Bands of Lust Chapter I


Bands of Lust Chapter I

Gym class was a waste of time for me. I wasn’t the athletic type. Hell, I was barely the active type. However, graduation was impossible without the piss easy A+ of gym. Girls were playing basketball on the left side of the gym, while we were on the right side running football drills. Essentially, a series of suicide sprints involving the catching and throwing of a football. Fuck, I hate gym.
There was one thing that made coming to gym tolerable. She was five foot-six inches, with such a body that when she arched her back plump contours of her heart shaped ass were fully realized in the cotton short-shorts the girls wore. And the sports bra beneath her white t-shirt with the name James Madison High School printed on the front just puffed out her chest like two perfect globes. They didn’t bounce too much, but damn were they firm and palm fitting. I ran up her slender, shaved thighs that glistened with the reflections of overhead lighting after bouncing off the polished wood floor, traced the smooth heart of her ass, finger walked along the small of her back and then….she turned. Wide, child rearing hips just gave more attention to her soft, flat belly and her size C breasts that the school t-shirt just didn’t seem capable of containing. Her hair was light oak framing slender cheeks, pillowy lips hiding a blinding smile, and tender hazel eyes that just left everything else I’ve said in the dust. If I could gaze into those eyes for a good hour, I’d die happy.
I sighed and said under my breath, “Terra.”
“What’s got your jaw dropped?”
Simon’s voice blinked me back to reality. “N-noting, I’m just looking at the clock to see how much time we have left.”
“Don’t bullshit me man,” said Simon. “Let’s see, who were you gawking at? Michelle, Abby, Brenda, Catlin, oh, I know.”
“Shut up,” I said. Damn, I should have kept my mouth shut.
“It was Terra you were drooling over.”
“Ha, ha, you got me. Now, can we let it go?”
“I’ll admit she’s got a bombshell of a body. Wouldn’t mind hitting that.”
“I’m ashamed as it is for staring.”
“Why?” asked Nathan. He was leaning in to look at me from behind Simon. “She’s hot.”
Nathan wore a pair of black rimmed glasses, and kept his hair combed to the side, always. Simon on the other hand had his hair short and spiked like some punk reject. Both were what one would call outcasts, or geeks. We were A+ students, read sci-fi and fantasy books, and watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in a single day (Extended Editions).
“Doesn’t matter,” I said. “I shouldn’t be looking at her like that.” I put up this front because I feel I don’t seem like such a drooling hound, but to tell you the truth. If she lived across from me on a second story, my telescope wouldn’t be pointed at the stars.
“So,” said Simon. “Today is my birthday, and that means the three of us are officially eighteen. So, let’s go to a club tonight and see if we can get some girls.”
“Can’t we just play video games or something?” asked Nathan.
“What? Shit, man, you need to get more confidence. And tonight, that’s what’s going to happen.”
I leaned back and kept a casual, less obvious watch on Terra. Her pony tail was whipping this way and that as she moved across the court, her skill apparent in every smooth turn and step. “What’s the point of going? We can’t even drink.”
“We’ll get drunk before we go. I’ll have my brother buy us some beer.”
“If we’re drunk, how are we going to drive over there?”
“Damn, you’re right.” Simon thought for a moment then looked at me. “Say, Brody, wanna be the designated driver?”

Whoopty fucking do. We’re at a small club called Vertigo seated on some plush seats in the corner with a vantage point of the dance floor, clogged bar, and the ladies sitting at the other tables. It was pitch black with a layer of fog creeping along the ground like some biblical omen. The dance floor was a laser show of colors and shapes that danced along with each track blaring from the club speakers. It was so loud I wondered when the woofer was going to blow. As the designated driver I was reserved to refills of two dollar cokes, while my friends were royally plastered and stoned off their minds. Heh, good luck picking up girls when you don’t even have the motor functions to walk to the bar.
I sighed with boredom. Most of the girls were either in their twenties, with their men, or were in a group on a girl’s night out with total avoidance of boys, some boys at least. I had tossed on a pair of black slacks, a grayish blue shirt with the top two buttons undone, and a blue blazer. And still, I was left to unwillingly eavesdrop on a conversation about greatest comic book super villains courtesy of Simon and Nathan, who weren’t too there anyway.
Trying to find a more appealing distraction, a crescent booth several paces away caught my eye. There was a single girl there dressed in black and white stripped stockings, black hiking boots, a knee length plaid skirt, a black vest tossed over a red short-sleeve shirt, and elbow length gloves with the individual toes and thumbs missing. Her hair was tied back, and she was surrounded by a group of guys smiling and flirting as if the others weren’t even present. There were several empty martini and mixed drink glasses in front of her and she seemed somewhat flustered.
I was about to just look away, when a strobe light cast its pale white glamour onto that girl and my heart skipped a beat. “It can’t be.” I squinted closer. “It is her.”
