Becky Ch. 09


Although her arms and wrists were still bound, Grace had given Becky just enough slack to lean forward comfortably, spreading her legs a bit further apart as she did. Jessica now fitted, stepped behind Becky, but continued to caress and tease her with fingers ensuring she was very ready, and very, very wet. Mellissa had taken an active role now as well, at Becky’s request. Standing in front of the young woman, she reached out, enjoying the feel of Becky’s large hanging pendulous breasts. Mellissa tweaked Becky’s think fat nipples, pinching and rolling them between her fingers as Becky hissed hotly.

“Oh yes, yes…keep doing that,” she begged. “That feels, so fucking good!”

William fidgeted in his chair, seeing and hearing this, still a bit uncomfortable watching his daughter as she was obviously being pleasured. Before this, he had managed to deal with all this as the only way of getting the needed information from her, her humiliation and punishment. But now that things seemed to be heading off in an entirely different direction, he was fighting against his own moral beliefs, trying not to become too aroused, or too personally involved in this, without much success. And though he didn’t feel it necessary to actually record this with Becky’s camera, she had insisted on it, and wouldn’t allow things to continue until he did. And so he did. Sitting, watching, becoming aroused almost against his will, knowing that eventually, he would no doubt succumb to it.

Grace had walked over now standing beside Jessica, reaching down and initially holding on to a good portion of the still exposed dildo she was wearing. “I’ve had a bit of experience in doing this,” she announced. “It’s important Becky, that you let her know how you’re doing. If you need her to stop for a moment, then say so. And then when you’re ready, you tell us if you’re ready for her to continue pushing in. When the time comes, when you know it’s about to happen, the easiest way to get through it is to simply tell her to thrust the rest of the way into you, and to not hold back. It’ll be entirely up to you when that happens, we’re in no rush here, so neither should you be either. Ok, you ready Becky?”

“More than,” she moaned pleasurably, glad to be momentarily distracted as Mellissa continued to tease her breasts and nipples, even stooping over some in order to suckle the two of them together, pressing Becky’s large pliant breasts until her nipples became one as Mellissa drew them into her mouth. William’s sudden groan alerted everyone that he too was beginning to find this erotic. And even Becky finally had to admit, having her father there, seeing and watching this, though he would remain for the most part merely an observer, was having, and leaving an element of decadence, and that sense of pure taboo to it, that for whatever reason, was heightening her arousal even more.

“Ok Jessica, go ahead and push inwards a little until Becky tells you to do otherwise, or hold still.”

Even then, Grace kept her hand wrapped around the base of the fake prick, prepared to halt any further penetration into her at a moment’s notice. Jessica slowly pressed, and for several long moments, Becky said nothing, merely panting, breathing hard and sensing the first ever real attempt at breaking through her hymen.

“Ok, stop…just for a minute,” she managed, shaking just a bit, her legs quivering.

“Does it hurt?” Jessica asked worriedly. “You want me to pull out any?” Grace knew simply by holding on, that Becky hadn’t in fact taken much of the toys length just yet, a couple of inches was perhaps all…no more than three, though another inch or so would certainly be pressing the issue.

“No…not really. Not too bad. I just want to catch my breath, feel this. I want to remember the moment,” she panted again, gasping a little. “What this felt like, the moment before,” she breathed once again. “Ok, keeping going, a little more,” she winced slightly as Jessica did that, and as Grace finally had to let go now, the moment drawing near when it would be now or never, which would be entirely up to Becky to decide.

William sat stroking himself, still focusing on the view through the camera. He had given up all pretense of decorum at this point, though that too was laughable, doing what they already had just to reach this point. He found it interesting however, to only then come to realize the uninhibited openness, and acceptance that Mellissa obviously held, and had towards her own daughter. And though she too had no desire to become personally intimate with her, the mere fact she could be present with her, did show the mutual trust and respect they both had. Something he himself wished, that perhaps one day, he might have with Becky. Jessica was after all, old enough to choose for herself, just as Becky now was. And the silly-assed rules of the trust, no longer made sense, or held any power or importance to him, nor should it. After this was over, and things had again settled bayan kartal escort down for the better, William was bound and determined to see what he could do about changing all that. He knew that both he and Becky would be far better off for it, once it was.

