Subject: Title: Beautiful Barcelona Category: Encounters Totally fictional. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to Nifty so we can all keep fty/donate.html) Hermosa Barcelona, beautiful Barcelona, the most wonderful and friendly city in all of Spain, at least in my mind. I’ve lived here for over fifteen years; wouldn’t consider moving. I’ve got a small condo here overlooking the Mediterranean but right now I’m staying in a B as you know, I saw all of it. We chatted and ate. Breakfast is pretty spare, but better than a typical continental breakfast in Spain or France, but nothing like an English or German breakfast. I have ham and cheese on a croissant, Roman has a couple of boiled eggs which he salts heavily, and some ham. I have coffee, he has chocolate. “Do you have any plans for the day’,” he asks? “Not especially,” I reply, “perhaps stroll Las Ramblas.” “Do you want to go to the beach with me?” Roman asked. “Which one?” “Mar Bella.” “That’s a gay beach, Roman, and I’m not gay.” I’ve messed with a couple of men, but … I don’t know. “I’m not exclusively either, but I’ve never turned a good man down. Besides It’s a good beach, Mario.” “I’ve got a scooter, meet you out front in a half an hour,” he said. I traded my undies for a swim brief and re-dressed. I grabbed a toalla grande and headed down. Roman was there. I hopped on behind him, grabbed his waist and we were off. I have to admit my hands around his body felt really good. The back of his shorts gaped and I could see a nice lightly furry ass and furrier ass crack, he was commando. When we got to the beach Roman asked, “Want to go for run before we hit the beach?” “Yes, it’s something I like, I’ll bet I’ll out pace you.” We took off our shirts, laid them on the scooter and took off. Boy was I wrong! Roman can run. After about five km we were back, sweating like pigs. Though I don’t even know if pigs sweat. We went down to the beach. Roman stripped, and was totally nude again. I took off my shorts, then Roman grabbed my swim suit and pulled it down to my ankles. “What the fuck are you doing?” “Don’t think were there yet, Mario, just getting you comfortable. Look around, there are a lot of naked men here. Are you going to lay down or do I have to knock you down?” Roman wasted no time, this was a gay beach and he intended to take advantage of it. He had his face in my left arm pit sucking tufts of hair. “Damn, Roman, what are you doing? I must be skanky.” “You are and I love it, why do you think I suggested the run?” He pretty much gave me a bath with his mouth. I didn’t know whether I liked this or not, but I didn’t have a lot of choices. When he started to suck my balls I said. “Roman, I’ve got to be disgusting down there!” “Yup,” he said. He rolled my legs up and stuck his tongue in my ass. “No, Roman, too much!” “Okay, Mario, until I hear ‘no’ I haven’t gone far enough.” “Can we swim a bit?” I asked, I had to get away from this. The surf was up, red flag on the beach, but there were dozens of men in the water. Roman and I frolicked like babies, it was such fun jumping through the curls. Got a snoot full a couple of times, and drank a lot of the Mediterranean. It was G-R-E-A-T! We walked back to our place on the beach. “Having fun, Mario?” “Do you have to ask, Roman?” We laid on the blanket panting a bit, fighting a hard surf is an effort. “Can I interest you guys in a Cerveza Moritz (a local brew, and quite good)?” I looked up, there was a slightly stocky but well-built man, naked as we were, with a dusty look to him, almost mysterious. He had a six pack, well yes he did, but I meant the beer. “Come on down,” said Roman, “whoever you are?” “Name’s Dean, and you We finished introductions and chatted over a beer. When the second beer opened, things changed. “I’ve been watching you guys and thought you might enjoy some company,” said Dean. He put a hand on both of our balls. I had hoped this was over, and I didn’t know where this was going. “Nice cojones, both of you.” He sucked our balls, it was good, I guess. He’d grab a nut, pulled it, play with it and then let it pop out of his mouth. I’m in a new space, scarily liking it. “Take care of him up here, Roman, I’m going down.” I felt a couple of Dean’s wet fingers on my asshole and yelled, “No!” “I’ve got to go, Roman, this is way too much for me.” “Do you want me to take you back?” “No, I need to kocaeli escort walk, I need to think.” It