BeachBeachLast summer I rode my bike on the beach along the Dutch coast.I was at the village of Heemskerk beach merged and rode with the wind at mine back to Den Helder. The first piece I flew over the beach because there was little or nothing to be discovered, probably because it was still early, even though it was already 19 degrees.The sweat poured pouring over my back and chest.Just past Castricum walked several men and women along the tide line they wher very tasty and also radiated from saw that they not only visited the beach for the beautiful beach weather.I was already an hour to four on my bike so this was a good place take a break.After some eating and drinking I walked naked too the tide line and had some conversations but not really smooth.I pulled on a crazy horny red transparent string, staped into my click suchs and rode calmly along the coast.Halfway Egmond I was approached by a guy who wanted everything but had such incredibly small dick that I was not really excited.So I cycled further to Bergen.Just before passing @The Kerf@ suddenly out of nowhere a lot off super horny guys in all ages, sizes and types apairt out of the bleue, what a paradise.Slowly I cycled through and got already some comments or compliments about my body and sexy thong.Just when I started to look for a place I saw a slender, hairless handsome older man.His dick wasin an semi-hard erection. What a horny guy and I winked at him, he kept some canlı bahis on the plain. Even slower I cycled through and got a rock hard cock at the thought that I must have his cock. I wanted too lick his body would kiss his dick and lick and suck. (My cock drew tightly in my thong and was also visible)The thought i want too be on that top.I had a feeling that his cock would bounce back and forth with my tight cave.Tis thots Made me even hornier than I already was.I turned around and he was also rotated.Just before him I stopped and spoke to him with:”Hello, what do you have a huge beautiful, horny tight body and a super nice cock””Thank you, but your muscular body and well-stocked string are also sexy.”I thought, I’ll get by because I wanted to taste that cock, holding and feeling deep inside me.”Do you want to enjoy each other””Yeah, seems nice a idea”I dismounted and walked with him to the dunes where his towel was.I placed my bike right away (no wanted no sand in my chain)I turned around and he had already a rock hard cock behind me.His head was a big thick crimson horny button.I licked and sucked full on his cock and licked his balls.He had a nice cock with a horny button on it. Not as long and thick as mine but very nice and horny.He soon began to moan and shake. He wanted to lie down and after he was on his towel blew me away.There was already a drop of semen comming out for fun, which I slowly licked and horny with bahis siteleri the tip of my tongue off.He came close to me and squeezed hard in his swollen cock, because he did not wanted too spray.Then I had to lie down and I got best blowjob ever.Sorry ladies, but so be it. ;)He asked if he could fuck me.I was happy with it, i put a rubber on save goes for everything.Due to the tight rubber was his cock harder and his head was even bigger then by fore. I asked him to put his dick into my cave. After some wet licking and stretching, he was ready. He was a little bit horny so he putted his hard cock stright in to my bud.He pushed quietly but with keeping his horny thick knob inside.He din´t slow down and his consumption did very moment. Slowly he fucked me with short bursts and the pain subsided. I began to push back with my ass and squeezed hard on his cock.He started me uninhibited, harder to fuck, his balls bouncing against my balls. What was that super horny. He began to moan louder, grabbed my hips and squirted with deep long strokes his seed deep inside me.After he was rested he grabbed my semi hard thick cock and sucked that hard.”Go lie down he said”I grabbed a larger size rubber than I had used for his cock. This made my dick even more horny so my cock was thicker and harder.He makes with his own saliva cave a little wet and slid slowly over my cock back. And sighed:”What do you have a terrible thick big cock, fortunately canlı bahis siteleri I had some byfore.”He rode my cock like he was riding the horse.His head was above the top of the dune.Suddenly there was also a very horny old guy looking at us with a hard, super huge big fat cock.”Do you mind if I jerk when you are fucking?”I was horny and butter made me nothing more fromHe said nothing and was fucking all the time.I felt that I my semen was coming and asked him to sit on doggy stile.I thought only to cum and rammed my hard cock in his but and putted all the way down.Mine balls bounced hard against his balls.He moaned in pain and horny he cried:”Fuck me as hard as you can”I grabbed his hips tightly, pulling my cock back and rammed my cock back into his tight cave.My seed began to bubble and was unstoppable after some tough beech I changed pace and fucked him gently with short bursts.Mean while I looked at that huge thick, big, fat cock.He had his cock lubricated with moisture that glistened and that was a terrible horny face. Slowly he pulled his foreskin back and forth at the pace that I fucked.When I accelerated accelerated he.I began to fuck uncontrollably and rams, he called good fuck me fuck me.The old horny boss yanked just as fierce and hard and began to moan like me.We came together simultaneously prepared he squirted big white rays seed toward us and touches me as well as those tight nice guy that I in turn get filled with deep powerful shot.I kept ramming even though there was not a drop more.What was this horny say.After some restoration work we go swimming and I went again and he returned to his plekkie.Let the spring sun but come ……..

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