He felt his cock start to inflate, and it felt good. He snuggled it into the crack of his Mom’s behind as his hand cupped a breast.

“Morning honey, did I wake you?” She whispered.

“Huh? No Mom, I just went to the bathroom.”

“I know, I had just gotten back myself and settled down and you got up, I thought I woke you.”

“Don’t think so, I just woke up and had to go.”

“Feel awake enough to put it to your old Mom?”

“Girls aren’t supposed to want to do it in the morning.”

“I know, but you make me horny all the time.”

He started giving her little nibbly kisses on her neck, then around to below her ear, he took her ear lobe between his lips and tugged on it.

His hand left her breast and started moving all over her body, his palm caressing everything he could reach, her shoulder, her tummy, down her hip and along her thigh, around to her inner thigh and upwards, skipping to her tummy again, nearly up to her breasts, between her breasts and along her collar bone, over to her shoulder and along her arm, touching and sliding all over her.

His touch sent chills of excitement to her brain, and his little kisses seemed to send electric impulses directly to her nipples and then down to her pussy and back up her spine, she started to moisten and the muzzy early morning sleepiness pulled back a little. She felt wonderful, it was early morning and her sexy son was making love to her. She was glad she brushed her teeth when she got up earlier, and she hoped he had too.

He pulled on her shoulder, tugging her around onto her back, he snuggled up to his sexy mother again. He kissed her face, her brow, her eyes, her cheeks, her chin, all the time his hand was running all over her, everywhere except her nipples or her pussy, it was driving her crazy.

Finally he kissed her mouth, at the same time his finger crept down her landing strip, over her clit and down her slit. Her hips lurched toward him in an uncontrolled jerk.

His tongue slid against her lips, back and forth, and her mouth opened to welcome him in. Yes! He had brushed his teeth. Her tongue flirted with his as his hand left her pussy and worked its way up to her chest.

He took first one nipple in his fingers then the other, gently squeezed first one, then the other, then returned to the first, he was squeezing and tuning a radio with it. Every man she had been with did that, clear back to high school. It must be instinct she thought to herself.

He didn’t stay on her nipples for long as his hand wandered back to her pussy, sliding between her lips he brought her wetness up to her clit and started stroking it.

“uhm, yes, just there baby, don’t stop, I’m cumming quick, real quick, now, nooooowwwwwwww.”

Her cum shot through her, it wasn’t the best she’d ever had, but it felt good on a lazy morning in bed, when she knew she could go to sleep again soon.

Craig hadn’t stopped, he moved his mouth to her nipples, taking them in his lips he would pull them out, then suck on them, he bit them lightly and flicked his tongue over the tips while he held the base in his teeth.

He only stayed on her breasts for a few minutes, he worked his way down her body, kissing and nipping until he got to her belly button, he slurped in there before he twisted bursa escort bayan himself around on the bed and started kissing her pussy.

By now his feet stuck out of the covers at the top of the bed and he pulled on Amy’s hip and she rolled onto her side facing him, she lifted her thigh up and bent the knee, placing her foot behind Craig’s head. Meanwhile Craig had gotten onto his side as well and his cock was in his mothers’ face.

It stuck out hard and oozing pre-cum. She licked the tip tasting him, then put the head inside her mouth where she fluttered her tongue on it and sucked. She let go of his cock for a moment to suck on her own finger, getting it wet, then took her son’s cock back into her warm mouth.

He was tasting his mother and exploring her folds with his tongue. A jolt of electricity shot through her when he plunged two fingers into her. She started a series of small mini cums as he licked her clit, she thought that she should have been too sensitive after that first cum for him to do that but it felt sooooo very good.

She took his cock further into her mouth as her hand found its way between his butt cheeks, slippery with her saliva it played with his bottom hole and slowly pushed into him. Craig gasped but kept licking her, his fingers started to push in and out as they curved looking for her sweet spot.

She didn’t think either one of them were going to last very long as she plunged her finger all the way to the knuckle. He took her clit and sucked while flicking it with his tongue.

She pushed her head down onto his cock, swallowing as it went deeper, she continued to swallow, and when it got to the back of her throat she kept swallowing and it made it’s way into her throat. She held her breath as it blocked her airway and kept swallowing.

The feel of her mouth sucking and swallowing his cock set him off, his fingers plunged all the way into her and curled the tips flicking back and forth as he nipped her clit with his teeth.

She needed air and then she came, she pulled her head back just enough to breathe, the got two lungfuls of air and he came. She gagged a little at the first shot, then pulled back so that just his head was inside her mouth, grasping the part of his cock that was outside with her free hand she pumped him and sucked while flicking the head with her tongue.

His fingers flicked her g spot then pushed into it, she clenched on them and her hips lunged twice into his face, her clit mashing against his front teeth.

For both of them time seemed to slow down as their orgasms ran through them. Amy’s mouth filled with cum and she had to swallow some of. She wanted to save as much as she could so she could share it.

As Craig came down from his orgasm he felt Amy sucking and licking his cock clean. She reached down and tugged on his shoulder and soon he was turned the same way she was, enjoying the fresh air after being under the covers for so long.

