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Becoming a Boy 67

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Mmmmm, I was in heaven. Devish lay next to me, his breathing returning to normal after he had cum. His cock still pulsed in my pussy. I could feel the small throbs as he made sure to empty all of his load inside me. His hand caressed my nipples. They were very sensitive these days. Although I didn”t think they were all that much bigger, my nipples had gotten very sensitive. It was amazing. His cock, my cunt. I could be his wife as long as he wanted.


“Mmmm, baby, that was good. You”re pussy always feels so good to me.”


“You”re so sweet, Daddy. I just love feeling you inside me.”


We rolled to face each other. His cock slipping out of me as I turned over. I clamped my cunt shut. I had no intention of losing any of his swimmers. If there was a way to do it, I”d get pregnant for him. Having his babies would be heaven. Until that could happen I would just keep his DNA deep inside me.


“Did you squirt your little load out, baby?” he asked. He was always thinking of me, he was so sweet.


“Yes, Sir. I had a wonderful time. You really know how to make me feel good. I”m so happy.”


I took his still firm cock in my hand and slid down the bed. I wanted to clean off his cock. Wanted to show him proper respect. I reached the tip and slurped it up. I tongued the head and then let it slide into my throat until I was bumped up against his body. I swallowed on it and Devish squirmed.


“You”re my good little slut, Danni. I couldn”t have asked for more in a wife.”


“Mmmmmmm.” I was so happy. I was going to marry this man soon. I was changing to be what he wanted, and it was so much more than I had ever hoped for. Daddy caught me being slutty on the net and began training me and now here I was almost a year later ready to marry this man. I had only fantasized about something this wonderful. I was Devish”s girl, his fiancé, his soon to be wife. I let his cock slip from my lips, and I moved back up to his mouth. We kissed and I felt the heat from this man, my man, as our lips touched. He was heat, he was life.


“We will be leaving soon for India, baby. A little over a month away. Are you ready to visit my family before the wedding?”


“Oh yes, Sir. I am so excited,” I said honestly. I was more than ready. I wanted nothing more than to be his wife and see his family.


“Show me your tits, baby. Let”s see how they are coming along.”


I lay flat on my back and ran my fingertips across my nipples. I hoped they looked bigger to him. He really wanted me to have small breasts. I was taking the pills he had given me, and I could feel the difference, but I wasn”t sure it was happening as quickly as he wanted. I looked down upon them and I swore they were getting bigger, both my nipples and my breasts.


“Nice,” he said as he caressed my chest. “I really love how they are developing, Danni. You look so very sexy to me.”


“Thank you, Sir. I really love belonging to you. I want to please you so much.”


“I”m glad to hear that, Danni. There are still changes I want to make before we go to India.”


“Mmmmm, yes, Daddy. Make me your hot little wife.”


“I intend to do that, Danni. We have an appointment today with Dr. Jablonsky,” he told me.


“What? What are we going to do?” I wanted to know what he had in mind. Dr. J kinda made me nervous.


“Well, we aren”t going to do anything, baby. I am going to do something. Then Dr. Jablonsky will do something. But you will do nothing. You will just be there and be good. You will do what I tell you to do.”


“Yes, Daddy,” I replied. “I love it when you make decisions for me.” I wanted him to be in charge. It was so easy to give up that control. Just let Devish decide what to do with me, for me, for him.


I shivered a little as I got out of bed. I headed right to the shower. I knew Devish”s schedule during the week because it was my schedule too. I got up first and got dressed as he read the email that came in overnight. He was always busy with his companies, so I took care of the rest for him. I made him breakfast every day. When he left for work, I headed to the store and bought whatever we needed for supplies. Then when I returned home, I did my exercise routine and I started cooking whatever I was cooking for the day, or I cleaned. By the time Devish returned in the evening I had done all the chores that needed doing and I had a drink ready for him when he got back. Our evenings involved just doing what we wanted to do. Devish liked to go to a movie some days. Other times he wanted to relax at home. Of course, he had a lot of dinner parties to go to also. I always accompanied him around to those when he let me.


I had adjusted well to my new routine. I LOVED being Devish”s boywife. He explained what he wanted, and I did it. I had only been punished a couple times for screwing up but that had been early on and I totally deserved it. I had failed to do a couple things one day and another day I questioned him too much about something. My butt was sore both times for a couple days.


I paused in front of the mirror before hopping into the shower. My titties were coming along nicely. Between the areola tattoos and the pills Devish had me taking I had nice looking breasts I thought. I turned to the side and looked. Little mounds of flesh poked out from my chest. I touched the nipples and they were a bit sore, still growing, I guess. I looked at my piercings. My nipples had rings in them, my ears, my bellybutton had a cute curved bar piercing. I glanced down to my crotch and saw nothing much. My dick was tucked down and clipped to my taint, as always. My nuts were pushed up inside me and the skin of my balls hung a little but was mostly out of the way. I smoothed it down, so it looked like I didn”t ever have testicles. Just my little dick clipped in behind me. I continued to try to minimize the testicle skin, so it looked smooth. I was being silly. I looked like a mix of a boy and a girl. My ass was good sized, not like a girl”s ass completely, but I always worked on it with my exercises. Devish often remarked on how pretty I was and how I was becoming the perfect wife.


I hopped into the shower and began cleaning up. I was checking for any stray body hair and catching that before Devish did, when he surprised me and stepped into the shower. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me to him. His hands worked their way around my body. He ran his hands all over and it reminded me that I was truly his. Those hands ran around my crotch and felt my empty sac and touched the tip of my dick where it was pierced to my taint.


“Danni, do you ever push your testicles down into their sac?”


“I thought that was an odd question, but I told him no. “No, they aren”t comfortable like that. It looks funny to have them there. Like two little balloons on either side of my little dick, no, it doesn”t look right,” I said. “Plus, it hurts more that way.”


“Okay, my love. I just wondered. Does it hurt when they are up inside you?”


“Sometimes, yes Sir. Does it look okay to you this way?” I asked. “I could put them back down if that is what you”d like, Daddy.” Maybe he didn”t like this look. I would have thought he”d let me know before now, though.


“No, no,” he replied. “If I change my mind, I”ll let you know Danni. I like the look of it, as if you didn”t even have testicles almost. That skin hanging there is the only way to tell,” he considered.


“I was looking at that today, too,” I admitted as he continued to feel my crotch. “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just have that skin removed. Sometimes I think it would look smoother, more natural, that way.”


“Hmmmm,” was all he said as he caressed me. “I bet you wouldn”t even need to keep your dick clipped down. There would be little if any erection happening.”


“I don”t know the last time I even tried to get hard,” I admitted. “I used to find myself awake at night with it trying to get hard, but that has stopped at some point.” I groaned as he ran his hands over my titties. “I don”t honestly recall when that last happened.”


How odd, I thought. I couldn”t recall my dick trying to get hard for a while now. I hadn”t really thought about it. I was always having sex with Devish, but I never wanted to be hard. That thought was sort of hot to me. I wasn”t a guy anymore, if I couldn”t get hard. I should call Bailey, I thought. I wondered if he had gone through a similar thing before he got a pussy.


“That”s okay, right? I mean, if it isn”t getting hard anymore?”


“Oh Danni,” Devish spun me around so I was facing him in the shower. His hand ran down my front to the area being discussed. “I love how cute you look. I love having you here and taking care of the home. The last thing I am going to worry about is if your dick gets hard. Have you ever used it with me?”


“No, Daddy,” I whispered in his ear. I threw my arms around him. He was getting me all hot and bothered again. My hole was twitching like I had not just been fucked. “I don”t need to be hard. You have all the dick I need.” I reached down to that beautiful cock. He was hard as usual.


We stayed that way awhile. He was rubbing my crotch and I was rubbing his cock. He continued to finger my dick. He rubbed the head, the little shaft, the underside where the piercing was. He was checking if it would get hard. I just let him do it. Confident that it wouldn”t even budge in size.


“See, baby,” he explained. “I don”t care if it”s hard. I prefer it soft. Your penis looks like a clit almost. The way it is clipped down, you can feel me fuck you in the head of it, I bet.”


“Yessss,” I agreed as he reached around and inserted a finger in my pussy and rubbed the head of my dick. “Mmmmm, you want another go?”


Devish pulled his finger from my pussy and brought it up to my mouth. I opened up and when he slid his finger inside I ran my tongue around it and cleaned it off. It tasted like me and him together. His seed, my pussy.


