Chapter 3

Nathan was back only half an hour later with a pretty little blond boy in tow, the boys had all gotten covered in their robes again for receiving a guest, so the little guy cannot tell what they are wearing yet.

“Boys, this is my son Joseph, but he goes by Joey. Like I told you, he”s eight and a half years old, and he”s scared and nervous to be coming and spending the weekend. I told him that you”re all really nice, and that he”d be okay here, and that he really does need some friends, and because you”re all home schooled and don”t have a lot of friends, same as Joey in that regard actually, it”d be good for all of you.”

“It”s really good to meet you Joey. I”m Julian, this is my brother Wyatt, and our friend Kyle. He lives down the street, but stays here more often than at home, “cause he has no friends and a father who doesn”t even know who he is, or that he”s there anyway.”

“It”s good to meet you as well.” He whispered.

“Well Joey, I gotta go, let go, have fun, don”t be scared, and I”ll see you Sunday afternoon.”

“Please don”t make me stay.” He whimpered quietly into his dads ear as he hugged him.

“You needta Baby, it”ll be good for you, I promise. Now gimme a kiss goodbye, I gotta go, okay.”

“Okay.” He sniffled, and gave his dad a kiss, and then Nathan was gone.

“So, Joey, you”re really cute, almost pretty, but you”re definitely a boy, I bet the kids tease you all the time because you look really girlish, huh.” Julian said.

“Yeah.” He whispered.

“Yeah, and do they call you gay yet?”


“Yeah, they do the same to me, well, not at school, because I don”t go, but when we go to the park, some of the kids in this area are downright mean. I mean, they”re right, I am gay, but that”s hardly the point, they tease me horribly for it, but, meh, whatever, they”re just being assholes who don”t understand.”

“You are?”

“Oh yeah. How long have you known you are? I”ve known I was gay since I was five for sure, but I think I really always knew it deep inside.”

“Wow, same, I”m pretty sure I was still in kindergarten when I knew.”

“Let me guess, little boys aren”t usually shy, and you saw several baby soothers you woulda liketa suck?” Julian grinned brightly, Joey blushed massively. “Yeah, that”s what I thought. Wyatt”s gay too, and I think I knew he was fully gay by the time he was three months old, and he says he knows he”s always been.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yep. Now, when at home, we don”t usually wear clothes, so, mind if we strip off our robes?”


“Nope, we really don”t like wearing clothes at all.”

“Um, I guess not.” His blush says just how much he wants to see all three gorgeous boys naked, but instead he got something even better.

At once, all three boys shrugged off their robes once again, and same as his dad before him, the best orgasm that Joey will ever have slammed into him, and he too crumpled to the ground without a sound. The three boys giggled about that. It took a few minutes for Joey to come too again.

“Wow, what was that?”

“That was an orgasm. Haven”t you made yourself have that feeling before?”

“No, I don”t think so.”

“Too bad. What”s funny, your dad had exactly the same reaction when we stripped in front of him too.”

“Really? Why are you all in diapers, and they”re so thick?”

“Yes, and the reason we”re all wearing gloriously thick thirsty tape on baby diapers, is because we”re all baby boy diaper lovers. Kyle actually needs them, yet he loves them every bit as much as we do. Wyatt and I were simply never potty trained, because our parents are diaper lovers as well, though our dad died before Wyatt was even born, and I never peepee potty trained him, “cause I was kinda the one to raise him.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes.” All three said as one.

“Um, I wet the bed, and I sometimes have accidents in the day as well. I wear diapers to bed too.”

“And how often do you wear during the day?” Wyatt asked.

“Not very often, but sometimes.” He blushed cutely.

“And how much do you wish you could wear them all day, every day?” Kyle asked.

“So much.”

“Then ask your daddy, from the way he reacted from seeing us in just our mega thick baby diapers, I think I can guarantee you that he won”t mind at all. Maybe ask him to start changing you even. I trust you just have Pullups?” Julian asked, even though they already know the answer, but wanting him to say it.

“Um, no, I”ve always had tape on ones, my daddy taught me how to change myself when I was six.”

“Oh, too bad. Again, from his reaction, I”m betting it wasn”t because he thought you were too old to have daddy change you either, I”m gonna go out on a limb and say he was falling for you in a way a daddy isn”t supposed to love his son, so, hadta teach you that, so that he wouldn”t do anything you weren”t wanting.” Julian said.

“Except you do want it, don”t you?” Wyatt said.

“Oh yeah. Every night, when I get into my diaper, I play, and I”ve kinda dreamed of my daddy, a lot. I love him so much, and I kinda do love him like that too.” He admitted, though blushing.

“Good. So, would you like us to take you and diaper you nice and thick as well?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good.” All three baby boys said together.

Joey was led to the boys” bedroom and then they all stripped him. His little penis is still stone hard, almost exactly half way between Julian and Wyatt in size, and a very tasty little piece of equipment it looks as well.

“Wow, you”re really fucking hot, and you have an amazing dick and balls.” Wyatt groaned.

“Really?” Joey whispered bashfully, but of course, he too enjoys being complimented on his boyish equipment.

“Oh yeah. You”re about half way in size between me and Julian, and it sounds like neither of us are exactly small, but not large either, just a good size for our ages. And no, I won”t suck or fuck you, or allow you to do so to me either, “cause Julian and I are gay baby bro boyfriends, and we only want or need each other.”

“Oh, um, really? Does it hurt, you know, when he fucks you?”

“First of all, we”ll never just fuck, we”ll make love, “cause we love each other so much, and second, Julian”s still too big for me, it”s taking me a while to be ready, so, unfortunately, we haven”t even done that yet. He held me off for a long time, I wanted him to fuck me when I was three, now I”m almost six, and because he”s grown lots this last year since I finally got him to start sharing sexual things with me, he”s too big for me now, but I”m almost there.”

“Wow. I can fist fuck myself.”

“That”s impressive.” Julian and Wyatt groaned.

“You can put your whole hand in your ass, how, that shouldn”t even be possible?” Kyle asked in shock, having never heard of such a thing.

