Beach Session


Beach SessionMistress loved the beach boasting to me what better place to discipline someone in a session. Our favorite beach called “R Beach” is far enough away from civilization and voyeurs that we can do pretty much anything we wish. We liked going to the beach right after breakfast around 9 o’clock and stay till noon while there’s not a lot of people. Depending upon what we want to do we make sure we packed food, water, toys, sunscreen, perhaps an umbrella or a beach tent for some privacy. There’s always nooks and crannies on the beach to hide and also watch people with prying eyes coming up and down the beach when we’re playing. Mistress prefers not to be totally naked, but on the other hand for me, I have to strip down bare. She loves looking at my naked body and all my muscles deviously thinking of new ways to discipline and torture me. The beach is a perfectly good place to unwind and give painful whippings where a slave can cry out loud and no one can hear other than the seagulls flying overhead.Mistress is finally getting the nerve to give me a full on butt fucking on the beach. She figured if we do it in our beach tent we only have to watch from the ocean and no one can see what we’re doing from behind. My asshole has been educated enough where the pain is minimal and mistress can really give me a good fucking. What a better place than to fuck a slave in nature. We talked about it and believe that most people who would catch us fucking would be so embarrassed they would just keep walking by. It would give them something to talk about and tell all their friends afterwards. Nobody had phones plus by the time they reported to the police we would already be gone on our way back home. Mistress said she could even threaten to fuck their asses as well, then they would really take off.Mistress wanted to have a dry run for our first spanking on the beach just to make sure we could get away with it. Deciding to do a beach paddling with her heavy leather paddle she warned me that she was really going to let me have it making me cry out to see if anybody would answer. Nobody likes getting spanked for the hell of it, other than she told me that the spanking would be a test of my obedience to her. We packed up the backpack and strolled down to the beach and all mistress could talk about was paddling my bare ass ass making me timidly submissive for the inevitable. Mistress figured that if anyone spotted us they would figure I was only getting a paddling that I deserved. Walking down the path to the beach we went to our favorite spot near some wild cane blowing in the wind. Anyone on the Cliffs or coming down the trail could easily see mistress blistering my butt with her favorite paddle.We stopped where there was a log perfect for sitting on to give spankings. Mistress also has laid me over it and canned my ass with a freshly cut cane just last week, punishment for not eating her pussy properly. That was my first punishment on the beach but it only lasted a little over two minutes as mistress gave me over 100 stinging blows. She pulled my suit down exposing my butt giving me the caning and then pulled it back up before anybody could see. This time Mistress was going slow and methodical with my ass fully exposed. Once we get situated mistress got so excited about doing the spanking that was bursa escort the first thing on her agenda. I only had a pair of shorts and a shirt but mistress sternly told me to get naked. Throwing a towel over the log mistress stripped off her bikini top picked up her leather paddle and invited me over her lap. She giggled when she saw my erection promising that the pain from the paddling would easily get rid of that right away.We scouted everything out looking up the cliff, up and down the beach finding no one. Pulling me over her lap throwing her right leg behind my knees, mistress told me not to hold out from crying out. They hair raised up on the back of my neck when I sensed the paddle raising up in the air. Immediately she started popping the leather paddle as hard as she could across both cheeks. On the third whack I started crying out as loud as I could and didn’t stop until she struck me blistering my butt with over 100 whacks. My throat was sore for crying out and I had genuine tears streaking down my face. Mistress spotted another couple coming down the cliff so she threw a towel around me and told me to shut up. Pulling me up sitting on her lap she started passionately kissing me taking my mind off my blistered ass. She could see the other couple walking by and continued kissing me until they were gone down the beach. Her French kissing was out of control pushing her long tongue down my throat almost choking me. Forcing me to suck her tongue like a cock she had me sedated sucking up and down on her tongue like I was trying to make it come. She broke the kiss pushed me far enough away to slap my face telling me we’re not done yet.Ordering me to get behind the log and bend over it, she said she had a surprise for me. Not wanting to get slapped again I quickly obeyed bending over the log presenting my ass thinking I was going to get another spanking. To my surprise mistress pulled her harness and dildo out of the daypack along with some lubricant. Looking at me as she started strapping it on she told me I hope your ass is clean enough to fuck. I admitted that I had checked myself in the shower this morning giving her an all clear. Mistress is the queen of the strap on and I was actually looking forward to getting fucked right here on the beach. I watched mistress strapping on “her cock“ proudly stroking it like a guy. I was thankful she brought her black 8in. 1 1/2 diameter cock which would make it easier to take a fucking from her. The head of the dildo was shaped like a nose cone making it easier to push into my anus to skewer me. It was also made of polished silicone so she didn’t have to use much lubricant fucking my ass.When mistress was all strapped up I was getting quite excited as her demeanor changed from being quite feminine to a Butch Dyke. The harness was specifically dyed to her skin tones so it blends with her flesh colored cock so it appears as part of her body. Mistress at times fantasizes having a real cock boasting that she can fuck better than most men. She has definitely proved that to me. I’m called premature ejaculator because I barely last long enough to get her off. Strolling in front of me mistress grabbed me by the hair ordered me to open my mouth. Obediently I pursed my lips and she slid the dildo down my throat. I tried not to choke but I was still bursa escort bayan new at sucking and I started gagging. Slapping my face mistress continued fucking