Beach Meeting


My wife Sally and I were on a short holiday, staying at a hotel next to the beach. While walking on the beach we met a couple, Marianne and Carl who were on holiday from Germany and as we discovered were staying at the same hotel. Marianne was very attractive, tall, lovely figure and long brown hair. Carl was also tall, with a big moustache and a big happy smile.

We walked together along the beach, talking about where we were from and what we did. Marianne and Carl were very curious, asking many questions about our country and about us. Sally and I thought they were both very friendly and interesting people.

We stopped a while to sit on the beach and chat. Marianne undid her wraparound skirt to reveal a pretty blue swimsuit. I am sure she smiled at me when she caught me looking admiringly at her figure.

After chatting for quite a while, Sally and I decided to head back to sunbathe and swim at the hotel pool. As we left, we arranged to meet at the bar later that afternoon.

As Sally and I walked away we looked at each other and smiled. “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Sally asked.

I replied “Yes, I think so.”

We were referring to our suspicion that they were a couple interested in swinging.

Sally went on to say “Did you see him looking at me every chance he had? And I saw you looking at her” “She is very pretty though, and he is a nice looking guy for his age.”

Marianne and Carl looked to be around mid 40’s while Sally and I were 37 and 39 respectively.

Sally and I had dabbled in swinging many years ago. Mainly with two other couples who enticed us into the pastime one weekend when they were staying over. We had not been involved since but we did occasionally discuss it and the possibility of doing it again if the opportunity arose.

We had discussed and generally agreed that it should be with strangers, and not with friends to avoid potential for future problems. Sometimes during sex we would talk about the swinging sessions we had, and what we would like to do if we ever did it again.

We both giggled and talked about the meeting as we walked back to the hotel, wondering if anything would eventuate. We were both too shy and inexperienced to even consider initiating anything ourselves, and decided to just see what happened.

On arriving at the hotel we went to our room to get towels and sun lotion. Once in the room, Sally came up behind me, gave me a cuddle and kissed my neck. I recognised this as a classic sign that she wanted more. We kissed and cuddled, with increasing passion. I slipped a hand into her bikini, feeling her pussy. She was wet and moaned as I fingered her juicy slit. Quickly removing our swimwear we flopped onto the bed and immediately started fucking.

After a few minutes Sally rolled me over and remounted me, riding my cock hard. After just a few minutes Sally orgasmed once, twice then collapsed onto me as I shot my load into her.

We lay there, both still horny and wanting more. We laughed and talked about how much it excited us to think that we may have something more than a social drink with Marianne and Carl. Sally felt my cock which was still hard.

She said “You are thinking of Marianne aren’t you?” “You are imagining her and hoping you can fuck her.”

I agreed, sheepishly and then asked Sally what we would do if they did suggest swinging. I asked if she was happy to go along with them.

Sally replied immediately saying that we should as it was a great opportunity as they were not local people, they were very nice, and we would most probably have a fun time.

I saw her smile and excitement in her eyes that told me she wanted to try something naughty once again. My cock was throbbing, with the anticipation. I moved on top of Sally and thrust into her.

We fucked again, but after a few minutes Sally stopped me and pushed me off saying that we must get ready and that I should save myself for later. I was so horny, but reluctantly agreed. Sally said that if nothing happened we could continue later by ourselves. We decided to shower mobilbahis güvenilir mi and dress for meeting Marianne and Carl at the bar.

Later, in the bar there was no sign of Marianne and Carl. We had a drink and waited, but after nearly one hour we thought it was all a fantasy.

Then we saw them. Marianne looked lovely, wearing a light body hugging dress, and Carl was smartly dressed.

Sally whispered to me that they looked like a million dollars, and we felt under dressed in our casual attire.

Carl quickly took the lead and ordered a bottle of champagne. We sat outside overlooking the pool and beach, sipping champagne and talking. It was a nice evening, and we were all feeling very comfortable with each other.

Occasionally Sally would glance at me, smiling. She was obviously quite happy and enjoying the attention of our new friends.

Marianne mentioned that their suite had a spa on the balcony and that it was a beautiful view over the pool and beach.

Carl suggested that unless we had other plans for the evening, we move into the restaurant for a meal and then go to their unit for a spa.

Sally beat me to it, saying that sounded wonderful and that we would love to join them.

Sally squeezed my hand as we walked to the restaurant, I responded by fondling her cute bottom as we waited to be seated. We smiled at each other, and struggled to contain our excitement. I am sure Marianne and Carl sensed our eagerness and excitement as they both became more intimate with their questions.

