Beach Volleyball Fun


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It was the middle of another blistering day in the heart of summer as the jeep carrying two beautiful young women roared into the parking area for the crowded beach. At a glance you could not find another pair of women that were so different both physically and mentally, but you between them you could also never find the closest of friends; at least in their opinion!

Anna was the taller of the two, standing at 5′ 6” with dark brown eyes and sleek raven hair coming to the middle of her back that was at the moment tied in a hasty ponytail. She was also half Mexican giving the already outgoing teen a deep bronze complexion, which coupled with her large bust and toned figure made her the envy of many in school. Her best friend Stacy on the other hand can barely claim to be 5 feet, with a petite frame to match, but with her shoulder length wavy brown hair and brilliant green eyes she has gathered her own fair share of admirers (a fact that Anna loves to point out to her shy best friend just to see her blush).

As the two finally pulled into a good spot and Anna cut off the growling engine, she turned to her friend and asked with a grin, “Alright then, you ready to go kick some ass?”

Stacy merely smiled back and nodded, they were here to play a game of volleyball with a couple of there former high school team members so they would not get rusty during the summer before they started training for their college team. Not that Anna needs it, we are a good team and got recruited with almost no effort, but any excuse to go to the beach is enough for her, and if I get to see her in a bikini well… Stacy shook her head, stopping her thoughts before they went too far. Lately she had been having the most distressing thoughts about her childhood friend. Stacy did not think herself a lesbian, she dated boys and liked them for the most part, but her and Anna did everything together since before she could even remember; lately though especially while they were showering after practice she couldn’t help but sneak peaks at Anna’s body while Stacy thought she wasn’t looking. The hell she would give me if she only knew…

Her face slightly flushed, Stacy hopped out of the Jeep and hoped that if anyone looked at her they would chalk it up to too much sun on her pale skin that never seemed to tan. She picked up the ball out of the back seat and bounced it between her hands as she waited. Anna came around to Stacy’s side and pulled her top off as she went, her large breasts bouncing in a black bikini top that hardly seemed up to the task of holding them in the first place. Inwardly moaning Stacy looked at her own tank top and shorts, and blinked at her friend

“You’re going to play in that?” Stacy gasped.

Anna gave a mock pout as she wiggled out of her shorts to reveal matching black bottoms and tossed her clothes in the back of the jeep, “What’s wrong with it? Does it not look good on me?” She turned slowly for Stacy, grinning as she faced away from her, knowing that her naughty bestie had been peaking at her all year and would probably even now have her eyes glued to her ample butt that was barely covered by the bikini bottoms.

“Come on, let’s go already!” snatching the ball out of Stacy’s hands she left the poor stuttering girl in her dust as she flew down to the sand. Taking her time to clear her head Stacy followed after, and by the time she made it down to the surf Anna was already chatting with the two other girls from their school. Anna put her arm around her friends shoulder as she made it up to them, and let them all say their hellos before getting to business.

“Alright then, I have been waiting all day for this so let’s get started. Sara and Katie vs. the dream team, we will try to go easy on you, right Stacy?”

“Right!” Stacy yelled, unable to not be infected by Anna’s own enthusiasm for just about everything. The girls all got into position, and with a solid serve from Anna, Stacy’s thoughts and worries disappeared as she clicked into game mode.

The four 18 year old’s had been going at it for a solid hour now. Stacy and Anna had just scored, and while she was waiting for the other two to catch their breath Stacy wiped the sweat from her forehead and spared a glance over to Anna, a deer in the highlights would have had a faster reaction illegal bahis time. She was so caught up in the sight of her friends dark skin shinning in the sunlight, the way her breasts heaved as Anna tried to steady her breathing, that she did not notice Sara had started to serve until Anna’s shouting snapped her out of it. “Watch out Stacy, get it!”

Moving on instinct Stacy stretched out to make a save before it was too late. She barely touched the ball as a sharp pain clenched at her leg and made her collapse face first in the sand.

“Stacy!” Anna rushed to her friend and put her hand on her back as she rolled over and started spitting sand out of her mouth between clenching her teeth.

“I am alright,” Stacy hissed, “I just pulled my hamstring I think.”

“Come on we have to get you home, you’re a mess.” Anna helped Stacy up to her feet and with their arms around one another Anna helped her friend hop to the jeep flanked by the other to girls, who helped Stacy into the vehicle and said their goodbyes as Anna roared the engine to life and took off down the street.

“Do we need to go to the hospital?” Anna asked as she looked over at her friend in worry every time she could spare a glance off the road.

“No, ugh, I have had worse really, I just need to go home and lay down for a bit.” Stacy huffed as she laid her head back and closed her eyes tight, her hands working gently on her right leg, trying to ease the burning pain.

By the time Anna pulled up into Stacy’s driveway the pain in her leg had died down to a manageable ache. Anna came around to her side and helped her out of the jeep and into the house. “Hello!…I guess everyone is still out huh?” Anna looked to her friend after calling out.

Smiling and trying to ease her friends worries Stacy nodded, “It is a nice day out I think the whole city is outside, I am sorry I spoiled your fun, just plop me on the couch and you can leave.”

