BBC night


BBC nightMy BBC nightHey guys, it’s been awhile but I got another story for you. As most of you know, I’m a dancer here in Las Vegas.Last Sunday I was hanging out with my GF at The Palms, just having some fun, she likes to play Roulette. Anyway, there was a black guy that came and sat down beside us, he was cute, and really well built. He sais his name was Tevor. Since it was Sunday I was not all dolled up, I just had on some jeans and a tight top but he started hitting on me and he was pretty cool but I was having a good time with my GF and I actually wasn’t that horny, more hungover! haha. So he asked what I did for work and I told him I was a dancer and then he REALLY started hitting on me. He bought us some drinks and then even had the balls to take my hand and say “I want you to feel something” and he pulled my hand under the table and rubbed my hand on his cock! OMG, it was HUGE! I was like “no way, that’s not actually your cock, you have dildo or something stuffed down there or something” and he was like “I promise I don’t”So then my GF and I go to the bathroom and I tell her about it and shes like “go for it, fuck his brains out” but I just wanted to hang with her so we went back to the table and played Roulette some more. I took upon it myself to reach under the table and feel his cock again, it was really insanely big. It was getting late so I told him I had to go but I took his number, he said he was staying at The Four Seasons until Wed.The next day I started to get really fuckin’ horny and by the evening I really needed to get fucked, BAD! So I sent him a text and he texted me right back, we flirted for awhile like that and he asked me if I wanted to come over to his hotel. I told him yes, and to give me an hour. I couldn’t wait to fell that massive cock inside me.I took a shower did my hair and slipped on this really, really isveçbahis yeni giriş short pink mini dress that I had just bought and then put on some 5″ black fuck me heels and a black choker around my neck. I looked so slutty but I love dressing like that.I sent him a text that I was on m way and he send a text back that his room mate was now there, and maybe he would watch if that s okay. That didn’t bother me in the least! So I pulled up o Valet at The Four Seasons and I get out and I’m pretty sure the valet guys and everyone that saw me thought I was a hooker haha. Anyway,I go up to Trevor’s room and he opens the door and he just in his briefs. His room mate is just chillin’ on the bed and I introduced myself, he was a black guy too and he said his name was Dee.Trevor starts rubbing his hands all over my body and pulls up my dress to expose my ass to his friend who nods in approval. I reached down and felt Trevor’s semi hard cock through his briefs and started getting sooo wet. Trevor then pushes me onto the dresser and I spread my legs as he begins to kiss me. My dress is now hiked up and I wasn’t wearing any panties and Trevor starts to play with my pussy a bit as he’s kissing me. It felt amazing. The next thing I know he picks me up and tosses me onto the bed and starts licking my tight little shaved pussy. OMG, this guy knew how to eat pussy too. The whole time Dee is watching, but now Dee has his cock out and is stroking it and it was big as well. Trevor kept licking my pussy until finally I came, it felt soooo fuckin’ good, and now I was ready for that big cock o his so I pushed him down on the bed and got on my knees on the floor and puled down his briefs. OMG, he must have had like a 12″ cock! I wrapped both of my hands around it and started sucking on it, it was so fat, it totally filled up my mouth. I continued isveçbahis giriş to suck him off while Dee jerked off his own cock on the next bed. My pussy was so wet now so I pulled my dress off but left my heels on and climbed on top of Trevor. I smiled at his as I slowly pushed my pussy onto his huge black cock. It felt amazing and he started to fuck me hard and deep, I motioned for Dee to come to me and grabbed his black cock and started sucking it as Trevor fucked me for all I was worth. Dee then grabbed the back of my head and started to really fuck my mouth hard as his friend fucked my pussy deep and put his finger in my asshole too.The guys then wanted to trade positions so Trevor started fucking my mouth as Dee took a turn in my dripping wet pussy, I reached back and put two fingers in my ass a Dee was fucking me and the next thing I know he was like “oh, you like it like that huh?” I told him to wait cause these two giant black cocks would surely really Trevor’s cock still in my mouth Dee goes and pours half the bottle on my ass and pussy and starts rubbing it in. I arched my back as much as possible and stuck my ass up in the air as Dee slowly fed his big black dong into my tight little asshole. He slowly picked up speed and now both guys were fucking my ass and mouth with a solid rhythm, Dee reached down and started rubbing my clit and that’s all it took to send me over the edge to a really intense orgasm. Now the guys wanted to switch, OMG, Trevor’s cock was sooo huge so I said “baby, please go slow in my ass” and he said okay. I felt him press the tip of his cock into my tight little hole and then he slowly filled me up with his giant cock, it was a really tight fit. He slowly started pushing in and out and although it hurt I was loving it as the same time. Once I got used to it I grabbed Dee’s cock isveçbahis güvenilirmi and started sucking it as these two guys continued to fuck me. We fucked like that for a bit and then they turned me over on my back and took turns fucking my mouth, ass and pussy, I then got on top of Dee and he fucked my ass while I sucked off Trevor and that made me cum a third time! The guys then picked me up and bent me over the table. Dee grabbed my arms and held them behind my back and started slamming his cock into my pussy as Trevor crammed his cock down my throat. They were getting way more agressive I didn’t mind. Dee started smacking my ass cheeks really fuckin’ hard and then put his cock back in my butthole as Trevor grabbed the back of my head and roughly fucked my mouth until I felt him tense up and shoot his cum down my throat. Soon after that Dee flipped me over on the table and held my legs up high and spread apart and Trevor pinned my arms behind my back. He fucked my pussy hard and then pulled out and came all over my belly.Dee then pushed me down onto my knees on the floor and fed me his cock to clean off as Trevor told me to put my ass in the air. I guess he was ready to go again cause once more I felt his giant cock push into my now stretched out asshole. Trevor started to push his cock in really deep and it hurt so I started to struggle but they just held me down until I felt Trevor tense up again. He pulled out and shot his cum all over my back. Dee took his cock out of my mouth and started smacking it on my face. I think Trevor was spent so he went and laid down on the bed but Dee kept me there on my knees and made me suck his cock for another twenty minutes until he came in my mouth.I got up and I could hardly walk, OMG they fucked me so good. I toweled off some of the sweat and cum on my body and put my dress back on. I gave then both a kiss and they thanked me and I left. I’m pretty sure the valet guy knew what happened as I picked up my car haha. I texted my GF and told her what happened, she was jealous. It was a really fun and wild night, hope you liked my story, Anyway, hit me up if ya wanna chat. xoxo B.

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