Over dinner we talked about work, family, sports, likes and dislikes. Carl was impressed that Sally trains and swims competitively in a social swim team, and commented that it is why she has such a good figure. Sally blushed, and tried to change the subject, but both Marianne and Carl insisted that she tell them more about her lifestyle as they were intrigued.

We discovered that Carl was a scientist, and loved cycling. Marianne worked part time at a research lab. They both liked hiking and being outdoors whenever possible.

After dinner, Carl suggested that we move up to their suite and relax. He said that we could have a spa, and that if we were comfortable with being nude there was no need to bring swimming costumes, it was up to us. Marianne added that the balcony was secluded and the spa was wonderful.

As we left the restaurant I checked with Sally to see if she wanted to get her bikini. She said no, that she felt comfortable with them and would be ok being nude.

She gave me a quick kiss and whispered “I am sure they are going to ask us, let’s go for it, they are both lovely, it will be fun”

I replied simply that I totally agreed.

Their suite was lovely, top floor with views over the beach and out to sea. We walked to the balcony. The spa was glowing with coloured lights. Marianne showed Sally the bathroom.

Carl took me to the lounge and asked what we would like to drink. Before I could answer he offered me a cold beer, and proceeded to pour two glasses of champagne for the ladies.

Sally returned, eyes wide with excitement, saying that this was so beautiful and that we were very lucky to be invited up to such a lovely place.

Marianne replied, saying that it was their pleasure and they hoped we would enjoy ourselves. It was then that Carl once again took charge, and urged us to sit in the lounge area.

I sat next to Sally, opposite Carl who appeared to be waiting for us to get comfortable. I wondered what he was planning next, and was trying to figure out how he would broach the subject of swinging. It was a tense few seconds, as Sally and I waited for whatever would happen next.

Then, in his commanding manner Carl simply stated that he and Marianne enjoyed swapping and sharing partners with other couples and that they would be most pleased if we would join them for the evening. He quickly added that they had seen us on the beach yesterday and again today before we met, and they liked our appearance and decided to try and meet mobilbahis us in the hope that we would be interested in swapping and sharing.

Despite the fact that we were expecting and even hoping this would eventuate, the offer from Carl was a shock. (As Sally told me after it is not every day that a gentleman openly states that he wants to fuck your wife and that you can fuck his.)

Sally and I looked at each other, wondering who was going to reply and what to say. We then almost simultaneously said yes, we would love to join them.

A very joyous Marianne and Carl then embraced both Sally and me, excitedly complimenting us on our personality and manner. They were a truly wonderful couple and I think they appreciated us being receptive and gracious at their offer.

We were all standing, Sally was smiling and giggling a little, not quite sure what to do next. I went to her and cuddled her. She was shaking slightly from nervousness and excitement.

Marianne immediately started to talk to her, to calm her and assure her that she was completely safe and that nothing would happen that she did not want.

I realised that now was the time to announce that Sally and I had actually been involved in swinging previously and that we had discussed it many times and were eager to try it again.

After some laughs and more embracing, Carl suggested we all have a drink and relax now that the difficult formalities were over. He added that possibly we could talk later about our past experiences, as they would love to hear what we had done.

Marianne went over to the spa, turned on the air jets, making bubbles and vapour rise from the water then disappeared into the bedroom, returning moments later with an armful of large fluffy towels. She gave us towels, inviting us to go into the bedroom to undress.

Sally and I undressed, and while in the bedroom we sneaked a kiss and cuddle and quickly whispered that we both felt so excited. Sally squeezed my cock, saying that it was just as well we waited as she is sure I have some work to do tonight.

Returning to the lounge, Carl and Marianne had already undressed and were wrapping towels around themselves. Carl had positioned our drinks on a small bench beside the spa.

Marianne was first to drop her towel and step into the spa. Sally followed, and then I stepped in between the two ladies. Carl followed, sitting opposite.

The water level was chest high, but I could still see Marianne’s magnificent breasts floating just below the surface of the water. Sally’s little breasts bobbed in and out of the water as she moved.

Another tense moment as we waited, trying to decide what we should do, and then Marianne stood up, displaying her upper body, reached for our drinks and passed them around.

As she sat down with one hand holding her champagne, the other hand below the water rested on my leg.

She chatted about the view and the lovely warm spa; slowly she moved her fingers, gradually moving up and down my leg, eventually nudging my cock which was standing erect in the water.

