[The story is about a different way of living, or maybe not so different. Most of the really good stuff that exists in my life exists as the result of a barter or two. It is my belief that when you are ready and open for the best deal of your life it just may show up. It did for Sam and Melissa,]


She came in and sat next to me at the bar. I had put myself on a stool with space on either side of me, ordered a long neck and relaxed to listen to the local country band. They were pretty good, until I got distracted.

She wore the uniform for a bar like that one: jeans, boots, wide leather belt and western shirt. The shirt fit tightly across her chest. Her chest wasn’t big. The shirt wasn’t unbuttoned too far. The jeans were tight. The boots were for dancing not work. Her bra length blond hair was straight and she swung it around like she was waving a cape for the bull. I guessed I was the bull.

As soon as her butt slid onto the stool she looked at me and said, “Hi.”

I returned the greeting and asked, “Do you dance?”

“When asked, sometimes.”

“If I buy you a beer will you dance with me?”

“Maybe.” She tilted her head a little. I’ve seen plenty of women tilt like that. It’s a tease. I didn’t order her a beer. The bartender came and she ordered her own.

When it arrived she paid for it and then said, “I thought you offered to buy me a beer?”

“I asked if I bought you a beer would you dance with me. You said maybe. Well, maybe, when you make up your mind, I’ll buy you a beer.”

She took a good hit on the beer and turned to face me. “It’s all a dance. You make a move, I make a move and maybe, later, we get to know each other.”

“That might be true of every man in this bar but not this one. In my life I barter. This morning I bartered with a rancher. No money changed hands. I left him with eighty bales of alfalfa and drove away with a fifty year old John Deere tractor on my truck. Later this afternoon I traded with a family. They got the propane tank they needed and I got a truck load of corn. In here the game is usually different. I won’t play.”

“Why not? Wouldn’t spending time dancing with me be worth something?”

“Yes. I offered. You answered “Maybe.” That would be like me unloading eighty bales of alfalfa in your barn before you’ve decided if we have a deal. I wouldn’t know if the tractor was mine. I may be crazy but I’m not stupid.”

“Oh. If I said yes, you would have bought me a beer?”

“That was the offer.”

“Yes, but not yet. Buy the beer after we dance.”

I took her hand and we went to the dance floor. We joined the throng sliding around the floor together. We didn’t talk. She danced a proper two-step. The more flourishes I added the more she seemed to like it. She smiled and moved with an ease I liked. When the song ended I put my hand on her back but didn’t push. She looked up at me and said, “You are really quite gentle.”

“I’m not here to get you to go where you don’t want to go. My hand is to let you know I’m still here. When the music plays, I lead. Without the music, I barter.”

At our stools the bartender brought two more beers. I paid. We clinked bottles and took a swallow.

“I’m Melissa. You willing to share your name with me?”

“Sam. Nice to meet you Melissa.”

“Sitting here with you feels a lot like a chess match. I’m looking forward two or three moves to see what might be coming my way.”

“I can let you wonder or we can sit at a table and I’ll tell you. I’d prefer the table.”

She started to slide off the stool so I picked up both our beers and followed her to an empty table. We sat and each took another drink. I began nursing my beer. No point in dulling my senses.

“Ok. Where is this evening headed?” Melissa asked.

“I like what I see. I liked how you felt as we danced. You play chess. You understand barter. All that tells me we can actually have something here if we decide it’s what we want.”

“And that something is?”

“I’m willing to make you an offer. Think about it and then decide what you are willing to offer. If we can work out the details we’ll have a deal and something will happen. If we can’t work out the details we will have spent an hour or two in a most enjoyable conversation and no harm done.”

“Make me an offer.”

“I’m looking for a woman to be in my life as my mate, exclusively. Live with me, share my life. I make about two hundred thousand a year. I have a house near, but not in, Austin. I spend three weeks a month on the road. I expect my woman to be with me. I take a month off every year to travel somewhere fun. I can cook, clean, drive, rope, shoot and fight with the best, but I prefer not to shoot or fight. I am about as dressed up as I’ll ever be except on the day I get married and on that day I will wear whatever she wants me to wear. The woman in my life needs to ask for what she wants and what she needs. I will do my best to provide her with both her wants and needs but I must know what they are. I expect my sex drive to be slightly higher almanbahis than hers and will restrain myself, but not completely. I love sex and want lots of it.” I paused. “Ok. That’s my opening gambit. Your move.”

