Be fore I am Auctioned off as a Sex Slave, I meet

Teen (18+)

Be fore I am Auctioned off as a Sex Slave, I meet(This takes place in the future. Sexual slavery is legal and popular.)I am presently in the display area. I am naked with a metal slave collar around my neck. My wrists are chained together and my arms have been pulled over my head. My ankles are spread apart and chained to the ground. When I turned 18 I signed up to be a sex slave. My parents were sex slaves in their younger days, and they encouraged me to do so. I was surprised I was excepted so quickly. In the past few weeks, I have been striped naked, branded, whipped, sodomized and pegged. I had men and women suck my cock and I sucked cock and licked cunt. I accepted my submissive position and vowed to be totally obedient to my masters and mistresses. If I am disobedient for any reason, I can be expected to be punished immediately and severely. I have no rights. I have no name. I am presently called 57-5. That is lot 57, number five. That number is painted on my front and back.My new owner will probably rename me if he feels like it. Legally, I am considered to be livestock, an a****l canlı bahis to be owned or used. I have no past or no family. I am enjoying being a sex slave too much. Before the auction I am put on public display. There is no barrier between myself and the public. They can look at me and touch me. I cannot prevent it and I must accept it. Often times both men and women will tell me how desirable I look and how they want to fuck me. I forgot how many times I was told I am “pretty” by both men and women. I am really enjoying the attention! The only hard part for me is when no one is watching. Then I heard a familiar voice.”There you are 57-5.” She gave me a light kiss on my cheek.It was my mother! She stood before me in all her beauty. Her blond hair fell to her shoulders. She is wearing a sleeveless tight white blouse and no bra. I never saw her without a bra on. Come to think of it, I never looked until now. Her nipples were pointing through. Mom noticed I was looking so she unhooked a button, so I could see her cleavage. Mom looked at my rising cock and smiled. Mom is wearing a red mini bahis siteleri skirt. She quickly picked up her skirt and I could see she was wearing no underwear. Mom had long tanned legs and was wearing flat white casual shoes.When you become a sex slave, you look at a free woman as someone to fuck. I am not used to seeing my mother that way. On the other hand, as a sex slave you look more appealing to free men and woman. Kneeing before them naked just adds to your appeal. Mom stood very close to me as she lightly touched me as she walked around me. She told what she found appealing about me. Mom squeezed me arm muscles and complemented me on my strength. Mom fondled my ass. She pulled my hips close to her and rubbed my naked buttocks against her red skirt. She stroked my legs and told me my legs were strong and shapely. Mom told me I would be a cart boy. Mom stroked my chest and told me how appealing my chest is. Mom emphasized how a woman would want to own me. As a sex slave, I can be owned by men or women and I can be used by men or women. I have no choice. I must be obedient to bahis şirketleri all.Mom summed it up by saying that masters will pay a lot to own me.”Thank you, mom.”She slapped me on the face. I quickly realized my mistake. “I am sorry, Mistress.” Mom walked behind me a gave me a hard slap on my ass. “Never make that mistake again, slave.” Then from behind, she hugged me wrapping her arms around me.”They didn’t display you right yesterday.” Before an auction, the auctioneers often have live sex shows to demonstrate our skills. I was sodomized by a house slave. It was not bad. I figure, this is what I will be doing for the next year.The audience cheered loudly, so I must be doing something right. “They should have had you fucking a woman. Only a woman will want to own you.” A signal was given. The auctioneers want to round up us slaves to be auctioned off. Mom walked in front of me and then gave me a long affectionate kiss on my mouth. She lifted up her right leg and wrapped around me. What a kiss! I never felt anything like this. “Wow, they really taught you how to kiss!” mom proclaimed.Then Mom showed me her bidder’s card. “I checked, my owners license is current. If no one else wants you, I will buy you.” Then she lightly stroked my balls for a few seconds.As I was led away, everyone how hard my cock was.

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