“Oh yeah. Kinda been watching lotsa naughty gay videos online, and when the men fist fucked each other, that always turned me on huge, so I started really working myself, and now I can. It took a long time before I could though, almost a year.”

“Men do that to each other too, but, how, that”s way too big for an asshole?”

“No it”s not. I could probably fist fuck myself too if I worked into it, and I know that Wyatt could very easily slip his hand inside me. Even you could as well, but, of course, being disgustingly straight as you are, you probably wouldn”t enjoy it.” Julian grinned.

“Yikes. Definitely don”t wanna do that. That sounds painful.”

“Oh yeah, and it felt so fucking good the first time I did it too. Of course, it was uncomfortable walking the next few days, and pooping was worse, but once I healed up, I did it again, and it took less time to heal, and every time since has been easier too, now it only takes me maybe ten minutes of prep to take my whole hand.” Joey admitted.


As they had been talking, of course the boys were diapering Joey how he too deserves, and by then, they are done.

“Now, because you desperately needta catch up to us, so to fill up your quadruple thick baby diaper, let”s get you so much to drink you can barely move. We”ve already been wearing ours for several hours, but we”re only about half way to full, so, hopefully by bedtime, with you having a little more to drink, you”ll be able to catch up to us, and truly getta enjoy a mega thick baby diaper the way they”re meant to be enjoyed, fully.” Wyatt giggled.

“Wow, this is so amazingly thick. These are the same diapers I get, they”re the best, but I”ve never done this before.”

“Ask your daddy for some diaper doublers so that you can enjoy this at home from time to time as well. Now, let”s go get you lots to drink Baby.” Wyatt grinned, and then they all led him to the kitchen, where he was handed a very large glass of water, and it was refilled every time he emptied it, but as Wyatt was filling Joey up with lots of water, Julian was busy making four baby bottles of apple juice, while Kyle was busy making a large pot of tea. Joey had no idea what Julian was doing until the bottle was passed to him, but Wyatt of course took his at the same time, grinned, popped the nipple into his mouth, and sucked it dry in just a few minutes. It took Joey maybe five seconds of seeing Wyatt do something that he has wanted for a long time, before he too popped the nipple of his baby bottle into his mouth, and he too sucked it dry every bit as fast.

Once their tea was ready, they all took a mug of it, Joey groaning that he could not possibly drink any more, yet, he happily sipped on it as well. For the rest of the day, they played, watched movies, talked and got to know each other, and just enjoyed their day together, and by bedtime, Joey was just as wet as the other three, because the other three kept making sure that he was nearly stuffed full of liquids at all times. They all changed their diapers on Julian and Wyatt”s bed, going quadruple thick once again, just because they enjoy it so much, and then they all went to bed. The three younger boys stayed there, but Kyle went to his and Tammy”s room, to wait for her to get home.

Saturday and Sunday both went really well too, and by the time Nathan was scheduled to come pick up Joey, Joey is a full on gay baby boy diaper lover, and he too had had to excuse himself after pretty much every diaper change to release some tension, just like the others, none of them having any shame in saying that they need to do so.

“So, how do you feel Joey?” Julian asked maybe half an hour before Nathan is to be there.

“Really good.” He sighed.

“And what are you gonna tell your daddy when he gets here?”

“That I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover and that I wanna wear my baby diapers all day, every day from now on.”

“That”s a good gay baby boy diaper lover.” Julian smiled warmly.

Instead of getting dressed, though, even though they did offer, Joey asked to stay naked other than his diaper, until his daddy arrived, and as soon as Nathan did, and Kyle let him in, Nathan saw Joey also in just a very soggy, quadruple thick baby diaper, and grinned brightly.

“So, have something to tell me Baby?” He asks happily.

“Yeah, Daddy, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover.”

“Thank you for admitting it to me Baby.”

“Will you baby diaper me all day, every day from now on?”

“No, but I”ll allow you to diaper yourself all day, every day from now on. From now on, when at home, you”re also welcome to walk around in nothing but your baby diapers like you are here, but only on one condition, though, that you let me walk around in nothing but my soggy baby diapers as well.”


“Yes Baby, I”m a baby boy diaper lover as well.”

“Awesome, thanks Daddy.” He said, and went and hugged him tight, patting his soggy baby bum. “Mmmm, you”re good and thickly baby diapered too Daddy, and soggy by the feel of it.”

“Yeah, I am, but stop rubbing my soggy baby bum like that Baby, you”re not allowed to go where your hard little baby bone”s telling you to go.”

“You don”t hate me for that, do you?”

“Of course not, you”re my beautiful baby boy, and that”s how it”ll stay for forever and a day.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Where”s your clothes Baby, as much as I know you wanna stay in just your soggy baby diaper, you do haveta be dressed when outside, so, let”s get you dressed.”

“Right here.” He said, and then just stood there, and let his daddy dress him.

“So, was he any problem, did you haveta tie him up and throw him in a closet, or maybe even give him a good beating?” Nathan asked Kyle.

“No, unfortunately he was good, I really wanted to though, but he never gave me a reason to.” Kyle said as sadly as he could muster.

“Too bad, well, maybe next time then.” Nathan laughed.

“Can I really come stay here again?” Joey asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Nathan and all three boys said as one.


“Come on Baby, let”s go home shall we.”

“Okay. Thanks guys, this was the best weekend of my life.”

“You”re welcome.” They all said.

Before too long, the boys are alone once again, and they had a good evening, though Kyle”s got so much better when Tammy came home early, at just before eight, and they disappeared to their bedroom, and that the was the last the baby boys saw of them for the night. In all fairness, however, they too headed to their bedroom, where they had plenty of fun sucking and fingering each other for at least a good solid two hours.

Monday morning, just as the boys were starting their school work for the day, a dump truck with a tractor on a trailer arrived, and before too long, he was offloaded and started working on the excavation of the yard. By the time they were done their schoolwork for the day, the driver had already gone and dumped two loads, yet it hardly appeared that he had done anything. It took the entire week for the excavator operator to get the entire pit dug, and the rest of the area that is to receive the pool done properly. Julian and Wyatt of course had their every day fun times, usually twice a day, but twice it was three times, for no other reason than it just really feels amazing, and they love each other and love making each other feel as amazing as they can possibly do. Wyatt is now routinely taking three of Julian”s fingers inside himself, and there has been no pain or discomfort, since Julian has gone maddeningly slow in preparing his beautiful baby brother. The şişli travesti only times the three boys left the house were the three early afternoons that they rode their bikes to the pool so that they could all go for a good swim and workout, and Kyle is very impressed with just how well the two younger boys do.

