Bathing Memories Ch. 02


My mother dropped the front part (pallu) of her sari and then took out the folds tucked under the front part of her petticoat (shaaya). She unwrapped the sari off her body and dropped into the tub, which was getting full with our worn garments. She turned her back to me and started unbuttoning her blouse one by one. My 19-year old organ was still erect and hard, as I watched with interest the next acts. She took the light blue colored blouse off her arms and dropped it into the tub. She was still wearing the shaaya and her bra to hide her treasures. Slowly I gathered the courage to ask her with curiosity if she would be nude.

“Ma,” I just managed to say this much. My tongue couldn’t move further. It got dried up.

“What, my boy?” she asked affectionately, as her fingers reached the hooks of her brassiere.

“Tumi ki ekdom nyangto hoye snan korbe?” (“Will you be nude?”)

She burst into laughter,” Oh, my boy! That’s how I take my showers daily.”

“May I unhook?” I asked, when she was about to unhook her bras.

“Okay.” she approved.

My fingers were trembling in excitement, as I unhooked her bra, took the straps off her shoulders and dropped the bra into the tub.

I was in so much excitement that I couldn’t suppress the temptation of grabbing her breasts from behind. It was so warm and tender. I placed my palm under her breasts and applied my loving pressures on both of them simultaneously.

“Ahhhh, lagchhe!” she said, as she experienced pain resulting out of my squeeze.

“Sorry mom!” I apologized.

“It’s okay. Just do that softly…” she said, as she placed both my palms over her nipples, which I still couldn’t see as I was behind her. My erect cock was pressing on to the crack of her ass, with the shaaya acting as the only barrier in between.

Mom now turned to face me. That was my first glimpse of her pair of lovely breasts, ever since I stopped sucking, which I don’t remember and no child does. She didn’t allow me to watch more. She hugged me tightly and I lowered my face to hide it inside her bare breasts. Her palms rested on the back of my head. I sunk into a new world of peace. I had full control of my mother’s breasts, an asset of worship. I explored the texture of her skin color there. So soft and so smooth my mother’s breasts are! The aureoles were light purple in color and the circle was uniform. I made her dry breasts wet by opening my mouth and licking all around with my tongue. Then I kissed her nipples and bursa evi olan escort started sucking them, as if I was a child once more.

“Chhoto belar khide-ta ekhono meteni bujhi?” (Yet to quench the thirst of your childhood?”)She jokingly asked.

“Na, na. Aro, aro…” I wanted more and more. She put her arms around me.

“Hey, we’ll get late for bath, my boy.” she reminded.

I was in no mood to leave that. “It’s so nice, Ma!” I said in complement.

“Not as good as it was when you were a child. It has sagged with my ageing.”

“Come on. Who says you are aged. You still look like a young lady.” I said.

“Shut up!” she said, even though she liked my words.

I started kissing below her breasts, all the way up to her navel. Her petticoat had an opening where the string is tied. It was too dark inside the opening and nothing was visible. I was eager to unfasten her shaaya. I stood up and brought her close to me -as close as I could. I slowly attempted to unfasten the strings of her shaaya (petticoat).

“Khulbo?” I asked for her permission.

She just nodded and buried her face within my breasts. “Ei gero pore jabe!” she cautioned against the risk of the strings getting fastened instead. I made no mistake. It came down, crossing the lovely terrains of my mother’s buttocks. It was something that I always tried to visualize and felt excited while jacking myself off in my solitude.

I touched her mounds of flesh lovingly and patted there gently.

“Tomar pachhata ki sundar Ma” I said with full of praise for her lovely buttocks.

She slapped me lovingly, with a mild husky tone “Naughty!”

“Do you know Ma, when I had my first glance at it?”

“When?”, she wondered.

“Well…It was on a Thursday. The dhobi (washer man) was there to deliver and collect the laundry clothes. You felt like giving your shaaya for washing. While dhobi was busy in counting the clothes, your hands went inside the sari and then you unfastened your shaaya. It exposed your buttocks for a split second, before you could cover yourself with the sari …”. The memory of the incident that I told her was making me more and more excited.

“I must be in a hurry. Must have kept urgent household works pending.” she explained. “I feel irritated when he comes during my busy times.”