Anna frowned at Stacy, “Oh hush, I am taking care of you, you would do the same for me. Now let’s get cleaned up, we both have sand in places it shouldn’t be and it’s getting annoying.”

Anna lead them to the bathroom and closed the door behind them. “Lucky your grandma has that seat attachment in the shower so you can sit down. I don’t think holding you soaped up would end well.”

Stacy’s face turned crimson at Anna’s words and she shook her head, “What do you mean? I can stand up long enough to get in myself, it doesn’t hurt that bad now!” Trying not to chuckle at Stacy’s feeble protests, Anna slid open the shower door and helped Stacy sit on the wall attachment.

“Now come on we have been showering together after practice all throughout high school, don’t turn into a prude on me now, or do you want me to have to stand out there and wait for you to finish? All uncomfortable and sweaty from the beach?” Pouting at Stacy she knew she had already won, but waited for her friend to mumble an ok before she leaned down and carefully helped pull of Stacy’s shorts.

Stacy clenched her legs together so all that was visible was the small trimmed triangle of hair, her face beet red as she took her shirt off, feeling Anna’s gaze over her body as her small perky breasts came into view. Anna just smiled and leaned over to turn on the water, laughing as the cold stream hit her defenseless friend making her yelp. She freed her hair from the ponytail and watched Stacy as she ran her fingers though her hair.

“You should really be careful next time, I know I am eye candy but I am not worth breaking a leg over.” Anna said teasingly.

Stacy stammered some gibberish denial, but as Anna pulled off her bikini top and her large breasts swayed free she went silent, eyes locked on the bronze orbs and even darker nipples. That’s what I thought… Anna thought to herself as she quickly pulled off her bottoms exposing her perfectly shaved mound, and hopped into the shower squealing as the not so warm water hit her.

Taking the shower head, Anna helped Stacy wash off all the sand from her body and hair and then quickly did herself before picking up the bar of soap. Frowning, but giving herself a pat on the back on the inside, she turned to Stacy and said, “Well crap, I forgot to grab some washcloths, oh well!”

Not waiting for a reply Anna lathered up her hands and began soaping up her front, running her hands slowly over her arms and tummy, before paying special close attention to her breasts and between her thighs. She looked over to her friend illegal bahis siteleri as her hand found it’s way to her sex, Stacy’s eyes were fixed on Anna’s hand her eyes slightly glazed with lust. Anna rubbed and cleaned herself slowly, her body shuddering as her fingers brushed past her clit. Smiling she turned around suddenly to rinse herself off and grabbed the shampoo, lathering up her hair.

Over on the seat Stacy was trying not to pass out from excitement and fear, Anna had never been this open before, or was it just her imagination running wild? Whatever it is I need to get myself together Stacy tried to look anywhere but at her friend, but try as she might her eyes found themselves on her shapely backside. Watching the rivers of shampoo run down her back and between those firm cheeks, down to her powerful sculpted legs made the fluttering in her stomach she had been fighting all day turn into a warm glow.

It was like being dragged out of a dream when she heard Anna speak “Stacy…while your just sitting there..could you do my back?” Stacy had to blink a couple times and was tempted to pinch herself so she make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“Oh, ok s-sure.”

Anna handed the bar of soap behind her, and with trembling hands Stacy took it and with a couple close calls managed to lather up her hands without dropping it. Anna moved closer and Stacy slowly placed her hands on the warm skin of her friends back and began rubbing. Anna closed her eyes and sighed in appreciation as the slipper hands moved over around and relaxed her tense muscles. Stacy worked her way down to Anna’s lower back and then leaned forward to get her calves. Working back up her friends thighs she could have swore she heard a sigh as her fingers tenderly rubbed the inside of her legs.

Stacy paused for a minute and gulped as she knew there was only one spot left. Anna noticed her friends hesitation and giggled, wiggling her butt inches from her friends face, “Come on now don’t be shy”.

Her breath hitching, Stacy moved her hands up the plains of Anna’s thighs and rested her hand on either side of her friends butt. She squeezed them gently and began roaming running her hands over the smooth firmness. She got so into her actions and not wanting to waste this rare chance that she didn’t notice how hard she was squeezing and pulling until she spotted Anna’s puckered hole, with Stacy’s thumbs inches away holding her spread cheeks.

Dropping her hands like she had burned them and looking at her lap Stacy never got to regain her composure as Anna twirled around, now red faced herself and said, “Ok now for me to help you out!”

Before Stacy could even form a reply Anna’s hands were covered in soap and firmly, but gently rubbing Stacy’s shoulders. Anna wordlessly worked her way down Stacy’s arms and back up again, her hands creeping slowly down her chest, till she was making small circles right above her small breasts. Stacy gasped quietly and closed her eyes as Anna’s hands made their way over and finally cupped them in her hands. Electric jolts went through Stacy’s body as the palms of Anna’s hands hardened Stacy’s light pink nipples. Anna watched her friend’s arms begin to shake at her deft hands. Smiling she quickly twirled her thumbs once around Stacy’s cute little nipples before moving her hands further south again.