When Nathan and Joey arrived Friday afternoon, Nathan first went out to verify that it is all done to his satisfaction, which he says it is, so, now he can start on the hard part. The boys had went with him, but stayed well away. Other than looking from the windows, they had not gone out and looked at it. Before too long, Nathan was gone once again, and the boys all stripped down to just their soggy baby diapers together, because the three baby boys had gotten dressed, since they knew they would be going outside.

“So, how are you?” Julian asked Joey as soon as they are all standing there in what all appear to be double diapers, and all about the same sogginess.

“Awesome. Being diapered at school is so totally the best, now I never haveta go to the bathrooms, which all really stink, and of course it feels so much nicer too. And guess what, my daddy fucked me good and deep last night, filled me so fucking full of cum and piss, it was amazing, and then he piss fucked me “til he couldn”t fuck me any more.”

“Oh, really, how”d that happen?” Wyatt groaned, adjusting his hot hard little gay baby diapered dinky.

“I was finger fucking myself, and working so that I could take my fist, but I”d purposely left my bedroom door open more than enough so that my dad could see, and when I saw that he was standing there, and had been watching for a few minutes, that”s when I slipped my whole fist inside myself, and I moaned extra loud, just for him to hear, saying, “Mmmm yeah, you gay baby diaper loving slut, take that fist all the way in, pretend it”s daddy”s big fat fucking gay diaper loving daddy dick.” So, yeah, I knew he was there, and I let him watch me for several minutes, I knew he was rubbing the front of his soggy baby diaper, and then I looked up and right at him, and before he could try and pretend that he wasn”t there, we locked eyes, and I whispered to him to come join me and fuck me like he so clearly wantsta. He came in, poking a hole in the front of his soggy baby diaper as he did so, I removed my fist and poked a hole in the back of my diaper like I knew we both needed, and by the time I was ready, he was climbing onto the bed with me, and buried himself all the way inside me. I”d rolled onto my back, opened myself up for him, and when he slipped all in, he exploded almost instantly, but then, so did I. After fucking me for three cums and one piss, though, he started going really slow, and started really making sweet gay baby diaper, cum and piss love to me, and fuck me, it”s way better than I dreamed it”d be.”

“Tonight Julian, I need you in me tonight. You know I”m so fucking close to ready, I haveta feel you make love to me.” Wyatt moaned.

“Okay.” Julian said, also having to adjust himself every bit as much.

“He really pissed in you, that sounds so fucking wrong?” Kyle asked in awe.

“Oh yeah, but so much more right than I”ve ever felt before, and when I slipped into Daddy and made love to him, I peepeed inside him too, and it was almost every bit as good, and he loved it every bit as much as I did.”

“We”ve dreamed about that lots before too.” Wyatt said.

“Have you drank each others piss, or sucked each others diapers almost dry, “cause we so totally did? I”ve kinda sucked my diapers in the past, quite a bit, and I”ve peed in my mouth before too, but getting it from Daddy was way better.”

“Oh yeah, several times.” Wyatt and Julian said together.

“That”s nasty.” Kyle grinned.

“Try it, trade diapers with Mommy and try each others. Maybe you won”t like it, but, oh, maybe you will.” Wyatt said.

“Trust him.” Both Julian and Joey said together.

“I think I might haveta, for some strange reason, that made me super hard thinking of it.”

“Good, and it looks even better, of course.” Julian grinned.

“So, obviously, Joey, you”re gonna haveta stay in my old bedroom, since I kinda don”t really use it any more, but Julian says is important that we keep set up as if it”s mine all mine, and his is his, I don”t even store my clothes in our room, though I do always keep some of my diapers in there, just not all of them. Neither here nor there, as Julian says, but, yeah, I”m totally losing my virginity tonight, finally, so, I”m sorry, you can”t share with us.” Wyatt said happily.

“Okay, I don”t mind.” Joey also said happily.

“And you know the reason why we haveta keep your bedroom set up just for you.” Julian pointed out.

“I know.”

“Yeah, Daddy told me that we haveta keep my bedroom set up strictly for me, and his for him, and why, so I get it now, though I never woulda thought of it before. That”s okay though.” Joey said.

“Even I have my own dedicated room here, though I”ve never used it, only my stuff is stored in there.” Kyle laughed.

“Cool. Has your dad even called you or anything yet, you”ve been living here for a couple weeks already, haven”t you?”

“No. It could be years before he realizes it.” Kyle shook his head in disgust.

“Wow, can”t even imagine that. So, what are we gonna do this weekend, and can we maybe go get mega thickly diapered if we”re not going out?”

“No, we rarely go out on the weekends, too many people everywhere, if we go out, we go when school”s in usually, like to the park and places like that. I”d be totally okay with mega diapering each other, except Julian and I can”t, because that”d be a mega waste, so, how about just doubled instead, I think we can easily fill them up good and full before bedtime.” Wyatt said.

“Oh, okay, then tomorrow morning let”s do it.” Joey said, leading the way to the boys” bedroom, where they all got double baby diapered, using their ultra thick diapers and their ultra thick diaper doublers.

“Mmmm, this is just so amazing, isn”t it. Now, so that I don”t waste a diaper, let”s go make sure that we”re properly peepeed before bed.” Wyatt giggled, leading the way to the kitchen, where they got baby bottles and tea ready.

For the rest of the afternoon, they played games, then made and ate dinner, then watched a pair of movies before they are all ready for bed. Joey was passed the diaper change supplies that he will be needing, as well as a couple towels, and he grinned, knowing exactly what the towels are for. Kyle went to his and Tammy”s room to wait for her to get home, because he desperately needed to blow off several loads, thinking that one or both of them might just pass out tonight. Even Joey feels that he might pass out from what he plans to do to himself. Julian and Wyatt, however, are not worried, because they want what is about to happen so badly that they will happily deal with a wet bed. Mind you, the other two really are the same in that regard.