She leaned into him and they kissed, Amy’s tongue pushed past his lips and his mouth opened in response. She pushed his cum into his mouth, he swirled it around then her tongue dipped into it and they shared.

A few minutes later Craig was on his back with Amy resting her head on his chest and a leg thrown over him. He pulled the covers up and as the sun rose and brightened the room the two incestuous lovers dozed off, intent on a lazy morning.

Far to the South and West it was still dark, Nancy was semi awake in the rented cabin she shared with her slave husband. They found this place in the desert between Phoenix and Yuma, the cabin was old and while the outside was made of Railroad ties, the inside was paneled and fitted out like the luxurious winter rental that it actually was.

Her husband Tom didn’t share her bed. It was times like this, just before dawn that she sometimes had a flickering doubt about her lifestyle, she used to love the early morning on a day when she could sleep in, just drift in and out and not worry about an alarm clock, with her husband curled up beside her.

Instead Tom was on the floor, he rested on a Navajo blanket with another over him. She had allowed him a pillow for his head. Over his face was the crotch of the panties she had worn while jogging yesterday. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back and his ankles were similarly fastened and a short cord between the two kept him in a hogtie position.

Nancy was thinking about Craig, when she had invited him to look at the R rated movies that they had stored in the basement TV room, she hadn’t thought that their personal movies were still down there. But when she hung up the phone her sissy husband had a horrified look on his face.

She had told him before they left that she wanted them locked away safely, but now he wasn’t sure that he had done it. That “not sure” had earned him a lot of strokes with her cane, enough that he wouldn’t be able to forget for a few days.

Her fingers drifted down her tummy and into her panties, they continued down past her clit and between her lips, görükle escort deeper, and in the vestibule of her cave she found wetness, she brought it up and began to tickle her moistened clit with light strokes.

At first she wasn’t looking for an orgasm, she just wanted to enjoy the feeling for as long as it took to get back to sleep. She kept it up and started to stroke a nipple with her other hand. A quick mini cum hit her as she thought about the neighbor boy, Craig. He wasn’t so little now, he had started at the University in the fall.

Instead of going back to sleep she decided she needed more. She got up in the pre-dawn chill and went to her husband. Without saying anything she unlocked him and walked him around the room until he had loosened up from his cold night on the floor.

She took him into the bathroom where she made him sit to pee, then stood him up and removed his chastity tube. He immediately became erect, but knew better than to make any noise.

She put on some rubber gloves and rubbed desensitizing lotion onto his now erect penis, then placed a condom on his desensitized cock. After pulling off the gloves she told him to take her used panties off of his head and wash his face.

Leading him to the bed she got in, he stood by the bed a little confused.

“Get into bed with me Tommie.”

“Yes mistress,” he answered as he lay down beside her, his erection tenting the bed-clothes.

She leaned over to him and stroked his face.

“Poor little Tommie, how long is it since you came? Four weeks, five weeks?”

“seven weeks Mistress,” he whispered back.

“Let’s forget the Mistress and sissy slave for a while, I need a fucking, a real fucking and I knew you would cum too soon so I put on the cream, get in between my legs and fuck me, fuck me hard Tom.”

“Oh Nancy, Nancy, I’ve missed you Nancy, I love you so much, I’m so hard, so hard, I wish I could feel you, Oh Nancy I love you.”

He pounded into her, hard, as fast as he could, but with the condom and the cream, all that he could feel was a sensation of pressure as he entered her, and of course he could feel his pubic area pound into hers as he slammed his numbed cock into her again and again.

It wasn’t fair, but it was what it was. He had started it, had asked, even begged her to dominate him. But after being reluctant at first Nancy had begun to enjoy it even more than he did, and had taken him so much further than he had ever imagined was possible.

He was terrified that she would expose him to other people, if his employers ever found out about his desire to be dominated and feminized they would terminate him immediately. It was a good company to work for, but the owners were very conservative and insisted on a ‘morality’ clause in every employee contract.

Beside losing his job, there would be the humiliation of friends and neighbors finding out. Lately Nancy had talked about bringing in another man, either for her pleasure, or to control and enslave, she had even mentioned other women.

He didn’t want to lose Nancy, and couldn’t bear the thought of her being with another man, but she had conditioned him so thoroughly that he would accept anything she demanded. He hoped for another slave, male or female, to share the delicious tortures that his wife inflicted, rather than a man to cuckold him.

He pumped his desensitized penis into her, it was rare now for him to take the top position, and he was determined to make the best of it. The mental stimulation was incredible, the sight of her large breasts bouncing back and forth was almost too erotic to stand.

The idea that his dominant wife was now naked, lying with her legs spread, allowing him to loom over her as he plowed into her sacred vagina was as erotic as the sight of her breasts. He was hoping that he could cum from the mental stimulation alone.

Her legs curled around him, pulling him in, her pussy clamped down on him as her finger nails dug into his still sore back. She came, but poor Tommy didn’t. Soon she was drifting back to sleep with Tommy spooning her from behind, his captive and numb penis slowly shrinking in disappointment.

