Bec and Sammy: That was a Slip Up


Welcome to my first story. It started as a bunch of random thoughts to masturbate to, until I found this site and sorted them all into what I hope is a coherent and fun read. A bit of a warning – it’s a bit long and it has a little of everything except BDSM. It’s all relevant I think for a first time author and characters.

Thanks to Heyall for editing and good advice for a noob. I’d also thank those on the authors forum who also pointed me towards some useful info for a new author.

All constructive criticism gratefully received.


Sammy is our niece who’s been coming to our house over the Christmas holidays since she was young. Her parents both work, and generally run out of leave when the Christmas break comes around. We live by the beach and don’t have kids, so having her here was good for Rebecca and me. It was a joy watching her grow up from a shy, slightly introverted child to a happy, confident nearly adult. We both thought we had a big part in that.

About 11 pm on a Friday, my wife Rebecca and Samantha had gone to bed at either end of the house. I stayed up to get a bit of PlayStation time in, as I had to put up with them watching “Reality TV”. They were pretty much an inseparable pair. Mischief and Mayhem they called themselves, though what they got up to was really pretty tame. I was halfway around the Nurburgring race in my Corvette when my phone went off with a text message from Sam. It just said, “HELP ME”.

I quickly walked down the hall to her room and opened her door. I’m 47, and not a lot shocks me anymore but this was, well, unexpected. Sam was standing at the end of her bed naked with one arm covering her little boobs and the other hand trying to hide her bits. On my second look, I noticed she was standing on her toes and crying. On my third look with me getting very hard, I saw Sammy was actually standing over the end of the bed and I guessed that the bed knob was inside her.

I picked a t-shirt off the floor and gave it to her. Sam sniffed and put the t-shirt on. I caught a quick view of her little A-cups with very pointy, very pink nipples. I also saw she was well and truly impaled on the bed.

“Umm,” I said. “Don’t tell me, you slipped and fell on the bedpost. Are you alright?”

She wiped her eyes on the t-shirt, which rode up to show her blond, short clipped pubic hairs. Didn’t expect that. Damn, it looked nice. It’s been a long time since I was so close to a pussy that wasn’t Bec’s, but it being Sammy’s was stirring up all sorts of emotions. One side of my brain was trying to figure out how to get her off, while the other half wanted to get off with her. I told my horny side to shut up and focus on what Sam was saying.

She took a deep breath and said “I wanted to do something sexy for Joe for his birthday. He hasn’t seen me naked so I thought a couple of photos would be a nice surprise. I saw some photos online of girls sitting on bedposts and I thought it looked fun. I also figured I could take some nice poses, but…” She started crying, “It went in and won’t come out and my legs are starting to hurt and if I try and stand up more it feels like my vjay jay is being ripped out and I’m scared and I really don’t want this in me anymore!” Sam explained through teary sniffs that she was twerking against the knob, but couldn’t get a good photo so she started rubbing her front. Sammy was up on her toes and holding herself open, and decided to try and rub the knob from her clit to her vagina. Well, she didn’t call her bits that. Inoffensive descriptions. “That felt really good, but I had my foot on this t-shirt which slipped on the floor and I fell and it went in and it really, really hurt.” Sammy sobbed.

I gave her a hanky to blow her nose. Damn those newly polished floorboards. While I could definitely appreciate her problem, I was mildly amused. Joe was her brand new boyfriend, recently upgraded from “FriendBoy Beta” to “Boyfiend V1.0”, as her brother was keen to say. And no, that’s not a typo. Samantha had gone to a Catholic all-girls school, and hadn’t had much chance to socialise “with the other sex.” She’s a fairly tall willowy blond, with a lovely personality and a smoking hot body when she’s not hiding it in daggy clothes. The nicest thing is she really doesn’t play on her looks. She’s gorgeous in so many ways. When she started University, some of her classmates asked if she would like to play basketball because of her height. She liked it but REALLY liked it when she met Joe. He drove, so I guess his 19th birthday was coming up. I wondered why I didn’t get such a present for my birthday. Anyway, focus…

I thought about options, but there really was only one way I could see that was going to work. I sighed. “Ok, you wrap your arms around my neck and I’ll grab your bum. When I say 1, 2, 3, go, lift your legs up while I lift you. If it hurts, tell me to stop.”

