Basketball Diaries Ch. 07


A Kellog Serial

Part VII: Three-on-One

Kaci gathered up her clothes and put on her skirt and blouse. Because her skirt was cut so high, she was particularly aware of the fact that she hadn’t gotten her underwear back from Brian. Oh well, let him keep it as a keepsake, she thought to herself, as she smoothed the hem of her short skirt around her thighs.

Kaci looked around the floor, underneath the bleachers, to see if they had left anything incriminating behind. She didn’t see anything, other than droplets of sweat and cum, which she knew would get mopped up after the game. But still, she had the feeling that she had forgotten something.

Brian came up from behind her, and putting his hands gently on her hips, gave her a loving kiss on the back of her neck. Kaci cooed, and pushed backwards, melting into his protective arms. “You’re wonderful,” he whispered into her ear.

Kaci smiled broadly as Kevin looked on, his emotions running between protective, jealous, and finally, reassured, when he saw how well Brian was treating his sister, and how much his sister seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Are you okay?” whispered Joey, her own arms wrapped around Kevin’s back, as she nibbled on his earlobe.

“Yeah,” Kevin answered. He turned his head to look back at his girlfriend, losing himself in her endlessly deep blue eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know?” he asked.

“Yeah, I know,” Joey purred, as they kissed, laughing. Just then, Joey’s legs buckled. “Whoa!” she said, unsteadily. If Kevin’s arms hadn’t been wrapped around her, she would have fallen to the ground. “These things are incredible!” she laughed, as she struggled for her breath.

Kaci immediately understood what was happening. “That’s what I forgot!” she announced. Kaci walked over to where Joey was standing next to her brother. Staring into Joey’s eyes, Kaci flattened her palm, and slipped it down underneath Joey’s elastic waistband of her basketball shorts.

Kaci’s fingers ran down through Joey’s neatly trimmed bush hairs, and then soon found their destination. Joey had indeed slipped the ben-wa balls up her crack. They smiled at each other.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Joey said apologetically. “I meant to ask you. Can I borrow that?”

Kaci’s fingers dabbled between Joey’s slippery cunt lips, half-stroking her, and half-searching out the first ball on the string, pushing it deeper inside her channel.

“Sure, but only if you promise to bring it back, just like this.” Kaci withdrew her hand from Joey’s cunt and instead ran it over the outside of her basketball shorts, cupping her gently sloping mound.

Kaci and Joey smiled at each other, as they each took her boyfriend’s hand, and paraded out into the full gymnasium from underneath the bleachers. From the way that they were paired up, it was obvious to those who took notice of them, what they had been doing underneath the bleachers. But they didn’t care. In fact, they felt kind of proud, and satisfied.

Joey took up her place on the bench, and the rest of the foursome went back up to sit in the bleachers. Every now and again, for the rest of the game, Joey would look up and see that Kaci was flashing her twat at her from underneath her short skirt. A few fathers in the crowd noticed as well, but they did their best to hide their furtive stares from their wives.

But one observer wasn’t so calm about it. Joey’s coach. Coach Rodgers was ultra-conservative. She was also extremely attractive. Starting work at the school straight out of college, she was young, in her early twenties, and wore her long blonde hair in pony tail. She was willing to let Joey’s dalliance under the bleachers slide, as long as no one complained to her about it, since Joey was one of her better players. But when she saw that Joey was having a lesbian relationship, that was the final straw.

Coach Rodgers called Joey over to where she was standing on the sidelines and chewed her out, right there in front of everyone, for not being “on the right team”. Coach Rodgers pointed at Kaci and complained that Joey’s head “wasn’t in the right place” and that until she had gotten her head “straight”, she was off the team.

Of course, Joey knew what the Coach was talking about. Coach Rodgers had made it a point of emphasizing that she didn’t approve of that kind of conduct, and said that if she found out about any of her players having sex with each other, especially in the showers after the games, those girls would be immediately kicked off the team.

Joey couldn’t believe what had just happened. She stood there on the verge of tears, until Coach Rodgers directed her towards the door. As she walked past them on the sidelines, Joey stared straight at Kaci, betraying her divided emotions. She loved Kaci, but she also loved playing basketball. How could she be forced to choose between them?

Joey felt humiliated. Even though she and some of the other girls had, in fact, been fooling around with each other after practice, it ataköy escort was the public chastisement that really got to her.

