Bartender and Strangers


“Room 2112,” I said as I sat down at the hotel bad. “Double vodka tonic, two limes.”

My long, blonde hair was still pulled back into a tight, sweaty pony tail. I’d just finished an intense workout and was still in my athletic gear. A thin pink jacket hung loosely over my sports bra, but my toned stomach was there for the world to see. My black Lululemon jogging hot pants rode dangerously high as I climbed onto the barstool. I didn’t bother pulling them down. I literally worked my ass off for this body and I wasn’t ashamed to show it off. Plus, the adoring looks I got from the men around the bar were making me hot.

The bartender, a young man in his twenties, nodded his approval as he took in my outfit. My green eyes met his deep, brown eyes and I smiled softly in a brief attempt to appear sweet and innocent.

“Like what you see?” I flirted. For fun, I winked and laughed as I I noticed his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. His dark hair fell loose and wavy around his face. I’d bet money he played drums. He arms were toned and strained against the tight black t-shirt he wore.

It had been a long day and I’d hoped an intense workout would relieve some of the stress. Four hour delay on the flight, no drink service due to turbulence, a missed meeting, a botched presentation and a lost sale. But, 45 minutes on the treadmill hadn’t done a damn thing. Vodka was my next hope. If that didn’t work, I might be inviting the bartender up to my room to use his cock, now bulging in his jeans, to fuck the tension out of me. My pussy tingled at the proposition.

Still hot from the workout, I slipped the jacket off my shoulders and tied it around my waist. My sports bra was black too, but the thin, cross crossed strips of fabric that held it together across my breasts revealed more than my running shorts. I slipped the tie off my ponytail and let my long, blonde hair spill down my back and shoulders.

“Tequila on the rocks,” you said as you slid onto the stool next to me. You turned to me and offered a crooked smile and a soft, “hey.”

Your face beaded with sweat and I recognized your jawline as the face that had been watching me in the mirror of the hotel gym. You’d been lifting weights and I’d been admiring your ass while you completed your squats and push-ups. My pussy walls twitched again. Option three, I thought.

“Kayla,” I said and smiled. I offered my hand and you took it, gripping it tightly and shaking it. “I saw you in the gym.”

“I know,” he said simply and looked back to the bartender. “Make it two.”

The bartender, Noah his name tag said, slid my double vodka tonic across the bar, “Open a room tab?” He asked.

I nodded, “Room 2112.” I said it loud enough for you to hear.

“Sir?” Noah asked you.

“Room 1231,” you said and smiled. “Next round is on me.”

I normally don’t let men buy my drinks, but your hand had found its way to my thigh and you squeezed it hard as you offered. Your thumb was dangerous close to my crotch and I knew you could feel the heat that was now radiating from my soaked pussy.

“Todd,” you said with a sly smile. “You put on quite a show in there.” His eyes drifted to my breasts as his hand moved up my thigh.

When I’d caught his eyes in the mirror, I cranked up the speed and ran even faster. My sports bra wasn’t designed to contain tits that spilled out of double D bras.

“It’s been a long day,” I noted as I stretched my head from side to side. “I had some stress to relieve.”

“How’d that go,” you asked and held your glass up. I clinked mine to yours and then threw back the drink. I slid it across the bar.

“Noah, another,” I said. “It didn’t do the trick. My frustration and stress levels are causing all kinds of tension. I’m hoping the vodka helps.”

Noah glanced over his shoulder and smiled, “Another for your sir?”

You threw back your tequila and nodded. Your hand was now teasing ataköy escort the edge of my shorts. I shifted down in my seat, sending your thumb right into my clit. I half expected you to move your hand in shock, but you just smiled and took your second drink and threw it back. I turned slightly, allowing my legs to fall open and your thumb to press the fabric of my shorts into my soaked cunt. I never wore panties to workout. So the thin black shorts were the only thing between us.

“Take it upstairs,” Noah warned. He leaned over the bar, “My dick is hard enough just watching you two.”

I quickly grew back the second drink and slid away from you, “That’s okay, it’s been a long day and I need to catch some sleep. Unless either of you are up for a fuck.”

Noah and you stared at me, mouths open. I shrugged and offered my sexiest pout, “I guess I’ll take care of it myself.”

You finished your drink, “Put her drinks on my tab.”

I grabbed Noah’s hand and held it down. I leaned across the bar, my tits spilled out of my sports bra, “No, 2112. His drinks and mine. Fuck it, put a shot for you on there too Noah.”

I slipped off the barstool and my shorts rose into my ass. I knew my cheeks were exposed as I untied the jacked from my jacket from my waist, but I didn’t bother to cover it back up. My heart raced as I walked to the elevator, hoping your were following me. Disappointed I made a not of your room number and weighed my options.