She took another hit of her beer without her eyes ever leaving mine.

“I heard you. I want a man as my partner, 24/7. I want to share everything about his life and mine, together. I live in a small apartment. I pay the rent month to month. I have a license to drive a semi. I can cook, ride, rope, drive, shoot, clean and fuck better than most. I believe in speaking what I need and what I want. I know the difference between the two. I expect I can fine tune my sex drive to be ready, willing and enthusiastic to your advances. I’d love to take a month off for fun each year.” Her eyes had never left mine. “Your move, cowboy.”

“It’s about nine o’clock. I’ve had two beers and no dinner. I’d like to leave this bar and go eat. If you go with me, you’re spending the night with me. That means in bed and with sex. It means we’re both taking a hard look at the opportunity on the table and seeing if it fits. If it does fit, I’ll need to know how soon you can leave your apartment and leave with me.”

“Who’s buying dinner?”

“From the moment we walk out of here until we come to an agreement, I pay.”

She stood and picked up her beer and mine. I followed her. She set the bottles on the corner of the bar, waved to the bartender and walked out. Outside she looked at the parking lot and said, “Which horse is yours cowboy?”

“The blue rental Ford.” I pointed. “I didn’t think they would like me parking my semi here.”

I opened her door and when she was in I went around and got in. “Where’s a good place to eat?”

Ten minutes later we were in a nice quiet restaurant. Quiet, not dark. I hate the restaurants where I can’t quite see what’s on the plate. The chicken-fried steak was good, the veggies fresh not canned and the mashed potatoes were fresh as well. Melissa had breakfast. Two eggs, medium, sausage, hash browns and country gravy. We shared. The country gravy was really delicious.

As we ate we talked. She had a lot of questions. “Where did I go on vacation the last three years? What was my house in Austin like? Would she be paid or depend on me for everything? Did I expect to get married soon? How soon was soon? Which side of the bed did I like? Did I stay in motels when I was on the road? Did the sleepover cab have a kitchen? Where were we headed and how soon?”

As she asked the wording changed from what did I want, need, do to what would we want, need, do. It was eleven when we walked out of the restaurant. At the car she stopped and wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned up and kissed me. It was a great kiss and I could feel the effects inside my jeans. Her lips were soft, warm and magic.

“Are you talking me back to your truck or to a motel?”

“If I take us to a motel I’m not showing you what life will be like. I haven’t spent a night in a motel since I got caught in a blizzard two years ago. Their heat worked better than mine. I was in that motel for three days, just outside Green Bay Wisconsin. I can take you to your apartment if that’s what you choose, but I’m sleeping in my truck.”



“What color?”


“Show me please.”

We kissed again and drove to my truck. I was parked against the back fence of a truck stop. When we walked from the rental car to the truck Melissa looked around and commented. “You parked between two trucks without sleepers. You don’t like neighbors?”

“You might be noisy. I don’t want to upset my neighbors so I don’t have any, tonight.”

“Do you have clean sheets on the bed?”

“Yes. And two nice pillows.” I unlocked the truck and opened the door. She climbed in with a practiced hand. One quick look at the driving area and she went into the sleeper. I was three feet behind her.

She sat on the bed and held a booted foot out to me. I pulled the boot off so she gave me the other one. I put them both out of the way and sat next to her.

“What kind of work do you do, Melissa?”

“Since I’ve been here I work for Hi-Country Trucking in the office. Invoices, billing, that sort of thing.”

“And, how long have you been here?”

“Jack died September sixteenth last year. I’ve been here ever since then.”


“My husband, Jack Tinsdale. Drove a 1979 Peterbilt. I was his partner for eleven years. He was riding shotgun while I got us into town and had a heart attack. I pulled into Hi-Country and they called the ambulance. He died the next day. I sold our truck to Hi-Country and they gave me a job.”

“You need to give them two weeks notice?”

“No, but I want to. It hasn’t been great there but they have been pretty good to me.”

I unbuttoned her shirt and she did mine. The white lace of her bra looked good against the tan of her skin. The breasts within didn’t need the bra for physical support just for dressing. When I took her shirt I reached over and almanbahis giriş hung it on a hanger. She hung mine over hers on the same hanger.

