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Caity walked into the reception one afternoon where I working at the holiday park, she was with her mother at the time, they on a camping trip to the country where her family regularly attended to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Caity was sexy and lean at 5 ft 8 with gorgeous white silky legs and platinum blonde hair, she was wearing tight black activewear bike pants and had the body of a ballerina, Although she never had much in the way of tits and an ass, her legs made up for it! Her thighs were milky and toned, defined and sculpted to perfection. She wore an oversized t-shirt tucked into the bike pants and was sporting a pair of John Lennon-styled black sunglasses and a pair of black and white Chuck Taylor high tops.

When I first laid eyes on her, she was so beautiful, I immediately felt nervous and insecure. She fitted the image of ‘my type,’ perfectly and had the most gorgeous blue eyes and features that were slim and rather pointy.

It wasn’t until analyzing and reflecting on her appearance that I took notice of her ass and breasts, my first impression was how striking her legs and pretty face were, her fashion sense suggested she also had style. Caity took much pride in her appearance and was in great shape. She looked as if she would have been ‘one of the cool kids,’ growing up and no doubt popular as she was so pretty yet dressed rather casual and appeared fun loving and friendly whist not remotely stuck up.

I was taken back and just stared at her telepathically, expressing my interest. As she walked out of the office, she glanced back over her shoulder at me with a similar telepathic look and a wry smile across her face that made my day.

I couldn’t believe a girl as hot as she was could be into me! I could tell by the way she looked at me. As she walked back out to the car with her mother, I watched her every move and admired her in great detail, with my eyes fixated on every part of her right down to the writing and print on the back of her t-shirt, to the way her shoelaces were tied. She had her own unique style the was the result of her pretty mind. As she left my view, I couldn’t stop thinking about her legs! Having legs that good was simply unfair! Not to mention those eyes! She had an element of insecurity about her as well, even though she didn’t need to as she was perfect the way she was, however you know how Hollywood is, in the way it tarnishes girls’ minds and makes them think they need to have a big ass and tits. She had the body of a dancer and later I would find out was true, she was into dancing which explained a lot! Due to Facebook stalking her name from the booking sheet, I also discovered she attended university.

God worked in mysterious ways and didn’t build humans to be ‘perfect’ in every department but she was perfect to me!

As I finished work that afternoon, I almost felt depressed after seeing her such was the high she gave me.

The following day she came into reception again to buy a bag of ice, In ordinary circumstances had she approached me, I would have been a nervous wreck but because I was at work, I remained professional and it was easy to make conversation.

“Having a few drinks?” I asked, and smiled amasya escort at her again. I had a great smile which was one of my finest attributes, it was cheeky and charming and my teeth were straight so I made sure to subtly flash them as I knew it could wow the girls.

Caity smiled back and simply said “Yup!” with a tone of enthusiasm. “That’s the way,” I continued, which quickly built a common interest.

“Enjoy your stay, It’s so nice here.” and left it that, I knew she had checked in for two weeks and wanted to bide my time so never came on too strong. The key to picking up girls in my line of work was building rapport slowly, I found.

As the days progressed, I saw Caity around the park whilst driving on the golf cart and waved to her with a sheepish, courteous smile and she always waved back and returned a smile.

One afternoon she came in to buy a few bottles of water and said “I can’t get over how nice it is here!” She’d been camping with her family which must have been getting a bit lame and seemed keen to get up to some more exciting activity. What better way to make her camping trip than hitting it off with the cute guy at the holiday park away from life in the city and making it a memorable experience.

I explained to her it is indeed, a lovely town and there are a few nice bars in the area and some great hiking tracks that she should check out “I wish,” she responded. Caity explained that it would be awesome to go and see them but she was stuck at the holiday park with her family and didn’t have a car, therefore was stuck doing things with her family.

“I’ll take you next time I go,” I replied, in a kind of sarcastic tone that wasn’t serious, Caity looked at me alarmed with an even brighter smile than usual, she seemed lost for words and I broke the ice with, “I could always use a drinking buddy,” and just laughed, as did Caity and with a nervous blush of the cheeks she said, “Sounds good!”

“Yeah?” I responded, “Maybe on the weekend on my day off,” It was then Caity got her phone out and gave me her number which almost floored me! I kept it together and played it cool but inside I was jumping for joy and on top of the world. This was too good to be true and straight out of the movies. I’d been masturbating over her ever since I saw her and now I had her number and sent her a casual text that night and we began to talk more over the following days when I was doing my rounds around the park, this time we chatted as if we were friends and became acquainted as we spoke about the coming Saturday and how we were going to head out. For the first time in a long while, I felt I was living! Such had she lifted my spirits. I wasn’t just dreaming or fantasizing or hoping, I was living and every aspect of life I now enjoyed due to Caity who simply lit up my world.

Caity suggested we go out for a drive a day earlier, she was keen! I was staying in a 2 bedroom apartment on the resort and explained to her that I was the assistant manager. She must have been sick of sleeping in her tent as it was summertime so the air conditioning of the apartment must have sounded alluring to her, plus a private bathroom and the fact it was elevated.