was not a good night. I walked out on the porch in the morning, actually nude. Roman came out, saw me and walked back in. Oh shit, he’s mad at me. I didn’t want that. There was a knock on my door. I opened it, it was Roman. “Do you want these back?” he said, handing me my swim suit. “I guess.” I took it and threw it on the floor. “Can I come in?” “No,,,yes , no,…yes. Get your butt in here before I slam the door in your face.” Before the door closed, Roman’s boxers were on my floor and we were both naked together again. “Come with me.” he led me out to the porch, we knelt down facing each other . “This is where it started, Mario, I don’t want it to end here. How are you?” “I don’t know.” “Let’s start easy, was it good or bad?” “Good, I guess, but so very, very different than anything that ever happened to me or that I’d ever done. It’s like Gaudi (a Spanish architect) rebuilt my entire body in a strange way.” “I’ll ask again, good or bad?” “I’m working on it, but good is winning.” I smiled and he did. “Kiss me, Mario.” “Why? “Because you want to.” We kissed and hugged, and kissed again. “Let’s put some flip-flops and shorts on and go across the street to the cafe for a real breakfast, my treat.” “Can’t let you do that, Roman.” “Why?” “I don’t know.” “That’s not a reason, so yes you can.” I hadn’t eaten since breakfast yesterday, so I kind of pigged out. Roman just laughed, he has a deep sweet endearing laugh. We shared a lot about ourselves, it wasn’t sex just identity. Heading back across the street Roman, said “Your room or mine?” “What do you mean?” “We’re going to bed together, yours or mine?” “Roman, I don’t think…” “Shut up, Mario, this isn’t your choice. When you fall off a horse you have to get back on or you’ll never ride again.” In Mario’s room …”What are you going to do, Roman?” “Pretty much what I did yesterday, but I’m going to finish the job this time. You should be more comfortable about it here. I’ll play, or we both can.” “Both, I guess,” said Mario. “Where do we start?” “Right here,” said Roman, touching Mario on the lips. They kissed, and then Roman sucked on Mario’s lower lip, he caught on quickly. Lip sucking became tongue touching. A long, deep French kiss had Mario panting. “We’ve only just started, are you going to survive this?” “I hope not,” said Mario. Roman moved down to Mario’s nipples. “Geeze, Roman, I didn’t know those could feel that good. Can I play with yours?” Roman moved and put a nipple in Will’s mouth. He sucked it until Roman said, “Bite it,” Mario. “I’ll hurt you, Roman.” “That’s what I want, Mario. I want to feel it. Just don’t bite it off.” “Oh yes, Mario, don’t stop.” “Give me the other one, Roman.” “Do it for me,” said Mario. “Not sure I’ll like it, but try.” Roman chewed on his nipples a bit, but not very hard. “Sweet,” said Mario. Roman moved down Mario’s body and put his own cock next to Mario’s face. I gently held Roman’s cock. “Wish I had one of these,” said Mario. “You do, and it’s in my mouth.” “I mean the foreskin.” “You do, it’s just attached to my cock. They feel good, but they’re more fun to play with when they’re on somebody else’s cock. Have fun!” I didn’t exactly know what to do, but I got creative. Roman had a semi, but his cock head was still fully covered. I put my lips around his shaft then pulled back, catching the foreskin with my lips and pulling on it. I sucked on it, then stuck my tongue in the chute. I could barely touch his dome with my tongue. Roman seemed to like what I was doing so I kept doing it. He liked the teeth on his nipple so I tried it on the foreskin. Instead of grabbing it with my lips I grabbed it with my teeth and pulled hard chewing lightly on it. Roman, moaned, buckled at the waist and put his hand on my head. “Sweet, Mario, don’t stop.” Fully erect, Roman’s helmet was barely touching my tongue, and I could still pull over an inch of foreskin in my teeth. “I’m getting close, Roman,” Mario said. “One more thing to show you.” Roman flipped up and said, “I’m going to show you what it feels like to have a foreskin.” He pulled his foreskin out and stuck my cock in it. It covered my cockhead and at least a half inch of my shaft. “This is called docking, give me your hand.” He used my hand to finish jacking us off. “Gonna blow, Roman.” “Do it, then I will, Mario.” I let loose, and could kocaeli escort bayan feel my hot semen fill his foreskin. Then he let loose and the foreskin