“Now, Baby, are you absolutely certain?” Julian asked as soon as the door was closed.

“More than I”ve ever been about anything else, except my love for you.” He said serenely.

“As much as I know we both wanna, there”s no way we can make gay baby diaper love to each other, I”m only just long enough to go through your soggy baby diaper, but I just don”t think I have enough left to actually make love to you with as well. So, I guess that means that we go bare.”

“I”d really liketa feel you try through our diapers, but you”re right, you might only just be able to go through one diaper, but not a doubled one.”

“I”d liketa as well, but, there”s no way you can make gay baby diaper love to me at all yet, so, “til you can, I don”t wanna do so to you. I know it”ll be a few years before we”ll getta enjoy that, but that”s okay too.”

“Okay, just as long as we can still suck and make finger love to each other through our diapers from time to time, that”ll haveta do.”


And with that, they press their lips together, and kiss deeply. Julian picked Wyatt up as they kiss, holding him by his sexy soggy baby diapered bum, and walked over to their bed, where he gently laid Wyatt down, so that they can do what they have both wanted and needed to for years already.

For damn near an hour Julian prepared Wyatt, being careful to ensure that Wyatt does not cum, because he wants Wyatt”s first cum of the night to be as he is slipping deep inside his beautiful baby brother. Julian kissed, nibbled, sucked, and hummed on every sensitive place that Wyatt has on his body, except his erection, all while very slowly fingering him to open him up. Four times, though, Julian had to pause all movements, so to allow Wyatt to come down from the precipice of the orgasm that he was about to experience.

Finally Julian knows that Wyatt is so very ready. Wyatt”s diaper is still underneath him, while Julian is still wearing his, so, he gets up on his knees, looking right into Wyatt”s eyes, he releases the tapes holding his seriously soggy baby diaper on, and allows gravity to take it off of him, exposing himself fully to his brother, who only went even harder, knowing that it is now time to finally become one.

Julian slipped into place, guiding himself with one hand, as he is holding his weight off his still tiny little brother with the other, presses his preteen baby bone to his baby brothers tiny little opening, and then gives just a tiny amount of pressure, and his head slips in.

“Oh, mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Wyatt moaned lowly, because without even trying, as soon as Julian”s head was inside Wyatt, Julian managed to slip all in without so much as even a little resistance.

Julian had prepared Wyatt so well, and Wyatt truly has been ready for months, that with minimal pressure, Julian slipped all in.

And they both came.

Neither has any clue as to who exploded in his orgasm first, but they feel that it had to be a tie. They both feel as if this is the most amazing thing that they have ever experienced in their lives, Julian thinking how hot and soft Wyatt is inside, while Wyatt is amazed at how hot and hard Julian feels inside him. It took considerably longer to come down from the orgasm that slammed into them than it took to happen in the first place.

“Wow, you feel so fucking good inside me. Do it now Baby, make gay baby diaper love to me. If you can peepee inside me, I wanna feel you do so.” Wyatt whispered far more huskily than a five year old should.

“You feel so good inside too Baby, I haveta go peepee, but without wearing our baby diapers, it might make a mess?”

“Don”t care, just need you to fill me full Baby!”

“Okay, I can”t yet, still too hard, but maybe after my next baby boygasm, but then, I want you to make love to me, so, I”ll try and hold it “til I”m back inside you instead. Maybe by then I”ll be able to.”

“Mmmm, okay.”

And now they press their lips together once again, and start truly making love, Julian going as long and deep and slow as he possibly can. Every now and then, his instincts try and take over and make him fuck, but he instead tells that to fuck off, and slows right back down again and continues making sweet tender love to his baby brother. They last damn near ten minutes before cumming again.

As soon as they are down, Julian pulls out of Wyatt, even though Wyatt tried to pull him back in to keep going, and laid on his back, giving his baby brother the your turn look. So, Wyatt got into position to pleasure and prepare his big baby brother in the same fashion, and for every bit as long, even though they both know full well that Julian does not need anywhere near that much preparation to take Wyatt, but that truly is beside the point.

As soon as Wyatt has Julian properly prepared, he moves into position, and slips all inside his big baby brother, and bottoms out, attempting to give Julian as much as he can. Though smaller, Julian truly is happy with how Wyatt feels inside him, and says so, but Wyatt can see it in Julian”s eyes anyway. Adopting just as slow and passionate a pace as Julian had used, Wyatt truly made love to Julian, and for two cums more, they went, each one lasting damn near ten minutes, but then it took damn near as long to come down from them as well.

Wyatt rolled onto his back, and Julian got back into place, and now with having had four orgasms, he can now pee, at least he hopes he can, and so, does so as soon as he is back inside Wyatt as far as he can be, and lets go the largest load of pee that he has ever managed to hold, but then, he had been very hard and anticipating this for hours. Wyatt is the same. Both baby boys moaned shockingly deep at the feel of this, it felt so much better than either had ever hoped it might, and so, Julian adopted an even slower pace, and made sweet tender piss love to his sweet little baby brother, this time lasting damn near twenty minutes before cumming.

It took at least ten minutes to come down, but, as soon as they did, Julian rolled onto his back once again and Wyatt slipped right back in, and almost instantly peed inside Julian, because the need to go now is far more than he has ever experienced in his life, in fact, he has never willingly held his pee, so has never felt a truly full bladder, until now. Both boys groaned even deeper this time, and then Wyatt started making even slower love to Julian.

Now that they are very nearly done, both knowing that this will be their final orgasm of the night, Wyatt is going even slower than all the other times, he is slipping as far inside Julian as he possibly can, grinding his little hips sexily, and making it feel even better than either ever felt it could. Julian too absolutely loves the feel of Wyatt”s pee inside him, they now both feel as if they are finally, truly one. Thirty minutes they lasted, thirty glorious minutes, but it cost them. They know they should be stopping, they know they are making a mess of the bed, but they cannot, but, the second they finally came, that was it, it no longer mattered, because they passed out.