“Nope,” he said quickly. “No time today for another fuck, unfortunately. We need to get moving today.”




30 days had come and gone. Tomorrow would complete the month of my `bet” I”d had with Zach. I had a hard time remembering what had happened over the full course of the month. I had blown a lot of guys, frankly. More than I had ever considered blowing. If nothing else I had learned how appreciative of a blow job guys were. I had no idea the lust and need they had to get off. I mean, I sorta knew, I guess. I had done the same thing with a hot mouth, but I had done it with girls. Except for that time I was blown by Timmy. He had a good mouth too, but that was weird looking back now. I don”t think I”d let him blow me again. Maybe, but definitely weird now. But I”m really talking about a willingness to just get off, if I offered them a mouth. There was hardly any of the guys who hesitated when I made it clear I would happily give them a blow job. I only had to convince one or two of them. Alcohol had taken care of any hesitation eventually. I wasn”t bragging, but I bet I had blown all of the guys in the house. The guys really seemed to like my blow jobs.


I looked in the mirror as I shaved my face. I shaved everyday now. Zach hated stubble, so did Isaiah. It seemed that to be a good cocksucker, in their mind, involved no facial hair. I had seen guys suck cock in the gym since I had started doing it and they had facial hair, but I didn”t. It was clear from these guys here that I needed to keep the hair gone. I ran my hands over my abs. I checked for any stray hairs. Zach wanted no hair anywhere on my body. I got it. He saw me as a girl this month and wanted me to look like one. So, I did what he wanted. I had been back to the salon a couple times to keep the hair off my body. It was way easier to have it removed than to shave every day. I started noticing whether guys had hair on their body or not. The ones who shaved were so much more interested in their bodies. I wasn”t saying they were all sucking dick, but come on, they didn”t think the same way as the guys I hung around. The ones I knew well were sucking dick if they were fully shaved. I was pretty damn sure about that. If I could stand the pain I”d have my face waxed, but it just hurt too damn much.


I checked my hair again. I had really gotten into having this hair style. I got it trimmed up the other day and it looked even better than it had the first time it was cut. A woman told me it framed my face nicely, so that is how I said it now if anyone asked. The first couple weeks of classes had freaked me out, but I had gotten over the anxiousness. No one seemed to care that I didn”t look fully like a guy or like a girl at school. Zach had purposefully chosen my clothes so that I looked like something in between. I still had mostly jeans and shirts, but he had made me buy stuff that emphasized my ass or my chest. I ran my hands over my chest and noticed again the soreness around my nipples. It had started a week ago or so. They were so tender. It really hurt when Zach or Isaiah grabbed on to them and twisted. The first time that happened I really screamed. Isaiah had backed off right away from them and hadn”t really touched them since then. I wondered if he still liked them, that thought made me get teary eyed. I wanted him to like me. I wanted him to still touch me when we had sex.


Shit, I was so emotional the last couple weeks. I didn”t get that at all. Why was I emotional over Isaiah? Zach ran my life, Isaiah just used me to get off, right? I mean, both of them used me but fuck, it felt so good. Why was I all of a sudden worried about what a guy thought about me? I had a guy in Zach and another, Isaiah, was after me too. I tried to keep it all separate. I didn”t say much to Zach about Isaiah or vice-versa. I had to tell Zach I had done Isaiah and he knew that he continued to use me, but Zach hadn”t said anything about it to me.


I unwrapped my towel and grabbed my underwear to put on, well, my panties. Zach had taken my underwear after about a week and given me panties to wear. I glanced again at my reflection. I had a tan. I had tan lines. I looked at them. Zach had given me a bikini bathing suit and he said I had to wear it to the tanning booth. The only time I saw my tan lines was when I was in the bathroom. My chest glowed white and showed the lines created by the bikini top. I had triangle tan lines over my pecs. Okay, over my moobs. The tan lines really emphasized my moobs. I had the same tan lines around my ass but that was less noticeable. The top lines really made me uncomfortable at times. No one said anything. In fact, if I had to think about it, I don”t recall anyone coming into the bathroom lately while I was in it showering, weird. I wrapped my towel back around my upper half, so it draped to cover my crotch and went back to my room.




“Isaiah, glad you could make it.” I had arranged to meet him here at a bar where we could talk uninterrupted. I wasn”t sure he”d show up, but I knew he had an interest in the topic of discussion, Donor.


“Hey, Zach. You grab a beer already?”


“Nope. I was waiting on you,” I told him. I raised my arm and waived down a waitress as she was passing. We each ordered a pint and she said she”d be right back with them. We talked about other house stuff until the beer arrived.


“Let”s cut the small stuff,” I told him. “I”m guessing you know why I wanted to talk.”


“I”m guessing it”s Donor,” he said smiling. “Your month of ownership is almost over. He told me that story right at the start of the month. Don”t know all the details of course, but you screwed up if you thought he was only going to be your toy,” he said directly.


I smiled right back at him. “I wasn”t intending him to be just my toy,” I explained. “My direction to Donor was to blow as many guys as he could get. Put out all he wants, to encourage the horniness in the brothers. He was supposed to act like the slut he was always trying to be. I just switched up how he was doing it. I actually only brought out what I saw there after I fucked him the first time. He turned into a little horny slut in bed and so I just went with it.”


“Well it worked,” Isaiah laughed. “But the tan! That”s hilarious.”


“Yeah, I controlled a few things,” I admitted. “I gave him his marching orders, but he”s the one who kept that up. I didn”t tell him to keep that manicure going. He did that all on his own. And I never said go get body waxed, I just said to keep that hair off.” I laughed out loud thinking about Donor over the last month. “He”s really changed his attitude over the last month.”


“No kidding,” Isaiah agreed. “He”s gotten all moody and cries sometimes over stuff. Never seen him do that before.”


“Oh yeah. I forgot that change,” I grinned. “I told him he had to change his diet. He was soft enough already I figured. I just wanted to soften him up a little more.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, I got him started taking supplements, you know, vitamins, minerals, a few other things.”


“Other things? Like, what other things?”


“Well, I told him one of them was a diet supplement, helps him burn calories. It”s really a supplement that supposedly causes hormonal changes, it may make breasts grow if the changes in hormones are enough.”


“Whoa!, Seriously? No wonder his nipples are so sensitive,” Isaiah said.


“Yep. It seems to be working. He”s been super sensitive there and yeah, I noticed the emotions changing too.”


“Dude, that”s wicked. I mean he doesn”t even know!!”


“Nope, he”s been so happy sucking cock and taking it up his backside that he hasn”t even thought about what”s going on.”


“Dude, I don”t know, That”s crazy. What if he finds out?”


“Don”t know. Don”t care really. I”m enjoying his obedience. How about you?”


“But, Zach, I mean, that”s changing everything. You”re making him into a her.”


“You think he cares?” I asked. I honestly didn”t care what he thought. My thoughts were that he should be a girl, in most every way possible. I had started the month wondering how his changes would go, but now, I knew it was what he wanted, no, he needed it.


Isaiah just looked at me. His mind was wandering through the scenarios he must have put Donor through over the last month. He opened his mouth a couple times, but no words came out. He must have decided to not say whatever was forming in his mind.


“Ya know, I hadn”t bothered to ask whether he cared or not,” Isaiah finally said. “As long as I was getting some of that pussy, I didn”t really care what he was doing.”


“Exactly,” I agreed. “I think he”d make a cute girl, if anyone wanted to keep the changes going. Nothing outstanding. I mean he would still most likely look part guy, but if he got some bigger tits and continued taking some stuff to make his body change, well, I think he”d tuzla escort really enjoy that. I”m pretty sure whoever is controlling him would enjoy it too.”


“What are you saying, Zach? Why are you telling ME this?”


“Not sure completely, dude. I wanted to tell someone what I was doing, I guess. Not sure I want a girl long term. I”m Bi, or Gay, I like guys mostly. I am totally enjoying the control I have over Donor, but not sure I will keep it up over time. Thought maybe you might like it though. I know you”ve been using him a lot too.”


“Oh yeah? He been telling you everything?”


“Some. Not all. But I know. I can tell. I know men, I know who he”s thinking about, I can smell you on him. Sometimes it”s another smell, but a lot of the time, I can tell it”s you,” I admitted.


“Huh. Guess I never thought of that,” he paused to think about it. “So, you really think he can be changed fully over to a girl?”