bulged with our mixed man juice. Roman and Mario kissed, then Roman said, “When we let go, things are going to get a little messy.” They did, and it was my belly that got most of it. “Let’s go rinse this off,” said Roman. We got in the shower, I reached for the soap.” “Please don’t,” said Roman. “I like the taste and smell of a man, not Castille soap. Just rinse off what you have to.” We hand rinsed each other. “Do you have any plans for today, Mario?” “I guess you do.” “Dean, the guy at the beach, invited us for a comida (lunch) yard party at his villa. Do you want to go?” “I guess you do?” “Wasn’t what I asked, Mario.” “I guess so, if he keeps his fingers out of my ass.” “All you have to do is say no, Mario.” Dean’s place is called a villa here, but it’s really just a large house, at least by European standards. Roman parked his scooter and we went up to the door. “Bienvenido, senores, gracias por venir,” a man answered the door in shorts and tennis shoes, nothing else. “Muchas gracias,” said Roman, “El placer es nuestro.” “I assume you know that this event is not clothing optional, gentlemen, clothing is not allowed.” I looked at Roman, “I didn’t know!” he said. In for a penny in for a pound. We stripped and went outside. There was Dean, just like I last saw him. He was a handsome man, hairy, but not foresty. All his body hair was well groomed and manscaped. He apologized for yesterday, then hugged and kissed me. Then did the same to Roman. “So glad you came, guys, you never called.” “Didn’t have the chance to talk to Mario until this morning,” said Roman. “Guys, meet Scott. Scott, this is Mario, and Roman, and all I know about them is exactly what you see. We finished polite introductions. Just then another man emerged, just as naked as the rest of us. “Bueno volver a verto, mi amigo, Pablo,” (Good to see you again.) said Dean, another hug and kiss, these a little stronger and longer than we got. “Guys, this is Pablo. Pablo meet …” Again, polite introductions. This distinguished gentleman in the shorts who greeted you is Rudolfo, Rudy. Rudy shook our hands and greeted us each by name; a class act. He was definitely distinguished, late fifties, a Spanish Charles Boyer. “Rudy manages everything around here, including me half the time. Anything you want, just ask him; and if he likes you, I mean anything.” “Let’s begin with beverages, gentlemen,” said Rudy, ignoring Dean’s comment.” Drinks were served, then Rudy said he’d be back with Tapas (small bites of food, appetizers.) An older man, at least older than the rest of us except Rudy, came walking up naked from the back of the property, drink in hand. “Hey, Ricky, glad you could make it. You know you’re welcome anytime.” said Dean. Introductions were made, and like a jerk I asked, “Where did you come from?” “Down there, Mario. It used to be the caretaker’s home, but it suits me just fine. I actually own all of this, and Dean pays me a ridiculous number of Euros to stay here.” “Come on, Ricky, you know I couldn’t live in a place like this for what you charge me.” “Perhaps, but knowing you’re up here is worth a lot.” Dean and Ricky hugged each other, kissed sweetly. Rudy came out with a large tray covered with food, all finger or toothpick food, there were a lot of napkins. Called entremesses variadas (mixed appetizers) It was too good to ignore, so you’ll get the list in no particular order, 15 dishes at least (may have missed some.) albondigas (small meatballs) gambas a la plancha (grilled whole shrimp in the shell, head on, so much better grilled in the shell) tiny grilled chorizo (aged sausage, Spanish chorizo and Mexican have little in common except some spicing.) cubes of tortilla con jamon (not the flat corn thing, a puffy omelet with potatoes and ham) potatas bravas (Spanish french fries, but in cubes, served with aioli) croquettes (small fried balls of ham and cheese) pinchos morunos (small skewers of seasoned pork) breaded calamari rings (squid, but these were particularly large.) champinones al ajillo (mushroom caps sautéed in garlic, Spanish paprika, and olive oil) pan con tomate (Catalan tomato bread, crusty bead with garlic and fresh over-ripe tomatoes squeezed over it) alcachofas al ajillo (tiny baby artichokes marinated in olive oil izmit escort and spices) add a selection of Spanish hams, cheeses, olives (of course), and a selection of breads. *** Why don’t you make yourself a sandwich, or get a