“Ok, now…NOW!” Becky cried out straining against the restraints, Mellissa in fact standing now, holding Becky closer to her, pressing her almost affectionately against her own breasts as Becky turned her head back, looking…watching as she called out, resting her head there against Mellissa’s equally soft breasts. Grace nodded at Jessica, and then Jessica shoved, hard this time, feeling a momentary block, almost backing off. Grace had been wise enough to be ready for that however, her hands just then coming down to grip both of Jessica’s twin ass cheeks. When she felt Jessica start to let up at the sound of Becky’s brief anguish, she pushed instead, forcing Jessica to continue on with the penetration. A loud gasp suddenly escaping Becky’s mouth, her eyes popping open wide as she looked directly towards her father. She squealed in surprise, more so than pain, and then laughed.

“Oh my god! She’s in me!”

Becky then asked for Jessica to hold still again just for a moment. Not because of any pain, that had been short and fleeting. All she felt now was fullness, a sense of completeness.

“Time for a little something extra,” Grace winked, and then pressed a small little switch on the belt Jessica was wearing. Almost immediately, both she and Becky felt a slight, soft pleasuring little hum, the vibrations almost insignificant, more like a calming tickle.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” Jessica purred, her clit actually being stimulated even more than it had been while she’d been concentrating on actually taking Becky’s virginity. Grace stood behind her, hugging the young woman against her own breasts, letting her feel the hard itty-bitty spear points digging into her own back. Simultaneously, Grace cupped Jessica’s very small, petite, yet perky tits in her hand, caressing and rubbing them, enjoying the feel of her likewise tiny tipped nipples as they pressed softly within the palm of her hands.

“Ooh, turn it up some,” Becky asked as Jessica slowly began moving in and out of her again, the minor discomfort she had at first felt, suddenly washed away in the slippery wetness of her arousal. The tickling touch of nerve endings never before reached, touched, caused her to feel almost light-headed. That, and the new addition now of this gentle vibrating sensation so very deep inside her. “Oh yeah, that’s better…right there, leave it right there,” she asked not wanting to overload her senses, which were already doing things to her she had never imagined before.

William couldn’t just simply sit there any more. Propping the camera up on a nearby shelf, ensuring that everyone would still be in frame, he walked over to where Mellissa was. Seeing him coming, she grinned, reaching up to use the ropes still holding Becky in position, to further brace herself with. She too now leaning forward just a bit, as William slipped easily into her from behind. With her breasts so close and beckoning, Becky didn’t even think twice about it, gathering one of Mellissa’s nipples up with her lips, sucking it firmly as her father began slow-fucking Mellissa from behind.

Grace had again turned up the vibrating cock inside Becky’s pussy another notch, not so much to again distract from the delicious sensations that Jessica was bringing to her with her own smooth, yet constant in and out motions, but enough to escalate and intensify what Becky now knew, would be her first ever vaginal orgasm. Whatever Jessica and the toy were doing to her inside, were things she had never felt or experienced before. She felt a spot, a place, that seemed to be expanding nerve-wise in every direction. She could almost imagine tentacles reaching out to every erogenous zone she possessed. Each one of them now being pleasured simultaneously as her body began to shake and convulse all on its own.

“Oh my god! Fuck me! Fuck me Jessica! Fuck me!” Becky screamed, once more craning her head, seeking out and searching for Mellissa’s neglected breast, though Mellissa quite happily reached down, feeding it to her.

“That’s it you nasty, naughty girl…suck my tit, that’s it, suck it…suck it nice and hard!”

As for herself, Jessica simply couldn’t hold out any longer. She had always had sensitive breasts as it was anyway, and had at times actually brought herself to orgasm merely by playing with them herself. Now with Grace doing that, adding in the very intense vibration that was now driving her clit crazy, and the sounds of Becky’s sloppy wet cunt that she was in fact continuing to fuck, she was ready to turn inside out with orgasmic bliss.

“Do it honey…do it. Let it go!” Grace coaxed, able to tell that Jessica, was already too far gone at this point, though Becky too kartal eve gelen escort was in the midst of her own second, almost simultaneous orgasm.