“Look at her. He”s completely letting me do some crazy things to him. He”s on a diet, doing more gym time to lose some weight, he goes to the salon to keep that hair off his body, hits the tanning booth. Fuck, he takes all the supplements I give him. Seems to me he just wants to follow someone else”s rules. I”m not sure he would do very well if someone stopped telling him what to do at this point. He”s had a month of direction and discipline. If I took it away, I think he”d have some serious adjustment issues.”


“So… you”re telling me, so you can back out if you decide you don”t like it?” Isaiah asked.


“I think so. Just not sure, yet. I like the idea of being the one changing him, but not sure I want the responsibility that goes with it. I look at Ian and think, fuck, he”s got a lot of responsibility now with his boy, Timmy. And Timmy is a guy. With Donor, he”s really more of a girl. And girls have a lot more needs, it has always seemed to me. The emotions are different.”


“Yeah, I noticed that whatever is going on with Donor, he”s a lot more emotional the last week or so. He teared up the other day after I told him something. Can”t even recall what it was.”


“Right?!? That”s what I am not sure I need to deal with. I totally get a guy”s emotions. Never been good with girl”s emotions,” I confessed.


“It”s not that tough, Zach, but I get it. Now that I know this, it makes sense. So, what you got in mind?” Isaiah asked.


“Well, if you weren”t aware, tomorrow is the end of the month of the bet we had. If things are going to continue Donor needs to know he isn”t going back to what he was. He needs to be confronted and told that he will continue with what he”s been doing the last month. In fact, I was going to approach it so that he asks to continue what has been going on.”


“Make him ask to continue, even though he don”t know all of the stuff going on?”


“Yeah,” I replied and smiled at him. “I think he”d agree to continue. He”s really enjoying the sex he”s getting. You know that.”


“Fag really does enjoy her pussy action,” Isaiah smiled in agreement. “Okay, let”s say we talk to her about continuing. I mean, you talk to her, but I continue using her too? Actually no, I”m not so into sharing my girls. Can you make her stop slutting around so much? I”ll play along if it”s only me and you.”


“Isaiah, I think you”re enjoying that pussy as much as Donor enjoys giving it up,” I said smiling. Isaiah got this nasty smile curling his lips on one side. “Okay, so I can talk to her about continuing this “game”,” I said using air quotes. “I”ll put some restrictions on her activities. Me, you, and no one else unless we approve it in person.”


“I”ll talk to her about how I”m starting to see him as a girl and that I like that. See if that does anything for him,” Isaiah said.


“Nice. You think he wants to stop?” I asked. “I”m not sure. He hasn”t said a thing about stopping or hating what is happening.”


“Nothing he said to me makes me think he is going to stop,” Isaiah agreed. “Hasn”t said much after explaining why he did the stuff at the beginning of the month. Seemed a little strange at first, but I just figured he didn”t want to talk about it. What you got him on, like real hormones or something?”


I laughed. “No, no prescription stuff. Just some natural herbal stuff I found on the net. But I checked it out and between a couple pills to slow production of male hormones like saw palmetto. It blocks the uptake of testosterone. Doctors even use it to do that in men with prostate problems. It doesn”t lower the testosterone, just keeps the body from using it properly. Then there is a herb called PM, I don”t remember what the full name is, but it supposedly increases natural estrogens in the body. I was sorta skeptical about it, but I swear Donor is acting all emotional and his nips are real sensitive these days. If he wants to continue, we might see some actual growth in his breasts.” I laughed again, but Isaiah just nodded seriously. Maybe this was something Isaiah could really get behind.


“Then of course I locked his dick up. Doing that means he is horny all the time. He can”t really get hard and he can”t cum on his own. He needs that stimulation on his prostate to cum. What I read is that the longer he stays locked, the less attention he”ll pay to his dick. It”s like the brain readjusts and realizes that there is no dick and no jacking off and no stimulation there. Plus, I read over time the dick shrinks from uselessness. It can still get hard if it is unlocked probably, but not using the tissue makes it contract more, so even if he is unlocked and he gets hard it won”t be the same size and when it is soft it won”t get beyond the size of the cage. Then I can only imagine what all that does in his brain. Having to sit to piss has got to make you rethink stuff about yourself. Between the hormonal changes and the cage, he has got to be rethinking what he is.”


“Whoa! That”s serious shit, dude. You”re like forcing him to become a girl.”


“I like the control,” I replied. “I don”t really think of it as forcing. He”s a real kinky person. I think he wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to see what would happen. He agreed to the visual stuff anyway. The tanning, the hair removal, the clothes, the dietary stuff. I just added some other stuff. I would say he agreed to start it, I just took it further. Why just do what he wants? There were things I wanted to try.”


“Totally fucking hot!!” Isaiah said. I saw him reach down to his crotch and adjust his dick. “Okay, okay, I get it. Now I know what”s going on. I”m gonna push him too then. I”m gonna start calling him by a girl”s name around the house. Start telling him all the time about being a girl.”


“Just ask him what name he wants. Make it seem like it”s his choice, his decision.”


“Oh yeah, no doubt. If it”s his option, he owns it,” he agreed.


We fist bumped and continued talking and drinking. We worked out a plan for the next couple of days. I wondered if it would work out easily or if Donor would put up a fight.




I was worried about tomorrow. What was going to happen? I had spent the last month showing my femme side. I had done everything Zach wanted. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a person who visually had changed, who looked something in between a guy and a girl. I couldn”t pretend it wasn”t true. At first, I saw me with a new haircut, but as time went on, I saw a girl emerging. The tanning with a bikini on had really helped. As my tan lines got darker, it emphasized my chest and ass more.


The longer I spent looking at myself with no body hair, the more natural it seemed. I tried to imagine hair on me, but all I got was a visceral reaction that I didn”t want hair there. It would look all wrong.


I thought about the cage. The only times I had not been locked up over the month had been when Zach supervised a removal of it for cleaning. Shaving to keep the hair down. I had adjusted to pissing while I sat. It was like I didn”t really have a dick. I came all the time, but it was because I got fucked. It was intense when that happened. Big dick in my ass, I mean pussy, and a warm spread of intense feeling throughout my body as I came from the sensations.


It was all I had thought about the last couple of days. Did I want to go back to be the person I had been? Or could I continue to live like this? Did I WANT to live like this?


The first couple weeks had been crazy. I had so many emotions going. A lot of embarrassment, a lot of horniness. I had gotten over most of the embarrassment, the fear. Outside of the house, it wasn”t all that different, really. I didn”t know a lot of people personally, so no one had asked questions. Inside the house I was so horny I just sucked a lot of dick and got myself fucked when I could. It took the edge off and I got used to the idea I was a bottom, a good fuck. I even stopped thinking about the need to shoot a load because I knew Zach or Isaiah would fuck me, I”d cum, and I didn”t have to worry about being horny.


The last couple weeks I just really let it happen. I stopped thinking so much about it all and just let myself be myself. Maybe this was me? Maybe I should ask Zach if I could continue looking this way, being this way. I wondered what he would think about it. What if he wanted a guy? He was gay, was I a guy? I wasn”t a real girl. It was confusing, is what it was.


Maybe I should go to the salon. I could get everything taken care of, relax, get a last manicure, hair removal, tan again. That might relax me some, stop me thinking about it all. Maybe I could talk to Montana about everything. That”s what I would do. Dad rarely checked my credit card. He didn”t seem to care whether my expenses were from a bar or this salon. Fuck, what would happen when I went home next? Shit, I did need to relax. I”d call and get into the salon today.




Things were moving too fast for me. Even a month after learning that Tressa was pregnant with my baby, I still felt overwhelmed with everything. I dropped everything in my life that didn”t revolve around Ian or the future baby. I had dropped completely off the swim team activities. The coach wasn”t happy that I was not going to be the team trainer. He understood it when I told him I had knocked up a girl, but he told me he was going to miss my ass in the shower. How embarrassing! Then the team was surprised too. A couple of them took my cell number so they could call for a blow when they wanted. I had to check with Ian on that. He wasn”t happy, but he let me give it out. I think he was a little jealous he had allowed it to happen in the first place.


I spent a lot of time with Tressa. I was responsible for her studying. Her dad had insisted that she continue classes. I had to make sure she was doing the work and getting the grades. We”d set her up in an apartment of her own. She would stay there until she delivered, then she would take off and go back home for the summer, returning to school in the fall. She did her best to hide her stomach, but I didn”t think she was going to be successful as time went on.


