Subject: Bare Naked Giant 5 Bare Naked Giant – Part 5 by Underjug M/b, oral, inc, con, giant ********** WYATT AND SPENCER SAY: IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH THEIR GOAL THIS MONTH! Visit: fty/ Thanks to all who emailed with nice things to say. And now for more adventures with Spencer and Wyatt! ********** In my dream I was back in my town and had my own bare naked giant. He was maybe as tall as the apartment building me and my mom used to live at. Also he kinda looked like Wyatt, more like a cousin, I guess. Brown eyes instead of blue, a little bit less muscly arms, and wavier hair. I got to take the bare naked giant to school. All the other kids were totally jealous, especially the ones who used to pick on me. At recess me and the bare naked giant were allowed to play tag and all the other kids had to keep away so they wouldn’t get stepped on. Then it was night real fast and we decided to go home. Us both knew a giant couldn’t come into the apartment so I decided to sleep outside with him. He lied down on the ground. I climbed real careful onto his milk bag and used it as my bed. The bare naked giant helped pull his soft stick over me for a blanket. One of his walnuts was my pillow. Was it ever super cozy. That’s all I remember. I told Wyatt the dream at breakfast. He liked the last part a whole lot. I was in my pj bottoms like usual and Wyatt wore just his bball shorts. Before we cleared the table, Wyatt squeezed one of his arms and grumbled that he hadn’t worked out for a whole week. “Gotta do something about that.” Wyatt had weights in the rec room. I got to be his helper. Bringing him the smaller steel circles that I was strong enough to carry. Putting the lock things on the barbell. Hanging off the dumbbells for his rizzizz-something training. Fetching his water bottle. I was so lucky! I loved watching Wyatt clench his teeth and grunt hard. It totally looked like the times he shot his milk. He said he could bench 230 pounds. That was like 25 pounds more than he weighed! I was amazed at all the sweat. It made him all shiny. He looked like a real man and I really wanted to be like him when I grew up. We got to have an extra shower after. It was fun cause for this one time we made a rule that I couldn’t touch the tub. So Wyatt had to keep me in the air. I got to sit on his shoulders like we were playing the game chicken. I also got to hang off his arm pretending I was a sloth. The best one was when I had my feet on his hips with my arms around his neck. That last position we kissed two times. Wyatt had me hang out on his shoulders while he got a razor. He was gonna use it to shave his milk sack and explained it usually had hair on it. Only after tons of begging did I get him not to shave so the hairs could grow out and I could see what his milk sack looked like with them. Even though our sticks were pointing out we didn’t do anything. We saved that for Bare Naked Giant. “Fee fi fo fum! I’m cleaning a stick and it’ll be yum!” Wyatt was standing outside the bathroom without any clothes on. I was giggling in my pj bottoms outside my bedroom. No matter how many times we played I was always scared excited. Now that I knew Wyatt was really seven feet, two inches tall, he looked even more dangerous. He stood there and showed off the big round muscles on his arms. So scary and exciting! He flexed his super hard stick and made it dance. That got me giggling. My mouth watered knowing I’d be sucking on it. But then the bare naked giant stomped over to me! “Oh no! Hide, villagers, he’s back!” I shouted and ran downstairs. The bare naked giant chased me around the living room and kitchen. I pretended to trip. He caught up and lifted his size 17 foot above me. It started coming down, but in slow motion. I wondered what it would be like being squished like all my stuffed animals were. But as the foot came down, I rolled away and ran back upstairs. I hid under Wyatt’s covers. Soon gaziantep travesti the bed rocked over me and the bare naked giant said, “Where is that villager? I must be careful since he knows I come from the Land of Milk and Honey!” The plum poked in through the gap. I opened wide. It pushed into my mouth exactly like when I stuffed my mouth full of hot dog. I already knew the stick was nine and a half inches, but I used my mom’s tape on just the plum. Each way – across the top and front to back – the plum was two inches long. It was too big for the mouth of an eight-year-old. But because of practice I could get the plum and a whole inch of stick in. I learned all the ways of sucking that made the bare naked giant go, “Ohhhhh, what’s happening? I’m starting to feel nicer. I don’t want to be nice. That’ll mean I’ll have to do what the villager says.” Except of course Wyatt couldn’t say it proper with all his moans and groans. This time when the bare naked giant took me to his lair, he tried something new out. He was on all fours above me. But he turned me upside down so that I was closer to his stick and he was closer to mine. I was supposed to suck on his stick while he cleaned my stick. No matter how much we tried it didn’t work out. Wyatt was just too tall. He couldn’t bend down far enough to get his mouth to my stick. After a buncha tries, we gave up on that. The bare naked giant just cleaned my