I moved in close so she could wrap her arms around my neck, and I slid my hands underneath her. “Look, I’m sorry but I’m going bursa escort to have to touch your privates to try and open you up a bit more. Is that ok?” I asked.

She held me tighter and just nodded. I readjusted my grip so I could pull her lips apart. They really didn’t move much, and I thought that maybe this wasn’t going to work.

“Ok, ready. 1, 2, 3, Go!” I started to slowly lift. My fingers dug into her warm but very dry labia.

She gasped “Stop! It hurts!”

I slowly let her down. My cock was going crazy with me touching her. I mentally told it to settle down.

Sam started to cry again. My dick had started to mope, so I could think straight again. I grabbed some large books off the bookshelf and placed them on the floor by her feet. I roughly adjusted the piles so that Sam could stand flat footed on them, and hopefully ease some of the pressure on her vagina.

“Ok, lean on me and lift one leg at a time, then stand on the books. That should make you a bit more comfortable while I figure out plan B.”

She squiggled a bit as I moved the books. I could see she was very dry. Sam must have been very excited rubbing herself on the bedpost but rapidly dried out when things started to go wrong. She had really glued herself on. I was amazed Sammy got so far on it. The knob was probably 3 inches in diameter and about 4 inches long but in a tapered football shape. Most of it was inside her. She leaned on my shoulders and tried to adjust herself.

“Thanks,” she said. “That feels better.”

The caring, paternal side of my brain elbowed the horny side away for a bit. I stood up and rubbed her shoulders. “Seriously, what were you thinking? Have you had anything that big up your cunt before? Have you had anything up there? And yes, I called it a cunt. I’m not going to use fluffy words for my 18 year old niece’s girly bits which has a tree shoved up it. And you wanted to take pictures of it? You have heard of this internet thingy. Things have a habit of hanging around forever on it.”

She crossed her arms and pouted. I was happy to see that – she was starting to relax. “My face wasn’t in the photos, so that’s fine.” She scratched her clit absently. “I’m a virgin if that’s what you mean. I haven’t had a boy’s thing near me, and I’ve used a finger but that’s it. Well, Joe’s rubbed me through my panties but that doesn’t count.” She blushed. “That’s embarrassing. I shouldn’t be talking about my vjay jay with my uncle.”

I chuckled “No, you shouldn’t. Technically, I don’t think you’re actually a virgin anymore.”

I tugged at her inner lips to see if I could get any stretch. Nothing, but Sam gave a soft moan. That gave me an idea. In normal circumstances, not one I would have voiced but we were way beyond normal. I scratched my chin and thought about my plan. It was one that really only came late at night in a wet dream. I took a deep breath and said, “Right, I have an idea that will definitely work but you have to trust me. We need to get your insides wet again so you can slide off, but that means I have to “massage” (I used air quotes) you all over. Every part of your body. Is that ok?”

Sam nodded. “Sure. Do whatever it takes. But can you get me a drink first, please? I’m really dry.”

That gave me another idea. “I can see that. Orange juice ok?” I asked. “I think you need some sugar for energy.” She nodded again.

“Don’t go away,” I said. Sam poked out her tongue. I smiled.

I went out to the kitchen and poured Sam’s orange juice and mixed in a large slug of vodka. I thought that anything to help her muscles relax was a good thing. I glanced at the clock. Only about twenty minutes had passed since I received the text message. I shook my head. How things can change in such a short period of time. Our uncle – niece relationship would never be the same again after tonight.

I went back to Sam and gave her the juice. “Just down it all quickly. I want to get started soon.”

She drank the juice and screwed up her face. “Was that a new brand?” she asked. “It had a strange taste.”

“Yep, it’s not the normal OJ. It’s Tools.” I replied. A screwdriver is a tool, so I wasn’t lying. “Right, this is what’s going to happen. We are going to take off our clothes, and I’m going to feel you all over. I’m going to kiss you, nibble on you, and generally try and make you feel good. Do you have any sensitive areas that get you excited? I want you to work on those areas yourself as well.”

Sam squeezed her tits. “My nipples are pretty sensitive. I like it when Joe plays with them. My… cunt is pretty ticklish too but I can’t really say where. It’s all over.” She blushed again.

I thought to myself, “Good. The vodka’s taking hold.”

She continued “But why do we both have to be naked?”

I replied “Well, we want your body to want to have sex. Whether you like it or not, I’m going to try and make you want to have sex with me.” I took a deep breath as the implications of what I had just said sank in. “I’m hoping a naked bursa escort bayan penis near you will get your juices flowing, and we can lift you off. Ready?”