I did a lot of work around the apartment, making it nice. It was a good-sized place. The idea was Ian and I would move in here after the baby was born. There was a small room for a nursery and two good sized bedrooms. One for Ian and I guess one for me, if I needed it. Or as a guest room if someone came to visit. I did some work on sprucing it up and the landlord gave us a discount on the rent for the work I was doing. It was going to look nice. I wanted it to look nice for Ian and the baby. For US! Oh crap, just thinking about it made me all excited and giddy. I was going to be a parent, a Mom. Holy shit.


“You ready for this, babe?” Ian asked.


His question shook me out of my day dreams. We were headed to my folk”s place. I couldn”t avoid them any longer. I had only called them on a rare occasion since I learned I was pregnant. I mean since I learned Tressa was pregnant.


“No, Sir,” I replied. I wasn”t ready. “I mean, yeah, I know I need to do this, I just don”t look forward to it,” I told him.


“No worries, Timmy. You got it. Plus, I think I can smooth over the rough edges,” he said grinning in a slightly evil way. I knew he was thinking of fucking the both of them. I had no idea what was planned for me.


I was almost sure Ian had talked to my Dad ahead of this trip, but he swore he hadn”t. When I had called and said I was going to come home over the long weekend Dad had acted like he already knew about it. Mom seemed happily surprised, but Dad just seemed like he was in on the whole thing to me. I didn”t question Ian about it, I knew he would be pissed if I did.


“Do you think they”ll be pissed off?” I asked Ian. “I mean, I”m supposed to be in classes.” I had dropped out of school right away. I had gotten the money back from the school and had been using it for repairs and buying baby stuff. I hadn”t told them a thing.


“Oh, I imagine your Dad will be a bit pissed about the whole paying for school and not seeing the money,” he replied. “But your Mom is going to be happy she”ll be a grandma.”


“Fuck,” I said aloud. “She was always going on about that any time I talked about girls. She wanted me to marry and be a Dad, ugh.”


“Yeah, didn”t quite happen that way,” Ian laughed, and I blushed a little. “She”ll adjust to you being the Mom.”


I wasn”t so sure still. I mean I know she had been pretty good about adjusting to me as a fag, but I was nowhere as certain as Ian about it all. I needed him to be certain, because I wasn”t.


“Should I start with the news about the baby first? Or tell them I dropped out?”


“Look, babe, we”ve been over this before. You start with the good news first. In this case the good news is you”re pregnant. Then as the conversation moves along you just mention the fact you”ve been working on building a nursery and helping out the girl you knocked up.”


“Ugh, I wish you wouldn”t put it that way Sir,” I told him. “It sounds so dirty.”


“Well, I call it as I see it Timmy. You were thinking with your little dick that night. What would you call it?” Ian asked.


“A mistake?” I asked in return. Ian reached over from the driver”s seat and smacked the back of my head.


“You are never, EVER, going to say that again, bitch. You hear me?”


“Yes, Sir, I hear you,” I answered, rubbing the back of my head.


“Our baby is going to know it is loved and was not a mistake,” he told me. “I don”t care how you do it, but you are going to adopt a positive attitude about this and be a responsible mother to the child.”


He was right. I didn”t want the kid to think they weren”t loved. It wasn”t a mistake. It happened for a reason. It happened so Ian would make me his boy and I could raise our child together. I had to think of Ian here. He was sooooo good to me about this all. It was my behavior that caused everything. I was responsible. He didn”t have to be responsible, but he had chosen to take the reins and lead. It really just made me realize how lucky I was to have a man like this. I reached my hand over to his leg and rubbed it.


“You”re so good to me Ian, I just want you to know that. You didn”t have to do any of this, to keep me around, to take on the responsibility of my baby.”


“I know, girl,” he said quietly. “But a man takes responsibility for his choices. We”ve been over it. I made you into what I wanted, I need to accept that along the way there will be some bumps in the road. You make a good fag, Timmy. I made you what I wanted you to be for my needs, and I”ve come to realize it”s all good. So, you got pregnant along the way? So what? You”ll make a great Mommy, and I know I”ll be a good Dad.”


I wanted to cry, honestly. He”d said it before, but I loved hearing it. I could be his wife; the mother of our baby and he would take care of us. How did all this happen? How did I get so lucky to be Ian”s faggot?


“I”m happy, Ian, Sir. I”m so lucky to belong to you,” I told him. “I really fucked up, I know it. You”ve really been good for me. I don”t know… I don”t think I could handle any of this without you.”


“Look, boy, we”ve been over it a few times. I take care of what is mine. Don”t get all sappy on me. There”s a hell of a lot of work ahead of you still.”


“Yes, Sir.”


We continued the drive home. I began to get more nervous the closer we got. I was going to freak out completely before I spilled everything to Mom and Dad.




“Hey! There you are,” Montana nearly shouted. I almost jumped when she said it. I was lost in my thoughts.


“Uhmm, yeah. Here I am.” I stood up and she turned to walk back to her area. I followed closely behind her. I wasn”t as sure about the salon now that I was here. Maybe just forgetting the last month was a better idea than coming here and doing a final makeover.


“So, what”s going on?” she asked.


“Oh, just thought I would get a little, uhm, touch up to everything…. You know… look good for the weekend,” I mumbled.


“Uh huh,” she said non-committedly. “You were only here last week. Seems early to start touching up already, but it”s your money.”


“Ummm, it”s like I wanted to get one final time here before, uh, before the… ” I trailed off, not finishing my sentence.

“Before what?” she asked. “Before then end of the trial run at this?”


“Oh, I guess Zach told you everything,” I replied a bit surprised.


“He told me enough, dear. You”re trying something out, trying to see if this is you.”


She spun around and waved her arm at her chair. I plopped myself into it and thought about how crazy it all was. I looked up and I saw myself again. I hadn”t realized how many mirrors there were in the world until I changed how I looked a month ago. Now I saw myself all the time. I guess I hadn”t really seen myself before. Or maybe I saw someone but didn”t know who it was.


“It was a bet. For a month. The month is over tomorrow,” I said in clipped statements. “Not sure what happens now.”


“Well, what happens is you decide what is best for you. You get to choose.”


“I”m not sure it”s that easy,” I replied.


“Nope, nothing is that easy,” she echoed.


“I mean, what if Zach wants me to stay this way? But I”m still not sure? What if… ” she interrupted me.


“What if you LIKE it? What if you don”t want to go back to the other look, the other life?”


I sat and looked at her face in the mirror. I paused to think about it. What if I did like it?


“Maybe a month isn”t enough time,” she added. “Maybe this is what you need to do.”


I swore I wasn”t going to cry. I never ever cry. Except in the last couple weeks. Why? Boys don”t cry. But I felt a choking in my throat and I saw myself begin to cry in her mirror.


“You”re going to take time away from all the touch-ups to cry?”


“Yes,” was all I could mumble. Why was I being such a baby?


“Look. The type of things you”re thinking about are not going to be easy. So what if it takes time? You”ve spent this much time figuring out this might be something you want, that you need, just let it take some time. Let”s take it a step or two further and see what you think for some more time. Tell Zach you need another month, two months. Who knows?”


I snuffled. “You think that will be okay? What if he doesn”t like it?”


“Honey, he brought you in here a month ago. He was as excited about this as you were. You didn”t show it as much as he did even. He ran off to get you clothes that first time. Believe me, he will like it too.”


I thought about the first time I was here. It seemed ages ago, but I knew it was only a month. She thought Zach was excited too. Zach had bought clothes. Clothes that shocked me, panties and a bikini. But I was thrilled that he was interested in shopping for me. Thrilled he wanted me to wear them. Maybe he was excited.

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“Look, he may be as interested in continuing this as you are. Maybe he is excited about seeing you become someone you really want to be deep inside, someone that has always been there hidden.”


Montana was right. What if this WAS me? What if I wasn”t the old Donor, but someone else? What if I was supposed to be more like a woman? What if I was Dusty? That was it. I had thought about that before. Dusty was a name I really liked for a girl. It reminded me of that singer Dusty Springfield. I always liked her music. I had thought about the name for a while now. Even when I was Donor I sometimes thought about trying the name Dusty out. It wasn”t a totally girl name, I had heard guys called Dusty. I wiped my face with the back of my hands and looked again in the mirror. I could keep trying. I could see what it was like to be a girl named Dusty.