As kocaeli escort if on cue she rose, said something to the guys that made them sit down when they were each about to rise and give chase, and then walked over to the bar with a delicate sensual sway. I got up and pushed my way to the bar beside her. I checked her in my peripherals and felt my tongue swell in my mouth. It was her after all. I kept my eyes straight, her face reflected in the bar’s back mirror. “So,” I said. “Didn’t think I’d see you here, Terra.” I turned to a face trying to mask surprise.
“I think you have me confused,” she said. “Could I have a Strawberry vodka?”
The bartender nodded and began to make her drink. “No, problem, Vixen.”
God, she sounded as if she belonged here. Hell, as if she’s been here before. And…Vixen?
“Oh, no, I’m pretty sure you’re Terra Minx, Senior Class President of James Madison High School, and the best forward on our girls varsity basketball team.”
She suddenly grabbed my arm and yanked me from the bar. She navigated the club with such skill I was convinced she’d been here before on more than one occasion. She pushed open the women’s restroom, shoved me in, and slammed the door behind her. She locked it and stared at me with her back pressed against the door.
It was a singles bathroom and didn’t look much different than the men’s one, other than it smelled nice and had a tampon dispenser, while the men’s had a condom dispenser.
“Well, this is awkward,” I managed to say after a pause.
“How the hell did you recognize me?”
“I only look at you every day at school,” I said.
“What?” she asked in disbelief.
“I mean, in the hallway, you know, on the way to class.”
She took in a deep breath with her eyes closed. I watched her chest rise and fall. I let those clothes turn transparent and watched as her breasts rose and fell. Her pink nipples stiffened and rock hard, just begging to be licked and bitten.
“Are you with those guys?” I asked.
“What?” Her eyes snapped open, but her thoughts had closed her off from the rest of the world.
“Those guys, are you always here on a Friday night picking up guys and getting drunk?” I said it with stern disgust, and I’m not sure why.
She was silent for a moment. Her arms actually crossed over her stomach and she squeezed her fingers into her ribs as if to hold back unease. “Yes and no.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s not every Friday night. It’s every night.”
If there was ever a time to look genuinely shocked this was it. “You pick up a guy here every night?”
“Yes, sometimes two or three, or four.”
Correction, this was the time to be shocked. “You can’t be serious.”
She didn’t say anything. She just looked away, fingers pushing deeper into her ribs.
“I can’t believe the girl I’ve been pining after is a-a slut.”
“I’m not!” she shouted back immediately.
Anger swelled. “Oh, yeah! Then what is it?”
“I…I…I can’t help it.”
My anger slackened a bit. “What do you mean I can’t help it?”
She remained silent, detached, her eyes focused on a corner of the bathroom.
I fast walked to her, snatched her shoulders and shook her to life. My black eyes drilled holes into her hazel ones. “What do you mean?”
“No, let go,” she said, trying to push me back. “I don’t want to.”
“Tell me what’s going on?” My hot, caffeine soaked breath struck her face. Her nostrils twitched, and then her lips parted and took in a soft lungful. Then she latched onto me.
Her right hand grabbed onto the short hairs on the back of my head and shoved her moistened lips into mine. They were soft and tasted of strawberries. Her breath poured into me and I could sense the vodka and rum. It mingled with my soda breath into one intoxicating aroma. God it felt so good.
I felt her breasts press against my chest, are twin heartbeats playing a duet. Her left hand flew to the crotch of my slacks and wasted no time. Her finger curled around my growing length with a tender aggression that made me take in a deep, halting breath. “Oh, god,” I muttered, my brain still reeling from the strong stink of alcohol.
Her hand massaged me through my slacks with practiced ease. I grew hard beneath her touch. Her fingers traced the veins of my shaft like a road navigator. Before I could do anymore, she pulled her hand away from my hardness and shoved my right hand beneath her skirt until my fingertips felt white silk. Her hand returned to its place, and my finger, on its own, began to press the silk of her panties into her. I could feel the split between her legs part beneath the silk. I could sense heat rising from those tender lips, and soon it grew moist.
“What is this?” I asked. “Why so sudden?”
“I need you,” she whispered, and then she shoved her tongue into my mouth silencing me. When she pulled away, I gave a cough of relief. “It burns so much,” she continued. “I can’t take it anymore. Please, fuck me.”
That’s when I realized it. “You’re an addict.”
“Stop talking, and just let me have it, please,” she whimpered. She was pleading. I slid my fingers beneath her panties and felt her lips twitch at my touch. She took in a deep sigh. I passed over her swelling clit, and found her sex. It burned with heat, I shoved two fingers as deep as I could and felt the muscles tighten around them. I pushed in and then pulled out, and then shoved them back in again. I felt her hold me as I moved, the furnace of her sex burning, moist and sticky to the touch. “Oh, god, don’t stop.” I pushed my thumb up and found darıca escort her swollen clit peeking from beneath its hood. I pushed down on it and felt her body jerk with energy. She began to grind herself on my fingers. I pushed them in and out, my thumb rubbing her clit roughly. “Oh, god, make me cum.”
