Be Careful What You Wish For


Be careful what you wish for, boy is that the truth! I have been attracted to ladies panties since I was 11 years old and my mom sent me out to play with my sisters panties on under my jeans. My wife never embraced the idea of her husband wearing frilly undies.

On New Years Eve 2000, I made a resolution to finally get her to let me wear them. We were home in front of a roaring fire, a bottle of wine and foreplay had us both hot. We started talking about our fantasies and I figured it was now or never. I told my wife of my desires and we talked about the concerns she had. Once convinced that I wasn’t gay or something, she finally agreed to take me to the mall for a shopping excursion.

We went to the local mall and walked around for a while till we saw a Victoria’s Secret store. Lori suggested we go in and look around. I was in heaven! The tables were covered with silky thongs and lacy hi-cut briefs in every color imaginable. We stopped at a display of French-cut, nylon and spandex panties. Lori picked up a pair, size 7 and held them up in front of me. I turned red with embarrassment as a salesgirl and customer giggled. I was mortified but turned on at the same time. We settled on size 7 for me and size 5 for her.

We went to the checkout register and a pretty salesgirl totaled our purchases. She remarked to Lori about the difference in the sizes and my wife responded, “they’re his and hers.” She then turned to me and told me to pay for “my panties.” The girl just giggled and took my money.

When we arrived home my wife led me to the bathroom, “after all,” she said, “we can’t have you wearing these new undies with all that hair on your legs.” She proceeded to shave my legs and crotch, silky smooth. She canlı bahis then ordered me to put the pink ones on and follow her to the bedroom.

She pushed me down on the bed and told me how sexy I felt as she massaged my raging dick through the thin material. Her fingers soon had me leaking a large amount of pre-cum through the fabric. She slipped the panties down and continued rubbing the head of my dick till her fingers were dripping.

What she did next was totally unexplainable, she brought her fingers to my mouth and painted my lips with my spunk, all the while telling me, “if you’re gonna wear girls panties, you’re gonna taste the things that girls taste.” I licked her fingers again and again as she masturbated me. I felt a tremendous orgasm coming and she pumped me till I came all over my belly and her fingers. She rubbed her fingers in my cum and ordered me to lick it off. She continued this till I was completely cleaned up. I then went down on her and she had the most intense orgasm of her life. We lay in bed cuddling and she told me she had a lot more surprises in-store for her “panty-boy.” I lay in bed that night wondering what I’d gotten myself into, I also had the most peaceful nights sleep in years.

I awoke in the morning and showered before work. I fumbled in the early morning darkness for my clothes and started to dress. Lori woke up and turned on the light, she got out of bed and asked me to drop my jeans. I had put on a pair of jockeys as usual under my work clothes. “oh no,” she said, “if you’re going to wear panties you’re going to wear them all the time!” I protested to no avail and she went through my drawer tossing out all of my male underwear into the pail.

“You won’t be needing bahis siteleri these any more,” she remarked. We went in the kitchen for breakfast and she asked me if I had any more fantasies I wanted to tell her about. I said nothing as she explained what my “little chore” for the evening would be.

“On your way home from work, I want you to stop at the department store and buy theses items. Eight pairs of panties, three bras, two pairs of thigh-hi’s, a half slip and a full slip, two camisoles and a silky baby-doll nighty to sleep in.” She told me to be home by six-o-clock which only left me two hours to get all this shopping done.

The first store I went into after work was Macy’s. The place was packed with shoppers and the lingerie department was especially busy, some kind of sale I guess. I picked out two pairs of panties with matching bras and when I turned to walk away, a pretty sales girl asked if I needed help and was I sure about the size. She took one of the bras from me and looked at the size. “You look like a 36 B cup to me.” I almost died right there on the aisle. She asked me if there was anything else I needed and I sheepishly showed her the list. She helped me pick out all the rest of the items and even suggested adding a few. “A nice silk chemise and a pair of tap-pants would look nice on you too.” I followed her to the register and couldn’t believe the line. All ladies, all holding various undies, waiting to pay. I stood in line for what seemed like hours finally paying with my charge card and getting the hell out of there.

When i got home, Lori was waiting for me with a glass of wine and a sweet kiss. She sat me down and asked how the shopping trip went. I handed her the bags and she inspected bahis şirketleri everything, telling me how pretty I was going to look for her and her girlfriends that evening. “Girlfriends, what the hell do you mean girlfriends”!? “Oh, I didn’t tell you, Kelly and Michele are coming over tonight.”

My head was spinning, she just turned away and told me to go run the bath and shave all my body hair. When I finished that chore she called me into the bedroom and told me to put on the outfit she picked-out for me. I looked at the bed. Laid out before me were the white silk chemise, nude thigh-hi’s and white lacy panties. I felt so turned on when I had all my silky new things on and she sat me down at her make-up table. After finishing my makeup she went downstairs to answer the door, telling me to stay put. I looked in the mirror and felt ridiculous, but turned on at the same time.

Lori called me to come downstairs, I couldn’t do it and started to cry. She barged in the room’ grabbed me by my arm and marched me downstairs.

Her friends Kelly and Michele were sitting on the couch in their panties smoking a joint. Lori took off her jeans and joined her friends on the couch for a little weed. They invited me to join them and after a couple of hits, I started to feel more relaxed, hot as hell too!

It seems my job for the evening was to turn on my wife and her friends. They teased me, stroked me and rubbed there hands all over my new undies.

My pre-cum was flowing freely when Lori pulled down my panties, rubbed the head of my dick and ordered me to lick her fingers. “Oh my God,” Kelly said, “that is so sexy.”

“Jerk off for us honey,” Lori said. I pulled down my panties and stroked myself till I could feel my orgasm building. “Don’t you dare spill a drop,” Lori said.

I came in my hand and Lori told me to lick it all up. The girls wear squealing with delight and I was sent to my room so they could have their own fun time.

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