Sammy actually gave me a grin. “I’m ready. Please fuck me Tom.”

“Maybe later,” I said dryly.

She giggled. “I watch too much porn. The girls I saw doing this were amateurs. They made it look so easy.”

I slowly lifted off her t-shirt and kissed her on the neck. “Yes, well, they may be amateurs, but I bet they didn’t take on something like this for their first fuck.” I kissed her lips and took off my shirt and shorts. God, my dick was so hard it hurt.

Sammy stared down at it. “That’s the first live penis I’ve seen. I’ve only felt Joe’s through his pants,” she said. “Can I touch it?”

“Of course. That’s only fair,” I replied.

She gingerly touched my dick. I didn’t think it could get any harder. “This is what you should have started with,” I tried to say calmly.

Sam looked absolutely fascinated with my dick. She gave it a hard squeeze then reached for my balls. “Not that hard with them please.”

I moved in closer so our chests were hard against each other. Her nipples felt like nails pushing into my chest. I tried to not groan.

I reached around her back and gently rubbed my hands up and down. She sighed and rested her head against me. I took her hand holding my balls and moved it back to my shaft. “Just hold it,” I said.

I started working on her in earnest. Knowing she was a virgin, well – penis virgin now, I decided to try a bit of everything on Sammy to see what she reacted to. I kissed whatever I could reach. I gently caressed her back, reaching right down past bum and up through her crack, tickling her rear hole as I went past. She gasped, then relaxed. I leaned back a bit and started to play with her tits. Sammy groaned and started to stroke my cock. She had her eyes closed with a look of total bliss on her face. After looking after her top half for a while, I moved her hand from my dick and placed it on one boob. “You play with those. I’m going elsewhere.”

She just went “Mmmmmm ok.” I don’t know how I managed not to explode all over her.

I ran my fingers up and down her back again while I slowly kissed her front. I gently bit her nipples. My niece gasped and her eyes went wide open. “Oh God, that’s good. Please Tom, give me more.”

I kissed both tits and her lips. Sammy slightly opened her mouth and hesitantly poked her tongue into my mouth. I nibbled on it, and reached down between her legs and started doing small circles on her clit. She grabbed my head with both hands and crushed her face to mine, stuffing her tongue as far down my throat as she could get it. Her hips started to move on the bedpost. I was certain Sam was getting really wet, and I probably could have lifted her off then but the horny side of my brain had hammered the logical side to a pulp. All I could think of was the sweet young 18-year-old naked girl I was holding.

Sammy was probably starting to come free, but naturally, I wanted to make sure she could get off the post without any issues. Well, that’s what the battered logical part of my brain thought. I pulled away from her kisses and quickly kissed my way down to her clit. I was on my knees staring at my niece’s clipped pubes. This definitely wasn’t the way I thought the day would end. I gently rubbed my fingers through her pubic hair.

“This is nice. Why’d you cut it like this?” I asked.

She reached down and put her hand over mine “Well, it was growing really crazy. When I wore my blue bikini I had hair sticking out all over the place and you could see the curls through the material. I tried shaving but it got really itchy when it started to grow back.”

I knew that bikini. There wasn’t much of it. I gave her fur a kiss. “Fair enough. Number 2 or 3 blade?”

She giggled “It’s 3 on dad’s beard trimmer. Please don’t tell him.”

I laughed “Do you really think I’d tell him? This,” I said while waving at her naked body “would be very difficult to explain.”

Sam ran her fingers through my hair “I’m not enjoying the post, but everything else is really nice. I don’t think I could tell anyone. No-one would believe me.”

I laughed at that. I asked if she had the photos she was going to send Joe. She replied that she deleted them because they were blurry, and hadn’t taken any more because the bedpost went in before she could get any good shots.

Sam’s studying art and photography at Uni, so I knew she would have been aiming for perfection. With an evil horny grin, I asked if she wanted me to take some with my phone. This wasn’t something that happens every day, so I wanted more than a memory.

She thought a bit. “Ok,” she grinned.

I reached behind me and grabbed my phone out of my shorts. “Smile!” I said looking up her body from the post to her face. Sam gave me her best Japanese teen type pose, tilting her hips as best she could and giving me the peace sign on both hands. I escort bursa was sure I could have lifted her off, but… I showed her the photo. “I’ll blur your face if you want.”

