Beautiful Nightmare Part 2 (Dawn of the Dildos)


Beautiful Nightmare Part 2 (Dawn of the Dildos)The purple desert landscape gave way to distant hills with strange phallic bushes, some red some black some yellow,like spikeless cactus actually reminded me of double headed rubber dildos or is that a lezzy fantasy in the making, guess beside the hunger pains I was feeling lonely, as the marble tiles gave way to a gravel terrain, my mind went to my fuck me pumps, they are getting ruined, at this point I stopped retrieved the odd remote gizmo from my bag.The symbols meant nothing to me so I went random pushing away a strange hologram appeared before me , brill a guide to the planet!The hologram was Joanna Lumley, more strange, she spoke about the Dildo fruit brightly coloured cacti like bushes most were edible except the black ones.Divine time to eat here.. leaning over the yellow one looked friendly squeezing it I found out it felt like a rubber balloon what was inside, using my nail file I punctured it, sticky goo oozed from inside, dipping a finger in I tasted it, lush tasted like Vanilla custard!Now for the red one, a pinky substance oozed from this, tasted like Strawberries, next was a black one or canlı bahis was it brown, probably chocolate I thought cutting the third onethe goo that oozed out looked like spunk and it tasted like spunk with honey delish!After my short break for scoffing I continued with my walking, now the bushes were trees and the undergrowth was thicker, I felt funny, well truthfully extremely hornythe orbs of Wang had not supplied me with knickers, so resting my foo foo on a rubbery tip was divine, wasn’t long before I was fucking myself on it, so engrossed in my self gratification I failed to notice the tentacles wrapping themselves around my ankles,The ground was moving, the tentacles encased my arms,suddenly I trapped, unable to escape the slithering onslaught the black rubbery bush exploded as the tentacle took it’s place deep with in my pussy, my ass had been penetrated too, my nipples being sucked other tentacles were lapping up the sticky jizz all over my body, it was’nt long before I began to add to the goo as I squirted my fanny juice into the mix, my spray on dress had been sucked away, tingling all over my eroticism was rudely interrupted the ground bahis siteleri opened was it a mirror it was me a twin with a huge syringe as she injected the b**st it went floppy “potassium Bromide works everytime” she spoke in my voice!”You were well sexed up by them Dirty dildo trees look at you gaping, naked lucky I saved you” she added.Who, why your me! I was shocked.”No I am Nixxx She Warrior and defender of the Lesbo Honies.Her short hair and camouflage said it all! Quickly follow me underground into our Labiarinthe.She grabbed my arm her grip felt rubbery like the dildo bushes, something was not right here, we ran descending into a rocky cavern with a wonderful blue poolin the centre, it looked so inviting I dived in… splash the water was warm like a spa pool or hot tub,my handbag was sitting on a rock looking like a curled up cat, as my glance returned to my doppelgänger I froze my alter image was changing my face was splitting the rubbery casing of me was falling away like a wrapper on a bon bon. but what was revealed was a reptilian creature with a big cock and it was erect and throbbing…Penis Warrior! A nano second passed as I canlı bahis siteleri was caught by him.”you need to be fucked “it spoke this time in a deep scary voice. faster than me in the water it entered me oh I was being pounded by this horny spectre, it felt so good in the water my boobs grasped in his webbed hands, the manipulation caused me to spray milk from my boobs,wow hope I am not pregnant again!What I didn’t realise was his scaly skin was beginning to fall away he began to disintergrate before my very eyes, not a lover of mothers milk then…Soon there was just a cloudy mess in the water, I clambered out and into my fuck me pumps picked up my handbag, took out a Sobranie and lit it.One long deep inhale and my thoughts went onto finding this Emperor LongDong all this trickery was starting to irritate me, but the sex was divine.I had to make a decision was I to carry on down here or return to the surface and face more Dildo Trees trapping me gain, really could do with some clothes I thought as I continued in the dimly lit cavern, time for the gizmo- Another Hologram a map Brill!I must follow the cavern further into the bows of the mountain the Emperors Palace is in between built on the mound of Venus… Well I know how to take out the Penis Warriors now…guess I best massage my boobs some more may need all the milk I can spray….Now where is that Lipstick…TO BE CONTINUED

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