Once in my room, I wrestled with my sports bra and shorts and threw them on the floor. I turned the shower on, extra hot, and climbed in. As I worked my hands and the soap over my body, I imagined they were your hands. I found my opening and pulled my lips apart, I slipped a finger into my pussy. I was dripping wet. Slowly, I used my index finger to trace circles over my clit. I moved faster, aching to relieve the pressure. I tilted my head back under the hot water and tweaked my nipple with my other hand. As I dug my finger harder into my clit and tugged at my nipple an intense orgasm ripped through me. The release nearly sent me crumbling to the floor. I turned off the water and stepped out wishing I hadn’t left the bar so quickly.

I’d forgotten to grab a towel from the rack by the sink, so my naked body was assaulted with cold air when I opened the bathroom door. Water dropped from my hair down my back and over my hard nipples. I was still breathing heavy when I walked out of the bathroom.

“Looking for this?” Noah asked. He was standing outside my bathroom holding up a towel. I smiled, but felt disappointment. The man I’d imagined as I finger fucked myself was you. But, Noah’s cock would do.

“How did you get in here?” I asked, not bothering to cover my nakedness. My nipples were daggers in the cold and the pointed right at him. At thirty, my breasts were still perky. His eyes lingered.

“I work here,” he laughed, “Getting your room key was easy.”

“Thank you,” I reached for the towel. But another hand grabbed it before I could get it.

“My hand will be the only thing covering those tits,” you said. You licked your lips as you stepped out of the shadows and took in my wet, naked body. Your eyes lingered on my breasts for a moment and then worked down to my cleanly waxed pussy. Not a hair to be found. The thrill of exposing all of me to you and Noah sent cum flowing from my cunt.

I took my lotion from the counter and sat on the bed. Slowly, I worked and massaged the lotion into my skin. Knowing I had an audience, I took my time. My calves. My thighs. My arms, my stomach. My breasts. I even teased my lips. All sufficiently slathered in lotion. My skin was smooth and ready. My pussy was on fire.

You and Noah watched. Now, both of your cocks were straining. Noah went first. He slipped his tight shirt off, revealing a hard body and a six pack. Then he slipped bakırköy escort off his jeans and revealed tight, black boxer briefs. The head of his cock peaked out. He looked to be at least seven inches. I smiled.

I looked at you. You nodded and slipped your shirt over your head. Your body was even more impressive. I bit my lip as I stared at the eight tight lines of your abs and noted the tight, toned V that pointed to my prize. I reached for your shorts and pulled them down. All nine inches sprung to greet me. I eagerly grabbed your cock in my hand and began working my lotion covered hands up and down the full length.

Noah took a step forward and I released one hand from your cock and worked off his boxer briefs. With his cock now freed, I began massaging both dicks. They felt glorious in my hands. Both long and thick. But, yours just a bit longer and thicker. My cunt soaked the bed as I thought about it filling me.

I scooted closer to the edge of the bed and took your cock in my mouth. I worked it slowly in and caressed it with my tongue before sucking hard. All nine inches wouldn’t fit, but I relaxed my throat and took in as much as I could. Noah gasped beside me as I sucked you and kept pumping his cock. You came quickly, filling my mouth. I swallowed.

Noah pulled himself free from my grasp and stepped in front of me. I held up my hand to stop him and stood up to retrieve condoms from my suitcase. I handed you one. Then, I bent over the side of the bed. My ass facing you and my mouth facing Noah. Juices from my pussy ran down my legs as I spread them for you. I silently begged you to ram into me.

I took Noah into my mouth, his seven inches easily filled me. I took your now limp cock back into my hand and began working on both of you again. I needed your cock hard again. My pussy was aching. It didn’t take much. Noah started fucking my mouth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper. He grabbed my head and held a fist full of my wet hair as he pumped in and out. His balls slapping my chin.

Your hands gently spread my legs apart and I stepped wider, bracing my feet and trying not to lock my knees. I heard the condom wrapper tear open and I waited anxiously. I fought the urge to reach down and massage my own clit.

Noah pumped harder and faster into my mouth. He was taking much longer to cum. So I curled my tongue under his shaft and started pulsing my tongue tightly. The motion worked and he exploded into my mouth just as I felt the tip of your cock spread my lips open. I swallowed again. Where your cum had been sweet, his was bitter and salty. Just as Noah slipped out of my mouth you slipped into my wet, waiting cunt. You pushed in slowly and pulled out. Just as the emptiness started to ache, you forced all nine inches back in hard. My body jerked forward.