stick. “Sooooooooooo tingly,” I sighed. “In the bare naked giant’s lair, all sticks must be clean,” he growled and slurped on my peg. The sparkles were even sparklier. I kinda felt floaty. Like the inside part of me was bigger than my body. I don’t know how else to say it. I still couldn’t believe this gigantor man had my stick in his mouth. Not too long ago he was pumping iron (I learned that word too) like He-Man. And now he was licking between the legs of a kid like me. The giant’s lair made me feel so warm and safe. The stuff that happened here was secret and dirty. Boys only. No girls allowed. Before I knew it, my stick was getting to be the sparkliest. The floaty feeling was just between my legs. Then it got super weird down there. Oh no! “Wyatt, I’m gonna pee!” The bare naked giant took his mouth off. But it was too late. I was peeing in his face! Wow, it felt super awesome! Except I could see with my foggy eyes that nothing was squirting. I whimpered and fussed as the pee squirt feelings got slower. The bare naked giant was looking down all confused. “You okay, Spence?” “Oooooohhhhhh, yeah.” I kinda sounded like the bare naked giant after he shot his milk. “What happened?” he asked. “I dunno, I – it was like it was all sparkly.” “In your stick?” “Yeah. Then the sparkles went like, whoa. And then super whoa. And I thought I was peeing.” “Serious? Stay here.” Wyatt leaned down and kissed me. Then he left for a couple minutes. I peeked out and saw him checking his phone. Wyatt came back with a shocked look on his face. He kneeled down again cause he was too big for the giant’s lair. “Wild, you had a dry shoot.” “Huh? What’s that?” “It’s exactly what happens with me. But I have wet shoots.” I looked at Wyatt’s stick leaking out honey. “You’re gonna make the lair messy, bare naked giant. Here.” I shuffled over lying down so that the pee hole was right over my mouth. I opened up and caught the dripping honey. While we talked I kept getting more and more honey from my big brother. Licking my lips between drips. It was like sap from a tree. “Damn, dude,” he said more like Wyatt than the bare naked giant, “I didn’t even know about dry cums.” “What’re driguns?” “I meant dry shoots. It’s all new to me. My first shoot was wet.” I smacked my lips between my honey getting. “How old were you?” “Thirteen, I think.” “Is that how old you have to be?” “Depends. Some can do wet shoots when they’re 11. Some a bit later.” “I hafta wait three whole years at least? gaziantep masaj salonları That’s, like, forever.” Wyatt ruffled my hair. “It’ll come faster than you think.” “It’s no fair, you know.” “What is?” Oops, more honey was dripping. I caught it and swallowed it all the way down to my tummy. Soooooo good. “It’s no fair, cause I have a littler mouth and I hafta try and put a whole huge sausage in it. And you have a adult’s mouth and you can fit my whole stick and bag in it easy.” Wyatt chuckled all friendly. “Yeah, but with my milk you’re gonna grow up to be a big and strong O’Connell.” He flexed again. Wyatt so totally was He-Man. I slurped off the next batch of honey as noisy as I could, which made us both laugh. Wyatt shook his head. “I sure am lucky to have a villager to take care of my needs. On our own, we giants have to relieve ourselves so our milk doesn’t get backed up.” The game was starting up again so I turned into more the villager. “What do you mean, bare naked giant?” “Well, villager, you know how you pump up a super soaker to increase the pressure so it’ll spray?” “Uh-huh.” Slurp. “That’s what a bare naked giant has to do when there isn’t a mouth around to suck on his stick.” “Really?” I was trying to see if he was funning me. “Would you like to see?” “Sure!” The bare naked giant lifted me to the side. He stretched out on his back. Of course he had to lean against the folded quilt on the sofa cause he was too tall. His huge hand moved his stick up into the air. The fingers wrapped around the stick and started working it up and down. “If a giant pumps this long enough, he’ll build up enough pressure to make himself shoot.” I crawled over and put my elbows on his quad (learned that word too!) and rested my chin in my hands. Wyatt told me all about courtside seats. I felt like I had them to the best show ever. The bare naked giant moaned and groaned like he was being sucked. But he wasn’t being sucked, he was moving his hand up and down. Sometimes slow, sometimes like a blur. Honey leaked out and gunked up his fingers. The bare naked giant stopped pumping and let me clean it all off before he’d go back to pumping. “Wow, bare naked giant, is that pumping gonna make you shoot?” “Sure thing, villager. Hey, you wanna try?” He stopped pumping and kinda offered me his stick. I was so honored to be asked. Quickly I moved to his side. I held out my hands, not sure what to do. The bare naked giant wrapped my tiny fingers around the stick. “Just jerk the outside skin up and down.” Mom said to do as I was told. She would freak if she knew what exactly I was being told to do. After the bare naked giant let go, I realized how heavy the stick was. Very heavy! I bit my lip and tried to move the outside skin up and down just like the bare naked giant did. But I was kinda useless at it. Trying to keep the stick steady. Picking up enough of the outside skin. Moving