my throat until my jaws ached. Finally mistress popped it out with my drool all over it. Slapping my face hard she promised to make me into a cocksucker yet.On our second date while we were passionately making out she whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me to bed. She stripped me naked on the couch leading me off into her bedroom for a big surprise. Mistress went to her powder room to “freshen up“ then came out wearing a strap on. I had only seen women wearing dildos in porn magazines but here was my new girlfriend all strapped up and ready to roll. I was basically sexually paralyzed not knowing what to do other than obey whatever she said. Propping me bottoms up over pillows my new girlfriend gave me the fucking she promised but instead of me fucking her she fucked me. The first time in my life I found out what it was like to be on the receiving end losing my anal virginity to a beautiful woman.Mistress didn’t care if anybody saw her fucking believing that they would be so embarrassed they would keep walking by. Even if they called the beach police by the time she finish fucking me she would have the dildo put away and my pants would be pulled up. Quickly she lubed my ass and the dildo. Telling me to take a deep breath and on the exhale mistress grabbed my hips gave her own hips a quick shift driving the entire dildo completely up my ass. I was not a virgin having spent many times in bed getting my anus stretched with her dildo. It was wild to be under the sun at the beach that I’m used to having fun on, bent over a log by a beautiful lady fucking my ass. My cries from the fucking were drowned out by the loud surf and crashing waves hitting the shore. A few seagulls flew over squawking as if they were laughing at me. Mistress thighs were pounding my bare ass cheeks that she just blistered almost as if I was getting spanked all over again as she played bury the hatchet with her huge dildo. This fucking was not about prostate pleasure but teaching me a lesson.There was a couple walking near the ocean down the beach and did notice us moving in an unusual way so Mistress slid the dildo all the way inside and leaned forward kissing me from behind until they were too far to see her moving her hips. Standing up she gave me several slaps on my sore ass and started fucking me earnestly. The dildo had a magic bullet next to her clitoris so mistress had already orgasmed several times. My cock was erect the entire time and it didn’t take long and I started shooting semen all over the slick log. Mistress hates premature ejaculation and continued fucking me anyway claiming her cock stays hard forever and that she can fuck as long as she has the energy. Finally after enjoying several more orgasms mistress pulled out the dildo sending me off to the ocean with the dirty dildo to cleanup.I ran for the water for fear of getting caught with Mistress running along side. We both needed to cool off and we quickly jumped in washing our sweaty bodies. I spent a lot of time washing the huge dildo that fucked my ass hoping that Mistress would not use that one to many more times. This type of tapered dildo was meant to stimulate and stretch escort bursa your anus rather than stimulate the prostate. Mistress desired to open me up so that I can accommodate bigger cocks. Even though I had taken a nasty whipping and dildo fuck mistress got quite romantic wrapping her arms around me in waist deep water and started grinding her pussy on my cock. Fortunately there was very little wave action right now and mistress was getting in the mood to fuck me in the ocean.We both started French kissing each other exchanging tongue’s and grinding our crotches together underwater. It didn’t take long and I started getting another erection. Mistress had one of her hands busy working pulling on my cock making sure I quickly got fully erect. I have a very unique mistress that can beat the crap out of me in one minute and fuck me in the next. With her beautiful breasts pressing into my chest no one really knew if we were completely naked because half of our bodies were underwater churning away. Having already put my cock in her pussy Mistress was doing all the work squeezing and kneading me with her vaginal muscles. As we enjoyed each other another couple walked by within 15 feet of us not saying a word but put two and two together knowing we were having a quick fuck. We just kept kissing while mistress kept squeezing me with her vagina.Finally mistress decided we had better get back to our things by the log doubling down on her squeezes until I started pumping her vagina full of semen. She loves being ritually inseminated in the ocean something that our fish ancestors did millennial times ago. Pulling me out of the water by my balls mistress lead me back to the log so we could pack up. Before I was allowed to get dressed mistress forced me to my knees and wanted me to make a statement thanking her for what we did today. Thanking her for the deserving beating I told her that I deserved more. I also thanked her for the very intense dildo fuck and that it was fun being on the beach. I also thanked her for giving me the special ritual fucking me in the ocean and taking my semen into her vagina which felt like I was getting fucked by the goddess. Thanking me for my kind words mistress told me to get dressed but leave my shirt off.I put my bathing suit back on as well as my cut off jeans leaving my shirt in the backpack wondering what was going to happen next. Mistress put her red string bikini bottoms on that only covers her pussy leaving her beautiful bare breasts wiggling so that I could enjoy looking at them one more time. Pulling out her mini whip, which Mistress calls her spaghetti whip, made of 21 spaghetti like leather laces, 18 inches long bound to a wooden handle. I felt my knees weaken wondering what I did to deserve another whipping? Mistress cursed telling me inseminating her vagina is a sacred act and I disrespected her. Telling me to stand out in the open facing the ocean place my hands on my head she stood behind me and started whipping my back. I could hardly stand up it hurt so bad and my eyes had tears streaming down my face as she stripped my entire back with tiny flicks of the whip. We had to walk back to the car into the neighborhood showing off her handiwork wondering if someone was going to see that I took at nasty whipping. Mistress forced me to ride in the backseat on the way home still hurting. Once home we took a shower together making sure we were free of beach sand. I spent the rest of the afternoon on my belly with my back and ass on fire worshiping her pussy with my tongue.

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