She didn’t let up on my cock, which was now threatening to break through my slacks. “Oh, shit, I don’t think I can hold it.” Her hands were harsh and moved fast. I felt the cotton of my boxer briefs rubbing against it, scraping me. I shoved my fingers into her faster. Her juices soaked through and I could feel her panties growing soaked as well. I pushed my knuckles up into her and then I just felt her clench around them, holding them there, then she jerked once, twice. I felt her hip slither against me and then she let it all out. It poured from her like sap from a tree.
“Ahhh! God!’ she cried as her hips pushed down onto my hand trying to get more into her. I pulled out of her and was just in time to catch her before she fell in exhaustion.
“Christ, are you okay?” My dick was still throbbing and pressing against my pants. I hadn’t cum, but the desire for release was there. “Is this how it is for you?”
“The heat,” she said. “I can’t take the heat. It’s too much. I need release.”
“How often does it happen?” I asked, still holding her up. We were both drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, our hearts were racing.
“At least five times a day, maybe more.”
My jaw dropped. “What about at school?”
“I-I can’t do it there, they’d know what I was,” she sobbed. “I just satisfy myself in the bathroom.”
“Then you come here to pick up guys to sedate these urges?”
“Yes,” she said. “I can’t stop. It’s the only way to get rid of the heat.”
The next words that came out of my mouth were the last ones I would have expected. Even to this day I don’t know why I said what I said in that bathroom, but I did. “I’ll do it.”
She looked up at me puzzled, her beautiful hazel eyes glistening with tears. “What?”
“You could end up getting abused, catch an STD, or end up addicted to drugs or something. If all you need is someone to absorb the heat for you. I’ll do it. You won’t have to come to these clubs anymore. You’ll have me. I promise I’ll take care of you.”
“Brody,” she said. The way she said my name, I’ll never forget it. It was in disbelief, relief, and hope.
“I swear I’ll take care of you.”
She pushed me away then turned her back to me. He hands went up beneath her skirt and
I watched her soaked panties slide down her legs and get tossed into a corner. Resting her arms against the wall, she arched her back and spread her legs so the hem rose to reveal the bottom curves of her ass and the sweetness of her sex barely peeking from beneath the curtain. “Please,” she said. “Fuck me.”
It all moved with the pace of a cheap porn flick. It wasn’t so much the situation that startled me, but the fact that it was Terra pulling the routine. That, and it was no fucking movie. I sighed, pulled out my wallet and fumbled out a condom. I’d brought it more on a ‘be prepared’ motto than any real expectation of using it.
“No,” she suddenly said.
“No, but I don’t want to get you pregnant or anything.”
“It’s alright, you won’t get me pregnant.”
I wasn’t going to tell her it was a precaution against any possible STDs. “Even so, I better just-”
“No, fuck me without it or get out of the bathroom. I’ll just find someone else.”
It was because she said this with genuine seriousness that I caved. I stuffed the condom back into my wallet, tossed off my blazer, and pulled out my shirt tail. I moved forward. I always hated in pornos how guys fucked girls in a public places with their pants around their feet. I always felt they looked like invalids or something. Leaving my slacks buttoned, I unzipped and got my cock out through the opening of my underwear. Strangely enough, I could never understand any other reason for that slit being there than for this.
I had read somewhere that sex was half instinct and half technique. Those words I held in my mind as I rubbed my cock to get it as hard as I could. Urging me on with heavy breathing and whimpering pleas for carnal satisfaction, Terra slipped her left hand between her legs, while the right crumbled her skirt up on her lower back. Legs spread apart and ass stuck out like some stuck up dog, her fingers slid up her lips and then parted those folds. Pink lips bloomed to reveal beckoning darkness. Her fingers held those pink petals apart stretching out her vagina. Below her hungry maw, her clit still throbbed with a deep rose color, its hardened head coming out from beneath its folds. She glistened with her juices and I approached and placed my hands on her hips. Stretching her cheeks apart and ignoring her whimpering, I touched the head of my cock to the rim of that gaping cave. I took a deep breath and pushed it in.
It stretched to swallow me. Furnace warmth enveloped my shaft immediately; the moistness dripping off the walls seemed to sizzle with energy along my pulsing length. She let a soft moan escape her lips as her lower lips took me in with ease, a testament to her experience. The way she would carry herself at school, I always thought I’d be her first. But there was no resistance, no pain. “Oh, damn,” I growled. Her pussy tightened around my length and held it. I could feel the wet, soft walls within her massage me. Holding tight gölcük escort on her hips, I drew back half way before plunging it back in. She bucked, her breasts bouncing up against the wall. I retreated and then assaulted her once more with greater force.