“Last time I did that it was Jack’s shirt.”

“Last woman’s shirt that hung right there dropped me for a full-time job as a hostess at a gentleman’s club. That was six months ago, in Baton Rouge.”

I helped her stand and I worked at getting her tight jeans off. It was work.

“Want me to help? It took me ten minutes to get them on.”

“Sure. Did you get them wet to get them on?”

“No! I spread KY on my ass and thighs.” We both laughed and did get them off. Bra and panties matched. They were white and lacy. My underwear matched hers, except for the lace. When my jeans went down to the floor they fell. Tight jeans aren’t my style.

She leaned over and turned on some music. In the available two feet we danced a little, exploring bodies with hands and lips.

“Sam, please don’t hurry. I’m a little scared. I went to the bar tonight to dance and get someone to buy me some beers. I got offered just what I’ve been missing since my husband died. I hurt a lot when Jack died. I lost everything.”

“So did he.” I kissed her. We held each other. We finished undressing each other and got into bed. She snuggled against me and we kissed some more.

“Sam? You aren’t moving at all. I just ask you to go slow.”

“Sweetheart, I’m moving at the pace that will let us get comfortable being together. I don’t want to base this relationship on how good my dick feels inside you. I want to know how well we sleep together. I want to see how I like waking up next to you and how you like waking up next to me. So far I’m overjoyed at how the barter is going. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve felt and everything I’ve tasted. If it’s Ok with you let’s sleep together tonight and, if you feel good about us in the morning I’d love to continue the exploration of how well we fit together.”

“God, I love that idea.” She wiggled just enough that we could kiss a few more times as we settled in for the night. The music played softly near us all night. The dark drapes were pulled so we slept until we woke up, not just until the sun woke us.

Melissa woke first. She slowly and carefully got up and opened the toilet. It was less than three feet from me. I woke up to the sound of water running. Then I heard her open the windows at either end of the sleeper. I didn’t open my eyes.

She pulled the covers slowly off me, and I felt lips kiss my morning hard on. I opened my eyes and looked right into her eyes. They grinned at me. She lifted her mouth off me and said, “Good morning. I slept better than I have slept in months. I’m hungry. Ok with you if I get myself something yummy for starters?”

“As long as you suck me to completion and don’t draw blood, go for it!”

Her head went back down far enough to capture my cock and she began her special brand of oral magic. She lavished attention on the head for a while, probing the slit with her tongue and getting acquainted with all the nerve endings she could find. Her hands found and held my nuts.

My hands found her body and helped her turn to a sixty-nine position. She fit. Her mouth held my cock as her pussy positioned itself right above my mouth. My tongue reached out and licked. She dropped her pussy an inch at the first tongue touch. The taste of her juices made me instantly want more. I noticed and appreciated the lack of hair around her puss. She found one of my hands with one of hers and brought it to her breast. I squeezed and she moaned.

We didn’t hurry. This wasn’t a one-night-stand. This was an exploration of possibilities for the next ten thousand nights. She explored sucking me, playing with various parts of my anatomy and having me play with hers. I licked, sucked, probed and fondled her. The responses got more of what worked and I noted what she didn’t much care for.

More than once I worked her close to an orgasm and let her cool down. I loved how she quivered and how the muscles of her lower belly shook when she was close. I felt her getting close again and she pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Take me home! Ride me to the bell cowboy! I’m so close!”

I kept licking along her slit from bottom to top, circling her clit twice every time I found it. She would need to drink fluids to replenish those she was losing to me.

“Now, Sam! Right NNNNNooowww!” I sucked her clit! Her legs clamped on my head. All of her shook and her back arched for a long time.

“Oh Jesus! Sam, stop!” I did. She rested atop of me and I waited. I saw a drip slowly falling from her puss. I held my tongue out and caught it. I smiled.

She rolled to my side and held my still hard cock in her hand.

“What’s your favorite position, Sam?”

“The one where my cock is deep inside your pussy.”

She threw a leg over me and slowly lowered herself down. As soon as my cock touched her lips she looked at my face. As she lowered herself she smiled and held eye contact.

She was almost canlı bahis siteleri all the way down and I thrust myself up, suddenly filling her. She blinked and said, “Oh!” She held still a few seconds and began rocking against me. It wasn’t long until the magic muscles within her were convincing me to unload.