napkin? You must be drooling, I am. *** This was way too much food for six hungry men, but there was method in its madness. We all started tasting, and then began saying, “You have to try this,” feeding each other. It was a planned orgy; men started to pair off, still feeding each other. Pablo and Ricky (who were impolitely speaking Spanish), Roman and Dean, Scott and me. Rudy kept the drinks fresh. Then the fun began, and we were all already naked. Things got a little weird. Roman went to the buffet, stuffed a meatball in his foreskin, plenty of room, turned to Dean and said, “Albondigas, Amigo?” Dean ate it where it was, somehow without circumcising Roman with his teeth. That would have more than doubled the meat. With that, Dean and Roman were on a chaise and things were getting serious. I was already on a chaise, stuffed. Copying Roman, Scott came over to me and said, “Calamari, Amigo?” offering me a fried squid ring hanging off his cut cock head, “I love them.” “Cocks or calamari,” I answered. “Both, it’s a toss-up,” said Scott. I was tempted to eat it the way Dean did, but ended up taking if off him. I ate it and answered, “Not much into seafood, Scott,” That’s a problem in Barcelona. I really can’t appreciate a paella de mariscos, though it’s indigenous, served all over Catalonia. “We are kind of unique here,” said Scott. “How so?” “We’re the only helmets, everyone else is a hood. Dean is questionable, you can see the tip of his cockhead, like Michaelangelo’s David, but believe me, it’s all there.” “That’s the only thing your guy and mine have in common, you’re pretty big.” “Looks can be deceiving, he gets hard, but not a whole lot bigger. Got room for me in there,” said Scott. “If you don’t make me eat any more calamari.” “Wasn’t the only thing I offered, Mario.” I moved over, “Get your black furry ass in here.” “My you are quite the black bear, Scott, everywhere.” I put my hand over his chest. “Can I” “Please do.” There was no way to touch his skin, too much hair, but it was as soft as a puppy dog. It felt so nice. I wanted to pet him. He didn’t wait, he put my hand on his bush. “Not as nice, “I said. “Then move a little lower, he said.” He put my hand on his cock and made it clear what he wanted me to do. It I hadn’t gotten the message, he started stroking me. When we were both hard, he said, “See, I haven’t changed much, but you have.” “You’re still bigger than me, Scott.” “Isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” he said. “G-r-r-r-!” I said. We kissed, cuddled and ended up in a 69 on the chaise. We played with each other’s cocks, balls, and bodies, edging each other, but didn’t cum. “I hope we can do this again sometime.” “Are you going somewhere, Scott?” “Not yet, but this day will have to end.” We held each other, and kissed. I looked for Ricky and Pablo, nowhere to be found. What we missed was Ricky inviting Pablo to his guesthouse. Pablo grabbed his glass of sherry (the traditional drink with tapas, but only he had it. Don’t know what Ricky was drinking , but Rudy did.) “Leave it,” said Ricky, “I have a lot better down the hill.” I looked over at Dean and Roman. It looked like Dean was fucking him, but I’m sure he just had his cock wedged between Roman’s butt cheeks. He was playing with one of Roman’s nipples, while kissing him behind the ear, with a finger deep in his foreskin playing with his cock head. Roman looked totally happy. It’s hard to believe those men have only known each other one day. Then, Scott and I have only known each other less than two hours. Rudy came out, completely unabashed by the orgy we were having. “Would you gentlemen like to siesta inside, a lot more comfortable?” Dean got up, kissed Roman deeply, came over and said, “I’m returning Roman and taking Scott.” I kissed Scott and said, “Perhaps.” Rudy showed me and Roman to an elegant room. “Iced mineral water, gentlemen?” “Con gas, por favor (with gas, seltzer),” I answered. “Misma, por favor (the same), “said Roman. Dean and Scott walked off to share their siesta. “I’ve missed you, Scott.” “I missed you too, Dean. Terribly.” “Let’s see what we can do about that.” They walked arm in arm to Dean’s room. “So, Mario, how are you?” “Never been better.” “There’s more to it than this.” said Roman “We’ll see.” We fell asleep in each other’s arms. Beautiful Barcelona, the friendliest city in all of Spain!

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