To her surprise, along with everyone else’s, Jessica cried out, lurched, shoving her fake prick about as deeply as she could into Becky’s cunt, and screamed out at the top of her lungs. As she did, Grace looked down, hearing what sounded like someone was peeing. But she knew immediately, it wasn’t that. Jessica’s pussy was squirting like someone had turned on a garden hose. The splash of her liquid climax back washing against the pommel of the dildo still attached to her, causing a cascade of sweet girl juice to literally squirt off in varying directions. There was too much to hold back for one thing, and the force of it was likewise as incredible as the young girls overpowering orgasm itself. Even Becky felt it, still in the throes of her own orgasmic joy, looking back now, feeling Jessica’s girl juice wetting the two of them profusely.

It caused her to launch into yet again, a third totally unexpected climatic release.

“Fuck! Fuck!” William spat, hearing, and now seeing this. A streamer of Jessica’s girl cream now dripping down onto the floor, the poor girl literally collapsing over his daughter’s back, who had likewise collapsed, held up only because of the ropes still holding her upraised arms behind her.

“Give it to me!” Mellissa laughed excitedly, hotly, suddenly pulling away, dropping down to her knees, William’s cock now fully engulfed inside her mouth. But the surprises weren’t over with yet. The intensity of what was happening, almost all at once, had likewise affected Grace. Upon hearing Williams warning cry, and then Mellissa suddenly dropping down there in front of him on her knees, she hurriedly ran over, dropping down herself right next to Mellissa.

“In for a penny,” she said, as Mellissa laughed, removing Williams prick from her own mouth, literally feeding it to Grace. Grace tentatively licked it, and then sucked it inside her own mouth, looking up at William, the look of shock and surprise on his own face. She merely laughed, now stroking it, urging him on.

“Go ahead William, I’m sure they’ll be enough for Mellissa and I to share together.”

Taking the hint perhaps, Mellissa now joined her, the two of them actually placing their lips on either side of Williams shaft, almost as though they were attempting to kiss one another with his cock sandwiched between the two of them. Just seeing that, let alone feeling it, was too much. William allowed himself a deep guttural groan of perfect satisfaction, felt hit balls all but implode, and then felt the first searing release of his cream race up the length of his shaft. He stood, watching his thick sticky cum shoot out of the tip of his cock in long arching streamers that shot easily a few feet until Grace once again to his surprise, surrounded it with her mouth, drinking him in. He again stood there, watching her swallow, and then finally allowing Mellissa to remove it from her friend’s mouth, managing to capture the last few final squirts for her self. Afterwards, the two of them actually kissing, tongues fencing, and mostly likely, swapping whatever remained of his cream between the two of them for several precious moments after that.

William stumbled back sitting back down in his chair. Grace and Mellissa helping one another up, laughing, still kissing, though they immediately began undoing the bindings that still held Becky in place. Seconds later, she stood free of her restraints, slightly flexing her wrists, rubbing them, and then likewise sat down on the floor, unable to stand any longer. Jessica did the same, sitting down next to her, and then surprised everyone when she leaned over, kissing Becky full on the lips. Becky returned the kiss as the two sat embracing one another for a very, very long time after that.


“As enjoyable as that all was, we still have a problem to settle here,” Grace announced after eventually collecting herself. “And though I’m still a bit surprised you did that, I still need to ask you…what is the password to those files?”

Becky actually blushed. This time obviously shamefaced. “There isn’t one, not that way anyway. The password is “Fuckyou,” all one word,” she reluctantly added, once again embarrassed at herself as well as the situation. But all that does is allow you to access the file itself, so you can open it, and delete it if you want to. I was bluffing when I said it would be sent out to anyone, I never actually intended to do that. I only wanted to scare you is all. I never really did intend on doing anything with it beyond that. I know you probably don’t believe me, but its the truth.”

Grace soon after led everyone out of her secret little room, back into the den and her computer. She hesitated before typing in the code.

“I’m telling the truth,” Becky tried reassuring her. “Type in escort bayanlar the code, it will allow you to open the files, and erase them. They won’t be sent to anyone, anywhere. I promise.”