Sally stood up to replace her glass on the bench. When she returned to sit, I noticed she was right next to Carl. I suspected from their arm movements that they were also starting to touch each other under water.

I reached over and started to stroke Marianne’s thigh. It was beautiful and smooth. I cautiously reached up and felt her breast floating in the water.

Marianne turned and kissed me on the cheek, and as she did her hand gently closed around my cock and slowly stroked me up and down. It felt lovely. I was now able to touch her breasts as she was almost in front of me.

Carl stood and collected our glasses placing them back on the bench. As he was standing I saw his cock which looked huge. I looked at Sally; she just smiled and nodded slightly to indicate that she was ok.

Marianne had turned to face me and was gently stroking my cock with both hands. She then slid off the seat and kneeled on the floor of the spa, opening my legs and positioning herself mobilbahis giriş between my knees. I could now easily reach both of her beautiful breasts which I gently massaged and tweaked her big nipples.

After a few minutes Marianne took one of my hands and guided it down to her pussy. I slid my fingers through her furry patch. She opened her legs to allow me more access, and I quickly found her slit which was opening up like a flower. I could feel that she was slippery inside, and as I worked my fingers into her she nuzzled into me and started kissing my neck. I could tell she was becoming very aroused by her response to my fingering. Moments later she stood up and sat on my knees. She placed one arm around me, and with the other she guided my hand to her pussy.

We were both now able to see Sally who was sitting on Carl’s knees facing him. Carl would have had easy access to her breasts and pussy.

I had to stop Marianne from stroking my cock, as I was worried she might make it explode. She must have known why, as she whispered to me that we could get out and go to the bedroom. We climbed out, wrapped in towels and headed into the bedroom. We dried each other down, and as Marianne kneeled down to dry my legs she licked and sucked my cock into her mouth. It felt so good, but again I had to stop her as I was feeling so horny I was scared I would shoot any moment.

I dried Marianne paying special attention to her furry pussy which was covered in thick dark hair. I guided her back towards the bed, where she sat on the edge. I opened her legs and moved forward to kiss and lick her pussy.

Marianne moaned in appreciation, pulling my head towards her. As I licked more, her pussy lips opened more and more revealing a luscious juicy slit that I wanted to fuck and I sensed that Marianne wanted me to. Standing between her legs I rubbed my cock up and down her furry pussy, looking at her, wondering if she wanted me to proceed.

Marianne sat up, squeezing my cock and whispered that there was a packet of condoms in the drawer beside the bed.

Quickly I found the packet of condoms and rolled one onto my cock as she watched, smiling. I moved forward and started to enter her pussy, she felt so beautiful, slippery, and warm. I started thrusting slowly, enjoying the feeling, and trying not to shoot just yet, but Marianne wanted more, faster and harder.

She urged me on, then after a few minutes I could not stop, and I shot a load with a great thrust into her.

Marianne was very understanding, cuddling and kissing me as my orgasm subsided. When I returned from disposing of the condom, Marianne was laying back on the bed slowly stroking her pussy. I sat beside her watching, she asked me to lick her, and said she would soon be able to cum.

I climbed onto the bed, between her legs, watching her fingers sliding rhythmically up and down her slit. Eventually she paused and pulled my head forward to her pussy. Marianne sure liked being licked, she pulled my head harder into her, grinding my face into her pussy, moaning and murmuring something in German.

Without warning she started to orgasm, one, two three times it appeared that she came as she kept me licking her pussy. When she eventually released pressure on my head, she pulled me up to her when we kissed and cuddled and lay together.

As we lay together Marianne felt my cock pressing against her. She rolled over and retrieved another condom, then moved down to my cock where she firstly kissed and sucked me gently into her mouth. In a beautiful motion she sucked me with long gentle strokes, occasionally glancing up at me to see my reaction.

When I was fully erect she rolled the condom onto my cock. Marianne then sat on top of me, guiding my cock into her beautiful moist pussy and pressing down hard before slowly riding up and down. As she leant forward, I reached out and gently massaged her breasts, urging her to keep going. We continued fucking gently, occasionally rolling over to change position.

As we were slowly fucking Marianne started asking me what Sally and I liked. We talked a little about each of our desires, fantasies and preferences.

It was then, as Marianne was slowly riding me that Carl and Sally walked into the bedroom wrapped in towels with arms around each other.

But that is another story.

Mal & Sally

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