Julian and Wyatt, though, are not the only babies passed out, because all three of the others did as well, after playing good and long, and even though Tammy got home well over an hour after the little boys all went to bed, amazingly enough, it was still Julian and Wyatt that passed out last, because they had taken so long. It was nearly midnight, in fact, when they finally passed out, and they had went to bed at eight.

Given that they were the last to pass out, it comes as no surprise that Julian and Wyatt are also the last to wake up, and when they did, at almost the same time, they met in a deep and loving kiss, and though they know exactly how much a mess they beylikdüzü travesti are in at the moment, they care none at all, all that matters is showing their unending love for each other.

“Good morning Baby, I love you so much, last night was everything I hoped it”d be. How”s your cute little baby bum feel now though?” Julian whispered once they finally broke their kiss, damn near thirty minutes later.

“I love you that much plus one, but last night was even better than I hoped it”d be. My baby bum feels empty now, I feel like I need you back inside me, where you belong, where you”ve always belonged.”

“Mmmm, I feel the same way too Baby. Well, we”re very wet and smelly, we need a shower, then I believe we have a date to be quadruple baby diapered, so, let”s go get washed up, shall we?”

“No, not yet. We”re already a mess, and I don”t give a damn about the cold wet bedding, I needta suck you, and I”d like for you to suck me as well.” Wyatt said, and then slipped down the bed, taking the covers with him, so to gain access to his big baby brothers erection.

“Mmmm, okay.” Julian moaned as Wyatt sucked him in, but wondering just how clean he is at the moment from what they did last night.

Wyatt does not mind, though, because most of the filth had washed off during the night from the pee and what the wet sheets did, and what little else is there, he can live with, because all he needs is his brother in his mouth. Julian rose shockingly fast considering how worn they were the night before, and inside of five minutes, he was exploding, and then his bladder also had enough, and that too let go, which Wyatt happily drank down.

As soon as Julian was down, he flipped them over, dove down to inhale all that Wyatt has to offer, and he too does not mind the little bad taste, because most of it too was washed away, and sucked Wyatt for only a few minutes, until he too came and peed in Julian”s happily sucking mouth.

“Wow, that was the nastiest we”ve ever been, and it was kinda awesome. I thought it was gonna taste worse than it did, but I guess the pee and sheets musta cleaned you off, because that”s really almost all I tasted was just pee.” Julian giggled when he let go.

“Same. Now I guess we needta go get cleaned up Baby, then we definitely needta baby diaper each other like we deserve.”


They went and had a really good shower, but only after stripping their bed and throwing their very wet and messy bedding in front of the washer, since it is already running, and since it is a front loading washer, with a glass door, they can see two sets of bedding already in there, thus causing the boys to giggle that they were not the only good babies last night. After getting properly cleaned and dried, they went back to their bedroom, where they can properly pad each other, and once they are quadruple diapered, they head to the kitchen, where they desperately need food and drink.

“Good morning all, I see we weren”t the only ones to have passed out before changing, both your sets of bedding were already in the washer.” Wyatt giggled.

“Yeah, Joey and I left our bedrooms at almost the exact same time carrying ours. We woulda waited for yours as well, knowing that you were likely to do the same, but between both our sheets and blankets, there wasn”t enough room. Man, your mom and I got right nasty last night, we totally sucked each others diapers dry, then put each others diapers back on the other, then diaper fucked “til we couldn”t fuck any more, and she asked me to piss in her, so I did, and it was so gloriously nasty. Yeah, except diapers with large holes in them don”t do much when you pass out.” Kyle grinned brightly.

“That”s great. Kinda disgusting to hear about my mother like that, you disgusting sick and twisted pervert you, but great.” Julian giggled.

“Yeah, well thanks, and you guys disgust me all the time, so, fair”s fair.” He grinned.

“Good. What about you Joey?”

“Fist fucked myself through my diaper, came seven times, and kinda passed out. Was a pretty god night. Kyle and I had a quick shower together after getting our bedding in the wash, and then we quadruple baby diapered each other. Was kinda nice, just like having a big brother.”

“That”s great.” Wyatt said to Joey, then turned to Kyle. “I”m surprised you let Joey shower with you.”

“I”d shower with you guys too, it”s not a big deal, and, really, why should we be shy around each other. I know you wouldn”t play with me, and I won”t play with you, it”s no different than changing each others soggy baby bums really.” He shrugged.

“That”s great. You”ve really gotten more comfortable lately. I don”t think you coulda done that when you first came here.” Julian said.

“I am really comfortable, I”m also super happy, and even though you boys are all gay, it doesn”t bother me in the slightest.” He said serenely.

“That”s good.” All three said together.

The weekend flew by for the boys, they played together, talked and laughed lots, and by the time Nathan came to pick up Joey, Joey admitted that he really wanted to go home, to spend some good quality time with his daddy. The others all grinned about that.

Monday morning, the crew came and started working on the pool, now that the hole is ready for them, and by the end of the week, they already have a really good start, but there is still at least a couple more weeks to go. Friday, when Nathan left to go pick up Joey, and to bring him back for the weekend, because he still wanted to come spend the weekend, the boys talked it over. As soon as they made it back, Julian stepped forth.

“Nathan, Joey really wantsta spend the weekend, but by the end of last weekend, he was really missing you as well, so, why don”t you go home and grab more diapers for yourself, unless you have lots in your truck, and come and spend the weekend here as well?” He said.

“I admit that last weekend was difficult on me, because I wanted to cuddle my baby lots and lots, so, as long as you don”t think your mom would mind, I”d love to. As for diapers, I have lots in my truck.”

“She won”t mind.” All three baby boys said together.

“And unless I tell her, she”s not likely to even notice anyway, other than she might just so happen to notice your truck in the drive.” Kyle chuckled.

“As long as you”re sure.”

“We are.”

“Okay then.” He smiled brightly.

“Great, let”s strip down to just our super soggy baby diapers then. Actually, I could use a change, anyone else care to quadruple diaper with me and Wyatt, because I know for fact he”d love that.”

“Oh yeah.” Wyatt said first and loudest, but the others all agreed as well.

