Becoming a cuckold part7


Becoming a cuckold part7Part 7“Yes i want you to cuckold me watching you Jerk Rod off has me so turned on i just have to see you making love to someone else”Tish whispered into my ears“I will only make love to you. You are My true love My heart My soul and My world”Tish kissed my cheek and said loudly“But I will allow My Slutty Cunt to be fucked by anyone I choose”With that she took the camera pressed the button again and the vid continued Panning out it was Rods cock in Sam’s hand and not Tish’s same shaped hand same nail polish but wearing Tish’s rings“Surprise cuckie I just wanted to be sure this is what you wanted”Tish Kissed Me and then Turned to Kiss RodTo say i was dumbfounded would be a lie but i had just given Tish to cuckold me with any guy she chose. Her kissing of Rod was passionate deep an a****listic almost as She had never had passion in Her life before. Rod’s hands were all over Tish i felt betrayed but oh so turned on my cock was leaking precum i knew as a wet spot started forming in my pants.Just then i felt a tap on my shoulder it was Sam “Just wait until He starts fucking Her sliding His thick cock into Her tight little pussy, this all comes at a price My price this time.”i looked at Sam with a questioning look “Well My boyfriend is getting fucked and so should I”“Tish and i never agreed to me having sex with others”“Oh you got it all wrong you little cuckold are going to BE fucked not Fucking I’ve always wanted to fuck a guy in the ass”“But i’ve never”“I know that’s what makes it so sweet” i looked over at Tish and Rod they were still kissing but his filthy hands were in Her top squeezing her nipples. Tish gets extremely wet konak escort when her nipples are played with “Oh god yes play with them I love my nipples played with just ask cuckie”“Well cuckie tell me does She like having Her nipples played with?”I cleared my throat this was harder than my cock i thought i also knew if i didn’t answer right something nasty could happen“Ummm *sigh* yes Sir she likes having her nipples played with, bitten, sucked, and generally lightly abused”As i finished saying that i looked down but heard the sound of ripping clothes and buttons hitting the floor. Looking up there was Tish’s blouse ripped open and her bra up to her neck with Rod, mauling Her 40ddd Tish’s moaning became like a mewing cat. i was enthralled and repulsed by what was happening in front of me. i was still harder than ever the front of my pants was soaked in precum.“ah does cuckie like seeing his Girlfriend getting played with?”To save some dignity i tried to say no“yes you do it’s like your own private porno the staring Woman being Someone you love”Tish took a moment from making out with Rod to look at me “you do like this look at your pants they’re soaked and look at Rod nice and hard and in control”With that she dropped her Hands onto His pants and unzipped His pants “and this this beautiful cock that you saw Sam Jerk off in video I am going to enjoy every inch every thick beautiful inch”i moaned at Tish’s comment“but first go upstairs and change actually just come back naked and bring My strapon”i turned and walked out of the room Sam slapped my ass saying that my ass was Hers. i stripped cleaned up my precum (yes I licked konak escort bayan it all up) then searched for Tish’s toy it wasn’t where it would be normally.“Ma’am could you tell me where Your toy is? ““Right it’s in the closet”i walked into the closest and there it was hanging with a note “My sweetest cuckie if you are reading this you are probably naked hard and wanting to watch Me get fucked by Rod. Sam has already told you the price and I agree but My price is you have to wear panties so lube up and cum down stairs”Right on the same hanger were a pair of crotchless pink panties. And I thought to myself Tish really did see what I was fantasizing about. Still as hard as anything I went into the bathroom grabbed some K-Y spread it on my ass and penetrated myself with a finger then another. I heard the Three of Them laughing downstairs. I had only been in the bedroom for 10 minutes maximum. Then I heard “What in hell are you doing up there are you cheating on Me by fucking yourself”“No Ma’am i’m not just doing what you want Ma’am”I finished up walked back into the living room they were all still clothed well almost Tish had taken off Her ripped blouse and bra I could see the hand prints all over Her breasts. Breast that up until a half hour ago were mine only mine. Tish’s nipples were very swollen and more erect than I could imagine. There was a distinct smell of sex in the air and the sexual tension you couldn’t have cut it at all.“Oh don’t you look sweet in those panties. See Rod he does have a nice size cock not as nice or as thick as yours but it does the trick”Rod and Sam both chuckled a little as Tish continued“Help escort konak Sam get the Strapon on”I looked at Sam who started to remove Her Top“i’m sorry Ma’am i was told to help’i walked over and helped Sam remove Her top looked at Her questioning as if Do i help with the bra Sam’s eyes diverted lower as I got on my knees and unbuttoned Her pants slowly rolled them over her hips and there right in front of me was Sam’s pussy covered but still Her Blue panties were as soaked as my pants were. “Ok Help Her on with the Strapon “I looked at Tish Sitting on the couch stroking Rod cock.“Yeah cuck get busy I wanna Fuck Tish here”my cock jumped a little when He said that i turned my attention to Sam reached over picked up Tish’s Toy held it open at the legs and worked it up to Sam’s hips. Sam unlike Tish was small boned small breasted slim hips but toned shapely legs I later found out She was a 32A 26 34 I scooted around Sam to tighten up the harness around Sam all my energy not to kiss Her ass. I did reach in front and tugged the strapon to make sure it was tight enough.Tish then spoke up“Hurry up cuckie in Need to get fucked”“i’m finished Ma’am”Tish whispered something to Rod that made him laugh then stood up “come here”I stood up and walked into Tish’s open arms that wrapped around me. i felt comforted and excited as Tish’s breasts were against my chest. i let out a big sigh. Tish started whispering“oh sweetie you know I love you and I love fucking you but I am so turned on by this I wouldn’t stop it even if I wanted to which I don’t. Months of talking about this months of playing and your pussy yes it’s still your pussy but tonight, tonight it’s Rod’s cunt”Tish Kissed me passionately reached down squeezed my cock“Promise to be a good cuckold tonight and maybe I’ll let you fuck me twice tomorrow”Again she kissed me and whispered in my ear “Ask Rod if he’d like to fuck Me then ask Him if you May undress us Both”.

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