“Melissa, this may be poor timing but what about birth control?”

“I’ve been fixed. Give it to me!”

“Here!” We both felt the pulsing of my lower body as shot after shot left me via my dick and filled her channel. My hands went to hold her just above the waist and discovered she was a little ticklish. She jumped when my hands held her and we both broke up laughing.

Melissa found a hand towel and used it to clean us up. Then we snuggled a little more and she said, “How soon do you need to eat… food?”

“Soon. You?”

“Yeah. Then I need to get in to work. I’m supposed to be there at noon.”

“Let’s get dressed and go for breakfast somewhere. I’d like to go back to the place we were in last night. I liked their gravy.”

As we started getting dressed she asked, “Are my tits Ok?”

“Not really. I generally don’t like women with big boobs.” She would have had to lie to say she was a “B” cup.

She smiled and hit me. I smiled and said, “I like them both but mostly the left one.”

“Why the left one?”

“When I drive and you ride shotgun it’s the one closest to me.”

“Oh. Bra or no bra this morning?”

“Take it with you and wear it when you go to work, please.”

We got out of the rig and walked to the car. At the restaurant we had a good breakfast. For most people it could clog an artery but as long as I didn’t eat like that often and worked hard I could survive it.

“You know, I won’t let you have this kind of food very often.”

“Good. Once a month is about enough. Most mornings I’m a cereal, toast and coffee guy.”

“Do you smoke?”

“You were there. Did you see any smoke?”

“I meant cigarettes, pipe, cigars, grass?”

“I meant after sex. The answer to all the others is, I tried them and liked kissing better. Do you smoke?”

“You were there.”

“You put the flames out with your juices. I take that as a No.”

“Never started. Don’t like kissing someone who smokes.”

“Then I won’t start.”

Melissa asked the waitress for a piece of paper and the borrowed her pen. She wrote her address and phone number on the paper. She handed it to me.

“I’ll be home at eight-thirty. Today is payday. If I go with you tonight I never have to come back. I accept the barter.”

“I think I know what I get. What do you get?”

“I get a man who promises to treat me as his partner in every way. I get to travel with him, share his life, his bed, his vacations and his adventures. I get his kisses, his cock and his arms around me every night. I get a life insurance policy on him so that if anything does happen I have something to fall back on.”

We drove to Hi-Country Trucking and when I parked a man came out the door. He was about my age. Actually he was three years older than me. We got out of the car and before Melissa could say anything the man said, “Sam! I see you met Melissa. Isn’t she what I said?”

She turned to me and said, “You know Carl?”

“A passing acquaintance. We’ve been brothers all my life.”

“But, you didn’t approach me.”

“First rule of a good barter, don’t look too anxious. I didn’t lie to you at all. I just didn’t tell you I was in town to meet you. I did that. Now I want you to come on the road with me and live with me for the rest of our lives.”

“You asked her?” Carl asked.

“Yes! You were right, she’s perfect!”

“I need two weeks notice!”

“No, you don’t. You hired Mandy to replace Melissa three weeks ago. She can work out today and then we’re gone.”

“Wait! You came to town to meet me? Carl told you to come? What did he tell you?”

We walked inside. Carl went back to his office and Melissa took me to hers.

“Carl has been telling me about a woman who works for him and has a broken heart. He told me about what was missing that he could see. What was missing for her was also what was missing for me. Seventeen months ago my wife got out of the truck. She said she hated living on the road, hated everything about it. She left. The truck has been empty until last night. You already know the road. You already know how to love a man on the road. If you choose me I will work hard to have us enjoy life for as long as we last.”

“I need more room than what’s in the sleeper.”

“Right at the truck stop they have a storage box we can have mounted on the trailer.”

Carl’s voice came over the intercom, “We have your old box right here in the yard. Bring your rig over and I’ll have the boys clean it up and mount it.”

Melissa hit the intercom button and said, “Have you ever heard of a private conversation?”

“Sure. Soon as you get rid of Sam we can have one.” He shut the intercom off after he started laughing.

“I need to call my Momma and tell her the news. Where will we be headed tomorrow?”

“I’ll get the load from here on the truck today and we’ll drop it off in St. Louis. From there we go to Green Bay, Debuque after that. I’d best get after it.”

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