Meanwhile, Brian, Kaci and Kevin had been watching the whole thing go down. By the way that Joey had stared at Kaci, and only Kaci, and not at the others, they knew that Kaci was at the heart of the Coach’s problem with Joey. Then, after Brian explained how much of an ultra-conservative nutcase the Coach was, Kevin put all the pieces together.

Kevin and Brian wanted to get up and rush to Joey’s side, but Kaci stopped them. Instead staring at Coach Rodgers with a white-hot passion for hurting Joey, Kaci hatched a plan. She quickly explained how Joey had come to Kevin’s aid, and then wondered aloud whether it might work again.

Of course, it would work, they reasoned. With two young studs like these, how could it fail?

Kevin made a hand signal to Joey, letting her know that he would call her later. Then he stuck his middle finger up in the air in defiance, and then pointed it at the Coach. Joey saw that and knew that the three of them were planning to make sure that the Coach got fucked, just as she had done to his coach. She nodded, and once outside, made her way to her car.

A few minutes later, the game ended in a route. Coach Rodgers was too distracted to pay attention to the game, and the victory soon turned into a certain defeat, as soon as the rest of the team stood demoralized after what the Coach had done to Joey.

After the final buzzer rang, the team trod into the locker room to shower and get changed, and the dejected fans cleared the bleachers. Kaci, Kevin and Brian got ready to put their plan into action.

As Kevin and Brian made their way to the Coach’s office, Kaci took her brother’s car keys and retrieved the video camera that he had brought with him to the game, just in case anything exciting happened on his date with Joey. Perv, Kaci had chided him.

Brian and Kevin walked in on the Coach, just as she was getting ready to leave.

“What are you two doing here?!” she demanded, recognizing them as being the two boys who were seated with her player’s girlfriend.

“Nothing, nothing,” they reassured her. “We just wanted to thank you for what you did earlier.”

“What do you mean,” Coach Rodgers asked suspiciously.

Brian and Kevin pushed their way into the Coach’s office, and walked up to the front of her large desk, as the Coach sat back down onto her chair.

“You probably saw us coming out from underneath the bleachers with Joey,” Kevin said, as Brian tried his best to conceal his similar factual characteristics to his sister’s.

“Yes,” the Coach said curtly. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.”

“Not us,” Brian chimed in. “WE didn’t do anything.”

“I admit we tried to take Joey and that girl under the bleachers to do a little fooling around,” Kevin interrupted, “But you saw what happened.”

“What happened?” asked the Coach, curious to find out the lurid details, in order to use them against Joey later.

“Joey and her little girlfriend started making out together, leaving us completely out of it,” Brian complained.

“Yeah, it was disgusting,” Kevin added, a little too emphatically.

“So we just wanted to come back here and tell you how much we agree with what you did tonight,” said Brian. “Girls shouldn’t be with girls, they should be with guys!”

“You’re absolutely right!” she said, pounding her fist on her desk. “I can’t tell you how many times I told those girls not to even think about . . .” she paused, looking for the right word, “. . . not to even think about . . . having . . . marital relations . . . with each other! What were they doing?” the Coach asked, prying for more details.

“They took off all their clothes and then totally started going down on each other, right in front of our eyes!” Kevin exclaimed.

“And you expect me to believe that you two didn’t enjoy watching them do that?” she asked, suspiciously.

“No!” Brian answered, then added, “Well, okay, it was a little exciting at first, but then they wouldn’t stop.” Brian and Kevin stepped closer to the desk. It was then that the Coach finally noticed the large bulges in their pants.

“Yeah, at first we thought they were doing it to kinda get us . . . revved up . . . and it worked,” Kevin added, “But when they wouldn’t stop, it was like they were just teasing us, y’know? Making fun of us.”

“And you’ve never had a case of blue balls. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to walk around like this.” The Coach stared right at their bulges.

“I know more about that than you know, boys,” she said absent-mindedly. They knew they had her.

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked, as Brian slowly stepped around the right side of her desk. The separation of the two young men distracted the Coach, and put her off her guard.

“You don’t know ataşehir escort what its like to be young, eighteen, male and hard all the time,” Kevin added, making the Coach look at him while Brian continued circling around the desk. She grew flushed and nervous.