“Ahhh!” she cried out.
“P-People will hear us,” I managed to say, as I found my rhythm. I was slow, letting her pleasure, as well as mine, build into eruption. I thrust hard letting my pelvis strike her heart shaped ass with each assault. It wasn’t long, however, before she started to push back.
Even as I tore into her, she rode me with such unchained desire that I thought I was going to blow early. I held my stomach as tight as I could and urged myself to hold it in. Heavy exhalations escaped my lungs as I fucked her, obeying her pleas of “Faster”, “Deeper”, and “Harder.” I let her guide me, and the carnal beast within me took the wheel.
I left her hips and grabbed her stomach and breasts. I pulled her away from the stability of the wall until her shoulder blades were pressed against my chest, her back arched. She tilted her head up and I bent down with a kiss. Her mouth opened and the intoxication of alcohol swirled my senses as I forced my tongue down her throat. She sucked on it, taking in my breath with as much vigor as I took in hers. Her left hand held the hair on the back of my head so hard I thought she’d rip them from the roots, but it was good pain. We heaved and moaned as two wild beasts in season. My hips pushed faster, the squelching juices creating a fragrance and ballad that drove our hearts into drum rolls.
“Oh, god, I’m almost there, don’t stop,” she cried into my lips.
With one hand wrapped covetously about her stomach and the other massaging her breasts, the tip of her hardened nipples pushing up from her clothes, I let my passion loose. Faster was what she wanted. Harder and deeper were her edicts. I ripped her open, stretched her beyond pain. As she ground against me, riding my thrusts on waves of pleasure, I felt her body tighten around my cock with ravenous hunger. I could feel my dick twitching, here it was. I braced myself. I sped up. It was the last stretch, and I poured every ounce of my energy into the last lap. “Oh, fuck!” she screamed. Her body convulsed, her hips bucking while her pussy hit me with a final strangle hold that made moving impossible.
“Arrgh!” I growled through clenched teeth in some jungle roar. My body went rigid, my length twitched and I felt my balls tighten up. I exploded into her. Hot seed rushed up and she cried out as her body took it all. I still thought that I might get her pregnant, but I found I’d worry about that later.
Doused in sweat, we both slid to the floor. She was on her knees bent forward, my twitching member sore and on fire. I began to pull out with a growl, my cock’s sensitivity still raw with heat. “No,” she said. “Leave it in. Just a little longer, Brody.”
I did. We lay there steeped in sweat, smelling of each other. Our hearts were still running the marathon, and our lungs were convinced they had come up for air.
“Okay,” she said. “Pull out.”
I did. I was still raw and I held back a growl of discomfort as I pulled free of her. She was dripping so much that the juices had run down her inner thighs and into droplets on the linoleum.
“Clean me,” she sighed, a satisfied smile regarding me. God her hazel eyes were alight.
Still bent forward with her ass and pussy in the air, I parted her cheeks and ran my tongue from her throbbing, moist clit up to her warm sex. I lapped up her juices with loud slurping noises that tickled her and made her stifle a few giggles. I pushed my tongue into her hole, still plenty warm and plenty wet. I lapped up what I could around her vagina. She tasted warm and strong. Her scent flew into my nose and I instantly became drunk on it.
I pulled away and fell back onto my ass. My cock was still erect and twitching from its recent release. Terra sat back onto her heels and scooted towards me. “Now, I’ll clean you.”
Her tongue slowly drank up my cum and juices. When she sucked it into her mouth I felt goose bumps surge up my arms and felt an energetic twitch in my cock. She was skilled. Her lips weren’t too tight. They were a tender hug that ran up and down my sensitive length. I was still raw and even this moist act of pleasure brought up a few fiery whimpers from my throat.
When she was done my cock glistened with her saliva. I stared at her for several moments. She swallowed and smiled. Then she leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss, arms wrapped about my neck, tongue parting my mouth. I hugged her and sucked in her breath once more, the vodka and rum filling me to bursting. When she pulled away I tried to go in for a kiss, but she placed a finger on my lips and shook her head. “The heat’s gone for now,” she said.
She straightened up, snatched up her soaked panties and then walked ro the sink.
I lifted myself up, tucked away my equipment, and sat down on the toilet seat with my blazer tossed over one shoulder.
She opened her purse and took out a small plastic baggy with an extra pair of panties in it.
“You carry a spare pair with you?” I asked.
“I hate moist silk against my pussy,” she said. She swapped the soaked one for the dry one. The plastic bag disappeared into her purse with her spent panties, and then she gracefully stepped into her new silk pair and pulled it up under her skirt. She flattened the plaid skirt out, and then turned to look at me. “You want to see my place?”

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