Bar Help



“I’m done with it! You have to go find a job, right now!”

“Yes mom”, Alex said.

Alex had never seen his mother this angry before. Alex was a college student but not one that liked to study a lot. No, he had bad grades, didn’t have a job and when he went out with his friends he always got drunk. And most of the time his mother didn’t really care but since his father died in a car crash she didn’t stop correcting Alex.

So, next day Alex posted an advert online saying:

“Hello, I am a hard working college student. I am looking for a job. I can work hard and I always try to get the best of myself. Do you have a job? Contact me!”

Alex didn’t have to wait long. The next morning, he got an email. He was offered a job as a “bar help” whatever that might mean. Alex replied and he was allowed to come to the boss’s office for an interview.

The interview went well, so after an hour or two Alex signed his contract. Alex didn’t read the whole thing because it was ten pages long. Next his new boss took out a measuring tape and measured Alex.

“It’s for your company casino oyna clothes.” The boss said.

After that Alex could go home and the next day his first day would begin.

Chapter 1. A dog?!?

Alex woke up early that morning, he was told to be at the bar at 7.00 in the morning. As Alex wanted to make a good first impression he was right on time. The bar turned out to be a gay bar. Alex didn’t really care about that because he was fine with people being gay, he wasn’t though.

Alex entered and walked to the bar. There was a large muscular man standing behind the bar. He was wearing a latex suit and latex boots. He looks aggressive, Alex thought.

“Hi, I’m Alex” said Alex, “I’m looking for a man called Sam?”

“yup, that’s me. You’ve got to be the greenie.”

“yeah”, Alex replied.

“Alright buddy, wait here and I’ll bring you your suit. In the mean time, strip down.”

Alex didn’t move, he didn’t want to strip down in front of a complete stranger!

Sam didn’t like that and whipped Alex with his whip.

“AAH! Ok, ok.” Alex said while he started slot oyna to strip.

Sam chuckled and walked away.

When Sam returned Alex was standing in the middle of the bar in just his underwear.

“That too” Sam said while pointing to Alex’s underwear.

Alex didn’t want to be hit by the whip again so he quickly took of his underwear.

Sam Smiled and walked towards Alex, admiring his body.

“Now you listen very carefully boy! I’m the master in here and you’re my slave, nothing more nothing less. Is that understood?”

Alex replied with a quick “yes”.

“Yes what?!?”

“Yes sir” Alex said quickly.

“Mmm, good boy” Sam played a bit with Alex’s dick.

Alex’s dick grew to full size very soon.

“Now now, that’s not like it should be, luckily for you I’ve got just the thing for that.”

Sam put a pink chastity cage on Alex and locked it. Alex looked at Sam but couldn’t find a single piece of sympathy.

Next Sam also put a black latex body suit on Alex. After that his new leather dog mask, dog tail and fist mittens followed. He also canlı casino siteleri put an electric collar on Alex so when he tried to speak Alex got a heavy shock. Alex was at the complete mercy of Sam.

Just after they were finished a gay couple entered, they ordered a beer and Alex was told to wait in his cage until he was needed. Alex didn’t have to wait long before he was allowed to get out again. Just after ten minutes in his cage the gay couple decided the good use a good blowjob, so Alex was called. Alex walked to the couple on all fours.

“Hey there, cute puppy, can you bark for us?” the larger man asked.

Alex start barking like a real puppy.

The men started laughing and Alex was told to beg to eat the larger man’s dick. So Alex begged. As soon as Alex opened his mouth a large cock was pushed inside. Alex started to suck on the dick like it was the only thing he had ever done. The man quickly come to an orgasm and Alex swallowed his cum. The larger man complimented Alex, he said: “You’re such a good fuck toy!” for a reason unknown to Alex he was very happy to hear that.

The evening was long for Alex as more and more gay couples came in and wanted him to give them a blowjob. After the bar finally closed Alex was told to go back to his cage and go to sleep. Alex would soon discover all about his other duties.

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