Subject: Beach trip with dad – Part 4 Beach trip with dad – part 4 This story is based on real life events. If you have any comments to pass on, feel free to write me (Sam) at: ail Stop reading if you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present area. By continuing, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you reading his story. This series of stories happens in between the events of the “upperclassmen dormmates” which is on Nifty’s Gay College category, and it is unlikely any of this would have happened the way it did if it weren’t for what happened then. This is the last part of this series of events but I will share a different series of events soon. As always, please donate to Nifty so we can keep sharing stories like fty/donate.html ****************************************** Recap: The vid after that was life changing to say the least. It was two guys sharing one girl. The guys in the vid seemed to be the same as the previous vid but the girl was different. Not long into the vid, the guys were double penetrating the girl. They first started with one cock in the vagina the other in the ass, but then seemed to move towards both sharing the same hole. Both guys creamed in her, and then one of the guys decided to eat her out, basically taking both his and the other guys cum. The two guys then snowballed their cum and swallowed while the girl licked their cocks clean. Dad then commented “fuck, those were the days”. It then hit me like a brick. That was dad in the video. It was him in all the videos. The first video I found oddly familiar because it was my dad’s childhood room at grandpa’s and grandma’s. I knew I had seen it before. He must have recorded himself with one of his hook-ups when he was around my age. All these were his recordings. Dad was fucking showing me his sex tapes. And even more shocking that was dad, sharing his and his buddy’s cum. ****************************************** “Holy shit dad, that’s… that’s you. Shit. Fuck.” I was lost in words. escort izmit He smirked, and looked down. My cock was purplish red, rock hard, in heat, and leaking like hell. He looked back straight into my eyes and I blushed. “So what do you think?” he asked but I couldn’t find the words to respond. “Seems like your cock likes seeing your dad fuck or is it the cum eating?” he continued to ask with his devilish smile getting wider. “I…” “Its okay, Son, I am just teasing ya, and like I said, I’ve probably experimented more than you know. I do want to know though, have you and your buddies ever done anything like this?” “No, but…” I told him about my upperclassmen dormmates and our mutual masturbation rituals and how it all started. I explain the group jockstrap slash cum rag. “How about tasting cum?” he pushed further. “Well no, I’ve always been curious about how my own tastes especially in the heat of jerking off but once I get off I just never follow through. I have tasted my own precum.” “Just your own?” “Yes” He then did the most unexpected thing, yet somehow also something that makes perfect sense in the moment. He used his hand which was still slowly jerking his hard cock to scoop up some of his own precum and brought it closer to my face. “Here, try this” he said so naturally. I was stunned but obeyed. I slowly opened my mouth and let his fingers slide over my tongue. It was sweet and salty and perfect and my face gave away my pleasure. He grinned harder. “Well, this is just pre. Cum is even better.” He took back his hand and continued jerking. I did too. He then tried to pull up another video. At this point, I don’t think I’ll last much longer. Dad found the one he was looking for, but before he played it, he gave me a disclaimer. “Son, there is no girl in this. I hope that’s fine.” “Uh sure… I don’t mind” I responded, which led to a smug grin, as if he already knew what I was going to say. The video started out quite dark. I couldn’t really make out the figures at first, but then I understood that this was literally no one else with him. No other girl, nor guy. It was him, solo, jerking off. He looked much closer to how he looks today, izmit escort so this had to be recent. Then it hit me. He was jerking off on my bed. I looked over at dad, but he didn’t react. He kept his attention on the video so I returned mine as well. In the video, he was getting hot and sweaty all over my bed, and then decided to switch positions. He took my pillow and decided to started humping it, marking it with his musky cock and balls and probably leaking pre. Then the most unexpected thing happened. I heard my own voice in the video. I was fucking home when dad did this. In my room. On my pillow. In the video, he then decided to get up, and wipe a little trail of precum on my pillow a little more before returning it to the usual spot, and then dressed back up. The video didn’t end yet. My voice came back on, and I guess I was just done showering and was heading back into my room to get ready. So dad went to the kitchen and the video showed him preparing coffee and eggs. He then pulled out his cock and continued to jerk it to finish. He came inside a small cup and brought the cup up to the camera to show off the load. It was huge. And could have been about a couple of shot glasses worth. He then mixed in some milk into the cup and decided to pour a bit of the mixture into the pan of eggs, and then the rest into the coffee. He had the camera placed in such a hidden spot, because it kept running when I saw myself appear in frame. The final shock. I was wearing the same shirt I was wearing yesterday, when we left for this trip. I looked over to my dad again with my jaws drop. “If I remember correctly, you said that yesterday’s breakfast was, how did you put it… fucking delicious” he grinned so hard “I guess now you know the secret ingredient” “Dad, fuck… that was so hot” I said, in shock but still jerking my cock faster than ever. “Oh dad, I think I am gonna cum.” I said, tilting my head back and shutting my eyes. Just before the climax, I felt dad engulf my member into his mouth and start to suck on my cock. The warm sensation of a mouth and the new sensation of his beard on my crotch drove me insane. He took all of me in, izmit kendi evi olan escort and finally sent me over the edge, cumming straight into his mouth, down his throat. He pulled off slightly just to ensure he could gather as much cum as he could in his mouth, and didn’t spill a drop. Once he had sucked me dry, he pushed himself above me and kissed me deeply letting all my cum flood my own mouth. His tongue probed my mouth, pushing the cum in all directions and coating every inch of my taste buds. He wanted to ensure I didn’t have a chance to back down from it. He wanted me to finally taste my own cum. We snowballed back and forth for a while, before he finally pulled off, letting most of the cum remain in my mouth. We both swallowed. “Well, son now you’ve finally tasted your own spunk, and its fucking tasty if I might add.” He said, smiling. “Wow, thanks dad. That was intense.” “Well, are you ready for the main course?” he asked. I looked down and saw he had yet to cum. He was still stroking his cock and it looked like it was ready to blow. I lied down and opened my mouth. That gave dad the sign. He moved over, and straddled himself over my chest and then shifted forwards. His big heavy hairy balls rested on my chin. His cock inches away from my mouth and then slowly he pushed in. He fucked my face slowly at first and then like there was no tomorrow. Something wild took over him and he started grunting and ramming his cock deep into my throat. I was choking on his cock, but then just as he was about to cum, he slightly pulled up. This time, to ensure that I got the full taste of his spunk. It filled up my mouth but the flow wasn’t stopping, so I had to swallow. It took three full swallows before his flow finally slowed down to halt. There was a little cum left on my tongue as he pulled out and he simply got down and kissed me. “Isn’t it much better straight from the tap?” he chuckled. He got up and pick up the jock strap. He decided to clean off his wet slimy cock all over it and then toss it over to me. “Next time you bring this home, you let me know. I want to share in this as well.” He then headed off to shower. The trip was short but opened up my relationship with my father and we continued to help and play with each other whenever we get the chance. It also paved the way for me to experiment more with men, including my friends in college, and my brother. But more on that later.

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