They all headed to Julian and Wyatt”s bedroom, and then stripped down to just their soggy diapers. Nathan was offered first change, and so, he laid down, and all four boys worked to change him.

“Fuck, Nathan, you”re huge, and Joey, you took him?” Wyatt said.

“I”m not huge, just a good size, but thanks none the less.” Nathan blushed.

“Oh yeah, a few times now.” Joey sighed.

“Wow, I hope you get that big Julian.”

“Me too.” Julian laughed.

The boys finished diapering Nathan, and then Kyle was offered next position, and this time it was Nathan to comment.

“Fuck, you”re quite the young stud Kyle, you”re damn near as big as I am already, and you still have at least a couple growing years left in you. No wonder Tammy likes you so much.”

“Thanks. She seems quite pleased.” He said happily.

“Unfortunately we”ve heard how pleased she is.” Julian deadpanned.

“Yeah, like I haven”t hadta hear you two even more.” Kyle laughed.

“Yeah, well, at least we”re not sick like you, fucking a female, like how gross and disgusting can you be.” Wyatt giggled infectiously.

“No shit.” The others all laughed.

“Meh, to each their own I guess.” He shrugged.

A few seconds later Kyle was diapered up, and then Julian was next, followed by Joey, and finally Wyatt got to go last today.

“This really is amazing, isn”t it?” Nathan said.

“Mmmhmm. The only problem, though, is that it makes it really hard to play, but it does make when we take our baby diapers off that much better too, so, I guess in the end it”s not horrible.” Julian said.


“Now, let”s go get lots to drink babies.” Kyle said.

They all agreed, and even Nathan got two baby bottles of apple juice, and then two large mugs of tea, and he enjoyed this every bit as much as the little baby boys did. For the rest of the day, the all sat around playing board games, talking and getting to know each other. They all really like Nathan, and he likes them as well. As they were sitting down to eat dinner, Julian asked Nathan something.

“Nathan, what would you think about moving in here, so that you and Joey have a great and free place to live. Joey can quit school and do homeschooling with the three of us, you don”t haveta worry about getting daycare or babysitters for him any more, and once you”re done our pool, we”re gonna have an even more amazing place. It”ll also be better for nosy neighbours, because this way, to the outside world, you and my mom are together, and helps to shield both your rather illegal relationships.”

“As amazing as that sounds, what would your mom say, and I couldn”t live here for free.”

“I didn”t mean free as in money, though I”m sure my mom wouldn”t care about that at all, she makes shit loads, I meant free as in freedom to be who and what you are here. As for what she”d say, I think Kyle could easily talk her into it, and really, two to four hours a typical week is all she”d even really see you anyway. Although, since she and Kyle have gotten together, she”s actually come home early on several occasions now, and she”s even taken a couple days off, which was next to unheard of before.”

“Oh, I see what you mean, yeah, the freedom here sure is nice.”

“I”m gonna email her after dinner then and ask her.”

And as soon as they finished eating and cleaning up, Julian did do exactly that. Clearly he did not put any sensitive information into the email, but said exactly why he thinks it would be a great idea, just using code that his mom would clearly understand. She emailed back not even half an hour later, saying that she thinks that it might be a great idea, since Nathan does not work near as much as she does, so, could be there to watch over her problem children. Julian snorted so hard at that he scared the others, then had to explain it.

“So, what”ll we do with all our things then Daddy?” Joey asked.

“We may as well just rent the entire house furnished, so, just leave it all there. I”m not really attached to most of it, well, except our gaming things and our home theatre system.”

“Oh, okay, yeah, I”d miss those as well.”

“What do you have for games and theatre stuff?” Julian asked.

“A few each of Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and the like, a few arcade style games, and even a pinball machine. The games systems are played on the largest TV I could find at the time, I don”t remember how big it is, but it”s big. We then have a massive home theatre screen that”s something like two and a half to three meters wide and it”s gotta be damn near two meters tall, and then the best projector I could buy at the time. To give it the sound an amazing theatre needs, I have a huge amp with a total of sixteen speakers, and two huge sub woofers. I kinda went overboard on it all really, but, movies and games kinda are my passion. Oh, and we have really cool theatre and gaming seating, so, we”d bring that as well, I”ll just haveta add more, but I don”t see that as a bad thing.”

“Cool. Then maybe we can put all that in the basement and make a really cool fun zone.”

“Didn”t even know you had a basement.” Nathan said.

“No, I guess you haven”t been given the grand tour yet, have you. Come, let”s go check it out. I don”t think either Joey or Kyle have even seen the basement yet, but then, there”s kinda nothing down there.” Julian said.

Everyone was led downstairs, and like Julian said, there really is nothing down there at all. It was finished off when the house was built, though, so there are at least finished walls. There are only two doors down there, one to the large storage and utility room, and the other to a full washroom. The rest of the space is wide open and large. It even goes underneath the garage, and so that is where the largest amount of support pillars are, but there are a few more in the rest of the basement as well. Nathan really looked around with his contractors eyes, seeing all sorts of possibilities.

“Wow. Now this is nice. You have any idea how stupidly simple it”d be to just close off the area underneath the garage and make a very nearly soundproof and acoustically correct theatre, and then we could put some pretty amazing gaming stations down here, and really do it right. I could call right now and get everything delivered maybe even as early as today or tomorrow morning, and we could get the basic framing of it all done in just a day.”

“Then let”s do it.” Julian said.

“Will your mom be okay with that?”

“Why wouldn”t she be, really? As long as you don”t destroy her house, I”m sure she”d be okay with nearly anything. Kyle, why not call and see if she”s free right now and ask her.”

“Okay.” He said, and then ran upstairs to do just that.

While they waited for Kyle, Nathan just wandered around and continued looking at everything, but as soon as Kyle was back, they all gathered around, and Julian asked if he was able to talk to her, and if so, what did she say.

“She said that sounds like a great idea, and had actually been one of the things her and her first husband were gonna do, which was why they had the basement built the way they did. I guess they were both seriously into movies and games as well, though your mom says she doesn”t get near as much time for that any more, at least not as much as she”d like sometimes. She says if we need any money, she”ll transfer what we need to your account Julian.”

“Nice.” Julian said, the others nodded.