We pulled into the driveway and Timmy sat up straighter. He adjusted his hair and shirt collar and then undid his seatbelt as I pulled to a stop. He cleared his throat and looked over at me. I just smiled and nodded. It wouldn”t be easy for him. I got that. I was just glad it wasn”t me. I mean, yeah, I had accepted the idea that we would have a baby in the apartment soon, but it wasn”t really mine… yet. It was his for the moment and he had to deal with that. I liked that idea. Timmy taking responsibility for his problem. Me getting to watch the whole thing unfold with his parents. Then swooping in and rescuing him. I grinned. Yeah, this would be fun to watch.


“Come on, boy. Let”s get this party started,” I told him.


“Ian… ugh, this isn”t going to be a party,” he whined slightly.


“Don”t whine boy. Face this like a man, if you remember what that is like.”


“I”m not sure I ever knew,” he said quietly.


“Yeah, yeah. I know. Maybe you didn”t. So what? You”ll figure it out.”


I reached over and kissed his head. He smiled. Hell, it felt good. I had me a good boy. One who”d make a good jock wife soon. My dick hardened up, but I wasn”t going to fuck him here. I”d save that for later.


We reached the door. Just as he pulled his keys out, the door opened, and Peg was there smiling, clearly happy to see Timmy. Maybe even me. She grabbed him and gave him a long hug. Then I stepped through the door and Peg gave me a brief hug. She smiled and blushed a little. My dick throbbed again as I recalled getting a piece of her cunt a while back. I”d need to fuck something today or I”d be hornier than I needed to be.


“Hi Peg,” I gave her a peck on her cheek. By the time I released her, Bob was there, hand extended. We shook hands and slapped each other on the back.


“Hey Ian,” he said smiling big. “How have you been?”


“Good, Bob, good. And you?”


“Yeah, me too. It”s been good the last couple months.”


I figured he was talking about the time since I last visited. The weekend I fucked both him and Peg. Opened up their marriage to better sex. Hopefully to a better relationship.


Timmy had finished his greetings and had moved inside carrying the bags. “I”m going to just drop these upstairs,” he said. I”ll be back down shortly.”


“Okay, dear,” Peg replied. “Did you want something to drink?”


“Are we having food soon?” he asked.


“Yes, Tim. Lunch will be done soon. I knew you two would want to eat after the drive.”


“Okay, I”ll have a glass of white wine if that is okay,” he said trailing off as he headed up the stairs.


“Did you want anything Ian? Bob”


“A beer,” we both said and laughed.


“Come on in, sit down,” Bob said waving his arm towards the living room. He had a tv on and basketball was playing. “We”ll be in the with the game, Peg.”


“I”ll bring them in,” she replied.


“Ian, how”s everything? Haven”t heard much from Tim. Or you,” he added.


“Good, good. Great in some ways. Just busy. You know how that last semester is. Balancing the homework, the job, keeping Timmy in line.”


Bob laughed. He knew the story with Timmy. I had his blessing to keep Timmy as my fag. Peg was pretty good with that too after my visit. Peg wandered back in with two bottles of some local brew. She handed them to us, set some coasters down near us and wandered back to the kitchen.


“It will be about an hour before dinner is ready, dear,” she said as she retreated.


Bob and I lifted our bottles and took a swig.


“So, better sex life since my last visit?” I enquired. Bob grinned before answering.


“Yeah, and thanks,” he added. “Markedly better since your visit.”


“Good. I had a feeling it might improve.”


“We”ve spent a lot of time talking about it all,” Bob admitted. “Peggy is still adjusting to the idea that Tim is gay. I think that bothers her more than anything. She has no problem with you or with the relationship though. She knows you are good for Tim. But, you know, she had certain ideas about things, and it takes a while for someone to adjust to reality.”


“Yeah, I get it. She had blocked a lot of stuff from her reality,” I told him. “Timmy has always been this way. I just helped him realize it. He isn”t changing really, just optimizing who he is.”


“No need to explain to me,” he said warmly. “I always knew, deep down.” He paused and seemed to think for a bit. “She just wanted grandkids. It”s really the biggest thing that still bugs her,” he confessed.


I laughed out loud. “No worries. I understand her view.”


“You going to stay in that area once you finish up this year?”


“I”m pretty sure I have a job lined up. At a local farm, doing some management stuff. They raise a lot of pigs and a few organic veggies and such. Quite a few employees really, but a nightmare of accounting, from what I am learning. Should be a good challenge for a while. It will keep me busy.”


“Good, good. Tim has a couple years left and I was hoping he”d get to finish up. I mean, I know if you leave the area, he is going with you. I just wondered,” Bob dropped his eyes as I looked at him.


He was as much a sub as Timmy, at heart, I thought. If things had been different for him when he was young, he might have made someone a good fag. As it was, he had been Peg”s bitch for a good long time.


“Well, Bob, Things are going well. Timmy has some plans. I imagine he”ll talk about them, but you”re right. If I take off someday, he”ll be going with me. I”ve adjusted to having him around taking care of stuff. He seems very happy with it all, so I”ll keep him around. He”s obedient, takes care of stuff without me having to tell him what to do these days. I”m happy.”


“Thanks, Ian. We really appreciate it. I know it”s taken a lot of your time to get him in line,” he said quietly.


Fuck, this family was getting me boned. I could fuck them all this weekend again, I thought. Might be a challenge I was willing to take. Watching Bob defer to me and thank me for training his boy was pretty hot. Subtle and all, but yeah, Bob was thanking me for making Timmy my bitch.


Timmy and Peg strode into the room. Timmy had his glass of white wine and so did Peg. They sat down on the sofa opposite Bob and I in chairs. Peg sat her glass down next to her, but Timmy promptly took his glass and tipped it back draining it.


“Tim!” Peg exclaimed. “This isn”t a frat party. “Slow down.” Timmy finished drinking and sat the empty glass down on a table.


“Mom, Dad. I have something to tell you,” he began. Good for him not wasting time, I thought. “I need to tell you something.”


“Well… go ahead, Tim,” Bob encouraged. “What”s going on?”


“Uhm… I need to tell you… I”m pregnant.”


I almost broke in to a loud chuckle. I figured he would go slower, but no, he just laid it out in a totally fag way. HE was pregnant.


“What?!?,” Peggy gasped.


“Tim, I”m pretty sure you can”t get pregnant,” Bob added. “What are you talking about?”


“I got a girl pregnant. Last fall, just after I got back to campus. Uhm… I screwed up… I was thinking… she”s 5 months along.”


Peggy picked up her glass of wine and did exactly as Tim had done. She finished it off and wiped the back of her hand across her lips. Then she checked her hand quickly to see if she had smeared her lipstick.


“You”re what?!?” she gasped out. “Tim, how did you do that?”


Timmy sighed. He looked over at me and I gave him a wave of my hand, trying to get him to continue.


“I had sex with a woman, Mom. I had a condom on… but it was not the right size.” Timmy blushed. “I guess it was too big and slipped partially off or something. I don”t know exactly. We got tests and I was the Dad. I don”t really want to talk about how I did it,” he said finishing up an explanation. Bob grinned at TImmy”s statement.


“We know how it”s done Tim. Just didn”t think you had it in you, is all,” Bob chuckled, causing me to do the same.


“You mean… really? You”re going to be a parent? I”m going to be a grandmother?” Peg seemed genuinely excited. “Oh my gosh, are you marrying this girl? What about Ian?”


“No, I”m not getting married to her. She doesn”t want a baby. And her parents didn”t want her to have an abortion. And Ian helped me out and she is like a surrogate for us, for me, now. Mr. McNeil, I mean Ian”s Dad, worked it out for us. Ian and I are going to be parents!” Timmy spilled it all out, one rapid fire statement after another.


Peg began to cry. “I”m so happy for you, Tim. You”re going to be a little family.”


“Ian you dog. Why didn”t you say something? I can help out too,” Bob added.


“Well, Sir. Uhhhh, you kinda already been helping out,” Timmy was going to wrap it up quickly. “See, with everything going on, I uhm withdrew from classes and used the refund of tuition to find an apartment for the girl who is pregnant. I”m fixing it up now while she is there and then Ian and I will move in when the baby is born. I”m making a room over to a nursery. I”ve been stocking up on things I will need. Formula, diapers, all that stuff.”


“You dropped out of college?” Bob”s voice climbed a notch. “Tim, we were always very clear about you finishing school.”


“I think I”ve already put him through MY finishing school as it is, Bob,” I couldn”t help myself. He looked at me with a don”t say anything look. I”d have to bring that up with Bob at some future point.


