BBC “GIANT” DAVID PART 4I was surounded by five more of the worlds biggest huge black cock’s they were huge powerful massive shafts that were swinging down past there knees all five of these stud friends of David’s as the huge men were all over me as i was still impailed on David’s imense hard cock being held up like i was on display these men were super strong muscles bulging out they were pumping up there huge biceps flexing there arms making them swell like many black mountain ranges for my eyes to soke up and my eight inch clit was vibrating from this hot spectical that was beeing put on just for me ,David lifted me off of his steel hard riggid shaft and let me down to the floor where they all surrounded me all six huge towering tall men all atleast nine feet tall a couple of them were close to twelve feet tall they closed in on my trapping me inside a wall of massive cocks the huge cocks hung down past there knees the two taller men even there cocks rested on the floor momentairily as i began to stroke the five huge cocks that hung surrounding me they all began to moan much louder and you could smell the musk of sex & man sweat as there huge cocks began to rise ever longer and thicker they all were pointing high up in the air allong side David’s that was pulsating from being impailed deep inside my ultra tight ass/pussy .the two twelve foot tall men lifted me together into there arms and began a three way necking ,licking and kissing me on my mouth both of there long tongs fucked my throat some times both of ther mouths together and both big long tongs went deep into my throat like a double fuck both tongs filling my throat my hands were feverishly stroking there huge cocks as they were now at full erection canlı bahis at 68 inches on one and a good seventy five inches on the other stud ,wr****g my armes and legs around the two huge cocks i slid down there huge shafts and began to make wild tong love to them licking all over the thick black strong 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,god i was so full of gigantic BLACK SUPER COCK’S oh honny i sait to then fuck me hard both of you studs they both embraced me at the same güvenilir bahis time wrapping the huge muscled armes tightly around me as they began to thrust ther cocks in and out in unison the gigantic twwin shafts pumped the living hell out of my stretched cunt like a super pile driver they hammered me till the huge massive ball sackes that wer banging together swelling with huge loads of cum fired off like twin cannons sending gallons of hot sperm deep inside me as the they pumped holding me tight fully impailed there cocks pumping like high pressure pumps the cum flew out like a high pressure spray from the tight seal of the two gargantuan cock shafts in my pussy the cum splashing all over david’s bed room and all over the other hung studs as well,sliding me off the twin cocks they lay me down on the bed and all six studs thrust ther cocks at me at once i had David straddle my chest and lay his big cock 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