“Wait a minute, okay” she objected playfully. “I’m a little bit older than you two, but I’m not that old. It’s been a long time, but it hasn’t been that long, okay? I know what its like for you. Heck, I can’t even walk around campus without all the boys staring at me.” She looked between them. “Kinda like the way you two are doing now,” she said nervously, but making no effort to put a stop to their little game. She was starting to get turned on.

“How long has it been?” Brian asked, now standing next to her on the same side of the desk. Coach Rodgers turned to address Brian, but saw how close he was standing to her. His thick bulge pressing out against his shorts at nearly eye-level. She felt something catch in her throat.

“You mean, with all those hard cocks following you around school, you haven’t taken any of them to bed?” Kevin asked, stepping around the desk from the other side to team up on the Coach. “Damn, I guess you do know a case of blue balls feels like. You must be in worst shape than us!”

She was flustered. And trapped. “It’s my job,” she said, “I could get fired. I can’t go around . . . you know . . . with any of the boys from school. She looked nervously between the two young boys who were standing on either side of her. “Besides, they all think I’m a lesbian because I coach the girl’s basketball team. That’s probably why I’m so hard on them. I don’t want any rumors to spread that I put up with that sort of thing.”

“Well, we don’t go to this school,” Brian said, his hands starting to undo his button and zipper, as Kevin did the same on the other side. “And we’re not gay . . . “

“And we don’t think you’re gay . . . ” Kevin added.

“And I think you might need this even more than we do.”

“Boys, I don’t think this is such a good idea,” she said, looking between them, eager to be reminded of what persistently hard teenage cocks looked like.

When they had fully exposed themselves, Coach Rodgers was duly impressed with their large size. She wanted to reach out and grip them in both of her hands. “We can’t do this….” she said unconvincingly.

“Why? You’re not a lesbian, are you?” Brian asked, as both he and Kevin reached out their hands and took hold of Coach Rodgers’s hands, bringing them up to their hard cocks.

“No, of course not,” she said, stroking their long, hard poles in unison, and loving the way their young cocks felt in her hands. “But . . . “

“We won’t tell anyone. Come on, you know you want to,” Brian said, touching his hand to the back of her head. She got the message. It was all the prodding she needed. Coach Rodgers moved her head forward, ovalled her lips, and took Brian’s cock inside her mouth.

Brian groaned. She had a nice touch. As experienced as Joey and Kaci were, Coach Rodgers was truly comfortable with a cock in her mouth. She pumped and sucked her mouth on Brian’s cock like it was her favorite pacifier. It felt completely natural.

After a while, but before Brian could get too comfortable, Coach Rodgers released his cock with a loud wet pop, and smiling tauntingly at Brian, switched targets, moving to her left to do the same for Kevin. “Is that how I’m supposed to do it?”

She smiled at him as she ovalled her wet lips, and wrapped them around Kevin’s long, hard pole. “Oh my gawd,” he groaned, as he too, experienced her expert technique.

Brian looked on jealously as Coach Rodgers intentionally ignored him, as he waited impatiently for his turn again. After a long while, she let go of Kevin’s cock with a loud, wet slurp.

“Do you want to see my ball handling technique?” she asked Brian, who nodded enthusiastically, inching his way closer to her, trying to get into position. She smiled at him, and then leaned back to her left, running her wet lips down the side of Kevin’s long shaft. When she reached the base of his cock, she stuck out her tongue and began rolling it over his balls, before sucking them into her mouth.

Coach Rodgers laughed as she lathed the underside of Kevin’s shaft, working her way back up his thick cock head. She wrapped her lips around his cock, and took him deep into her mouth again. Brian knew that she was teasing him, and what’s more, that she was performing for him, but he wanted desperately to get back into the game.

“Put me in, Coach,” Brian urged, “I’m ready to play.”

Coach Rodgers let out a loud guffaw, and shafted Kevin’s cock one more time, treating him to a long, slow, electric motion, deep inside her throat, and then back out again, ending with a tender kiss on his sensitive tip.

Turning to face Brian, she rose up from her chair, and put her arms on his shoulders, her hands fındıkzade escort touching behind the back of his head. She smiled as she felt Kevin’s hands encircling her hips. Kevin reached around her and unbuttoned her dress shorts.

She continued to stare at Brian as Kevin’s fingers undid her zipper, and then slowly worked her shorts and panties over her hips, and down her legs. She stepped out of her clothes without breaking her stare.