That night, amasya escort bayan I drove down to her campsite to pick her up and briefly met her mother. After some small talk and dazzling her mother with my charm and talks of career orientated, future aspirations of working in resort management, I could tell her mother was impressed and probably wanted to fuck me herself if she was in her daughter’s shoes. I had great manners and it must have seemed like there was a halo above my head during our conversation. I fit bill of being exactly the kind of guy you’d take home to dinner to meet your parents.

Caity then interrupted her mother and said “Okay that’s enough mom, we’re leaving!” and grabbed my arm as if she were my girlfriend and we walked to the car! I could tell right there and then I was going to get laid that night and had an instant hard-on as I sat in the car and wound the window down, her mother sensing our attraction to each other said, “Behave you too!”

“Always,” I responded, little did her mother’s know, my thumb would be an inch or more deep into her daughter’s pretty blonde asshole as I fucked her doggy style in my apartment that evening! I’d have my thumb wedged deep into my daughter asshole-the same asshole she wiped as a baby and perhaps even more than my thumb! Mommy’s precious little princess and dancer was all grown up now and going to be fucked in the ass hard.

As we drove off, we stopped at the supermarket and grabbed some picnic items and a few drinks and then drove to one of the local lookouts and spoke casually about ourselves. I knew girls loved talking about themselves so I mainly just listened. She was wearing the same bike shorts and chucks as when we first met and as she lent over the railing of the lookout, I wanted to fuck her right there and then. The entire time we were out I had a raging boner and I could tell she was really into me. I didn’t care much for the scenery that afternoon, the only view I wanted was Caity dancing on my cock in various positions.

During the drive back, she began touching my arm again when I told her that I’ll show her my new apartment once we got back.

Caity raised her eyebrows and said “I wonder what we can get up to there,” This girl had sex on her mind!

As we pulled up and entered my place, she sat down on my bed and held her arms out, I held both of her hands and just stared into her gorgeous blue eyes and we smiled at each other before I leaned in and kissed her. I was so horny by this point, she laid on her back and I began dry humping her through her bike shorts, because of the thin material, she was feeling the full force of my raging erection.

It wasn’t long before I was taken over by lust and lost in the moment when I yanked her shorts off as she raised her legs for me, displaying her pretty light pink thong which was saturated at the crotch. I brushed her soaked panties with my index finger and thumb and licked them as I looked her in the eyes and she just smiled again and started to spread her gorgeous long legs.

I had a slightly olive complexion and rosy red cheeks. I considered myself a ‘pretty boy,’ and had dark brown hair with slight facial stubble to create a escort amasya more masculine look, not to mention I was packing! My cock was 9 inches in total with a thick girth; uncut and tanned in color. I whipped my cock out and leaned downward so it must have appeared like I almost had a third leg as I positioned myself in between her legs.

Caity parted her thong to the side and grabbed my thick cock as she bit her lip and guided me into her and I started fucking her tight pussy. The only words I spoke during our sexual encounter was the occasional remark on how tight she was, which made her moan louder.

I then bent her over and started fucking this sexy blonde college slut doggy style and massaging her asshole! It was then I said “how about in here,”

“I’ve never tried,” she said

“You’ve never tried anal!” I said, in a shocked tone as if to say “you don’t know what your missing out on and haven’t lived yet,” this coerced her into thinking it was extremely normal and all the rage, thus making her want to try!

I’d given her asshole a good workout and relaxed her sphincter with my thumb and couldn’t help smelling my thumb every time I pulled it out of her, even licking my thumb. I rested my big heavy knob onto her pretty asshole and slowly pushed it in, with only my knob inside her at the point, I let her do the rest in gentlemanly fashion! She then started rocking back and fucking my cock with her ass as I held her hips in place. “Fuck yeah baby,” I said, as I started massaging her clit with my right hand and finger fucking her. As she was grinding my cock with her asshole, I held her pussy in a claw-like motion with my thumb inserted in her and my middle and index finger rubbing her clit, thus making sure was receiving much stimulation and pleasure as she was fucking away her anal virginity, I wanted the moment to be special.

“You’re gonna make me fuckin’ cum!” I said, she then placed her arm between her legs and began softly massaging and tugging on my ballsack.

I started fucking her faster and deeper until I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock as deep into her bowel as I possibly could and shot an enormous load!

It was my first load of the day after having a day long erection so I pumped her full of what seemed like gallons of thick, white cum.

Caity turned around to lay on her back with her trademark grin across her face as if she’d just been on the adventure of a lifetime! This blonde dancer wasn’t satisfied until she had cum leaking out of her asshole!

I poured her a fresh juice and we had another snack and shared more deep and meaningful conversations as we watched a movie. It’s fair to say Caity wasn’t going back to the family campsite anytime soon. She spent the following week staying in my air-conditioned apartment and enjoying the private bathroom whilst I watched her from my balcony whilst at work.

She even prepared me lunch and cleaned the place when she was bored. Every lunch break, she always greeted me with a blowjob before I fucked her in habitual fashion, I fucked her upwards of 3 times a day for the following week and made sure she had plenty of nice memories and sex flashbacks for when she returned to the city to tell her friends about.

Caity would venture out to the holiday park every chance she could after that, she seemed disinterested in university in the bleak city and began talking about moving out to the country permanently where she was happier-with my big sexy dick stretching her tight pussy out.

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