Stacy didn’t have the well formed abs that Anna did, but it was flat and firm just the same. Anna found herself having to pull herself away from her friends tummy and began to work on her legs. Stacy kept them firmly together as Anna worked her way down to her feet, tickling her for a moment and sharing a giggle to help her relax as she worked her way back up and holding her knees slowly opened her legs up for her. Stacy had to close her eyes again as she could feel Anna’s own gaze taking in her pretty pink slit. She bit her lip hard as she felt Anna’s nails slowly glide up her knees to mid thigh and back down.

Anna continued moving her fingers up and down the inside of Stacy’s thighs. Ever slowly her hands worked themselves higher and higher, Stacy body quaking harder and her breathing becoming more erratic with each agonizing pass. Anna leaned in closer, her fingers now so close to her open sex that it felt like she was warming her fingers by a fire. She broke her gaze to look up at Stacy, her friends eyes wide open and full of lust, silently begging for release. Their eyes locked for a moment and as if in a trance both teens moved forward and canlı bahis siteleri kissed once, then again, then the dam of pent up tension broke as both girls ravaged each other’s mouths, moaning as their tongues danced together, Anna’s hand cupping Stacy mound and rubbing frantically, trying to keep up with her bucking hips.

Just as the heat in Stacy was building to a violent release Anna broke their kiss pulled back so she could stand and turn off the water. Stacy groaned in want and despair and Anna’s sudden movement, but she just smiled and said, “Well we can’t have all the fun we want in here come on!”

Growling playfully she took Stacy by surprise and squealing was picked up by the larger girl and put over her shoulder. Anna nearly sprinted to the bedroom where she kicked the door shut and tossed Stacy on her bed as gently as she could. Crawling up Stacy Anna leaned over her, their naked breasts rubbing as she moved her head down to kiss her new lover with renewed passion.

Anna slid her body down, breaking the kiss to run her lips down Stacy’s jawline to her neck, kissing and nipping at the base of her neck while her nails ran down her tightened stomach. Stacy was drifting in the sensations, her body quaking with feelings she thought she would never have, her eyes half closed as she muttered to her best friend turned lover, “I love you.”

Smiling Anna kissed her way back up Stacy’s neck, nipping at her ear as her hand trailed down to the triangle of fuzz teasing her as she whispered, “I love you too, always have.” Those words alone were enough to send fresh shudders through Stacy’s body.

Anna giggled quietly as she kissed back down her lovers neck, and over her chest, her fingers so dangerously close to Stacy’s sex that the teen was arching her back, her whole body begging to be touched. Finally Anna obliged that need, kissing over the tops of Stacy’s breasts and running her fingers outside the lips of her steaming pussy closer and closer until Anna sank her index finger deep into her folds and curled up.

Moaning Stacy through her head back and hissed out, “Yesss” as Anna began moving her finger with earnest, and her wandering mouth found itself over Stacy’s breast, her tongue darting out to swirl over her nipple.

“Oh more, please give me more!” Stacy whimpered, so Anna pushed another finger into her lover and let her thumb brush over her clit again and again. Her mouth meshed down hard over Stacy’s breast, sucking and nipping all the flesh she could fit into her mouth. Her own body on fire with desire now as Stacy quivered at bucked under her.

“Yes!…Please, I am getting so close, harder, faster!” Stacy’s whimpers and moans had turned into screams as her body was riding waves of unimaginable pleasure, her entire core on fire. Unable to ignore her own needs Anna looked into her lovers lust filled eyes and gave her a devilish grin

“Alright, but don’t leave out poor little old me.”

Stacy blinked, barely able to come up with an intelligible response, “Yes…anything love…just pleaseee!”

In the blink of an eye Anna flipped herself over, moving her leg over Stacy’s face, her bald slick mound inches from her face.

“Oh….OOHHHHHH!” Is all Stacy had time to say before Anna’s buried her own head between Stacy’s legs, her tongue darting out and pushing deep into her, swirling around and coming out to press down her Stacy’s clit. Stacy grabbed unto Anna’s meaty ass and pulled her down, her tongue swirling out and inexperly attacking everything it could reach, tasting it’s first ever pussy. This was enough for Anna though whose own need had been building just as bad as Stacy’s, she redoubled her efforts in response, her mouth closing over Stacy’s clit and moaning.

Both women slurped and dug their fingers into each other, and it did not take long for things to reach a fever pitch. Years of pent up energy swelled as each girl focused solely now on each other’s clits. Their fingers were a blur as the room filled with the sounds of their wet sex and moans of pleasure. Suddenly Stacy’s pussy clamped down on Anna’s fingers and she threw her head back wailing to the ceiling

“Oh God yes! I am gonna cum… I am gonna!” Her whole body shook violently as Anna continue to attack her clit till the end, feeling her own orgasm coming as she Stacy clamped her mouth back on her dripping cunt.

“Aaaahhhh!” Clenching the bed she tried to not knock into Stacy’s leg as her own body erupted in violent tremors.

Once riding out the waves of pleasure, Anna sighed in content and moved back to curl up next to Stacy, both lovers holding each other and gazing at each other lovingly. No words were spoken, but both saw the promise of forever in each other’s eyes…

The End

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