Brian started caressing Coach Rodger’s bare ass, and was impressed at how firm it was. She was in as good a shape as most of her girls were. Brian’s hand rubbed slowly around her outer cheeks, and then moved underneath her ass, feeling her wet pussy for the first time.

She exhaled abruptly as Brian’s fingers manhandled her cuntlips and clit. She forced herself to tolerate his inexperienced advances, until her body responded by lubricating her channel, easing the friction as Brian shoved his middle finger up her cunt.

Kevin watched as Coach Rodgers silently taught him how to pleasure a woman, by not doing what Brian was doing to her. Kevin nodded his head ever-so-subtlely, signaling to her that he understood what she was trying to teach him.

Coach Rodgers acknowledged his understanding with her eyes, and then slowly turned around to face Brian, whose finger was pushed out of her cunt as she mirrored her actions with Kevin, putting her arms around his shoulders.

Kevin stepped up close to her, and molded his body against hers. He felt her push back up against him. Kevin ran his hands slowly across her stomach and thighs, deliberately taking his time, as he finally worked his hands up to her blouse.

He felt Coach Rodger’s position herself so that his cock slipped between her legs. She gently stroked her cunt against his erect cock, as Kevin undid the buttons on her top. When her blouse fell open, Kevin leaned in to nuzzle her neck as he kissed and nibbled on her ear. She was purring back at him as his gentle fingers stroked her nipples through her cup.

Brian watched and also understood what was going on. Unlike the furious fuck-fest that he had just taken part in underneath the bleachers, this was going to be something entirely different. She was going to teach them how to make love to a woman.

As Kevin pulled back to work the clasp on her bra, Coach Rodgers leaned forward and engaged Brian in a long, soft, sensual kiss.

She helped Brian off with his shirt, and watched as he stepped out of his pants and underwear, while Kevin continued to kiss and nibble on her shoulders and caress the front of her body.

“Very nice, boys,” she complimented them. She maneuvered out from between them, and un-shouldering her bra and blouse, sat back down in her chair with her legs spread. “You boys are quick learners,” she said, sitting in front of them, completely naked, and stroking her pussy.

“Shall we run through a few more drills?” she asked, reaching out her hand and taking Kevin by the hand, and drawing him into position between her legs. “Nice and slow, okay?” she instructed him. “I’m still just warming up.”

Kevin nodded and sank to his knees in front of her. Taking his time, Kevin began kissing around her twat, deliberately avoiding contact with her cunt lips.

“Not that slow,” she chided. Brian began to laugh.

“You think that’s funny, do you?” she scolded. “Come here,” she directed, motioning for him to stand next to her. “Remember,” she told him, “if you come in my mouth, you won’t get to fuck me.” She looked up at him, throwing down the challenge.

She engulfed his cock in one long swallow, and touched the back of Kevin’s head, letting him know it was okay to eat her out. Kevin was all too eager. He started by spreading her sticky cunt lips with his tongue, working up and down her crease, pausing only to re-moisten his tongue.

When he reached the top of her slit, he pushed the tip of his tongue until it was wedged tightly underneath her clit, and then flicked her heavy bud, until he saw her stomach begin to quiver. Her hand pressed against the back of his head, and he took her rose bud in between his lips, pressing gently down as he pulled on her cunt lips with his mouth.

Changing up, he began lapping at her pink inner lips, occasionally driving his flexed tongue into her juicy box, along with his fingers.

By now, Coach Rodgers was panting and thrusting her hips wildly on Kevin’s mouth as she sucked fiercely on Brian’s cock. He was afraid he might not last long enough to fuck the Coach, if she kept it up.

Sensing his impending orgasm, Coach Rodgers gave the order to switch places. She wanted them to last so that they could each fuck her long and hard. Kevin stood up and Brian moved into position between her legs. The two boys gave each other a high five as they passed each other.

Kevin sighed as Coach Rodgers finally went down on him again, displaying her fine talent for giving head. He thought about how lucky the boys at her school must have been when she was growing up. She seemed to be enjoying herself so much that he wondered if there was anyone at her school that she didn’t go down on.

Just then, Brian quickly sank two fingers into her wet pussy lips, and using them to push out against the front of her pussy, used his tongue to excite her clit.

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