As she drifted off she imagined what a good lover Craig would be, would she be able to seduce him, would he object to Tommy, perhaps she could enslave him as well? What about that cute mother of his, could she seduce and enslave Amy, perhaps force her to fuck her own enslaved son?

Later in the morning Craig and Amy were just finishing breakfast.

“Have you got all your Christmas Shopping done honey?”

“Sure do Mom, even got a book for Dad, and one of those little figurines that his wife likes, She emailed me a week or so ago and suggested some games for my half-sisters, I mailed it all off before I came home.”

“I …”

“I know Mom, it sucks, but Dad did what he did, and he could have treated us a lot worse.”

“I guess, but … well I guess I’ve said it all before haven’t I.”

“So, Tomorrow’s the big day, have you got everything? bursa escort bayan I don’t see a lot under the tree?”

“I hid them all, just so you wouldn’t be shaking the packages and feeling how heavy they are. Just so you know, you WILL be getting socks shirts and underwear.”

“Awwww Mom.”

“And a few surprises.”

“Thanks Mom, do you have any plans for tomorrow?” “Yes, you and I are going to stay home, eat, open presents and lounge around, we are also going to watch my favorite Christmas movie tonight – “A Christmas Carol” – the 1951 version with Alastair Sim, I got the DVD so I don’t have to wait for it to come on TV.”

“Awww Mom,” he pretended to groan with a smile, he enjoyed it too, as his Mom well knew.

“But I have a few things to do today, among them getting you something I’ve been looking at for a while. So I’m going off on my own and you are free until this afternoon.”

“OK, do you want me to check next door, I can pop over after the mail comes.”

“Why don’t you wait ’till I come home, we can go over together. I want to make sure everything is looking as it did when they left, Alice emailed me about what the two of you were doing there.”

“Oh, sorry Mom.” He had the grace to look a little sheepish.

“I don’t mind you and Alice getting it on, although I would have liked to be invited, I just don’t want you messing up their house.”

“You’re right Mom, but I was careful to make sure it was all back in shape.”

“I still want to check it for myself.”

Amy got her things together and soon departed.

Craig got the laundry that he brought from his dorm as well as what he had worn since he arrived home and started a load, he had the urge to be helpful and sorted his mothers laundry as well. While the laundry was going he went around the house and generally picked up, vacuumed and dusted.

He wanted to make things easier for his Mom, and hopefully make her happy when she got home.

A few hours later she came home with a few new presents, they had a simple lunch then headed over to Nancy and Tom’s house, put the mail inside and Amy went from room to room checking that everything looked OK. Craig didn’t tell her about the porn that he had found.

In the basement she told Craig to make sure everything was shut off and any videos put back. As Craig checked over the Video Center and straightened up the stacks of DVDs, he noticed an electronic box hooked to the TV and the DVD player/recorder.

It was on the lower shelf and hidden behind the stacks of DVDs, he pushed a stack out of the way and bending over tried to look at it as he ran his hands over it.

“What are you doing there?”

He jumped at her voice and didn’t realize that he hit a small switch.

“Nothing, just checking things out.”

He straightened up the stacks of DVDs and walked over to his Mom. Neither of them noticed a tiny red light on the box light up.

Craig showed his Mom the Dungeon, they looked at the big wooden X cross with cuffs at the ends of the X and a belt at the center, as well as eye bolts at various places. There was also what looked like a small vaulting horse, the padded leather clad surface just about at waist height, with eye bolts placed here and there on it. There were hooks and eye bolts in the ceiling and lastly they looked at the chains set in the wall where Craig had fucked Alice.

Amy was getting a little turned on by all this equipment, at one time she had fantasized about feminizing Craig and playing bondage games with him, but his time at the University, and for some strange reason his time playing a feminzed slave of Maude, had made him far more confident with women than he used to be. And, apparently, more dominant with women.

He seemed to be handling himself in a more positive and confident manner, she could see from their recent lovemaking that he was more dominant and she wondered how he would handle Maude when he went back to school.

She looked at the bondage gear in the cupboard and on the shelves and a little shiver ran up her spine.

“Is this where you and Alice …?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Uh, oh, um yes, she was sitting on the stool under these wall chains. Did you want to try?”

“No, well, not exactly, not now, not here.” Her voice trembled.

“They’ve got these mats in the closet, I guess if someone was on the floor, it would be a little softer.”

“I…I, uh, don’t know if we should do anything with any of them, what if they found out?”

“There’s no way they could find out.”

Craig went over to his mother and put his arms around her.

“I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t realize you were nervous, I though you were getting turned on.”

“I was, I am, it’s just here, I feel odd, like someone’s watching.”

“No way, we’re all alone and I locked the door on the way in.”

He gave her a peck on her cheek, she smiled back at him and he hugged her close. He knew she liked her neck being nuzzled and he did, giving her little kisses.

“Mmm Darling you know me so well.”

She returned his hug and soon they were kissing, their tongues playing together as Craig stroked and cupped his mothers’ breasts. His hand found it’s way into her blouse and he was playing with her nipples through her bra.

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