“Bob, with all due respect, Timmy has his hands full. I am finishing up my degree this semester. It made more sense for us that I finish my schooling and Timmy stop for a while to take care of preparations. He has been plenty busy fixing up this apartment. He”s helping out Tressa, the birth mother, with her classes and homework because her father didn”t want her to stop either. Plus, he”s been going to Lamaze classes with her, going to her doctor”s appointments since we found out. He”s a fast learner on all things motherhood related. I couldn”t possibly be able to do all that Timmy has done in the last month,” I explained, trying to lessen Bob”s clear anger at Tim for not telling them sooner.


“I”m going to be a grandmother,” Peg repeated. She had stopped crying already. “Is it a boy or a girl, Tim?”


“Well, we don”t know. Tressa says she feels like it is a boy, but we haven”t asked her to do the testing to find out. I mean theoretically it could be either, or even not a gender,” Timmy started veering off topic into gender stuff. He”d been reading a lot about it the last month. “We didn”t want to force our notion of gender on the baby.”


“Tim,” I spoke up. “Don”t worry about gender politics now. Just say you don”t know,” I instructed.


“Right, uhm, we don”t know yet. I think we will wait until birth to find out,” he said.


“Good boy,” I confirmed.


“Oh, honey. This is amazing!” Peggy was getting her voice back. “I”m so happy for you.”


Peg stood up and stuck her arms out. She wanted to hug Timmy. He stood and they held a long embrace. Bob did stand and finally I did too. He stuck his hand out for me to shake.


“Congrats, Ian. I can break out some cigars after dinner and we can celebrate,” Bob added. Then he dropped his voice so only I could hear him. “I”m sorry I reacted poorly at first. I realized quickly that you are in charge of him, Ian. I know you did what you thought was best… Sir.”


Fuck me. Bob was lowering his eyes and head while he whispered stuff about me being in charge and how he realized I was right and knew what was best for Timmy. Peg and Timmy continued talking so no one heard Bob but me.


“Bob, I know you want him to finish school. I do too, eventually. Right now, Timmy needs to take responsibility for his baby. And yes, I am in charge. You approved of that already, if I recall my last visit,” I added while rubbing my crotch. His face was already looking down and he saw it all. He got my message clearly.


“Yes, Sir, sorry,” he added. “I”ll go with your decision. It”s very generous of you to take care of Timmy like this.”


“Yes, it is Bob, but it”s a decision I am happy with. I like Timmy and what he has become under my watch. Now, go show some excitement to your son, and maybe you”ll be lucky enough to get some of the same treatment he gets,” I told him still rubbing my hard cock.


He nodded and went to congratulate Timmy on his impending motherhood.




“Well? What do you think, Dusty?” Montana asked me as she spun me around and pulled the plastic sheet away that covered me in her chair.


I just stared at my reflection really. I had gone another couple steps on this journey it seemed to me. I came here to feel relaxed and get a touch-up and I added more to my look. I had learned how to apply some basic eye liner, some color on them. Not a lot, just some. I wasn”t even sure I could do it on my own, but the makeup artist had showed me how. I had added some color to my nails. Just a clear, glossy pink color. Nothing shockingly bright. And Montana had trimmed my hair a bit differently. A little shorter, a little more of a bobbed look.


“I really look different,” was all I managed to say. “What do you think?”


“I think you look cute,” she replied quickly. “Really, you are a cute person, Dusty. Be confident in your looks, you”re learning about yourself. Feel free to feel cute, girly, attractive.”


“It”s so different from what I looked like a month ago. I thought I was a guy. Mostly. Sometimes I wondered what I would look like this way. It”s still so strange to see myself this way. I think it”s me sometimes when I look in the mirror, other times I think it can”t be me.”


“It”s you honey, it”s all you. Now go out and own it. Be you, be the girl you want Dusty to be. Give it some time.”


“Okay,” I said slowly. “I can do it for a while longer. I”ll ask Zach if I can. He”ll let me, I hope. I hope he gets it.”


“If Zach has any sense, he won”t stop you from doing what you want to do, Dusty.”


“God, why am I so emotional lately? So many things make me want to cry,” I confessed. “That was so nice to say, Montana. I just… ” I stopped to sniffle. I was NOT going to cry and ruin the make-up, ugh. So many different things to think about.


“No crying! That”s an order,” she told me. We both laughed at that.


After that, I managed to pull myself together, gave Montana a hug and a big tip. She was great. She treated me so well. She was a real friend, even though I had only seen her a couple times since we met. She gave me some confidence to go talk to Zach.




Everything had gone well with Isaiah. Now, I just needed to talk to Donor. I didn”t spot him when I got back to the house. I had no idea where he had gone. He had been telling me everything lately. One of the strange things that had occurred over the month. He”d gone from rarely saying anything to me to telling me everything. That was quick for me, one of the reasons I was still thinking about whether I needed Donor around long term. He was showing a lot of neediness. Maybe I had led him that way more than I had intended. I wasn”t sure, so I needed to talk.


I had settled in to watch the tube in my room. I had settled on a bad movie with Adam Sandler. You could always count on a good amount of stupidity that could get me to crack a smile or laugh. Just as I was beginning to question my choice about the movie there was a knock on my door.


“Yeah, come on in,” I replied and sat up from my slouching position on my oversized chair. The door opened and Donor walked in. Well, I was pretty sure it was Donor, but he had clearly gone to the salon. He looked, well he looked like a she. Even more than yesterday. “Donor? Where you been, babe?”


“Well, I uhm, went to the salon today,” he admitted.


“You know that the month is over tomorrow, right?” I asked.


“Yeah, I know. Can we talk about that?” he asked.


“Sure, babe. Come sit down with me,” I said motioning for him to squeeze in next to me. He came over all demure, looking at the floor and sat down next to me. I could feel that ass of his squeeze in next to me, rubbing up against me. Made me think of how many times I had been inside it the last month or so. “You went and got another make-over didn”t you?”


“Yes, Sir. I did,” he answered.


“On the day before the bet is done?”


“Yeah. I just, uhm, you know, felt like it. I”m not sure I want the month to end,” he said quietly.


“Oh yeah?” I tried to sound surprised. “Sooo, you want to keep this up for a while?”


“Yes, Sir. I mean, if that is okay. I, well I, uhm, I just have felt so many different things while we played out this bet that we created. I mean, that you created. I”m pretty sure I like it, or at least like a lot of it.”


“You like being a slutty faggot? You like acting like a whore? You like being MY property?” I asked. He wasted no time in starting this discussion, I would waste no time in going to the point either.


“Well, yeah, I like the sex, okay? Uhm, I like these changes, the way I look in the mirror. I liked you making the decisions when it started and how it continues. I, uhm, I think I might like being a girl, and I know I love sex like a girl, you know, being the girl role in sex.”


“Oh, interesting. So more than anything, you like being the girl. That”s interesting, babe. You thinking you want to be my personal little girl?”


He blushed. It was sweet. Did I need sweet? Did I need a girl? One that used to be a guy? Fuck, it got me hard. My dick was raging hard in my pants. The idea of making him into a girl was totally, completely hot. Running his life or her life, could be interesting.


“Zach, Sir, I really have liked it that I haven”t had to make any decisions this month. Anything of importance from my food to my gym time, you decided. All I have to do is do those things. You tell me what is okay to do. I really like having a guy tell me what to do, to make my choices, to, to care enough about me that you made me those rules. It makes me feel good. Makes me feel taken care of. I don”t know. It lets me not think of that stuff and to be the submissive girl that maybe I really am.”


I think a little about what he”s saying. He likes the loss of control. Why doesn”t that surprise me? He lost control to that ex-girlfriend of his and enjoyed it. Now I have taken control and he is falling for the situation. I don”t think he has fallen for me, fallen under my control fully, but he definitely is in love with losing control. Surrendering the control lets him think about him, about her, about who is inside that little brain.


“What you”ve been, Donor, is a little slut the last month. I”ve been keeping a running aydınlı escort tally of who you”ve sucked off, who fucked you, how often you let that girl who may be inside you out to play. That part changes, if this situation continues. No more freedom to whore around. If you want to continue this,” I tell her, “you belong to me even more. I”m not going to have my boy, my fag, my GIRL, running all over the house giving away her body to just anyone. Since you want my control, I am going to take it in this instance. You belong to me and my girl doesn”t slut around. Outside of serving my cock, the only cock you have permission to serve is Isaiah”s. Anything beyond serving me or Isaiah requires explicit permission beforehand. You MUST ask permission to engage in any sexual activity with anyone beside me and Isaiah. You may ask either of us, but you WILL ask. Understood?