Sam replied, “No, I can do that. That’s not a bad shot. Good lighting and composition considering. Can you take some more?”

I was taken back with this. Here was a girl who not that long ago was crying because she had glued her cunt to a bedpost, but now wanted me to take photos of her on it. “Ok, but only a few. I think you’re close to being wet enough to lift off. You choose the poses.”

She’s a pretty funny girl, so the poses weren’t serious. The best for me was when Sam grabbed her long labia with both hands and stretched it wide so I could get a good shot of her impaled while making a face with her tongue poking out.

“Right,” I said “Now you have to do something for me. I’m going to video you standing there while you explain what happened, why it happened, and what we’re doing to solve it.”

She pouted “Really? Do I have to?”

“Yes,” I replied, “You do.”

Sammy sighed but started telling the story while I videoed everything about her. Front, back, under, over, close-ups and full frontal. When she had finished she crossed her arms over her chest and asked if I could get back to getting her off. I put the phone down and looked back at her with a smirk.

Sam looked at me then put her hand to her mouth and snorted. “I didn’t mean that get me off. I meant get me off this thing, but I guess to get me off this you have to get me off,” she giggled. Alcohol is a great relaxant in moderation.

I knelt down and reached behind Sam and squeezed her bum cheeks. I tried to reach her nipples, but they were just out of reach. Oh well. I leaned forward and gently flicked her clit with my tongue. One hand went back behind her gently rubbing her arse while the other moved under her to work on her lips. I sucked on her clit. She moaned and grabbed my hair. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs, through her clit, and down the other thigh. I couldn’t see but I was sure I could smell her juices starting to flow. I looked up and Sammy had her eyes closed with a look of ecstasy on her face. That made me smile. My cock started to do the Samba by itself. I returned to my task.


Sam’s eyes flew open at the voice. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I was sure I could see Sammy’s cunt juice sucking itself back in and drying up.

I took a deep breath and looked around. “Hi Bec. Sam wanted to do something nice for Joe for his birthday, and it went wrong.” I stood up and pointed to the bedpost still stuck inside her baby niece’s vjay jay. I gave Bec a quick summary of what had happened and why we were at the point of me giving oral sex to our niece.

The expression on Rebecca’s face went from blind fury, through confusion, to concern. She stepped forward to give Sam a hug. “Is this true?” Bec asked.

Sammy nodded, and through tears that had started again told Bec in her words what happened.

I sighed. Logic side went “Damn, so close.” Horny side went “Woo Hoo! Another go!”

Bec looked at me “And this was the best option you could think of?”

“Well,” I said sarcastically “I did think of getting a saw and cutting the knob off, but considering how close I would be to some vital bits of Sam, I didn’t think that was a good idea. Besides, I think we were really close to getting her wet enough to lift her off before you came in.” I reached between Sam’s legs and pulled her labia.

Bec gave me a hard look but relaxed a bit when Sam said “I think I’ve dried up again Tom. I can feel me sticking to the wood when you move my bits.”

Bec took a deep breath. “Right. Humm. Fuck. No, no fuck, no fuck. Shit. Sam, really? What were you thinking? Ok. Crap. What can I do to help?”

For one reason and another we never had kids. Rebecca thinks of Samantha as her daughter from another mother and Bec would do anything to help her. This would never have been something she thought needed to be managed.

I looked at her. “I’m not sure yet, but can you please get Sam a glass of the new Tools orange juice. It’s on the bench.”

A light bulb went on. “I did see that on the bench and I was wondering why it was out. No problem,” Bec left to get the spiked juice.

I turned to Sam. “Are you ok? Do you want me to try and lift you off?”

She shook her head. “No, I was feeling really good but when Aunty Becca came in I just dried up completely. I don’t think it would work at the moment.”

She flexed her shoulders. Her little boobs wiggled. They were very cute. “I’m starting to get tired and really sore. Can you please go back to what you were doing because that felt really nice and it was working. Will Bec let you do that to me?”

I gave her a hug. “You know we both love you, and will do anything for you. Bec will help however she can even if it means letting me do rude things to you. Ok?”

She gave me a small smile. “Ok.”

Bec came back and gave the juice to Sam. She downed it pretty much in one hit. I took the glass and sniffed the remaining contents. It was strong. I gave Bec a look, and she just shrugged.

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