“I”ll pay for what little we”ll need, and if we”re gonna live here, we”ll figure something out so that we”re paying to live here as well. I”ll probably just do all the grocery and supply shopping, since that probably makes the most sense.” Nathan said.

“Just as long as you continue to buy us the really good baby diapers and doublers, then I”m okay with that.” Julian said, and the others all agreed.

istanbul travesti “Oh don”t worry, I”ll make sure all you seriously sexy boys are covered the way you deserve to be.” He grinned.

“Good.” They all said.

Nathan went through everything again, punching a lot of information into his phone. Finally he looked up and said he emailed his order in, and that they will have the stuff as soon as they are able to bring it. He also said they were told to just drop it in the driveway in front of the garage, and they would sort it after.

It was only a little better than two hours later, just as they were finishing dinner, when the store had all their things delivered to them, so, Nathan and all the boys went and got dressed, so that they could bring it all in.

“Now, especially you little baby boys, I don”t want you lifting more than you”re capable of, we”ll take as much downstairs right away as we can, we”ll just leave all the sheets in the garage for now, since the rest will tire you out too much I think.”

“Okay.” They said.

Nathan, however, found that it was he that tired faster than the boys did, and he found himself having to compliment Julian especially on having such an amazing body and how strong he is. Even little Wyatt was able to carry more and go for longer than Nathan ever thought he might, and he managed to exceed what Joey could do by a wide margin, and damn near exceeded Kyle, but Julian managed to exceed all of them in stamina, and only Nathan was physically stronger, something that shocked both him and Kyle, because Kyle could not lift near as much. They managed to get everything down to the basement though, because the boys did not tire near as fast. Finally they are done though, and it took them nearly two hours.

“Julian, how are you so strong?” Nathan asked.

“Don”t know, just am. I”ve been working out since my daddy taught me how when I was three. He used to work out every morning, and I”d join him. After he died, I just continued on, because he always told me that a man must keep his body and his mind in top shape, and to never slack off. So, every day, no matter what, we do a good work out, and I”ve taught Wyatt since he was three as well.”

“And even though I doubt you”re really supposed to, how much can you lift?”

“No, I”m not supposed to be in the weight room at the gym, but if no one else is in there, then no one complains, and I can do as much as forty kilos, but I usually keep it to about twenty, except for the leg press, I can do fifty there almost easily now.”

“That”s actually pretty impressive. I can bench press fifty kilos, but only maybe ten to fifteen times, I usually keep it around forty myself.”

“Thanks. That”s why I can”t wait “til our pool and gym are done, I”ve been doing our daily exercises, but they”re just so much better.”

“No kidding. The funny thing is, though, just to look at you, especially clothed, most people would just think you”re a skinny little boy, yet when undressed as you are now, you truly do have a spectacular young body, and I can honestly say I”ve never actually seen an eleven year old with a fully formed six pack abs, your chest is superb, your shoulders, arms, legs, and even calves are damn near as good. I bet Wyatt just loves running his hands all over your sexy body.”

“Mmmhmm.” Wyatt sighed.

“Yeah, he always has, even before I started getting so toned. I”ve always been strong, but it”s just this last year that I really started building any real muscles.” Julian laughed.

“I don”t blame him, I wouldn”t mind it myself.”

“Same, and I”m not even gay, but he does have an amazing body.” Kyle admitted.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” Julian grinned and blushed.

“I wouldn”t anyway, that”s for lovers to do, and while you”re a stunningly hot young gay baby boy diaper lover, and I”d so do you in a heartbeat if it”s what we both wanted, we don”t, so I can”t.” Nathan said happily.

“Thanks. Now, even though I”m not wiped from that, it was still a damn good workout, and as such, I”m getting ready for bed, and I know Wyatt will be as well, so, I think we”re gonna call it a little early and get a little light loving in before sleep. Nathan, you and Joey will just use Wyatt”s old bedroom for now, but tomorrow we”ll set up the guest room for you instead, since it”s at least a little more adult like, not that Wyatt”s bedroom is strictly childish, but we really should keep it set up for him. We”ll also wanna get one of the other rooms set up for Joey as his own, but we have no more bedroom sets, so if you have a spare one, maybe just bring it.” Julian said.

“Okay, that all sounds good, but we”ll figure all that out tomorrow now, you boys all have a good sleep, you deserve it, but I know you deserve your loving even more, so, enjoy.” Nathan said, and then Joey led his daddy to their bedroom, while the others went to theirs.

Julian and Wyatt just kissed and stroked each other to three baby boygasms before changing each others very soggy baby diapers, and then they passed out, all curled up to each other how they have almost always slept.

Saturday and Sunday, they did all figure out the bedroom situation, and it was felt that because Nathan and Tammy are, to the outside world, together, it was determined that he did not need a bedroom of his own, and so, they just used the last bedroom for both he and Joey, and that will be Joey”s official bedroom. They quadruple diapered first thing in the morning, then had breakfast and lots to drink, then went down to the basement after getting all the tools from Nathan”s truck that they might need, and started working. Nathan had thought that it would take way longer to do what they wanted to do, because it was really only him, and then four children helping him, but even little Wyatt was more than happy to help, and he listens and understands instructions well, and is very inquisitive if he does not understand something, so was able to help a lot. The fact that even he is shockingly tough for his size and age helped a huge amount. It was poor Joey that felt like the weak link, but they never said anything bad, and he just kept right on going, same as the others. By Sunday afternoon, they had everything completed, and the only thing they still have left to do is paint, but the boys said that they would take care of that during the week while Nathan was working, and then after he finished, they would go to his house and start packing and bringing over what they want.

The week went well, the pool is coming along amazingly, the boys got all the painting done, and even moved their games systems and all their board games that they have downstairs, and then in the evenings, they would head to Nathan and Joey”s place, and pack up and bring to their new home everything that they want to keep, and it took all week since some of the stuff is very large and heavy, and therefore difficult to move, but they got it done, and now their basement looks amazing. Even Tammy was happy with what she found when she came home Friday after everyone else but Kyle had gone to bed, he led her down to show her, and so, of course, they ended up having diaper sex down there to christen it properly.