“Yes, Sir. Thank you,” he replied, blushing a bright red. “I just need a way to continue this. It”s weird… “


“No, it”s not weird,” I affirmed. “It”s normal to want to be who you really are. I think I know what you can become, Donor. I believe that you and I both know where you need to be.” I stared into his eyes and forced his eyes to make contact with mine. I lifted his chin up and brought his eyes to mine. “If you want to be a girl, then I am going to treat you how I treat a girl. That”s different than how I treat my faggots. I will be gentler with a girl. A girl faces the world differently than a boy, or a faggot. You will be no less mine, girl, you”ll be expected to act like a girl, dress like a girl, submit like a slutty girl to me and Isaiah, and have enough respect for yourself so you aren”t out slutting around any longer. Do you get that?”


“Yes, Sir,” was the only answer and she got it right. “Zach, Sir? Will you call me Dusty? Donor isn”t a very girly name. I, I would like it if you call me Dusty now, while I try to be a girl. Does that make sense?”


I laughed before I replied. It did make sense in a strange way. If I were to go in on this and see him as a her, treat Donor as a girl, then it made sense to change the name. No remembrance of Donor, but being the birth of Dusty. Interesting.


“Yeah, I can do that, girl. So, Dusty, huh? You came up with that?”


“Yes, Sir,” SHE said. “It”s something I had thought about. It feels right.”


“Because of your dusty knees from spending the last month on them in front of men?” I asked laughing. She blushed and subconsciously brushed one of her knees off, sending me into laughter.


“This is tough, Zach. What if I am a girl? What if this is me?? How am I going to face everyone at home? What the hell am I going to do?”


“Hey,” I interrupted before she could go on anymore. “This is safe, so do… Dusty. The house knows about you now, they have enjoyed your availability for putting out. They seem to get that you are something besides their frat bro. School is safe. You do what feels right. Here, now. You”re safe. Isaiah knows the score, so do I. You”ve got two men here to help you along. Worry about the other shit when it happens. If you”re a girl, down inside you, then when are you going to have the opportunity, the demand, that you be that girl?”


“I know!” he practically shouted. “I NEED this, now, before I have to go out to the real world, not here, not at school,” he… no, she trailed off.


“Look, between Isaiah and me, we got this. You need more than one man right now, girl. You need one to understand your submission and another to understand your true feminine nature. When one of us isn”t good at listening, try the other one.”


“I”m scared some of the time. Then other times I am so ready to be someone else. Someone besides Donor.”


“I get it, I do, babe,” I put my arm around her and settled back into the big chair again. “You must be thinking about a lot of things. Between losing control of your dick and being under orders to act like a slut that is a lot of change. Then while that”s going on you start figuring maybe you aren”t as much of a man as you used to think.”


“Zach, I HAVE thought a lot. I want to think more, to see if I need to be more than the old me. I, I, I really feel whole the last month. I feel like maybe this is who I am, deep down. I need to see if it”s right. I think it is, but I need to know more.”


“I”m going to be implementing other changes then, babe. I may have you changing your clothes more, throw in some skirts or dresses. You should know what that will be like. If you want to learn more, then I am going to push it.”


“Yeah, I know, Sir. I get it. But I need that. I need someone to tell me to do this. For now,” Dusty added.


“Okay then, so I”ve given you the rules. No slutting this month. Isaiah or I are the only ones to use your holes moving forward.”


“Why Isaiah, Zach?” she asked.


“You know why, Do… Dusty. I”ve seen the way he makes you feel. I”ve heard you in his room. I”ve seen your face light up when he is around. You”ve even talked about him in your sleep. I”m not going to stop something that makes you feel so good. What kind of man would that make me?” She blushed as I recounted some things I had mentioned. “I”d be a bad alpha male if I ignored your needs, babe. I think you need something from Isaiah. Maybe you can figure that out too since this is going to continue. The main thing though is you will think about it all. I am enjoying you and your changes, I am going to push you as we move forward.”


“I get it, Zach.”


“Good. Plan sometime this week for us to go to the mall. You will be buying some new clothes to help you fulfill some of this interest in being a girl. You”ll be wearing more clothing that is associated with the gender you are showing now. You also need to make it clear to the brothers that you prefer to be known as Dusty moving forward. All the brothers are going to treat you as a girl, you need to make it clear to them,” I told her as I began rubbing her shoulders. “You”re going to continue your gym routine, nothing too strenuous, you”re a girl now. Your diet will also continue. Lots of protein, less carbs and sugars.”


“Yes, Sir,” she replied quietly. “I know, I need to watch my weight now.”


“What else does it mean?”


“I need to follow new rules. I need to focus on your needs.”


“Good girl. What”s my number one need?”


“Your cock, Sir.”


“Good answer babe.”


Dusty slid off the chair and got between my legs. She immediately went to my crotch and fished out my dick, already hard from thinking about my new girl. She wrapped her hand around it and gave it a few pulls. Her new manicure looked nice and I told her so. She blushed. Fuck, this was hot. I was making a girl out of Donor.


“Your eyes look nice today, baby. I like what you”ve done. I”m surprised you did it, but I do like it,” I told her. “I want you to keep doing that. Learn how to use a little make-up. Not a lot.” She nodded as she moved her lips closer to my dick. I placed my palm on her forehead and stopped her from getting to it. “Nope. Not yet, Dusty. What do you need to do before you get that in your mouth?”


“I need to ask permission,” she replied, looking up at me.


“That”s right,” I replied.


“Please, Sir. Please Zach. Let me suck your cock. Please? I really do need to suck cock now. I need to taste you. I need to have you open my mind and my body to you.”


Fuck! Whoever was inside this body was hot. Donor, err, Dusty, really had adjusted to some things over the month. She was good at it too. I nodded to give her the go ahead. “Go for it, girl. I love your lips on my cock.”


“Mmmmmm,” she sighed as she licked at my cockhead then slowly slid it inside her mouth and beyond. I felt her throat grab at my dick and slowly swallow it as she crushed her face into my crotch. Yeah, Dusty had gotten really good at cocksucking this last month. Practice helps, I thought. I wasn”t going to last long in her now expert mouth. Of course, that would just make fucking whoever she was all the more pleasant.


“Yeah baby. Suck that load out of me! Get it inside you.” I reached slowly to the back of her head and pulled her all the way down until I was holding her head tight against me. I could feel my nuts tighten up and then…


“Awwww, yesssss. Take it, Donor, uh, Dusty. Fuckkk, love your throat. That”s it. Drain my nuts.”


I slowly humped her face, eventually pulling back enough to let her get a breath. I slid my dick out slowly, letting her clean it off before I pulled all the way out. I liked looking down at her face. That slightly used look in her eyes. The mussed hair, the reddened cheeks from controlling her breath.


“Take your shirt off, girl. Show me your tan lines,” I directed.


“Yessir,” she answered. Dusty started unbuttoning her shirt, no blouse really. I needed to do something more with her wardrobe. Then she pulled off a wifebeater style t-shirt. That too needed to soften some. When she finished I looked at those lines. It really made a difference in how I saw her. The tanning had done just what I had hoped for. Her natural body fat gave her a good start on tits. Completely shaved, her chest had a look of growth, of a rack wanting to burst out at any moment.


“Take off the rest of your clothing,” I told her. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. She left her panties on as she slipped her socks off. Then she hesitated. “GO on,” I encouraged. Then she slid those manicured hands into her waistband and slowly removed her panties. It revealed her locked dick and it bounced a little as she resettled herself on her knees.


“I like the tan, girl. How do you feel about it?” I asked, smiling down at her.


“It looks good, Zach, Sir. Ummm, I like it. I was embarrassed at first, but then not many folks see it all. Just you, and Isaiah really. No one else much cares as long as I suck them off.”


Yep. I did it for me. I like the look. I reached down and placed a hand on each of her breasts. They looked the same size to me as a month ago. I knew the herbs were having some effect, as Donor had complained about soreness around her nipples a week or so ago. Plus, I had noticed a moodiness that had not been there previously. I was pretty sure she had not made any connection though. He gasped as I flicked my fingers over her nipples. Maybe they were a little puffy. I couldn”t tell for sure.


“Uuugghhhh, sssssssss,” she hissed.


“Feel good baby? You like that?”


“They”re kinda sore lately, Sir. I”m not sure what is going on.”


“I”ll be gentle, girl. Don”t worry.”