my hands as fast as I could. “Don’t be in such a hurry, villager. Take your time.” I was glad to hear him say that. It was a bit more fun now that I could go slower and learn how to do it proper. “Your hands feel so awesome, villager.” This was way, way cooler than courtside, I was actually in the game! I stopped a couple times to lick the honey off my fingers, but I tried to get back to pumping as fast as I could. “Ohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm.” I was able to watch the bare naked giant’s face more better from here than from down between his legs. He made expressions I never seen before. Like scowly face. And an O with his lips. “Oh, villager. Yeah. Here it comes.” This was just like his wet dream! But now I was gonna see the milk shoot right from the beginning! The stick went steel. I could actually see the plum grow bigger. And whoosh! The volcano erupted and shot lava straight up into the air. It landed on his chin! S- P-L-A-T!!! Another blast hit his neck. S-P-L-A-T!!! Another gaziantep escort bayan on his chest. S-P-L-A-T!!! It was amazing to think I could actually drink all this stuff. Two more blasts landed on his tummy. Three dribbled out like honey even though it was milk. I quickly cleaned my fingers and got to work slurping up the lake of milk on the bare naked giant. It was pretty fun running around trying to get everything before it spilt. “Uh-oh, villager, some’s about to go over the edge here.” The bare naked giant teased me, tilting his body to make the milk run faster. I giggled and rushed over with my mouth to get it all. After I was finished, I collapsed over his leg. “Whew. Now I know why you need a villager, bare naked giant. Otherwise, sure is a lot messier.” Wyatt just went, “Heh.” He carried me like a sack of potatoes for a quick rinse. Then he carried me downstairs like a sack of potatoes after we got ourselves fixed up. “Sooooooo, little bro. I was thiiiiiiinnnnking we could go -” I suddenly remembered right then! “- the carnival!” I shouted. “A’ight. Let’s take the truck.” I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough. Wow, wow, wow, the carnival was a blast! My big brother took me on rides (even the kid ones!), bought me corn dogs and cotton candy, and won me the top prize in the basketball game! But him and the carnival guy were surprised when I said I actually wanted the next big prize. I didn’t like the gigantic teddy bear. The smaller one was a lion. It looked way more awesomer, it was easier to carry around, plus we could use it for Wyatt to fight and step on during Bare Naked Giant. Wyatt held my hand and gave me neck rides. I got the warm stew feeling almost the whole time. We couldn’t stay as long cause of the tummy ache I was getting from the rides. But Wyatt promised to take me back soon, so I didn’t feel sad at all. On the way home in the truck we snuck holding hands. He kept smiling at me and I kept smiling at him. An old song came on the radio and I started singing to it. “Looooove, looooove me, dude. Looooove, loooove me, dude.” “What’re you singing?” Wyatt grinned. “Love me, dude.” “It’s love me do, little bro.” “That sounds weird. I like my way better.” “Know what? You’re right.” We sang together. “Loooooove, looooove me, dude.” Me and him didn’t know the words too good, so we faked part of it. We were having tons of fun. But then Wyatt suddenly got quiet as the song finished. I grabbed his hand and looked up worried. “What’s wrong?” “Whew. That…That overwhelming feeling again. So intense, little dude. I don’t get it. I don’t….” Wyatt got this look on his face. Like he had an idea. “Damn. Damn, it’s…I know what it is. I finally know. It’s not a warm stew feeling at all.” He looked down at me. There was kinda a cry look on his face but he was way too He-Man to cry. “I now know. It’s love. Whoa. I love you, little bro.” He had to stop talking for a sec. I made a small smile to let him know it was okay. Wyatt smiled back. “I know I’ve said ‘I love you’ to people. I love Dad. I loved my other mom. And I know I’ve said it to you. But now I know what it really feels like…what it actually, really feels like to love someone. Not just to say the words. But to feel it. Whoa, this is all new to me. I mean, fuck, I -” He looked at me realizing he said a bad word. I squeezed his hand to say it didn’t matter. “I’ve listened to these love songs a thousand times. They all sounded so hokey. But now I get it. If this is what love feels like, I’ll sing a thousand love songs to you.” The warm stew feeling went all over me when he said that. Now I knew it was love. I loved my big brother. Wyatt didn’t care when he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was safe cause we were almost home. But I loved him anyway for kissing me and not worrying if people saw. That night in Wyatt’s bed I curled up between his legs and lied my head in his curly hairs after a quick game of Bare Naked Giant where he fought off the lion from the carnival. My tummy was feeling better with Wyatt’s milk mixing with the corn dog and cotton candy. My big brother stroked my hair gently as I snuggled against his soft stick. Today Wyatt learned about dry shoots. I learned about pumping. And us both learned we loved each other for reals.

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