The others all made love to their babies that night too, since they all felt that they deserved it once again, and it had been days at least since they had made love, even though they do truly make love to each other at least once a day, that is usually by hand or mouth, but they truly do need to be buried deeply inside each other, hence that night.

They had an amazing weekend together, even Tammy joined them for family game and movie day on Sunday, having taken the day off, they ate too much junk food, they drank way more than they strictly needed to, and they filled their diapers fully, all having a great day together.

By the end of the following week, Nathan felt that there were only two days left for the pool build, and then it just needed to be set up. The pool and hot tub are already filled and running, and while they could technically be used already, no one wanted to until it was completed, and they had the privacy to do so naked, because until all the privacy glass is installed, they still cannot go out naked or diapered how they all want to. They did have another really good weekend together only Tammy took Saturday off this week instead.

Mid Tuesday afternoon, Nathan”s guys packed up the last of their tools and equipment, the pool house and everything is complete, and all their workout equipment, tables, and chairs are even in and set up. It truly looks amazing, and in just their diapers, they all went and explored it. Once they finally did so, Julian went in and grabbed the cheques that he has to pay for it, so that he could finish paying Nathan, who had never asked for the mid payment.

“So, what”s my total come out to, was their any overages?”

“No, just call it twenty thousand, that finishes paying off all the supplies I hadta buy, and paying for my guys, the rest I”m not billing, because I live here now.”

“Are you sure?” Julian asked.

“Yes, I”m certain. Joey and I”ll get lotsa use outta this as well, and we live here now, so, absolutely.”

“Okay.” He said, and then wrote it out.

Nathan took the offered cheque and put it away, and then asked the boys if they want to go swimming, and they all said yes instantly, so, they headed out, stripped off their soggy baby diapers, cleaned up well, and then dove in to the perfectly heated pool and swam and played. Almost an hour later, once they were all sitting in the hot tub together, all of them sighing deeply as they slipped into the perfectly heated hot tub, they talked.

“Thanks Nathan, this is absolutely perfect, you truly did do an amazing job on everything.” Julian said.

“You”re very welcome. I”m just as happy as you are, and now I getta enjoy this every bit as much, every day too. I”ve always wanted a great pool like this.”

“Why didn”t you, you have the largest pool company in the city, yet you didn”t have one yourself?” Julian asked curiously.

“Too busy building everyone else their pools, but also, I couldn”t in our yard, there wasn”t enough space with the septic field, because I”m just outside the city sewer system. I could”ve done a smaller one, but that”s not what I wanted. This is what I wanted. I was seriously thinking of selling and buying a new place, or building one where I could do this, but I”ve just been too busy these past few years to do it. Guess it all worked out in the end though.”

“Mmmhmm.” Joey sighed deeply.


As soon as they were all ready to go back in and get diapered, they cleaned up, shut down everything, went and washed off and dried well, then headed to their bedrooms, where they got nice and thickly diapered once again, then went and made and ate dinner, and had lots to drink.

From then on, they all enjoyed their wonderful home, all the wonderful company, and their even better diapers, together. They make love to their partners every day in one form or another, and they are all so very happy because of it. Even Tammy takes at least one day a week off now, occasionally she even takes two, but that is rare, she just loves her job so much, but she truly does love Kyle so much that she does want to spend plenty of time with him too.

It was damn near exactly a year to the day when Kyle”s dad finally called him and asked him why he has not seen any sign of him in a while. Kyle asked when he realized he had moved out, and when he said just now, Kyle laughed and told him that he moved out a year ago, and that he wondered if his dad even loved him a tiny bit, now he knows his answer, his dad did not disagree, and that was the last they spoke to each other.

Julian had his first wet cum almost half way into his twelfth year, and Wyatt kept him very well drained that entire first week, often sucking him four or five times a day, truly enjoying it. Granted, when Wyatt also started wet cumming at almost the exact same age, Julian did the same to him. It was also then, when Wyatt finally started cumming, that the two still very loving baby brothers finally, truly made gay baby diaper love to each other, because Wyatt was then also finally large enough to do so. Joey and Nathan were the same, when Joey started wet cumming just after he turned thirteen, he and his very loving daddy made sweet gay baby diaper love to each other as well, and from then on, they enjoy that as often as they possibly can, though still making love to each other in other ways more often, so to save that as a special treat.

The boys all finished school early, no surprise there really, and they all went to university to be what they had always dreamed of being, and they all did remarkably well in that too. Of course, with their age spread, they did not get to go at the same time, except Kyle and Julian who are quite a bit different in age, yet still ended up graduating the same year.

And they all lived soggily diapered after.

****Thanks for reading. This story was inspired by a couple different things, first the story line was inspired by a gay incestuous clip I saw on Youtube, where the mother suspected that her sons were more than just brothers. Not a clue now what it was called, since I started writing this story several months ago. Second, the boys were a pair of stunningly beautiful brothers I happened to see while shopping, and my heart nearly stopped when I saw that they both had Goodnites in the cart, what lucky baby boys, what I wouldn”t have given to have seen them in their super soggy night diapers. I tried to get their looks as close as possible to the looks of those boys, but alas, I barely remember their faces now. Again, too many months ago. This story, like so many lately, got stalled, because I was so busy and just lost steam during writing, so I stopped and started too many times. I tried my best during editing to ensure there were no errors due to this, but I promise nothing. Also during the time that I wrote this story, I also wrote, or am still in the midst of writing, at least four other stories, a couple at least have now already been finished and posted, so while I haven”t had a lot of time to write lately, I am still trying to write and/or edit at least a little something every day. I would love to hear from those that enjoy my stories, your comments, while not necessary to keep me writing, do help me feel good that what I write is liked by others as well. I”ve said it before, and I mean it, I write for myself and simply share with others that like this sort of thing, so, your comments are not required, but so very appreciated. As always, links to other gay diaper love sites is always appreciated, though I have had none now for a couple years at least, other than one small story site. Email me at erich5748 ail, I read every comment, though I do not reply to flames. Please donate to Nifty what you can to help keep them going, for they do need all our help. Thanks again, I hope that you stay thickly diapered, soggy, and leak free.****

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