Both of us were fully naked in a close embracing position. I turned on the shower. Water started trickling down gently – through her altıparmak escort hair, down her breasts, her bushes, down her thighs, legs and beyond her toes. There was complete silence, except the trickling sound of water. We were looking with loving eyes toward each other in perfect closeness.

She kissed my forehead and brought her face down to my lips. My body was on fire again as we kissed and rubbed our lips together again. Mom was getting red in excitement. “Ei Babun! Ki hochchhe! Chhar bolchhi -paji chhele”.( “Stop! Stop, my naughty boy!” ) But that protest wasn’t strong enough to stop me. I could sense that my rock hard cock was about to explode. She took it within her fists and kept it close to her untrimmed thick bush.

“Is it paining?” she asked with my cock still within her fists.

“A bit…” was my short reply.

“It’s so hard! What do you do when it’s like this?” She asked.

I couldn’t disclose my masturbation habits. I just kept quiet.

“Let’s relax on the floor and enjoy the shower.” she said.

Mom sat on the floor, just underneath the shower and leaned back. Her head and neck were resting against the wall and she was almost in a lying down position. The shower was powerful enough to spray water all over her nude body.

“Come here. Just rest upon me and allow your back to get the water sprayed.” she suggested.

I lowered myself on top of her. Again our lips met and rubbed. This time, not only the lips, but our naked bodies were rubbing and getting ignited once more.

“It will be painful, if you try to retain the load…” she said, while touching my penis once more.

“Release it within me…” she whispered. With the sound of trickling water in the background, it was difficult to hear, but I could manage to hear her ultimate invitation.

“Ma! What are you saying?” I asked.

“It’s just to help you in your release.” she answered.

I still looked at her with disbelief. She said, “It’s okay. I have told you to do.”

She widened her thighs apart and held my cock close to her bushes. “Just lower yourself a bit to get to the correct position.” she said.

I tried but I was unsuccessful to penetrate. Mom tried to raise her stretched legs a bit to come closer to the position. With an inexperienced person like me, things weren’t easy. But with her 20 years of experience, she could direct things in the right way. She raised her knees and lowered my buttocks. It helped.

“Ei to… I’ll widen my thighs it a bit more. Yesss, it’s near the right spot. Just push.”

“It’s slipping out mom”

“Dur Boka chhele. Ektu chaap dite hoy dhokar samayte….”(You stupid fool! You have to press a bit to penetrate)

The “push” led to the ultimate destiny, a man seeks! So wet, so slippery, so much of juice of love and affection the entire tunnel could offer to me. Is it so nice because I came to this lovely world through the same tunnel of love 18 years back? So easy and enjoyable was my moment of entry, when I finally made it!

“Parli to? It’s not difficult. Nature always helps”

“Nature or Mother?” I asked her.

She only smiled. She didn’t answer. Was she feeling shy at that very moment? I don’t have an answer. She was kissing me profusely as I remained fully inside her. I pounced upon her breasts to have another round of squeezing and licking. Then I was ready to begin the thrust.

“Ektu aste… Babun!” she cautioned me to go slow.

I was thrusting in and out, as she moaned with pleasure.

“Penetrate more, Babun, please…more…aro jore…harder…deeper…Oh my God!”

We got into a rhythm – “up and down”, and “up and down…”.Finally, I could release my load of thickened stuff – deeper and deeper inside, well beyond the last point I could reach. My overflowing semen got washed away with the streams of water that continued to bathe us. We held each other closely, till the fire within us subsided.

We started soaping each other. Neither she nor I left a single square millimeter of our body untouched. With foam I covered up her breasts and the bushes. Soon, those got bare again as the water spray trickled down. Suddenly, I noticed a white line within her untrimmed bushes. Was it a strand of gray hair there? That’s what I wondered, but after having a close look, I realized that it was my semen which got trapped there.

Water flowed and flowed. With that it washed away the residues of our love juice, all the soap foams that we created and finally the tears of emotion in each other’s arms when we realized that in a few hours, we would be leaving each other again.

The bath was over. We dried ourselves up and then sprayed talcum powder on each other to soothe us from the summer heat. She came close to me again. I raised her arms up and sprayed powder on her armpits. Then I powdered her neck, back, breasts and belly. Her bathed body was cool, soft and tender. My limp organ was coming to life again.

“Keep it for the next vacation…” she said.

When my mom dressed up, she was looking sweet and lovely. I kissed her again -this time, only her cheeks. She too returned the kisses with love and affection.

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