Becca and Julie Get Married Ch. 01


This story is a celebration for both Becca and I. I would suggest that you read my previous works starting with Julie’s “Family Series.”


For now, what you should know is that Becca and Julie are sisters. Becca is 62 and a genetic woman. She is a BBW with 40DD tits that sag now. For most of her life she was a Dominant woman but in the last few years she is more and more submissive and has started to gain weight. She is currently about 180 lbs. Since the age of 18 Becca has worked in a brothel owned by “Madame.” She is still a prostitute, though she is very well off and usually donates her earnings to charity.

Julie is 59 and is a sissy CD. She is more than passable, but she is beautiful. Like Becca, Julie (starting at 18) had been working in the brothel with Becca until 10 years ago when she moved to Tennessee. She still goes back to the brothel if Madame has a “special” kinky request from a client. She has been living as a woman for 10+ years and works at a library where no one suspects what is really between her legs.

The other 2 women involved are Madame and Mistress Nancy. Both are genetic women. Madame owns and runs the brothel and is still active as a prostitute. Many men love having her because she is a skilled lover as well as being a BBW. Mistress Nancy is a silent partner. Mistress Nancy is also a very respected medical doctor and tends to keep a low profile at the brothel. All four of them have been lovers for over 40 years.

The story opens with Madame, Mistress and Becca laying in bed after having had intense sex. Like many of our stories, the events are nasty and involve “bathroom play.” If play like that offends you, you might want to read one of our other stories.

Mistress and Madame have taken turns fucking Becca for hours, both in her asshole and cunt with their dildos. Becca’s face is covered with cum, piss and shit as the Dominants have escort ankara pushed their filthy dildos into her mouth to clean them and have wiped them on her tits.

While still naked, they have started a series discussion about the future. Mistress says “Becca, we need to talk to you and Julie about some serious issues. Tomorrow morning, all 3 of us are going to drive to Tennessee to stay at Julie’s house. We need you to call Julie to make her aware of that.”

The three of them stepped into Madame’s over-sized shower and Becca washed them both. She spent enough time washing their cunts so both of them came one more time. Becca got to her knees and they both pissed on her and then Madame and Mistress washed Becca, getting her to orgasm as well.

Once they dried off, all three of them put on stockings, garters and heels. That is how they always dress at home, not bothering with clothes. Madame and Mistress started to prepare for the trip while Becca went to call Julie.

Julie answered right away. “How are you doing Becca? I have missed you so much. It has been months since we have touched each other. My clit and nipples are hard just hearing your voice.” Like she always did when talking to Becca, Julie started to play with her clit, slowly bringing her close to an orgasm.

Becca smiled to herself and said “Stop playing with yourself girl. I need your full attention.” Julie had to smile thinking Becca knows her so well, but she obeyed Becca, as she has been doing all her life. Becca has always been dominant over Julie.

“We are coming to see you in a few days Julie. Hopefully we should be getting to your house by Monday.”

“Oh Becca, I am so happy, but is everything okay?”

“I think so, they both said they had something very important to discuss with us.”

Madame came in as we were talking and took the phone “Julie this is Madame” Even on the escort mersin phone, Julie always got on her knees when talking to Madame or Mistress. “I need you to clear your calendar foe the next few weeks girl. Call the library and tell them you will need the next few weeks off.”

Julie responded “Yes Madame, but is there a problem? I have missed you all so much. I am so happy to hear your are coming to see me, but I am worried that this is happening so fast.”

“All is well girl. Tell me what you are wearing.” Julie explained that she was in a nice light blue sun dress, matching red lace panties and bra, red stockings and garters with black heels. “Good girl, now reach into your panties and start to play with yourself. As you do that, I am having Becca playing with her cunt.”

Julie quickly did as she was told to and soon both Becca and Julie were moaning. Madame explained that she had Becca over her knees now and she was spanking her ass, all the time Becca was playing with herself. As Julie heard the first slaps on Becca’s beautiful ass, she started to spurt into her panties.

Julie said “Oh Madame, that was such an intense cum, I am still leaking into my knickers.”

“Good girl Julie, I want you to wear those knickers all the time until we see you in person. That should be in three days. I want you to cum in your knickers at least twice a day.” Julie responded quickly “Yes Madame.”

As she hung up Julie realized that her panties were not only going to stink, but they would be sticky and stiff as well from all the dried cum. Just the thought of that made Julie hard again. She also realized that she had never asked Madame what the trip was all about. Madame had deliberately changed the subject and knew once Julie got excited she would forget.

Julie walked to the mirror in her bedroom, lifted her dress and looked at her panties. They were a mess. Julie izle has been on hormone most of her life. The hormones gave Julie a soft feminine figure and beautiful 36D tits. Additionally, while her “clit” was now quite small (less then 4 inches when hard) when she did cum, she came a lot and like a woman, she could have multiple orgasms.

Julie thought about what the next few days were going to be like. She would make sure the house was spotless. Madame and Mistress would accept nothing less.

She also thought about the trip. Madame and Mistress would abuse Becca all the way down. Just thinking about the kinky things they would do to Becca made Julie hard again. Without thinking, Julie started to play with herself again. She had to drop to her knees to keep from falling over and had another intense orgasm.

She rubbed her hand along the cum soaked panties and brought it to her mouth and tasted her own cum. Julie was enjoying this far too much to let it end now. She crawled to the bathroom and laid on her back. She continued to think about all of the nasty things they Dominants would do to Becca and her and soon there was a nice warm sensation between Julie’s thighs. Julie had peed herself.

Julie just laid there in a puddle of her own piss. Her panties soaked now, as was her dress. She took off her dress and then grabbed a towel and dried her panties as best she could. Once done, she started to get the house ready, forcing herself not to touch her clit for at least 6 hours while she concentrated on cleaning.

After she came again, she reached into her closet and found her “slave chains.” She shackled her ankles together with about 3 feet of chain between them, and did the same to her wrists. She made the decision to stay like this for the next 3 days until her guests arrived. All she had on were her knickers and panties, stockings, garters and heels. She knew she would reek of cum and piss by the time they arrived and knew that would please Madame and Mistress.

In spite of her worries about why the sudden trip, Julie still was excited. She smiled to herself and said “Let the games begin!”

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