Noah stepped back and I looked up at him. As he watched, he took his limp dick into his hands and started jerking it.

You wrapped your arms under my stomach and pulled me up. My breasts bounced at the motion. Noah’s cock woke back up and was pointing right at me. You pulled your dick out and stepped back. I was between you and Noah now, my back to him and tits facing you. You tossed a condom to Noah and slipped a fresh one over your still hard cock.

“What?” I asked breathlessly. You grabbed the lotion from the counter and held it up.

“Cunt or ass?” You asked.

Noah grabbed the lotion and said, “Ass.”

“No,” I said. I didn’t do that, I thought. Aside from an ex’s wondering fingers, my ass was virgin territory. I’d intended to keep it that way. You laughed.

“You have two holes and two hungry dicks, slut,” Noah laughed. “You seem smart, do the math.”

I shook my head, no. But, I knew I had no choice. The idea didn’t sound horrible and as I thought about two cocks filling me at the same time, my pussy twitched with excitement. topkapı escort My knees buckled. You caught me and slipped your fingers between my legs. Your spread my lips wide. I knew my soaked pussy would deceived me.

“I think she is ready,” you said as you penetrated me with your finger. As you withdrew your finger, my juices dropped down your finger and flowed down my things.

You laid back on the bed and I waited as Noah squirted lotion into his hand. I closed my eyes as he worked a finger into my virgin asshole. As it loosened, he worked in another. The feeling was foreign, but I thrust my hips back into him and his fingers plunged deeper.

“She’s ready here too,” he noted and pushed me towards you.

You guided me down towards you.

“How does this work?” I asked quietly as my voice cracked.

“Shut up,” you said and slid your dick back inside me. As all nine inches slowly worked their way in, I shut my mouth. The logistics didn’t matter, I needed both of you inside me. Now.

Noah stepped behind me and started rubbing my back. You didn’t move. Your cock was lodged inside me, filling me completely. I tensed as I felt the tip of Noah’s dick rub my crack. I felt more lotion drip down as he squirted more onto my ass. I wasn’t sure he’d even fit. He was less gentle than you had been and he jerked inside my virgin asshole. The swift motion pushed you further into me and my clit surged.

Neither of you moved. I’d never felt so satisfyingly full. I nearly came right then.

Then, slowly, Noah pulled back a little. He rammed back in, sending me harder into you. He did this a few more times.

“Fuck she’s tight,” he moaned. As my virgin hole loosened, he pumped harder. You found the rhythm and started matching it.

With the third thrust, an orgasm ripped through me and I collapsed onto you. But, neither of your were done. As I struggled to catch my breath, you raised your hips, pumping harder into me. My pussy clenched around you and tightened. The friction was almost painful now that my juices had dried with the orgasm. I gritted my teeth in pain, but spread no legs wider, allowing both of you to sink deeper.

Noah fucked my ass as hard as he’d fucked my mouth. His hands reached under me and started playing with my clit. Your mouth found my nipple and you bit down. Hard. I screamed. The sound sent you both into overdrive. Noah fucked my ass harder and rubbed my clit even faster.

You started sucking my nipple and pushing all nine inches deeper and deeper into me. The pace didn’t slow and both of you worked my ass, tits, clit and pussy.

I couldn’t see straight, everything was blurry. Maybe it was the vodka or maybe it was the massive cocks that were fucking me like I’d never been fucked. I closed my eyes and ignored the pain in my nipples and cunt. I relaxed, letting you both in deeper.

Noah grunted first, you kept pumping. As Noah stood behind me, my clit throbbed as he started pinching and rolling it between his fingers. He pulled out of my ass and I pulled my body up so I could ride you harder. I could feel your cock tense as it approached release. As Noah’s hand left my pussy, yours took over. As I grind down, you raise your hips and then Noah moved behind me and starts pulling and tugging my nipples. I feel his cock, sticky and flacid, on my back.

I lean forward, pushing you back. We found a rhythm and rocked back and forth. Just as your cock tensed for the final time, the most intense orgasm ripped through me in waves. My pussy tightened around you and we both shuddered. You released back on the bed and I feel on top of you.

“Shit,” Noah said. “My break is over.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and stood up. My body was covered in sweat and my breasts were red from both of your hands. I took his cock into my hand and knelt down. I pulled it to my mouth one last time and kissed it. “Just what I needed.”

He cleared his threat and then grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed. I smiled as I noted the bulge returning. I was sending him back to work both relieved and horny. He left without a word and I turned back to you.

“Mr. Wright,” I said. “Your best performance yet.”

“Thank you,” he grinned mischievously. “How’s your ass, Mrs. Wright?”

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