Grace typed in the code. Sure enough, the file opened, the obscene, yet honestly erotic photos appeared. They all stood there looking at them as Grace once again started typing.

“What are you doing?” William asked, as the photos remained. Grace obviously not deleting them as everyone had expected.

“They’re too fucking hot to delete,” she said turning. “So what I did, was change the password,” she grinned sheepishly. She did turn back to Becky however, once again a stern look on her face.

“But just because they are young lady…what you put us through…all of us, is still no excuse for any of this. I still think you’ve got some apologies to make, especially to your father, and Mellissa…”

“That may be so,” William interrupted. “And I’m not excusing her actions either. But she deserves an apology from me as well. I should have done more than I did. Far more. I should have stood up for her from the very beginning, when I knew that what her mother was doing was wrong. But I let the fear of what she could do, to make my own life even more miserable than it already was, supersede that. And that’s my fault and stupidity. Becky? I’m sorry. I truly am. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when I should have been. Can you…will you…forgive me for that?”

“If you’re willing to forgive me, then yes. Certainly. And I want to say something else to you too dad. I’m sorry that mom treated you the way she did. She was stupid the way I see it. And don’t take this too wrong, coming from me. But anyone that has a cock as nice as yours is, deserves a hell of a lot better than she was willing to give you. So I hope…seriously, and honestly, that wherever this relationship heads now, between the three of you,” she chuckled. “Will be everything the three of you ever hoped that it would be!”

“Ah, thank you…” William stammered, a bit surprised at his daughter’s candid comments.

“You’re welcome. And one more thing before we all start singing “Kum Ba Yah” or something. “I think it’s cool that you’re not all weirded out being naked in front of me, or that I’m not all that weirded out myself being naked in front of you either. I think it’s sort of cool that we can be. Especially after what’s happened. I just hope that this isn’t one of those situations that we realize will never happen again. I’d like to think that we can at the very least, be a bit more free, open, and honest with one another in the future.”

“So in other words, I shouldn’t get too freaked out if I come home and accidentally run into you running around the house naked you mean?”

“Well, possibly that too yes. But more like…don’t be too surprised if you come home and find out that maybe Jessica and I, or maybe even Bobby and I, happen to be that way either.”

“So does that mean you’d like to see me, and maybe even be with me again too?” Jessica asked hopefully.

“Hell yes!” Becky quipped.

“And that maybe…you’d also be willing to introduce me to that friend of Bobby’s? Larry?” She asked inquisitively.

“Holy shit…you mean to tell me, you’ve had your eye on Larry too?” Becky laughed.

“Hey. Just because I enjoy being with girls from time to time doesn’t mean I don’t still want to be with a man now and then either,” she said somewhat defensively, and then blushed.

Becky reached over, hugging the young woman, drawing her to her until they actually stood there breasts mashing against one another, kissing. “Tell you what. I’m willing to bet that Bobby AND Larry would love to double date with the two of us one evening. And who knows…they might even enjoy watching the two of us together too. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Mellissa said jumping in. “And speaking of which, I still haven’t cum yet,” she said looking directly at William, and then at his somewhat flaccid looking cock.

“Allow me,” Becky said surprising everyone. “It’s the least I can do.” She then took Mellissa’s hand in hers and began leading her over to the couch.

“No wait…I have a better idea,” Mellissa grinned, that is if it’s ok with Grace?”

Grace looked at her with her own question in her eyes. “If what’s ok?”

“The fact that I never knew about that secret little room of yours for one thing. And for another…how does that contraption of yours feel like anyway?” She giggled hopefully.

“How about we take you back inside, and show you?” Grace suggested, and then as one, they followed Grace back into her interesting little dungeon again.

William stood there in the doorway watching as Grace along with the other girls help, soon after hoisted Mellissa into the air, swinging and hanging much the same way Becky had been when all this first started. He was still in a bit of surprised shock at the way things had eventually, and surprisingly turned out. There was a long way to go yet as far as his relationship with Becky went, but he now felt at least…they would find it a lot easier to sit down and discuss with one another. Especially after seeing one another in such an intimate and vulnerable state. After this, the rest should be easy.

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