I cupped her breasts avoiding her nipples. I wanted to feel them, to get to know them. I was growing them, so I wanted to watch as they developed. The level of control I was taking was more than I had ever imagined taking from someone. It made me dizzy at times. Was it the right thing for him? Her? Did I care? I had made it clear this was about me and what I wanted over the month. I believed it was what she wanted. She wanted the time extended, how would she react to actually growing boobs? I reacted by staying hard now. I wanted to fuck and cum again, before I was finished with her now.


“I think the tan emphasizes your body well, Dusty. It looks like you have some nice small breasts. Do you like them?” I asked directly. Dusty blushed.


“It really bothered me when the tan first showed. I was kinda shocked when I first noticed it. I knew you were emphasizing them. It, it looks nice, I think. I think it looks good. I, I think I like it. It helps emphasize I am a girl.”


“Yes. It does. Good girl. You catch on,” I told her. She blushed again.


I reached down her back, ran my fingers down to her pussy. That part of her body that she seemed to have no control over. A touch seemed to always get her going. She made a little gasp as I touched her there.


“You”re already wet back there, baby. You need something?”


“I can”t help it Zach. I can”t cum unless you fuck me. I really need to get fucked,” she whined. “I love it when I get fucked. I”m soooo horny these days. Since I am locked up, I need a cock to get off.”


“That”s right. Seems you have learned that over the month. That you need a man.”


“Yesssss,” she wiggled her ass a little as I toyed with her hole. “Fuck me, please Sir. I need a man.”


“No, seriously, it”s like a pussy. Maybe you are a real girl,” I told her. “Pussy gets wet and ready for cock, nipples get sensitive. Sounds like a girl to me.”


“Yesssss, yes, please, please fuck me Zach, sir.”


“I love to hear you beg. It always gets me going.”


“I need it now. I need your cock,” Dusty whined with my fingers in that hole.


“It”s interesting isn”t it? I gave you what you wanted, what you needed. You were afraid, but now you can”t get enough, can you, babe?”


“No, Sir. I can”t get enough of you.”


“You”re already my girl, aren”t you?” I ask for confirmation.


“Yes! Yes, I”m your girl. Your pussy to fuck,” he says urgently. She says urgently. Whatever. I”m going to change her until I don”t know what she is, but she will know most certainly what she is. Going to fuck her until she knows only cock in that pussy. I slide off the chair and topple her over as I push her down flat on her back. I see her dick locked up, tiny, unused in a month, unimportant, shrinking daily. Give me enough time, I”ll reduce that thing to just a little nub. No more problems caused by it. For me or her.


I fold her legs up, one on each side of those little growing boobs. Dusty takes hold of them so I can release my grip. I spread her ass cheeks and check out that pussy I gave her. I smack my ever-hardening cock on it, it recognizes my dick and pouts a bit, pussy lips spreading on their own, waiting for dick to fill it. Puffy and pink, cute and inviting.


“You don”t need that dick anymore, do you?” I ask. “What good is it doing you now?”


“I can still pee with it,” she gasps out.


“Does it even try to get hard still? It”s been over a month for it. No jacking. No stroking.”


“No, Sir. Not hard anymore,” she answers.


I spit on her cunt and rub my cock around it, spreading some of it around to ease my way inside. I”m going to breed her well now. I spit again and she whimpers. She knows what is going to happen. Already knows she needs it. Needs my load inside her.


“Is there any question in your mind why I locked it up?” I ask her.


“No, sir. None. It was embarrassing to me. I was always touching it, trying to get it off. I didn”t know what to do with it.”


Donor looked in my eyes the whole time I was emasculating him. Making him a girl in my mind, making it clear to him I saw him as a girl now. He was trying to make me see him as my girl. I was trying to make him into one. Our paths had crossed and not separated. He wanted to be a girl, I”d take him there. I lined up my cock with her pussy and pushed a little, she moaned out a `yessss” sound. I didn”t push it in any further. I leaned forward until I could get my tongue on one of her nipples. I licked.


“Oohhhhhh, fuck. Soooo sensitive,” she moaned. I licked some more, working my lips over one puffy little titty. I clamped down gently on it while licking at it. “Oohhhhh, god. Yes, yes, please, please stick your cock inside me. Please fuck me. Please, Zach, please give it to me. HARD!”


“Little bitch wants some cock?”


“Yes, Sir. I need it. Need to get off,” she claimed.


Hell, yes! Why not give her what she wants. Make her mine. Take more of her manhood. I had already taken her dick away, but I had given her a cunt and now I was giving her tits. I had given him her true self. Showing Donor that he really was Dusty. That she needed to become Dusty. I sank my cock in all the way, slowly giving her what she needed. Making her more a woman every time she took my cock. Fuck that was a hot thought. Making a frat bro into my girl.


“Godddddddd, yes,” she whispered. “Feels so good.”


“Feels just like it should, baby. You take cock like an expert. What a nice pussy. Give me a squeeze,” I encouraged her. Dusty tightened her cunt and massaged my cock.


I left it there for a bit, just feeling her clamp down and release, really giving me a good time without me having to move my dick at all. I stared into her eyes and she stared back.


“That”s right. Look into my eyes, Dusty. Let me see how it feels. Express yourself with your eyes.”


Dusty, or Donor, I wasn”t sure who was inside that head anymore, sighed audibly and continued grasping and releasing my cock with her pussy muscles. Her hands ran over my chest lightly manipulating my nipples. I studied the hands. The polish on her fingernails looked nice, feminine. I watched as they fluttered over me and then again over her own nipples. I was pleased she didn”t get the fake tips. She rubbed those little tits and I fucked her. Long slow strokes as she grabbed and released my dick. The warm walls of her ass pussy and the control she had of her pussy muscles was incredible.


“You want a load of my seed don”t you, babe?” she nodded. “You hope you get off too, don”t you?”


“Yes! You get me off all the time Sir. Please get me off!”


“It isn”t about you, Dusty. It”s about me. My dick, my load. You may be horny, but the fuck is about me, my needs. If you happen to get off, it”s my skill, my cock that gets you off.”


“Ohhh fuuuuckkkkkk. Yesssss, your cock feels so damn good.”


I watched her locked dick bounce around. It wasn”t straining to get hard even. Those herbs must be doing a number on her body. Sending new messages throughout her brain and dick. Could she cum even if she didn”t get hard? I looked at her face. The eyeliner looked good. Her face was still angular, but the haircut rounded it out some. She looked good like this. Hot even. The imaginary tits created through tanning. Just wait until they actually started budding. What would they look like then? Fuck. If I was fucking someone who looked like this did it make me straight? I smiled inwardly. I could carry off a straight life, a girl like this, fucking her anytime I wanted.


“That”s it, work my cock, bitch. Hump yourself on it. See if you can get me and you off.”


“Fuck me, Zach. I want to get you off. I don”t cum unless you get me off.”


“That”s right, baby. You can cum when I cum,” I told her. It just made her work harder. She arched her ass off the floor and rose to meet my thrusts. It wasn”t a hard fuck, just a steady thrusting and pounding at an easy pace.


Her hands were flat on the floor. She was using them as a balance as she thrust up every time I thrust forward. Her ass muscles relaxed each time I sunk my cock deep, and they grabbed at it when I pulled back. She couldn”t keep it in her long enough. Grasping at it as I pulled back before relaxing again as I sank inside. Her eyes stared in a glazed over way at me. There was lust there. She was overcome with lust, with need, as I fucked. What a rush! Breeding my girl. Breeding my little sissy. Ughhh, fuck.


“Fuck!!! Gonna breed you, baby. Gonna mark you again with my DNA. You”ll be getting plenty of it. AAAHHHHHH! Shiiiittttt. Take IT!”


I shoved deep and ground her cunt deep. I felt myself firing off 5, no 6, big shots as she clamped down on my cock.


“OHHHHHH, UUnnnhhh,” she squealed. His cage was just laying there and yet she had her little cum too. It didn”t shoot out so much as oozed out of her caged dick. A small amount of cum pooled at the end of the cage as I ground deep and pushed inside her as far as I could. Her face was scrunched up in some sort of shudder. She shook as she oozed her load out and I pulsed mine deep inside her.


I collapsed on top of Dusty. As I regained my composure, she moved her hands to my back. Those nails drove me crazy as she slid her hands around on my back, giving a good scratch. Fuck I loved that reaction. I moved over her again but kept my face down towards her tits. I licked again at those pale white mini-tits. She moaned and shuddered again as I licked at her nips.


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